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Maddie: the failures of the private detectives - IOL Portugal Diário

British press doesn’t forgive the lost lead of Barcelona

The private detectives that were hired by Kate and Gerry McCann to try to find the little girl that disappeared in Praia da Luz in May 2007 are under huge pressure from the British press, that doesn’t forgive them the failures while investigating a lead.

That lead was related to an Australian woman, “a Victoria Beckham look-alike”, that British tourists spotted in agitation at the Marina of the Olympic Port in Barcelona, waiting for a child, three days after Maddie disappeared.

The head of the private investigation, David Edgar, even presented a photofit and revealed that, in Australia, a woman had told the police that she knows the woman that was seen in Barcelona. Nevertheless, the lead led to nothing.

The Mail on Sunday doesn’t forgive the detectives and lists their failures: “They didn’t speak to anyone who works at the restaurant near the spot where the woman was seen. They didn’t speak to the port authorities about the boats’ arrivals and departures. They didn’t speak to anyone who was at the bar where the woman was seen, later, having a drink.”

The list continues, with the British press recalling that, if it wasn’t for the journalists, the investigators wouldn’t have heard about the arrival of a luxury yacht shortly after Madeleine’s disappearance, and that there was no contact with the British diplomats in Spain, or with the authorities in Barcelona.

“We are not above criticism and I take responsibility for any shortcomings”, said David Edgar.

source: IOL Portugal Diário, 16.08.2009


  1. Strange that The Mail reports such facts without trying to understand why, as it isn't the first time in the case that, in spite of being advised by such skilled, professional and wealthy people, the McCanns seem to be very unlucky with their private detectives, as opposed to their good choice of lawyers.

    The reasons behind the behaviour of the detectives could be incompetence or lazyness. One could also be tempted into thinking that it was mostly a PR thing - some sort of marketing ploy, some make believe to keep the suspense going- and that the detectives themselves didn't believe much in the new lead.

    Shame on me to mention such a possibility. By no means would I wish to be unhelpful and to hinder the search with such an irresponsible suspicion.

    In any case, bravo to the journalist for being so daring as to express some doubts about the credibility of the detective (the fallguy), and maybe, so slightly, of the press conference.

  2. So is the Mail now going to demand an explanation from the Mccanns and their waste of public money or are they going to allow them to carry on looking for the imaginary abductor?

  3. This is the way the Britsh press found to show the story is not true.
    That there is no new suspect in Madeleine's case.
    The last ones were her parents and
    they will remain suspects at the public eyes.

    No Australia, no lady, nothing.

  4. Found this caricature here: http://caricaturas.blogspot.com/2008/07/maddie.html

    Strikes me as the perfect illustration for this sad case: let down by parents, let down by justice.

  5. http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/272454

    Hi Joana..take a look at this photo and compare it to the Mccanns latest ("Victoria Lookalike)

    I found it on the 3As..so many thanks to SPOOK:


  6. McCann´s don´t need good private detectives. Their fairy tales need clowns!
    Good private investigators would convict Kate, Gerry and tapas-gang.

    Beata, Germany

  7. Mr. Dave Edgar? I could be absolutely way off target here, but as I said previously, I felt that this man was decidedly uncomfortable at the press conference, being overseen by Clarence, his every answer monitored and interjection by Clarence if he (Clarence) felt Edgar’s reply, not to his liking.

    Mr. Edgar did not to me seem convinced by what he was saying.
    He tells us too that this is NOT the strongest lead they have had!

    I could not help get the feeling that Mr. Edgar did not want to be there, and that Clarence would be rapping his knuckles when they got ‘home’for being less than enthusiastic!

    I doubt that when he (Edgar) was a member of the police force, that he would have been subjected to the likes of Clarence while performing his duties.

    In light of the latest – the ‘failures’ by the McCann private detectives – you have to ask -

    ‘What on earth were they thinking of – going to press conference with so much not checked out?

    Why rush to press without the information?

    If Edgar was a competent copper before retiring, he would not do this!

    Now I don’t know a thing about Mr. Edgar, but on gut feeling, he does not strike me as a man who would be so negligent. Don’t know why, but he doesn’t.

    I think he would cross his ‘t’s’ and dot his ‘i’s)

    I could be wrong and he IS simply the bungling fool which the 'Mail' has made him out to be?

    It makes me ask though, why the press (the Mail at least who support the McCann’s) suddenly did a 'U'turn, and did a little digging of their own, coming up with their report highlighting the 'failures.'

    Who at the Mail decided it was worth dipping into the coffers to pay journalists to ‘dig’ on the McCann case?

    That to me is suspicious?

    Clarence didn’t seem too bothered about it. There was none of the usual fist thumping, foot stomping or indignant statments peppered with 'ludicrous!' I wonder why?

    Edgar said at the conference that he had been in Barcelona. Surely he would know then who had been asked what, where and when? He did say that he had NOT interviewed the witness - which seems odd if he is the head of the investigation. Though Clarence believed he had?

    Something not sitting right with the whole shebang which makes me think something else is afoot.

    Diversionary tactics perhaps?

    Time will tell.


  8. Edgar is having lessons with Mitchell to learn how to become a perfect liar. BUT HE IS NOT VERY CONFIDENT YET and shows it every time he needs to speak publicly. Ainda esta verde...

  9. What do the following people have in common:

    Melissa Russo's and Julie Lejeune parents;
    Jon Bonet's parents;
    Madeleine McCanns' parents;
    Victoria Stafford's mother.

    Response: They were all very critical of the POLICE investigations done on their children when they went missing.

  10. If you are defrauding the tax man you do not hire the best accountant in the country to keep your books. You hire a bungling idiot who doesn't ask you too many questions and will do as he is told.
    The Mccanns hired the best lawyers in the country to defend them, yet when it comes to detective agencies to find their daughter they always choose incompetend ones. They are not stupid.

    Neverheless, I do not trust the Mail's sudden change of heart.

    In the Clarrie / Edgar interview I saw Clarence behaving very eratically, trying to take attention away from Edgar by repeatedly pointing to the screen and holding that silly picture up for the camera. He was doing his outmost to take the focus away from Edgar and confuse.
    Did the retired detective also need a spokesman or was Clarrie there as a censor.

  11. On McCannfiles you can find the complete text of the leaflet that was spreaded around in Rothley.
    I wonder if Gerald is looking well today, at the hospital.

  12. McCann´s and their private investigators are ham actors. They have a pact. This pact costs a lot of money.

    Beata, Germany

  13. I am also wondering why now the daily mail is questioning the sacred Maccanns, no UK newspaper will dare offend them, unless they are waiting for 1 to break ranks and it will all come flooding out, They must all know what the score is and the little girl is dead.

    The Maccanns have criminal minds he should not be practising as a doctor.


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