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Lindy McDowell: Will using public as sleuths really help find Madeleine McCann?

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Somehow you doubt it’s the sort of headline to thrill the image-conscious former Posh Spice. “Victoria Beckham lookalike sought in search for Madeleine.” And in fairness to Mrs B, the photo-fit accompanying this week’s story did not exactly live up to the hype.

Actually it looked more like Frank Lampard. But then, so very much of the marathon saga that is the disappearance and search for Madeleine McCann has turned out to be something short of what we have been primed to expect.

The latest arguido/witness/possibly entirely irrelevant passer-by is said to be Australian. Maybe. Or perhaps from New Zealand.

She was spotted not in Portugal where Madeleine disappeared but in Barcelona three days later when she approached two Brits and said something which the McCanns’ investigators believe makes her “a person of interest”.

The British witnesses say they saw her outside the bar in which they were drinking near the Port Olimpic Marina around two in the morning. She was pacing up and down and appeared agitated (which given the area and the time of night could have had countless explanations.) She is described as being around 5’2” and a size 10. (The minuscule Victoria Beckham will love that last bit.)

But it was what this woman said that apparently aroused suspicions. She appears to have mistaken the Brits for someone else and asked: “Have you got her? Have you got the child?”Having realised her mistake and walked off, she then went to another bar where she was heard to berate someone. Seemingly in Spanish.

The odd thing. While the exchange may have raised his suspicions, the British man who is the investigators’ informant only contacted the McCann team recently.

Why did it take him two years to come forward? We’re told only that he is a credible witness and there were “personal reasons” why he has kept this to himself ever since.What these reasons are, we can only guess at.

Even before the high-profile press conference, the Madeleine case was already back in the headlines this week with news that British police have to date spent three quarters of a million pounds searching for the child.

If it helps find Madeleine — or even what happened to her — you could not begrudge a penny. And you can’t fault the McCann investigators from following up every lead.

It’s just that there’s been so very many of these leads. Each new one seemingly contradicting the previous theory of what could have happened to her. This little girl’s disappearance has been more widely reported and analysed than any other in history.

There can be few people anywhere in the world — especially in the Western world — who have not been alerted to her story. And yet to date ? not a trace. Throughout, the investigation has focussed primarily on mobilising public support and vigilance. Has this been counter-productive?

For the result has been a bewildering array of “sightings”, theories and countless photo-fits from the featureless Mr Potato Head ‘snatcher’ to this mysterious Aussie Posh who may have been ... what? A broker for child-traffickers?

Recruiting the public as an international band of armchair Sherlocks has failed to crack the case. The McCanns believe fervently in keeping the story in the headlines, and that reference to the Posh lookalike this week certainly ensured it did just that.

But then, you think of that man who despite all the publicity, appeals and pathos, still held his secret to himself for two long years for “personal reasons” and you wonder about the reasons and the accuracy of his recall.

Does the photo-fit look like Victoria Beckham?

Or just another red herring?

source: Belfast Telegraph, 08.08.2009


  1. Joana, Do not know if you understand cockney rhyming slang....but here are some of the words used to describe drugs....you will see DAUGHTER is one of them...if this person was trying to score...."Have you got my daughter" will be correct...according to this "credible" witness she asked this 3 times...Well the woman is not stupid she could see there was no child with him...but if she wanted drugs they would be in his pocket.

    i'll give y'all a little lesson in cockney rhyming slang, as related to cannabis.

    grass/green/weed = "punk" (skunk)

    1/4oz = "daughter" (as in "what you want? the farmers daughter?")

    1/2oz = "scarf/laugh etc."

    1oz = "bounce" (often used in combination with "the farmer's daughter" )

    hashish (usually soap) = "phez/pheasant/pleasant" (derived from 'resin, as in "cannabis resin")

    bong = "chub/tube"

    joint = "point" (or) spliff = "bifta"


  2. Seems like the McCanns are taking more stick than ever, people are finally getting fed up and those who are still buying their bull are incressingly less and less - as is the money to the fraud-fund.


  3. Joana,Astro, I'm happy.

    It looks like the British media is daring more and more to criticise what the Mccanns are doing, carefully, doubting about the truth.
    Belfast is Britain, is not it?
    This lady above is not repeating blindly what the privet detective and Clarence said.
    Journalists are finding strenght in each other.

    Yesterday Wilson( a lady or a gentleman?), today Belfast Telegraph.

    We all know this story never happened.
    The McCanns are in difficulties, that is obvious.

  4. If anyone described in this news item had anything to do with Madeleine's abduction, why would the family want to forewarn them in this way?

  5. The mccanns work hand in glove with Murdoch and Mitchel .No one is runnimg the country they are all on holiday spending money they stole from the British people.Murdoch wants to sell his newspapers on line. What better time to pull a PR stunt and prove when the mccanns are headline news there is more chatter on the net.
    The Trolls are out in force. The Mccanns intend to let this story run and run that is why they have employed a couple of bent coppers and they are bent to do this to a child.

    It is no coincidence that this is linked to Australia , Murdoch owns a Fleet of newspapers there...He is in complete control.

    Murdochs happy , Mitchell is very happy and it keeps the mccanns out of jail.


  6. GIRL is slang for cocaine - have you got the girl means she was talking about drugs, simple as, nothing less and nothing more - this whole charade should be stopped asap but insane people don't see sense and never will

  7. http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg15520892.000-murdoch-keeps-key-to-digital-gateway.html

    Concerns for Murdochs control.

  8. http://www.buzzle.com/articles/196862.html

    Murdoch tightens control

  9. http://www.infowars.com/rupert-murdoch-internet-will-soon-be-over/

    Murdoch....Internet will soon be over..


  10. Last night I lauched a query in a forum as to find out why some people stick with the mccan story and still believe that Madeleine is alive.
    If you would like to find out where they ground their beleifs, check out the link:

  11. http://www.counterpunch.org/neville09012006.html

    Rupert Murdochs Victims....


  12. Anon...Thanks for that link...just out of interest have you ever read this...Very interesting except for the last part that I disagree with...Maddie is dead of that I have no doubt...However, the article is still interesting and well thought out..



  13. IRONSIDE, would you say that Murdoch's interest in this case is just economical or is there more behind it, IYO?
    Thanks in advance.


  14. I have read the theory of conspiracy, and although I hate the Masonry, I am with Ironside, I believe the forensic evidence recovered in PDL is enough to state beyond doubt, as much as it pains me to say it, that Madeleine died that night.

    A secret society where men dress in aprons and get together to do anything but cooking, is always going to smell fishy to me.

    Being Portuguese, I know very well how subversive they can be, as they were responsible for the Regicide in 1908 and the subsequent overturn of the Monarchy.

    However, I believe not in a larger conspiracy re the Mccann affair, but more in fashion with what is suggested on the [NHS & The McCanns: Abuse of Power] Handbook of Masonry, page 183, which I take the liberty to replicate: "You must conceal all crimes of your brother Masons...and should you be summoned as a witness against a brother Mason be always sure to shield him...It may be perjury to do this, it is true, but you're keeping your obligations."

    Does it sound crazy? Well, I've seen more crazy stuff coming out with the McCann’s blessing.

  15. Hi Justice, I think Murdoch, Mitchel and Mccann are all involved in this...Joana has written some good articles. I suggest you read the link I posted Rupert Murdochs Victims, this will tell you the kind of man he is. A racist, greedy, and no care for the human race. He is one of the worlds most powerful men . It seems he thinks if he charges for his newspapers online he will have control of the internet. I said before the fact that he owns many newspapers in Australia is no coincidence that the hunt is now down under...The police have stated they are not involved in this...There is no one in goverment at the moment , can you believe no one is running the country...Mandy is playing away . Brown has lost control. So Murdoch is taking full advantage of the situation, while the cats away.....

    His hatred for the Arabs is clear in the article. I would say he is a very dangerous man.

    Dave Edgar has now got himself involved with this group, no wonder he was looking so edgy. I am going to look more into the past of Murdoch and see what I come up with.


  16. i agree with Anon. this is getting worse and i can't sick anymore.....can only be sick so many times with this McCann Family.

    If Mrs B has a new music record or perfume out soon, i just cant think where the conection is anymore.

    It has to be noted that England V Australia at the famous Cricket ashes is taking place in England now.

    Australian suspect sounds good for publicity.....

  17. Thanks for your reply and for your investigation Ironside.
    I realise Murdoch is a greedy, powerful man; but does anyone understand the link between Murdoch, Gordon Brown and the McCann?
    I mean, the Mccs are in this to save their skin and while their on it, pocket some money; Murdoch can make a mint by dragging the story endlessly on his media - but is that just about profit or there is something else? And why Gordo got involved? anything to do with Gerry's brother?
    I would appreciate if you could refer any links or something. Thanks again Ironside!
    Regards, Justice.


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