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....Hijack another tragedy?

«Kate and Gerry McCann said today: “Once again this shows that children can sometimes disappear off the radar only to be found years later alive.

“It emphasises that we should never assume that someone is not alive without any evidence to support this. We should never give up

“This case only makes us more determined to find Madeleine. She is out there somewhere and somebody knows where.”

«The parents of Rothley girl Madeleine McCann have said the reappearance of a girl missing in California for 18 years has given them renewed hope.

Gerry and Kate McCann's spokesman said the news about Jaycee Lee Dugard gave them hope Madeleine would be found.

«Clarence Mitchell said: "They are extremely pleased. It strengthens their determination never to stop looking for Madeleine."»

* «Their spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, added: "Jaycee's case underlines statistics which say the younger a child is when she is taken, the more likely she is to be cared for and kept alive over an extended period."»

from teletext, mirror , breakingnews.iol.ie & * mirror [28.08.09]


From Polly Klaas Foundation [US]

99.8% of the children who go missing do come home.
  • Nearly 90% of missing children have simply misunderstood directions or miscommunicated their plans, are lost, or have run away.
  • 9% are kidnapped by a family member in a custody dispute.
  • 3% are abducted by non-family members, usually during the commission of a crime such as robbery or sexual assault. The kidnapper is often someone the child knows.
  • Only about 100 children (a fraction of 1%) are kidnapped each year in the stereotypical stranger abductions you hear about in the news.
  • About have of these 100 children come home.
Kidnapped Child Homicide Statistics
Additionally, in 1997 the Attorney General of Washington State conducted a study focussing on missing child murders.

The most important information pertains to children who were kidnapped by violent or predatory abductors (approximately 1 in every 10,000 reports of a missing child -- about 100 US children per year.) For these children, "in 74 percent of the cases the victims were dead within three hours after abduction."

This information supports current law enforcement procedures to immediatly launch a widespread search for a missing child, in case the kidnapping is one in that small group. But it is incorrect to assume that 74% of all kidnapped children are at risk of being killed if not found within 3 hours.

You can download the Executive Summary of that report here in PDF format, Abduction - Homicide Study
More Information on Missing Child statistics at NMEC
Find The Kids : Missing child statistics PDF



  1. I posted two comments on the Sky News story about this young woman, as soon as the story broke. The first comment was brief, "God save me from statements from the McCanns about how this gives them hope." The second comment I posted was longer and laid a bet about how long it would take for the pink-shirted one to comment about "hope," and, "never giving up bla bla.."

    Neither of my comments was posted. If the general reading public cannot see the huge differences here, then they really are living in La-La land.

  2. I feel a sighting coming on ,just in time to fill the press for the bank holiday...Can they beat the Rhonda Wyllie farce...Sure they can..Its show time folks.


  3. I was just about to write a comment about this story,that the McCanns would use this couple as suspects, but this time they will mean only hope.They are getting humble.
    The detectives will immediately "depart to the USA, to investigate this case".

  4. Disgusting McCanns are jumping on every train, they think it would help them to get new Money.

    Snifferdogs showed what happened to their daughter...

  5. How sad the McCanns have to jump on this particular bandwagon. Does this mean we are to suffer another 16 years of Oprah Winfrey shows and appeals.

  6. Still wating for "Madeleine Would be Starting School after Summer Holidays" story to break.

    Oooooop's shouldn't have said that, given em' ideas now.

    The release of Mr Amarals book in the UK has given the perpertrators of this crime a new line in toilet paper...........

  7. You would think the mccanns are the only parents in the world whose child has gone missing Why do the press not print.. this gives hope to all missing childrens parents...Ben Needhams mum needs to hear this...as does Yeremi Vargis parents..who the mccanns have linked their story to.

  8. parents who are extremely pleased that statistics means they can finf Mddie in 16 years time is a disgrace.

    using this story is sick considering what happened to Jaycee.

    how can this couple and CM sleep at night? or even live during the day.....

  9. When I first saw the news about that girl find alive, my first think was: "How long team Mccann will take to come to the news across the world and say- LOOK, HERE IT IS A FACT WHY WE SHOULD HOPE AND NEVER GIVE UP BECAUSE MADELEINE IS SOMEWHERE AND SOMEBODY KNOW WHERE !!!!Jackpppoooot.... Less then 24 hours the all team come across saved from the quiteland where they deeply fall after the Australian Beck... lady fail. NO SURPRISE... WE can all predict now how selfish that team will use all the news related with missed childs on their own case. THE SIGHTS OF MADDIE FADE without closing the mouth of general public. THE PORTRAITS OF POTENTIAL ABDUCTORS fade without convincing the public that the abduction was a possibility, even in theory. WHAT STILL LEFT?.... EXPLORATION OF THE NEWS ABOUT REAL ABDUCTED CHILDREN.

    BUT KATE, DON'T explore too much the case of that Californian girl because the real cause and circunstances of her abduction still not told- She disapeared from the street( common situation for abduction and totally different that for Madeleine). She was 11 years old and not 3. Her stepfather was around when she was taked.

  10. Good God when will these McCanns STFU (not my usual language but these people disgust me). We all knew it wouldn't take them long to comment.

    Just who gives them the time of day anyway? Who the hell cares what they think? I am astounded that they get any air time at all be it dead tree press or media. Who do they think they are? If they fell off the planet (we wish) would anyone give a damn?

    God help us if we have to "listen" to their garbage for much longer. I am sure everyone feels the same about hearing their "comments" through their "spokesman". Like they care one iota about anyone but themselves.

  11. “It emphasises that we should never assume that someone is not alive without any evidence to support this"

    Can anyone spot the errors?
    I see two.
    1- There IS evidence to support that, in their case, Madeleine is dead.
    2- Even IF there was no such evidence, then there wouldn't be any evidence in either case - that she could be dead or that she could be alive - just uncertainty.
    Of course, there has to be some dose of rationality involved for spotting the errors.

  12. I just feel like saying what the fu.. do the McCanns & Mitchell think that they are doing?!?

    They hijacked every child tragic story that has appeared in the media for the last three years: they hijacked Mari Luz Cortez story and tragic death, Yeremi Vargas, the EU child alert System, the sad 'celebrations' of missing children day in the UK & rest of the world, they hijacked Ben Needham's story, Joana Cipriano's tragic death, Isabella Nardoni from Brazil, Rose Ron from Israel, they scared to death the Moroccan parents and the little Bouchra Benaissa... and more.

  13. Its great this girl has been found, BUT I expect we will find that she has excepted her kidnapping (Stockholm syndrome.) Her daughters were outside with their father so I expect the mother knowing she was kidnapped would have told them to run or something. 18 years is a long time for one person to be within another family regardless of what happened at the beginning.

    I am sure if this guy was still abusing them they would have got out.

    However this has nothing to do with Maddy case at all. The McCanns need to get their heads out of the sand. 2 dogs have told them what happened to Maddy even if it wasnt by their hand it was by someones, and why arnt they doing something about that?

    As soon as I saw the news just like everyone else I thought OH NO here we go again the pink shirted prat will soon be on the telly.

    I am glad this girl has been found but expect it will be a long road for all 3 of them to adjust.

    The stepfather was a suspect at least now he can rest easy.

  14. Jaycee Dugard's case is so tragic and her treatment so heinous. Her and her children's recovery will take decades and may never be complete. It would take a special kind of creep to comment on it and try to connect his clients to it.

    clarissa is that creep.

    I am livid.

  15. Dna proof that it is in fact Jaycee is yet to surface and as others have said, the abduction bears no resemblance to that of Maddy who was apparently safe in bed asleep.

  16. " “It emphasises that we should never assume that someone is not alive without any evidence to support this. We should never give up "

    The problem is that in Madeleine's case THERE IS PLENTY OF EVIDENCE which suggests she's no longer alive!

    Disgusting McCanns!!!

    Tha National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has made an age progression picture of Jaycee Dugard, as it did for Madeleine, it's on their web page. It shows how shw would look like at 25 and like in Madeleine's she's shown as a beautiful, well cared-for young woman, smilling, perfectly styled hair, hear-rings, etc.! It would be interesting to compare the picture with some actual photos of how she really looks now and see if these age progression pictures are really all that reliable! After 18 years living in a yard, maybe in a shed, being sexually abused and giving birth to 2 children fathered by her kidnapper, I'm prety sure she looks nothing like the radiant Jaycee’s mother and stepfather, who ended up separating due to the stress of Jaycee’s abduction, are thrilled and amazed that they may finally have their daughter back, alive. Carl Probyn told press it was like “winning the young woman in the age progression picture!


    "Jaycee’s mother and stepfather, who ended up separating due to the stress of Jaycee’s abduction, are thrilled and amazed..."

    Will we see a break-up of Kate and Gerry? It happens to most parents who have their child gone, the stress is just too much. But then again, innocent couples who had absolutelly nothing to do with the children disappearance DO NOT have any dark secret forcing them to stick together and shut-up.

  17. Can anyone announce that they are "Extremely pleased" to hear this distressing news story almost as soon as it breaks? For Clarence Mitchell, the answer is a resounding "Yes we can!

    The Mitchell creep is beneath contempt.

    I'm not a believer in fate, being more of a free-will kinda gal myself but, many times over the last couple of years, it's seemed like fate (hand in hand with the people in high places pulling strings for the McCanns) is conniving and conspiring to deny truth and justice for Maddie.


  19. I too would love to hear that Madeleine had been found alive and well.
    However, there is a big difference in these cases: no cadavre scent or blood was reported to have been found in either Jaycee's parents' apartment or car...

    I also find it extremely distasteful that after the ordeal that Jaycee's family has gone through, the British press only see fit to show pictures of the McCanns...as if detracting from Jaycee and her family's plight and as if the McCanns were the only people with a missing child. Absolutely disgusting, particularly if you take into account that they chose to leave three children under age 4 alone to go out to dinner with their mates, while so many other British families are going through the same ordeal without any fault of their own in their tragedies.

  20. «Kate and Gerry McCann said today: “Once again this shows that children can sometimes disappear off the radar only to be found years later alive.">>

    What?! They both said it? In unison?
    And here we have another cliché-ridden statement.

    Radar: "A method of detecting distant objects and determining their position, velocity, or other characteristics by analysis of very high frequency radio waves reflected from their surfaces."

    Once again, as Dr Martin Roberts suggests in articles published on The McCann Files, the reader is left to assume the context. How can a child disappear, "off the radar."? Is this because the Tapas Bar was at some distance from the restaurant and the McCanns were determining their childrens' presence by some kind of brain wave, remote viewing? Or could it be a reference to the many alleged and discounted sightings? Or does Gerry McCann just use the language like a Japanese taxi driver learning English from a phrase book?

  21. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1209488/Phillip-Garrido-man-held-Jaycee-Lee-Dugard-18-years-fathered-children-makes-sick-boasts.html

    Including video and aged photo which someone on here asked to see.


    Elizabeth Smart I believe was a runaway...Smart has enough power and friends in high places...this case has never been brought to trial..This couple have been declared unstable...therefore cannot have a trial...thats what you call freedom in the States.


  22. Hold the Headline News Mccanns...Cadaver dogs have been brought into this case....



  23. http://voicesrevealed.blogspot.com/

    Read Garridos blog..Voices Revealed...


  24. http://image.examiner.com/x-1168-Crime-Examiner~y2009m8d27-Alleged-abductor-of-Jaycee-Lee-Dugard-Phillip-Garrido-arrested-for-rape-kidnapping-in-1976

    1976 Garrida arrested for rape and kidnapping...

    The Mccanns must be very sick and Mitchel even sicker to want this for Madeleine so that they keep the pretence she is alive.

    This is the kind of person she would be with, I do not think she would look like the rosy cheeky chops in the aged photo, hollow eyed and desperate come to mind.


  25. There are no suitable words to express how sickened I feel with the McCanns today after they've hijacked yet another tragedy for their own means. Not one word have they uttered about Jaycee. It's all about them as usual.

    I hope 'Himself' makes full use of this because they certainly deserve it again this time.

  26. http://boards.insessiontrials.com/showthread.php?p=13410870

    Anyone who is interested in this story would do better to read the American Press and join an American blog..a link provided. No one is linking this to the Mccanns.


  27. http://www.truecrimereport.com/missing_persons/

    As the British Press do not want to report it...More info on Jaycee and Garrido.Including a blog if you wish to comment.


  28. Is every tragedy now going to be linked right back to the McCanns?

    Are they now THE MOST FAMOUS 'grieving' gruesome twosome in the world?

    The whole frigging word now revolves around these scumbags.

    There was no statement from any other parents of missing children, only the McCanns.

    Is Clarence really trying to make these two the most hated people in the universe because that's what he's doing. Can't you see that Kate and Gerry? Clarence wants the whole world to hate you and, in that respect, he's doing a fantastic job.

    Think about it you arseholes.

  29. Alas dead children cannot be found Clarence. So stop jumping on the band wagon.

  30. http://pickupthephoneandbringmadeleinehome.blogspot.com/

    Just read this site and see how they have "prettied" it up...are these people for real...Jaycee was 11 years old and raped...Madeleine WAS 3 years old for gods sake.

    Now I am livid...

    If they start printing lies over the weekend I am going to link these sites to American Blogs who find this crime disgusting...any Trolling is dealt with immediately...


  31. Last night in the UK there was a repeat showing of the James Bulger case. Kate Maccann should be ashamed to show her face in public compare her to Baby James's mother the grief still in her face and also Rhys Jones mother. Two mothers who have had their beloved children snatched from them. The grief Kate has must have gone WOOSH WOOSH Gone with the wind.

  32. Let's just see how this case evolves over the next weeks. So far there are too many inconsistances for a possible analysis of the true facts of this persons 'abduction' and eventual re-appearance.

    Whatever the true circumstances there is absolutely NO similarity between this case and that of Madeleine Mccann. Even if there where can the Maccanns really be optimistic when there is a possibility that their child has been kept prisoner and physically abused for so many years? I would rather know my child had died than suffer such a horrific ordeal - it sickens me to even think of it!

  33. S:B: One thing is for sure you will not get the true facts from the British Press. The best place is to join an American Blog and they post all the latest on the case.

  34. Just read a heartbreaking comment here (in Portuguese)http://www.tvi24.iol.pt/internacional/tvi24-desaparecimento-maddie-mccann-internacional-rapto/1085271-4073.html

    Apparently Rui Pedro's mother, Filomena Teixeira, left a comment stating that the news from America gives her courage again - the boy is missing since 1998 and he was 11 then as well...
    She urges people not to forget about him, as she will never give up on him.

    "Relacionamento do caso com Rui Pedro
    filomena teixeira - 28 Ago 2009 | 16: 29
    Sou a mãe do Rui Pedro desaparecido em 4/03/98, e também a mim me dá um novo ânimo o aparecimento desta menina após 18 anos, também ela tinha 11 anos quando desapareceu...Não esqueçam o Rui Pedro pois eu nunca o farei!Filomena Teixeira."

  35. "Clarence Mitchell said: "They are extremely pleased"

    That somebody has been abused for 18 years ? Or what ? Clarrie, I think you have some explaining to do.

  36. http://www.kcra.com/news/20591281/detail.html

    Videos and voice interview with Phillip Craig Garrido...

    Hope you can pick these up Joana.


  37. http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2009/08/28/MN4N19EJ35.DTL#ixzz0PUBwrXN3

    In isolation for 18 years, not one sighting...Makes the Mccanns look rather foolish


  38. Been away for a few days but heard this news and KNEW they'd try and shoehorn the 'similar abduction' in yet again. Clarence has surpassed himself once more with his inhuman reaction.

  39. The moment I heard about this tragic case I just knew Mitchell and the McCanns would be jumping on the bandwagon. They just can't bear to have attention diverted from them for one moment. How could anyone be pleased that their beloved daughter might have a further 15 years of abuse and torture ahead of her before "reappearing on the radar"? Disgusting behaviour.

  40. Lovely to see Ben Needhams mother (little boy who went missing in greece) giving an interview on ITN News about time this child was mentioned. with only a very brief comment about the Maccanns ( They will be hopping mad)

  41. There seems there will be a lot more to come out about this story neighbours are starting to talk. How can a registered paedophile be living with small girls. One neighbour mentions there were two 4 year olds there,and asks what happened to them..a blogger also posted this...


    I hope I'm wrong but I'm surprised there are only 2 children after all this time. I read the article from his phone interview and he said that he "slept with his girls every night since they were born and I never kissed them". One of the neighbors called 911 one time when he was burning in the backyard and he came to their house extremely angry. What if there were more children born but he only wanted to keep the girls. It's sick to even think about.

    I think the Mccanns are going to regret wanting to be linked to this monster...


  42. I found it interesting that the girl's stepfather agreed to take four lie detector tests. That's four more than the Mcs have taken.
    Glad the girl has been found.

  43. http://real.ksl.com/video/slc/2/298/29883.mp3

    Ed Smart had plenty to say but not one word about the abduction of madeleine.

  44. http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2009/08/28/MN4N19EJ35.DTL

    link to the two 4 year olds...

  45. From the link:

    Erika Pratt, 25, who stayed next door two years ago, said she was continuously "freaked out" by Garrido's behavior and that when she popped her head over the fence she saw his secret compound. There were tents, sheds and pit bulls, she said, and water hoses leading from her house next door.

    Pratt said people came and went from the property, but the core group consisted of two girls about 4 years old, one girl about 11, another girl about 15 and a young woman about 25. They were all blond, she said.

    Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2009/08/28/MN4N19EJ35.DTL#ixzz0PVaNk5NX

    So the girls would be around 6 now?


    The same age as madeleine...they would not dare would they????


  46. These bloody McCanns and Clarence. How low will they stoop.
    I just knew this was going to happen.I pray one day they given enough rope they hang themselves

  47. i fear for the McCanns, especially for the Twins, if they continue this behavoiur

    people in UK are aware of what happened now, thanks to web sites like Joana/Astro, Proud of PJ and NHS Abuse of Power. And Tony Bennet of course.

    i really fear for this rich McCann family. recent news in England suggests alot of trouble in society

  48. If you tell the Mccanns you have found your little cat after 2 week lost in the city of New York .....
    they will call The Daily Mail to tell the planet how hopefully they are to find Madeleine based on your story.

    They use and abuse the very sad destiny of other peoples and their TRUE stories like the new one of the american girl we know since yesterday.

    And I ask Gerry : have you heard about respect or scruple? .Do you know what MORAL is, at all?
    Man ,oh man!
    Gerry you are really incorrigible!


  49. If you look attentively you see that Kate is lying... if you look well into her eyes you can see that she understood what the journalist was thinking a part from her innocent question. It's unbelievable how can we did all bought this story at that time. When I think about all the people that really lost their children and how that tragic happening has changed their life for ever I think how I would be pleased to see Gerry and Kate McCann in jail for at least 16 years (until twins achieve their majority and run way from their evil influence).

  50. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  51. I'm relieved this awful ordeal is finally over for Jaycee and her family - but the painful healing process may never have an ending.

    We might as well get used to it folks ! - from now on, every time a missing child is found alive, albeit horribly sexually abused, these disgusting McCann's will sabotage the story, saying how 'pleased' they are, hoping to con more money from their gullible followers - they will never give up on that Fund.

    For anyone who hasn't seen Dr. Robert's July 09 very revealing analysis of the McCann's statements, please have a read of them via McCannfiles - the link is on the left hand side of this page.

  52. This lady in California is going to cost millions of leaflets to Tony Bennet.
    What a work!!!!!!!!111

  53. Off topic but perhaps IRONSIDE cares to see this:http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2009/aug/28/james-murdoch-bbc-mactaggart-edinburgh-tv-festival?CMP=AFCYAH

    "Delivering the MacTaggart lecture at the MediaGuardian Edinburgh International Television Festival 20 years after his father Rupert, Murdoch described UK broadcasting as "the Addams Family of world media", comparing it unfavourably with the industries in India and France and complaining about the "astonishing" burden of regulation placed on BSkyB, the pay-TV giant he chairs. "Every year, roughly half a million words are devoted to telling broadcasters what they can and cannot say," he said.

    However, his most withering comments were reserved for the BBC. "The corporation is incapable of distinguishing between what is good for it, and what is good for the country," he clamed. "Funded by a hypothecated tax, the BBC feels empowered to offer something for everyone, even in areas well served by the market. The scope of its activities and ambitions is chilling."

    He described the BBC's purchase of the travel guide publisher Lonely Planet as a "particularly egregious example of the expansion of the state" and compared government intervention in broadcasting with failed attempts to manipulate the international banana market in the 1950s.

    Murdoch added that the BBC's news operation was "throttling" the market, preventing its competitors from launching or expanding their own services, particularly online. News International, the News Corp subsidiary that owns the company's British newspapers, including the Sun and the Times, is currently considering introducing charges for all its websites.

    "Dumping free, state-sponsored news on the market makes it incredibly difficult for journalism to flourish on the internet. Yet it is essential for the future of independent journalism that a fair price can be charged for news to people who value it," he said.

    He added: "We seem to have decided to let independence and plurality wither. To let the BBC throttle the news market, and get bigger to compensate."

  54. I remember that 16 years ago an 18 years old girl disappeared in the middle of the night when she was going home by bicycle, from Maastricht (Holland) to her village. Till today no traces of her or her bicycle.
    Sometimes I think of her, like today.
    She disappeared in a public place, a road, on her way home, like this Californian woman did : in a public place.
    In her case,there were no witnesses.

    I wonder if she is still alive, somewhere in a house living with a man.
    If this is the case, it must not be very far from the place she disappeared.

  55. If they even half think Madeleine is alive and maybe in similar circumstances or worse than this girl, well it makes their laughing and carefree attitude even more nauseating.

  56. Kate and Gerry break up with each other?
    Not at all, too dangerous for
    Gerry and Tapas 7.
    Kate can not even find herself a humble job, somewhere. She makes too many mistakes, she talks too much.She has to be guarded by Gerry and Mitchel, all the time, for the rest of their lives.And Mitchel has to guard Gerry.
    Living separeted from each other would be a lux, a relieve for both.
    They got a life sentence.

  57. Mr. and mrs. Amaral with marriage problems?
    Who are you, who published this on this forum?
    Very much probably intriges, who knows from the Mccanns, or not.
    But who cares about privet lives of other people?
    We care about crime, murder, fraude and lies.
    As far as I know, nothing wrong with the Amarals.And it is not of our business.
    And a lot wrong with the Mccanns and Clarence.

  58. I just read on McCannfiles a short analysis about a Kate's mistake( one of the millions), an article named

    Sands of Time by Martin Roberts.

    Roberts refers to " a small window of opportunity", words said by Gerry several times.
    Suddenly I realised how wonderfully persistent the abductor was, waiting for a small window of opportunity and leaving the bedroom through another small window and, besides, carrying a nearly 4 years old child.
    It must definitely be his specialisation.

  59. "Shit, two small windows in such a short time!"

  60. I am surprised no one is mentioning the case of missing
    four year old Haleigh, from Jacksonville FLA, and the step
    -mother, Misty Croslin, who
    claims little Haleigh was taken
    from her bed during the night yet failed the lie detector test with a 92 % rate of deception. She also failed a voice stress test. It has been all over the news here. I am sure that the sainted ones will not touch that with a barge pole.

  61. HaLeigh Cummings case: polygraph questions, answers, percent of deception


  62. Ingrid, we know about Haleigh and have not forgotten her , we did have a lot of discussion at the time and followed the case. Please do not think any child is forgotten. I am a member of a lot of American Crime blogs and am following closely at the moment the alleged abduction of Kristi Cornwell.

    Anon. thank you for the info on Murdoch.


  63. http://cbs5.com/video/?id=54648@kpix.dayport.com

    Raw viedeo of arraignment ,,Philip and Nancy Garrido.


  64. Why the Mccann's don't jump on little Cailee case? Or on the brazilian girl trowed out of a flat window by her father and stepmother? This two cases have more resemblance to Maddie case... What a selfish convennience of only selecting the most convennient tragedys and make the most rubbish comments: THEY ARE HAPPY ABOUT THE YOUNG WOMAN AND HER TRAGEDY GIVE THEM HOPE!!! Disgusting..... Any mother of a missing child will went trough a deep desesperation looking to examples like what that girl went trough and the most apropriate comment will be expessing their sorry about the pain and the missing life of that girl because during 18 years she lived a nightmare. But off course they cannot express anything else then theirselves, their life, their emotions. STILL ALL ABOUT THEM! MADELEINE STILL ONLY A DECORATION PINNED ON THEIR LIFES BY AN ACCIDENT.
    By the way.... their detectives team already investigate apropriatly the Australian lady and all her track in Barcelona? Or they shift now to the states? They urgently need a witness to say that he or she saw Garrido and his wife around Algarve on May 2007. THEY ARE UGGLY AND NOT FASHIONABLE and with a big effort from very good artists...Garrido can fit on the egg man portrait from J. Tanner and his wife can be the mysterious Tapas 10. OOOOPS... if so.... Tapas 9 must know them and we can understand why Gerry was talking on the phone about a Paedophile gang in P. da Luz very soon after Maddie disapeared ( somebody highlight that conversation here, days ago). Gerry, WHAT GOS AROUND COMES AROUND, is it? AND..... WHAT IS YOUR COMMENT ABOUT THE VERY USA COMPETENT POLICE, THE FBI? 18 YEARS WITHOUT LOOKING INSIDE OF A GARDEN WITH A GIRL CLOSED AND ISOLATED INSIDE TENTS? what a specialised police.... they don't deserve a single word from you and the pink man?

  65. http://llnw.static.cbslocal.com/station/kpix/docs/2009/garrido-complaint.pdf

    Charges filed.


  66. http://www.kcra.com/news/20604335/detail.html

    Transcript of interview with Garrido...


  67. A call was made to 911 in 11/06 by a neighbor. 911, not a non ER number but frigging 911! The neighbor said Garrido had a sexual addiction, was psychotic and that there were children living in tents and sheds in the back yard. The deputy talked to Garrido in the front yard only and only spoke to Garrido about code violations and that people can't live outdoors. Good grief! This was not just any man with code violations this was a man with a record as long as my arm and a neighbor did the right thing and called 911. 911 as in emergency situation and that cop did not take her concerns seriously.

    God bless the UC Berkeley campus police officer. She used keen instinct. She did not need a 911 call to alert her.

    Taken from a blog....

    Mccanns care to slander the American police now.



    Garrido was just 25 in 1977 when he kidnapped a 25-year-old woman from South Lake Tahoe, the same town where authorities say he later snatched Dugard.

    He raped the woman in a Reno warehouse outfitted with pornographic magazines and sex toys.

    He served about 10 years of a 50-year federal sentence for kidnapping, and less than a year for a concurrent Nevada sentence of five years to life in prison for the sexual assault.

    Gail Powell, spokeswoman for the Nevada Department of Public Safety, said Garrido met his wife, Nancy, while he was serving time for the rape at the federal penitentiary in Leavenworth, Kan.

    After four parole hearings, Garrido was finally relased in 1988, according to records from the Nevada Department of Corrections.

    Just three years later, Garrido and his wife were trolling South Lake Tahoe looking for a little girl, authorities said. They found Jaycee Dugard. Phillip Garrido was on federal parole at the time of the kidnapping.

    A parole violation sent Garrido back to federal prison from April to August of 1993. It is unclear who was taking care of the captive Jaycee, but authorities believe Garrido’s wife kept the home fires burning while he was behind bars. Little is known about Nancy Garrido’s relationship with her alleged captive.

    Deepal Karunaratne was among the few neighbors who claims to have seen Dugard. He said he’s seen her in her front yard about six weeks ago and talked to her over the fence. "She said she was the oldest daughter," said Karunaratne said.

    "She appeared to be very normal," he said. "She’s very pretty. She always had a smile on her face."

    But when Karunartne asked Philip Garrido about the young girls, he said he didn’t want them to have any contact with the outside world.

    "The outside world is bad," Garrido told his neighbor


  69. As horrific as this crime is and who knows yet if Jaycees children were also molested. Parents in the states do the most terrible things to their children...

    Here is one example.

    Mom accused of prostituting daughter, 5:

    A 48-year-old Wichita, Kansas woman has been accused of prostituting her 5-year-old daughter. The man accused of raping her daughter is 51-year-old Reggie Stafford. While the woman is facing charges for whoring her 5-year-old daughter out prosecutors say that she also did the same thing to her two other daughters who at the time were between the ages of 8 and 14.

    Prosecutors tried to get testimony from the older daughters introduced into court but the judge disallowed that stating that the testimony does not fit the Kansas Supreme Court’s guidelines for prior bad acts.

    Anyway this how little the unnamed woman must have thought of her 5-year-old daughter. She sold her daughter into basically what amounts to sexual slavery for 6 or 7 bucks which she used for booze and smokes.

    Taken from Trench Reynolds Blog


  70. What does: giving hope mean in this respect? That your child will be abused by a beast, a human animal and giving birth for children to that same beast? I havent almost slept the whole night, thinking of that poor girl and the poor parents what they had to go through. How further for that young lady now. She was only 14 when she had to have a child? What did she go through. And her parents and fam. knowing this?
    How could somebody do this and his wife...what punishment is enough?

  71. http://www.independent.co.uk/opinion/commentators/claudia-herbert-the-huge-challenge-facing-jaycee-and-her-family-1778948.html

    Claudia Herberts opinion on what Jaycee should do now and the difficult times ahead.

    The two Doctors from Rothley would not like this opinion. If madeleine returned she would be told to write a book about her experience by her parents. Well, someone has to make up for the fund money no longer coming in.
    It would be her fault the situation her parents find themselves in.


  72. Seems the british press have backed off linking this to the mccanns. Even the slimy Sun who yesterday were chomping at the bit are saying nothing. Well he is now a suspected murderer also and cadaver dogs are being mentioned...The same with Mari Luz the moment she was found dead the mccanns dropped her like a hot brick...A murderer is not allowed in the mccanns fairy tale.


  73. This morning I watched a former british police officer/detective, a lady, being interviewed on Sky News about this case, and she commented the failure of the american police to fully investigate the place after the neighbor's 911 call. She said that that sort of information or denounce MUST be deeply scrutinized and investigated to the core, it had to be taken seriously and acted upon accordingly! Well, it immediately made me think of the Gaspar's statements about their suspicions on David Payne and Gerry McCann regarding their strange behavior in the Mallorca holiday incident. Allegations of paedophile behavoir are very serious and indeed should have been acted upon swiftly and investigated to the full. The portuguese police should have been informed at once, but no, it all was ignored and pushed under a pile of paperwork!

    Now, on an entirely different subject, please forgive me for using this place for this, but I am an animal lover, dogs and cats in particular, and I'm sure there are many more of us here, so, here it goes:
    Maybe you are familiar with the sad story of SANDBAG and HESCO, a dog and a cat who are the mascotes of the british troops in Iraque, who the troops were forced to leave behind because of the british government refusal to provide the funds for their rescue (DISGUSTING COWARDS! There is plenty of money to pay for bogus MPs expenses, but not for this! YET AGAIN SHAME ON YOU, BROWN!).
    Now Sandbag and Hesco have a third companion, DIRTBAG, who is Sandbag's puppy, and the british charity BLUE CROSS is gathering funds to bring them home to Britain. If you can spare a few pounds, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE donate now! Just go tho the BLUE CROSS website:


    A big thank you!God bless you all!


  74. the case is now becoming who did the Maddie Crime?

    GM or KM?

    this post's large number of comments, and still counting, shows the McCanns are losing the plot

  75. The UK Media are not linking this case to the Maccanns why not.

  76. Yes, a couple UK papers are linking them and clarissa and the mcs are disgustingly using this case for their own means...

    very slimey...

  77. Wonder to see if the FBI will bring specialized dogs to help them investigating Garrido and the nightmare of that woman and will dismiss what the dogs find. Their is more childs missed in USA and paedophiles, like serial killers, they don't stop untill they fill their evil needs.
    I can imagine G. BROWN sticked on the phone calling OBAMA and asking him to close indoor all the evidences find by dogs. This most inconvennient animals can gave thousands of troubles to Mr. Brown - A LITLE BRITISH GIRL STILL MISSED!!! CADAVER DOGS FIND ADN EVIDENCES ABOUT HER ON A FLAT AND A CAR USED BY HER PARENTS, but the S. YARD was forced to give up the case and the FSS lab state a rubbish report "inconclusive" and destroyed the evidences. Hot time after summer.....

  78. It is absolutely right and fitting that the Mccanns should link themselves to this case and this despicable couple. BIRDS OF A FEATHER.....

    and on the other subject I have jusr sent a donation to the Blue Cross for the dogs in Iraq. All the way from Honduras

  79. the most abominable crime against humanity, is the abuse, torture or murder of children in the hands of father or mother. Many of those children are thesociopaths of the future. Many survive abuse, or not. When a child has an adecuate parent to go to, almost anything can be survived. When the perpetrator is a parent, society becomes the target of their suffering. Mother abuse seems to be even more tragic for the victim. A child has no bonding to become human. Then becomes a beast. Sociopaths go to power jobs. Make your own conclusions.

  80. In linking themselves to this case I think that their one and only goal is, to tell the world: "See?! The parents, - especially the stepfather -, for a very long time also were suspects, and now they are proven innocent!".

  81. The only link that can be estabelished between Jaycee's story and the McCann's, is the same publicity-seeking - Garrido jumped at the opportunity to speak to the media, and promised to tell his "life-changing" story...

  82. Why didn't the McCann's compare their case with Caylee Anthony in Florida?
    They kept pretty hushed up about this one. Did it sound too familiar?
    The media in the UK only publishes whatever suites the McCann's, God forbid they should publish what they actually think.
    Kind regards

  83. What makes me mad is the fact that the McCanns think everyone is actually interested in anything they say. It's like they think we are all waiting eagerly for their next announcement, brought to us via their spokesperson. I'm sick to death of seeing them and sick to death of them butting in every time a 'missing child' story hits the headlines. Who the hell do they think they are? I have a message for them.... (I don't need a spokesperson)... Gerry and Kate McCann, I do not want to look for your daughter, I do not want you constantly telling me that she is 'out there'. It's not my job to look for her. What you need to do is get your backsides over to Portugal and quietly, away from cameras and reporters, and without a spokesperson ask for the investigation to be re-opened. Then give your full co-operation to the PJ while they try to piece together what happened to Madeleine. If she is still alive you will not find her while every 'clue' and every piece of 'significant information' is blasted from every television and newspaper in the country. If there was an 'abductor',then he/she should not know if a clue is found. He/she should be caught by surprise, by real detectives armed with real facts and evidence, working away quietly, giving nothing away to their prey. Only then will Madeleine have a chance of being found - If she is 'out there'. And if she isn't, maybe they can find out why.


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