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McCann's Rent-a-Cops "new leads" Flop * updated

«Two new clues to the youngster’s disappearance have been ruled out of the inquiry.

An Australian woman who matched the “Posh Spice lookalike” e-fit appeared to be entirely innocent of any involvement.

Judith Aron, 53, of Melbourne, said: “I have no connection to the little girl.

“I haven’t left Australia since 2000, so there’s no way I could have been in Portugal or Spain around the time she went missing.”»

«In another disappointment to the McCanns, a £6million superyacht was also ruled out. Detectives hired by doctors Kate and Gerry McCann, both 41, had been hunting for the vessel.

Three days after Madeleine disappeared in Praia da Luz, Portugal, it was moored in a Barcelona marina where the mystery woman was spotted.

The Sunseeker Yacht 105, called Will Power, flies an Australian flag.

But last night the Brit skipper insisted it was a “coincidence’’. Its owner, £250m socialite Rhonda Wyllie, 52, was not on board at the time.

The skipper said he had dropped off her and her guests in Monaco. There were no Australians on board in Barcelona and he had never taken it to Portugal.

The captain, who asked not to be named, said: “There is absolutely no link between the boat and Madeleine.”

Port authority records back up his account of the boat’s movements.»

in Daily Star

Maddie McCann search suffers blow
Thursday, August 13, 2009

«An Australian millionaire socialite and her daughter are unable to provide any "relevant assistance" to investigators searching for Madeleine McCann, they said today.»

«Mrs Wyllie and Ms Karlson insisted today they were in Antibes, France, on the night in question and said they could not help the investigators.

They said they would co-operate with the police to confirm the facts.

A statement released through their company said: "The Wyllie Group today confirmed that the Wyllie family were unable to provide any relevant assistance to authorities investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann in Portugal in 2007.

"British media reports on Sunday August 9 2009 raised suggestions that Wyllie family members may be able to assist investigators in relation to an incident at Port Olympia, Barcelona, on the night of May 6 2007.

"The Wyllie family is perplexed with these media reports. In fact, members of the Wyllie family were in Antibes, France, that evening, not in Barcelona.

"The Wyllie yacht WillPower was docked in Port Olympia on May 6 2007, crewed by American and English personnel.

"The Wyllie family appreciates that the McCann family needs to pursue every possible inquiry and will co-operate with police investigators to confirm any facts." »

«The McCanns' private investigators received hundreds of calls and emails from the public in response to their appeal, including "dozens" of possible names for the woman.

They are now going through the information and, if necessary, will travel to Australia to follow up leads.»

in Metro.co.uk


  1. I truly hope that Mrs.Aron and Mrs. Wyllie sue the McCanns, Clarence Mitchell and Dave Edgar. It's criminal what they are doing, dragging innocent people's names in a case where they are the biggest suspects just to get more money to the non-charitable fund.

  2. McCann Mitchell Charade!

    Beata, Germany

  3. Never fear, there's another new witness bringing up the rear!(another captain, no less!)

    McWitnesses are like London buses - you don't see one for a while and then a fleet of them turns up:-

    The owner of Sydney's most famous Spanish restaurant Capitan ******, Manuel Vilarino, is convinced she visited his establishment "two or three months ago".

    When the image was shown around Sydney's Spanish Quarter last week, most people drew a blank.

    Mr Vilarino, however, felt a "punch in the gut", all but gasping out loud when he saw her face.

    "The moment you showed me this picture, I felt a jolt of recognition," he said...blah blah blah!


    Ker-ching! More ad revenue for the McFraud.

  4. Sadly, I think the majority of people must know (or at least suspect) by now that this latest sick trick by the McMagic Circle down-under is a desperate attempt to convince the world that Maddie, like a boomerang, will come back.

    However, another not unrelated matter is currently troubling me: Is a new hunt about to be launched to find the magician's assistant, Arthur Crowley? Has David Copperfailed made his trusty sidekick disappear in a puff of smoke?

    I believe no turn should be left unstoned in the hunt for the missing Arthur Cowley!

  5. I haven't seen this reported in the UK dead tree press or TV yet......... Oh! wait a minute we never heard of the innocence of Mr Hewlett, or bundleman, or pimpleman or, or ..........

    You really do have to ask yourself what the press/media are thinking of. Mind you I watched and listened in utter disbelief at a Times reporter on the Andrew Marr show on Sunday saying that he could write one thing one day and the opposite the next and no one would question him - quite different from his days as a speech writer for Tony Blair (says it all really). Journalist? What journalist.

  6. Olá, pessoal! :-)
    Já uma mulher não pode ir de férias sem que a dondoca mulher do futebolista que nunca o foi verdadeiramente desate a raptar criancinhas? E tudo isto nas minhas costas, sem me avisar? Não se admite! :-)
    Joaninha, muitos beijinhos! Senti saudades tuas e do teu blog. Valeu-me o Twitter no telemóvel e ver os mails para ver se havia notícias cabeludas. :-)

  7. Watch & listen to the foul tricks in this video from ITN News today! (Now added to today's McMail story).

    It's entitled:-

    "Watch how Madeleine's grandmother believes the family have been given renewed hope by the latest lead in Australia..."

    But, it's mostly of Mitchell from last week's putrid press conference with some very old footage of the Healys tagged onto the end. The voiceover makes it appear new!

    Also see the footage of the Portuguese dog search with the voiceover implying it's the Sydney search.

    This video is gross maniplation!


  8. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/maddie/2579100/McCanns-new-hope-at-Maddie-lead.html

    "Private detectives leading the hunt for Maddie, three, who vanished in Portugal in May 2007, are searching for a Victoria Beckham double."

    What? Are they saying Madeleine IS still THREE? Not six?...No wonder people are still "seeing" her as she was in 2007, also as her parents absurdly continue to show her to the world!

  9. Weren't the ex-employees of the Ocean Club and other people who lost their jobs in PDL because of the Mcshams'lies going to sue the b*stards?
    It's about time someone sues them back!


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