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Mark Hollingsworth Investigates The McCann Files



  1. Oh not again. I thought we'd got away from the Pro McCanns in the press. At last the press were beginning to make sense.

    Now we have poor old clever, hard done by, Gerry, desperately seeking Madeliene, but being let down by the (very well paid) private investigators.

  2. I actually think this article is a double edged 'sword' - there are some interesting things that this article hints at. Are the McCanns blaming Brian Kennedy for the detectives failure? What will be his reaction? Or is this article the McCann's revenge for Kennedy's money cuts?

    It's interesting how a British journalist has had access to so many private details, I imagine, from Gerry or Mitchell.

    Are the McCanns trying to explain the non-charitable fund missing money, are they expecting an audit to their the financial records?

    Indeed this article raises more questions.

  3. Bungling detetives!!!!!

    And, Oh those pooooooooooooooooooor parents!
    How can people still believe in this faked search?Please people WAKE UP!!!!Don't waste your hard-earned money in this farse!

    It is now clear that everyone who works for the mccann (or whoever it is they are protecting, if that person exists) or supports them will, sooner or later, have his/her reputation damaged or even
    destroyed .And I'm sorry to say it but they deserve it.

    So, edgar "oh the pj did such a poor job..." Edgar, how does it feel?

  4. Thanks for that Joana.

    What a shambles! And what hypocrites are Team McCann and their media friends - criticising Amaral for enjoying a lager with his lunch while the Fund or Kennedy employ someone who's sat in a bar ALL DAY according to the report (no way of us knowing whether they are libelling the poor chap of course) - though we are assured his phenomenal alcohol intake does not prevent periods of lucidity (good job too).

    Anyway, the overall picture is one of a disorganised investigation going absolutely nowhere.

    Of course the article still dodges the most interesting questions.

    - Why weren't Metodo 3 immediately sacked after the Morocco debacle which would have put Madeleine's life at risk if she were truly alive? They remained the investigators for a long time after that.

    - Why were Oakley prevented from investigating on the Iberian peninsula?

    - What exactly is Edgar's brief. Is it to find out what happened to Madeleine? OR is it (as I am sure many here suspect) to determine who abducted her and where she is, or some such self-restricting formula. For instance, are the Tapas 9 excluded from the investigation?

  5. I agree with Joanna, double edged sword, there were a couple of comments there that were not that flattering
    'While Kennedy was ready to accept Halligen at face value, Gerry McCann – sharp, focused and intelligent – was more sceptical. The contract with Oakley International and Halligen was terminated by the end of September 2008, after £500,000-plus expenses had been spent'.
    How can you be sharp, focused and intelligent, if you have handed over that much money to someone who spent most of there time in a pup, dripping with sarcasm in my opinion.
    The comment made about witnesses being dealt with so harshly, that they later refused to speak to police spoke volumes in my opinion.

  6. I have added interesting links to the article, and I also bough a pdf document from Intelligence Online at http://tinyurl.com/nxsfx9

    A site "dedicated to tracking and deciphering intelligence activities on a global scale". Reading that document published in 09/10/2008, Intelligence Online N° 579 I found out that much of the information written by this journalist comes from there. Some information presented is still available from press articles in the web, I added a PDF document above with a few UK media articles from 2008[see the PDF icon at the 7th paragraph].

    Other information, was vastly discussed and gathered by the 3 arguidos members [cached link: http://tinyurl.com/lse3re].

    Trying to see waht else I can find...

  7. Oakley International was a scam set up by Gerry in order to extract half a million pounds from the fund. Trace the money and you will find it's now in Gerrys new savings acoount in the states.

  8. Interesting reading, despite the fact that he thinks mccans are the new "The Bold and the Beautiful".

    I also still think the Oakley was used to wash money to the mccanns accounts in USA.

    And would Kennedy really choose so bad dedectives, with all his money and connections, if he really wanted to safe Madeleine. I dont believe it.

  9. Follow the money.The operation of the fund has a lot of secrets I'm sure.
    Why did they not take more care to hire some decent detectives. This is a search for their missing daughter.

  10. Bit of damage control in terms of trying to explain where the fund money went. It's always someone else's fault!

    The only new stuff here is about Oakley International...and it's all of Oakley that is getting the blame. Metodo three is pretty well glossed over and any information about them has been regurgitated from old stuff.

    I would think...that any business man set a fee sechedule based on a results obtained basis. Thowing 500,000 away on nothing doesn't sound like good business. But again...that seems like it's someone else's fault (namely the shady character who is now in hiding)...

    This whole thing is just perverse and absurd.

    Thanks for doing the background info to this Joana...


  11. I am highly skeptical of this article, I would like to know the source of the information. While it depicts the investigations as almost a comical Bond type adventure perpetuated though by an Inspector Clouseau type of detective, with delusions of grandeur, little skill it falls short of labeling them the bungling detectives they so easily afforded the PJ.

    This article appears to have information not afforded anyone else during the investigation by Oakly, as stated a highly secretive investigation that even Kennedy and and Mr McCann could not obtain full details. As the author states that details were given by people close to the investigation, well there are as I see it only a few people who were that close to the investigation to be able to comment.

    Another cleaning exercise from the team imo, I mean really he describes Mr McCann as sharp focused, intelligent. Really? What happened to these traits when he declared to the world that it was safe to leave his three children alone in a foreign country in an unlocked apartment? Please pull the other one!


  12. Dear Joana.
    stupid me wrote the first post. Now I take your point entirely.

    However, the British public as a whole will see it as pro McCann article. But then again, does this matter.

    Good job I have astute people like you to guide me through the McCann Labrynth/Web of Lies!

    I too wondered where on earth the reporter got all his detailed info.

  13. Sorry, questioning the bungling PI's is not the same as questioning the McCanns - in the article they are still the "poor victims" - "The apparent flaws in this latest development were another salutary lesson for Kate and Gerry McCann, who have relied on private investigators after the Portuguese police spent more time FALSELY(!) suspecting the parents than searching for their daughter. For their relations with private detectives have been frustrating, unhappy and controversial ever since their daughter’s disappearance in May 2007."

    I for one, would like to see the "evidence" this guy apparently has of that "falsehood".
    But what he really is saying is - blame the incompetent, greedy detectives, not the parents.
    That's what ordinary people will read, as well. Only a very scant minority could read between the lines...

  14. It seems like Hollingsworth is an investigative journalist with a pedigree - why is he writing this unbalanced unsourced piece?

    While I was reading it, I found myself feeling sorry for Brian Kennedy. Yet he is another mystery - a self-made man with a hard early life just giving away his money to strangers? And with the blessing of his son?

  15. I do not have the time to read it all now, but from what I've read, one made my blood boil with rage:
    ..."who have relied on private investigators after the Portuguese police spent more time falsely suspecting the parents than searching for their daughter."

    and the other made me laugh:
    ..."but he(Brian Kennedy) also had visions of flying in by helicopter to rescue Madeleine."

    It seems the author is playing on both sides, as we say in portuguese "dá uma no cravo, outra na ferradura", probably he hasn't gone to the trouble of reading the police files, maybe he's too lazy, like most of his journalist mates. How can he claim falsehood from the portuguese police motives and investigation!He's fuelling the McCann's claim that the burden is all on their shoulders, poor them! No police force searching for Maddie, sniff, sniff, we're all alone!I wish he would ask why the parents did/do NOT ask for a Scottland Yard investigation? Why are british citizens, who have their british daughter missing for over 2 years, left all alone to search for her? A british girl that is a Ward of Court, and yet is being ignored and forgotten by the british police forces!?
    Oh, and what about Kennedy and his visions, heh? Another one having visions...what a team, him and Aragão Correia!

  16. Yes Kennedy's involvement is a mystery.

    Whilst I don't like to over-stress Freemason connections, there are odd aspects to this case.

    Jehovah's Witnesses appear to have had quite a long and close connection to Freemasons. Moreover, Kennedy's company is called "Latium" - the Kingdom of Latium plays a significant part in Freemasonry's mythology of the past.

    There may be some clues there.

    It has always been my feeling here that we have seen here a number of over-lapping circles of influence:

    New Labour


    Legal profession

    Liberal media world

    Murdoch's empire of influence
    (shading into the Rothschilds here and there)

    Medical profession/academia

    Team McCann have managed to plug into all of them. I have always adivsed people not to underestimate Gerry McCann - I think he is v. much attuned to how to play power in the early 21st century.

  17. Thanks Joana,

    This paper has a small(ish) readership and is not available to a large number of the UK population.

    However, anyone with more than a couple of brain cells is sure to wonder imo. 3 million into the fund, less than 1 million spent on searching for Madeleine, a double glazing businessman/multi-millionaire spending time and money visiting witnesses, doing the odd 'stake out' and employing dodgy PIs...? And if all that's not enough, there's seemingly some infighting and lots of goodness knows what going on behind the scenes.

    Meanwhile the McCanns are concentrating on commenting on other cases and legal action against GA...? Nah, - I don't think many will be convinced that 'doubting is wrong' after reading this. Not least because it remains very clear that no-one, particularly the McCanns, seems to be doing any actual SEARCHING FOR MADELEINE.

  18. Could it be that the 'private investigators' might now direct their attention to a proper investiugation of the McCanns - the massive inconsistancies and key unanswered questions?

    Have these detectives picked up any insights into the foggy world of Kate and Gerry ...the most famous and famously forgiven child neglectors of the century?

    Could be interesting! Come on guys, now investigate the McCanns!

  19. Quote anon: Oakley International was a scam set up by Gerry in order to extract half a million pounds from the fund. Trace the money and you will find it's now in Gerrys new savings acoount in the states.

    Read more: http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/#ixzz0PhGqR8RX
    Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives

    Yes, I too suspect TM are in cahoots with Oakley and the half million £ sterling is now safely laundered back in Gerry's bank account.

    Very interesting article - would be good know Kennedy's reaction to being disrespected like this by the 'Poor Parent'.

  20. Just done my regular visit of " The McCann Files" and there it says that this article was available in the online edition of the magazine, but not anymore. It was replaced by a note explaining it was removed due to legal and editorial reasons.
    Take your own conclusions...

  21. Is it not strange that the british press always tip-toes around the McCanns and anything connected that might discredit them and their story, and yet even the Prime-Minister is fair game? (and the royals, come to think of it!)
    It's so weird that U.K.'s top politician is scrutinized, criticized, villified, slandered, etc.(with due cause, I'm no G.Brown fan, mind you), and on the other hand an obscure middle-aged, middle-class couple of doctors are treated with kid gloves, almost elevated to sainthood and must never ever be challenged?!

    Here's an example of this:


  22. 3 FACTS which tell everything about what happened to Madeleine:

    - Australian VICK BECK fade, fade and fade, as usual, like all other potential abductors or potencial Maddie sights.
    - Amaral was removed from the investigation with stupid and naive excuses. And the British Media spend thousands of words insulting him and trough him all the PJ and all Portugese people.
    - The Scotland yard police members are removed and replaced by Leicester police without any explanation from British Government. AND.... NOT A SINGLE WORD on British media about that. No any journalist make questions about that anormal situation. They erase one of the most relevant evolution in the investigation. How many times in the pass was Scotland yard replaced by a local police? WHY? AND..... WHERE is and WHAT was the real contribution of Leic. police in the investigation?

    This 3 facts are showing us that a very serious crime happened to Madeleine and somebody with power in UK know's exactly what happened and who was involved. And know even more, know that Amaral and Scotland yard are on the right track and find the truth, peraphs a very inconvennient truth. THIS IS WHY THE ONLY OPTION ABOUT AMARAL WAS KILLING HIS REPUTATION AND ABOUT S. YARD IT IS IGNORING THEM AND WAITING FOR THE PUBLIC TO FORGET THAT ONE DAY THAT POLICE had INVESTIGATE AND LOOK FOR MADELEINE.

  23. "...Instead, resources were channelled into undercover operations ... and among gypsies throughout Europe, encouraged by Kennedy..." Mark Hollingsworth

    Middle Age discrimination, racism, preducise! McCann-Mitchell-Kennedy master race!

    Beata, Germany

  24. "Kennedy was outraged by the police insinuations against the McCanns and, though a stranger, worked tirelessly on their behalf".

    The Sun article of today "Kate pain at twins starting school" quotes Brian Kennedy as being Kate's uncle.

    Which is true? Or was he both an uncle and a stranger? Or was he a stranger who turned out to be an uncle? Absolutely nothing is straightforward around this case.

  25. There are two Brian Kennedy's associated with this case.

    A..B Kennedy who is Maddie's Great Uncle, and Uncle of Kate.

    B...B Kennedy who is the multi-millionaire businessman.

  26. Are the Mccann's Swingers, as some crime analysts state at the beginning of the investigation? IF SO... can Brian Kennedy, members of British government and some Media editors, belong to the same group and participate on the same affairs? This can explain why the mccann's got alots of help from that people- Peraphs they know and share very intime and private secrets.

  27. Interesting reading, for several reasons.

    Hollingsworth is not your typical pro-McCann cut-and-paste merchant. He is a real investigative journalist.

    Joana, I'd suggest that rather than getting his details from team McCann, he has got his own source which he's then fact-checked with Mitchell, who has had to concede and feed him some stuff.

    In the article, there are several references to 'proper' detective work and the lack of it from many involved in the case.

    I would suggest he's been talking to Exton, who, despite his, er, faux-pas in Duty Free, is described as 'experienced', 'highly effective', 'dynamic' and 'the genuine article'. He also 'genuinely believed progress was being made'.

    Exton would have all the inside on Halligen, though much of what is here is in the public domain, and we're told he's returned to Cheshire and is owed money by Halligen. (As good a reason as any to dish the dirt, especially if you want to rescue your reputation.)

    Kennedy comes out looking like he's got a lot of money but no common sense. He picked a side, believed the story and instead of spending his time on internet fora he spent his money - and the Fund's - on private detectives of dubious quality.

    Keep sniffing, Mr Hollingsworth.

    What is laughable, of course, is Mitchell's assertion that these were "the big boys".

  28. "experienced", highly effective, dynamic ...are you serious ?
    does this case not suggest he has been taken in ?

    i find this bit beyond funny......the uk media has the cheek to bring out ex policemen etc saying how the pj bundled the case etc
    words along the lines of clear the ground beneath your feet! like the professionals in the uk do !

    and yet some of our ex secret services have been fooled by a cook!
    im just waiting to hear he works part time at mcdonalds.



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