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Looking Back: Comments on Archiving of the "Maddie Case" - One Year Ago

António Pires de Lima, lawyer, former head of the Portuguese Lawyers’ Order:

Concerning the “Maddie” case, the lawyer states that “the responsibility lies with the child’s parents themselves who, when they were visited by the PJ for the first time, while being credible persons, at least professionally, they gave a wrong direction concerning the disappearance”. Therefore, he considers that “the authorities were directed into the wrong direction” given that “this is the only way that it is possible to understand that a police force that has produced so many results in their investigations didn’t discover anything further”.

O Diabo, 15.07.2008

João Palma, Secretary General of the Public Ministry’s Magistrates’ Union:

About the “Maddie” case, on the brink of prescription, he considers that “the risk is not of prescription”. “If it is archived, there may be a reopening of the inquiry and the investigation if new pieces of evidence are collected at a later date, as so often is the case”, he recalls, adding that “one of the system’s defaults lies in allowing for a removal of guilt, as if the institutions’ interest was contradictory or conflicting”. “Effectively, in terms of criminal investigation, the present legal regime does not allow for an effective coordination between the Public Ministry as the owner of the inquiry and of the penal action, and the criminal police organs, including the PJ, that depend from the political tutorship”, he concludes.

O Diabo, 15.07.2008

Luís Menezes Leitão, lawyer, former candidate for head of the Lawyers’ Order:

“Now, it’s a normal fact that not every process under investigation leads to an accusation, and even when they do, the accusation cannot always be proved in court”, he recalls, adding that, on the other hand, “one process” with high media exposure does not justify that it is treated in a different manner from all other processes”.

O Diabo, 15.07.2008

Alípio Ribeiro, former National Director of the Polícia Judiciária:

“Maybe it would have been more reasonable to have ceased the arguido status of those that were made [arguidos] and to have continued the investigation in another context of process” (…) For Alípio Ribeiro, who was responsible for the investigative police force when the little English girl disappeared, the Maddie case “should not be closed so early”, lamenting that the Public Ministry doesn’t have “a culture of revisiting the inquiries that regard more serious crimes that were archived due to a lack of evidence”.

Diário IOL, 22.07.2008

Almeida Rodrigues, National Director of the Polícia Judiciária:

“What I consider to be important is that the Polícia Judiciária will continue to follow every lead that may appear, and hope to do so in silence, without noise and obviously without the presence of the media”, the PJ’s National Director, Almeida Rodrigues, told Lusa agency today.

Jornal de Notícias, 22.07.2008


  1. I hate one of the men above.
    He looks like a pig.
    But even not suitable to get a role on the Muppet Show.
    No sense of humour.

  2. Speaking about the pig, I don't mean Mr. Leitão.

  3. It is absurd that Brown allowed the British (Leicester) police to spend such a lot of money "searching" for Maddie.
    It is as Britain is swimming in money, like the McCanns do.
    This is a crime against the British people, taxes payers.
    Also a crime against the British police who do not earn that much.
    The conclusion of the PJ
    is that Maddie is dead and her body was concealed.

    Brown still wants his police to continue the "search", spending a lot of money.
    What is behind all this?
    Brown must know the truth, what caused the child's death and who did it.
    This got to be an issue before new ellections in Britain.
    Political parties, other than the Labour, could use this subject for the next ellections.

  4. I think that the biggest pig is Alipio Ribeiro, at least in terms of hypocrisy.

  5. If I would have said his name, he could have made me arguido.
    But I agree.
    His face and his soul.

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. Hi there!
    What is going on with de Maccans?
    At this moment Gerry and Kate are in absolutely dumbness, no media, no arrogant threaths against the world?Where is the pink speaker?
    Please give me an answer for this question we have here in Brazil.

    It was a very extrem change from Gordon Broowns good friends to nobody in a small village in UK?
    Or are they still powerfull ?

    Thnks for your reply,

    Maria-Department of Public Prosecution -Leblon Rio de Janeiro

  8. Ladies, what about a wedding night with Alípio?

  9. Almeida Rodrigues, National Director of the Polícia Judiciária:

    “What I consider to be important is that the Polícia Judiciária will continue to follow every lead that may appear, and hope to do so in silence, without noise and obviously without the presence of the media”, the PJ’s National Director, Almeida Rodrigues, told Lusa agency today.

    Very very interesting.
    A light at the end of the tunnel.
    Justice is coming.

  10. Anyone has to only take a look at the autopsy pictures on the net of Jon Benet Ramsey to see the horror and sadness of a life over at such a tender age.

    Anyone who has seen madeleine in death will be burning inside if they have helped to cover this up accident or not.

    I would like to think that one day one of them will come forward and speak 'be it in an anon. telephone call or letter, which cannot be traced and tell where madeleines remains are. Do it for her grandparents who played no part in this and who must be suffering. For once think of someone other than themselves . This is a terrible burden to bear.

  11. "Looking Back: Comments on Archiving of the "Maddie Case" - One Year Ago"

    Thank you for this article it makes very interesting reading.

    I cannot understand the McC PR Spokesperson saying the things he said in the article link below:
    http://www.thisisleicestershire.co.uk/n ... ticle.html
    Mr Mitchell said:

    "We have a good, ongoing relationship with Leicestershire police and they keep Kate and Gerry informed of any movements in the case"

    So in August 2009 he says the LP keep G & K informed of any movements in the case yet in a interview with Sic filmed on the 11th May 2009 and broadcast on 12th May 2009 Gerry McCann says this @ 6.22:

    'It's also true to say that, you know, we are the only people pro-actively trying to get new leads, and that's... that's quite hard to say but, you know, the onu... the onus has fallen on us to keep looking for Madeleine.'


    And Kate & Gerry McCann said this on:

    The Oprah Show 04 May 2009

    Oprah: Are the Portuguese Police still looking?

    Gerry: Well what's happened is erm the file is officially closed and it, and that was a really difficult period because in Portugal they have a thing called Judicial Secrecy and you're not meant to know what's going on but that was closed last July and then we were given the files on DVD in Portuguese so we have a small err team which is funded from erm Madeleine's Fund and we really hope that people who were in Praia da Luz who might have information and we've asked the local community in Portuguese to come forward and again in combination with a sighting so you know this for us this is a very active search and Kate...

    Kate: ...there's no....

    Gerry: Kate spends...

    Kate: ...there's no law enforcement agency though actively looking for Madeleine I mean obviously you know

    Gerry: the onus is on us which you know is pretty frustrating actually

    Kate: ...we're driving this

    Gerry: ...but as parents you've just got, got to do everything.



    July 29, 2009
    Open Letter - Doubts on the McCann Process

    So they say in May 2009 nobody is looking for our missing child on Oprah and on Sic because the Portuguese closed...closed...not shelved...we say...closed...closed the case and there was nothing we could do. Now the onus is left to poor us to look for our missing daughter! No no scrub that now our PR person is saying technically shelved and the LP are keeping us informed about the case! Imo that recent statement from their PR person does not make sense and I now think they are saying to the public that they assume are all as thick as two short planks the case is not closed but technically shelved! Now why would they now say technically shelved and not closed?? I wonder if wheels are in motion to reopen? The Pink one perhaps saying in more to come 'planting pink seeds articles' the case was never closed it was technically shelved no..no it has not been reopened it was never closed and we are regularly updated with any developements!

  12. Maria from Brazil,

    as far as I know, no news from the McCanns.
    Not even where they may be spending their summer holidays now.
    They would be recognised everywhere in the world, even in Leblon.
    I can't wait for the day they start suing Amaral.
    They even did not sue Tony Bennett, let alone Amaral.

    I have the feeling the British police is fed up of them.
    I really have the feeling they have been let down by police and public.
    One of this days the Labour party will lose its power, Brown will go home and we will know the truth.
    Because, Maria, there must be people in England who know about or suspect a lot about the Mccanns and even if they go to their police, their statements will be kept secret, for a while.
    We talk about the Mccanns but there must be a lot known about the Paynes. It is very much possible that Mrs. and Mr. Gaspar are not the only ones who know things around Madeleine or other little children.There must be people in Britain who went to the local police telling things they observed about Tapas 9, specially about David Payne, who knows?
    We don't know yet but soon, very soon, this story will explode.
    It will not take very much longer.
    That is my feeling.
    Try to read on "Madeleine Foundation" a letter to Brown, written by Tony Bennett, where he tells a lot more about Mrs. Gaspar's statement.Shocking.
    Amaral did not transcribed everything on his book.
    I wonder if the Portuguese consulates in Britain and the Portuguese Ambassy in London would accept statements of British citizens, telling what they know.
    It would be the most secure way to inform the PJ.
    Or even Amnesty International, doing a great favor to the little girl?If politics and diplomacy got involved in this case, why not Amnesty?

  13. Hot from the Uk daily mail a new suspect in wait for it Austrailia,Its not Cocodile Dundee by any chance is it all answers on a postcard to the Doctors Maccann.

  14. Hey, interesting, never thought of that.
    The last comment, Almeida Rodrigues':
    Could it be that the PJ wanted to get some rest of even a lot of, in order to investigate this case quietly, that is why the case was archived? To avoid the Mccanns would present a new suspect every 10 minutes, like they did from the beginning? Disturbing the investigation all the time? With the media following the PJ till the wc, pressuring them? Brown calling up every 5 minutes?
    This could be a very good reason and for a while the PJ got rid of the parents and the media.
    Amaral said recently that he knows much more about the case, now.
    If he knows about it, I'm sure the PJ know it as well.
    Great, archiving could be an ambush, on purpose or accidentally.
    If the McCanns come up with a new suspect, they have to request the reopening of the process.
    Maybe consequences of archiving were not 100% intentional but it is working at the side of the PJ.
    They have time and peace to investigate.
    Great, great.
    What does our pinky Clarence has to say about this theory?
    Joana,Astro,Ironside, what do you think about this?

  15. New suspect! This time the McCann World Tour is heading for a different continent - Australia is the next "target"!


  16. This photo of Alípio Ribeiro above was made when he was smelling his own mess he made around.

  17. After all, I think the Mccanns will not sue Amaral.
    If Almeida Rodrigues is right, and I bet he is, the PJ must have continued the investigations all in silence.
    No media, no McCanns, no Clarence, no Brown, no diplomats constantly pulling their trousers, pointing new suspects in Mauritania, Alaska, Patagonia.
    They are working now according to their own rules, like they always did in other cases.
    This must be a feeling of relieve for them, thank Haevens.

    The McCanns and the British media have hurt too much the feelings of the Portuguese people and of the PJ.The only thing the PJ did was and is fighting for justice for a little girl who died on a mysteryous way and her body was concealed.
    A little girl who did not get the protection of her parents when she needed it.Parents who did not break David's Payne face in 1000 pieces immediately after the incident in Mallorca.Parents who continued being friends with the Paynes, to the point of again going on holidays with them.
    They are going to get an invoyce for what they have done.
    Oh, yeaah, this invoyce will come.
    Kate, please come foward with the truth."It is not too late to do the right thing"(does this sound familiar?)."Somebody must know something". You know, Kate.
    You know, Gerry. You know, Tapas 7.

    The truth liberates.How can you both continue carrying this heavy cross?

  18. "Fund running out of money and we have to live in the way we have been accustomed. Please give generously.

    Maddie was taken by a kangaroo that hopped in and out of the apartment with Maddie in its pouch.

    You don't beieve me? Well its as plausible as all the other rubbish
    they are reporting in the british press.


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