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Maidstone mum in justice campaign for Madeleine McCann

A Maidstone woman is leafleting homes across the UK to try and get the investigation into Madeleine McCann’s disappearance re-opened.

by Helen Fairley

Mum of two Debbie Butler, 45, is the chairman of the Madeleine Foundation, a group set up in July 2008 to call for justice for the missing youngster.

Madeleine McCann went missing from her family’s holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal on May 3, 2007 while her parents and friends dined near by.

The foundation has caused controversy by distributing a leaflet, which gives “10 key reasons which suggest she (Madeleine) was not abducted” in the Leicestershire street where Madeleine’s parents Kate and Gerry McCann live.

Ms Butler denied targeting the McCann’s and said the information in the leaflet had come from the police reports into the disappearance.

She said: “I just want the information to be in the public domain.

“I am compelled to continue until I get justice for this little girl.”

Read the full interview in this Friday's Kent Messenger.

in Kent Messenger


  1. well done bebbie,you are certainly getting the word out there.the kent messenger covers a wide area so quite a few people will get to know about the mccanns

  2. Well, I say WELL DONE to Debbie!

  3. Hello everybody,

    Do you know that the chairman of this association, i.e. Tony Bennett, is a far wright politician ? Would I be you, I'd rather not take all his and his companions' acts and says for granted...

  4. To anonymous 9:06

    I am sure that there are plenty of people who want justice for Madeleine as much as I do and with whom I do not agree politically. So I do not see what the problem is. You obviously have another agenda!

  5. to Caroline,
    as far as this guy is mixing up his personnal political opinions with what he thinks about Madeleine's disappearance, I find it logical to point it out. Moreover, this man speaks of evidence when there are only suspicions ! he is making some ads for himself and is not at all, in my own opinion, interested in what happened to this little child. Rather odd to mix politics and Madeleine McCann ...

  6. to Carolina again,

    I have no problem to discuss about this case with people who don't share my own political opinions, for it is NOt the purposeof this case, but as far as a public figure is obviously considered as an "expremist", I personnally would be very sceptical about his way of thinking whatever the subject

  7. We have spent more than two years posting about this case and frankly got no where...Someone at last had the balls to take action and the press HAD to make some form of stand.Always remember any kind of publicity is good publicity.


  8. Hi all and good morning, comments as you are aware are open (without moderation delays), so that discussion flows freely and rapidly.

    We are all adults, and should respect each other's views - this means that personal attacks on other commenters will not be tolerated.

    However, if you really need to be offensive at least do it using your real name, and do not hide under an anonymity cover.

    Thank you

    Mother of 3.

  10. I do not see that TB is mixing his personal political opinions with this case at all! By the way, I would situate myself on the opposite side of the political spectrum from him. He speaks of evidence which is evidence not suspicions, as you say. Much of what he says comes from the Portuguese police files and he has come to the same conclusion as I have and as have many other persons who have had access to them. The shelving of the case was for political reasons not investigative ones as there was plenty of evidence pointing to the McCanns.

  11. Well done wonderful Lady you go girl.

  12. well done to that lady debbie ,and joana for this site

  13. Dear Anon @ 09:06 & 10:12,
    your attempts to discredit someone who is doing something useful for the community could be considered "expremist" and "far wright", or extremist and far right wing, if you will.

    Pro Veritas

  14. What does far right mean? If the poster is suggesting Tony is a racist or fascist then they are plainly wrong.

    He may be a nationalist and a patriot, and might want to control mass immigration. As far as I know Gordon Brown claims the same agenda. Is he far right?

  15. Fair play to tony and debbie. At least they are using the money to the good of finding Maddy, more than I can say about the McCanns who have wasted thousands on wild goose chases.

    People out there need to know the real truth.

    Not what they are fed through the media and Clarence Mitchell.

    Perhaps the McCanns would have been better off doing a leaflet drop over Britain and Europe stating there was a HUGE REWARD for information of the child's whereabouts.

  16. Well done DEBBIE and all that are trying to get an answer for little MADELEINE god bless her x

  17. Well done Debbie! Go from strength to strenght!

    On August 21, guardian_angel said...
    'Perhaps the McCanns would have been better off doing a leaflet drop over Britain and Europe stating there was a HUGE REWARD for information of the child's whereabouts.'

    guardian_angel I agree with all your words in your 21/08/09 14:37 post especially the words above. Hmm I don't think they even put the posters, for the European poster campaign, up throughout Europe! How many posters who travel have seen any? I have bever seen any.

  18. Where would we be without your superb website Astro, Joana & Kazlux. A big thank you for all that you do!

    I believe the Madeleine Foundation's actions are exactly what is needed now, and I believe the time is right. The softly, softly approach is a non-starter against the power monopoly and stranglehold afforded TM.

    Well done to the lovely Debbie - you are simply the best!

    pennylane xx


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