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Leonor Cipriano's Former Lawyer Sees Lawsuit Archived

The Public Ministry of Odemira archived the process against the lawyer of Portimão, João Grade dos Santos [Leonor Cipriano's former lawyer], charged with having transported to the local jail 4.45 grams of amphetamines and 0.15 grams of ecstasy.

The drugs were found on the 17th April 2008 in one of the travel bags of one of his clients, the inmate Annette Emerlcih. This one was detained by drug trafficking and confirmed the request to the lawyer - who became known for his defense of Leonor Cipriano - to bring her the bags, whose content the lawyer didn't know. João Grade, who knew the decision before yesterday, lamented to the CM, the "excessive and unnecessary noise" made about the case. "I already knew that I was important, but not this much!"

in Correio da Manhã

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