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McCanns withdraw complaint against journalists from Tal&Qual

The McCann couple has decided to withdraw the complaint against the Tal & Qual journalists who reported that the police believed that Maddie McCann had been killed by her parents, according to a press release from the Public Ministry in Lagos.

The document states that Gerry and Kate McCann declared that they “have no interest in proceeding” with the case, which originated from a criminal complaint that was filed by the couple against Emídio Fernando, the former director of now extinct Tal&Qual, and journalist Ana Catarina Guerreiro.

In August 2007, the two journalists signed an article, which was front page news in the paper, according to which the Polícia Judiciária (PJ) believed that it had been the couple that had accidentally killed their daughter.

Emídio Fernando told Lusa that he was satisfied over the archiving of the process, although he never even felt relieved, because he had never been worried in the first place.

“I was always tranquil, because I never accused anyone. The news said that the PJ didn’t believe in the McCanns’ innocence. What we wrote in the news was that they were going to be heard and that they might become arguidos”, he said.

Emídio Fernando stressed that, at the time when he wrote the article, he fully trusted the source and he was “absolutely certain” that the police would fetch the couple, which was confirmed two weeks after the front page news.

“I wouldn’t change a comma if it were today. My only failure was to say that the couple would be heard in the week after [the article] and they ended up being heard two weeks later”, he added.

Concerning the motives for the McCanns’ withdrawal, Emídio Fernando says that he has no idea whatsoever, but he underlines that at the time, he understood that the couple wished to sue him, he merely found it was strange that they decided to do so one week after the article was published.

source: Diário de Notícias, 17.08.2009


Gerry McCann interview for the BBC
31st August 2007

"We firmly believe that the report was speculative, defamatory and published despite official statements to the contrary, which is why we have instructed lawyers. Our daughter Madeleine was snatched from her bed on 3 May. She is still missing. The police have said time and time again we are not suspects. These are the facts. Everything else is at best speculation and in some cases downright lies."

Gerry's Blog, Day 120
31 August 2007

Those of who you that read the blog regularly know how difficult it has been for us not to respond to many of the slurs against our behaviour leading up to Madeleines disappearance. We have consistently stated that we will not put new information into the public domain that might jeopardise the investigation and in fact, we are constrained by Portuguese Law as witnesses from doing so.

There has been some wild speculation reported in the press about what may have happened to Madeleine. Most of the innuendo regarding Kate and me has died down in light of the statements from the official Portuguese Police spokesperson. However last Friday, a Portuguese newspaper published a front-page headline 'PJ believes that the parents killed Maddie'. We firmly believe that the report was speculative, defamatory and published despite official statements to the contrary.

As well as damaging our personal and professional reputations, such allegations smear the investigation, the campaign to find Madeleine and cause great offence and anxiety to all our family. This is why, after careful consideration, we have issued a writ against the newspaper for defamation. Our focus has, and always will be, on doing our best to help find Madeleine. This lurid allegation is so serious and wide of the mark that we feel it cannot go unchallenged.

The legal expenses for the proceedings will not be paid from Madeleines fund.

Gerry McCann at the House of Commons before the Culture, Media and Sport Committee
10 March 2009 [full video & transcript here]

"We have of course considered it. In August 2007, we did issue proceedings against the Tal e Qual newspaper and that organisation has subsequently gone bust. An indicator of it is that is still going through the process of the courts. It is very unlikely that we will follow it up but we have chosen at this time not to take action in Portugal, primarily because we have been advised that it would be a very long and drawn-out process.(...) We want to work with the Portuguese in the search and although we cannot and will not rule it out in future, for the time being we have decided to try and get on with doing what we think everyone should be doing, and focusing on Madeleine and not on what has been said in the past."


  1. Just goes to prove that they can't sue everybody - they had no case and nothing to win from it.
    The news was corroborated by the coming events.

    It is an admission that the McCann are afraid. The ship is sinking...

  2. The McCanns are scared to death! There will eventually be justice for Maddie and all the many people the McCann gang have harmed.

  3. Viva à Liberdade de expressão!!!! Fantástico!

  4. Bet your bottom dollar, no newspaper in the UK will report this. They are all still terrified of Team Maccann, The media in the UK have helped this pair all the way, and tarnished the memory of an innocent child shame on them.
    They can never make up for the wrong they have done to the Portugese people and Mr Amerel. Go get the lot of them Goncarlo and God Speed.

  5. I agree with the poster who said the ship is sinking.

    This site is the truth and no-one can deny the work Joana and Astro put in. Please excuse me if I have left anyone out.

    Great site, great work and great people.

    We Brits must owe you a fortune for your efforts.

    Thank you!

  6. Yeaah, the ship is sinking and let us hope Brown will not fly a helicopter and save them.
    People in Britain know already too much, Brown must be also scared.
    The McCanns gave up suing Tal &Qual because they must know Amaral will always be prepared to help with the naked truth.
    And that Tony Bennett did a great job, last week.
    Gosh, this looks like a chess game.

  7. Interesting timing of this announcement. A great pity this news won't won't see the light of day in the media over here - too revealing.

    To Anonymous @ 17/08/09 20:53

    As a fellow Brit, I echo every word you've written here! We would have been in the dark about the monstrous lies and deceit of the McCanns and Tapas 7 if we'd had to rely on the British McMedia.

    Obrigada dear Joana & Astro for all your hard work in seeking truth & justice for Maddie, a 3 year old child who was (and continues to be) betrayed by those she should have been able to trust most.

  8. Apparently Mr. McCann in Portugal we, the sardine munchers, live in a democracy, where citizens have the right and freedom to express themselves, to debate issues without hindrance, and inform others.

    Portugal is where your censure has no place.

    Fascism indeed! Silly man...

  9. Pardon the intrusion and pardon again if this has been posted by someone before - I just though it maight be relevant to one of you.
    I found it on http://madeleinefoundation.org/main/poll/
    Jo Vaughn Says:

    August 15th, 2009 at 3:43 pm
    When I first heard on the radio that a little girl was missing on holiday, out of curiosity I looked up the parents names on Friends Reunited so I could see who they were.

    I found Gerry McCann and he had made a perfectly innocuous remark some time previously to Madeleine’s disappearance along the lines of him and Kate having their hands full with three young children and would any of their old uni friends be interested in babysitting.

    It was only a day later that the entry had been deleted. I find this odd, his daughter is missing and he is logging onto Friends Reunited to remove a innocent remark?

    I reported it to the police but have not heard anything about it in the press. During a stressful time as your daughter going missing, would you have the presence of mind to go on Friends Reunite/ Facebook/MySpace?Twitter etc and remove a comment that was perfectly innocent?

    I find this to be a calculated act by Gerry McCann.

    I don’t think for one moment that they simply killed her, I believe that she was suffocated by Kate in a moment of sheer frustration at trying to get her back to sleep before she woke the twins up with her crying.

  10. If the Mccanns gave up Tal& Qual, they will never sue Amaral.

  11. I also would like to thank all on this Blog for all their hard work. It is very much appreciated.

    Lia x

  12. Well, they realized that in Portugal there is none or very little money to be made from lawsuits, we do not do "out-of-court" settlements, and justice is so slow, that, instead, legal processes frequently become a blackhole, sucking lots of money from you and we all know that Kate and Gerry looove their fat FindMadeleine fund...

    Anon. @22:18 wrote:
    "I found Gerry McCann and he had made a perfectly innocuous remark some time previously to Madeleine’s disappearance along the lines of him and Kate having their hands full with three young children and would any of their old uni friends be interested in babysitting."

    Odd indeed, as so many other details, like the famous "fridge incident"(Gerry taking a "broken" fridge from the hired villa to the dump and replacing it at his own expense), which now has become something of a forum myth, but that many swear on their lives that they read about in Gerry's blog and that soon was deleted, vanished, never to be found again!

    But back to the baby-sitting thing, could it be because of any connections with that strange question nº 41 asked by the portuguese police?

    "Is it true that in England you even considered handing over Madeleine’s custody to a relative?"

  13. Thanks to all who make this site Possible and for all the hard work that goes into it. The media in the Uk kept us all in the dark about this case and only let us know what the Maccanns alowed us to know. The Maccanns have more power than the prime minister or the queen.

    Lets all have a party outside the jail when they go there and burn all the uk papers to keep us warm. The maccans took the british public for fools and it worked for a time, a very short time. But there is always an end to the rope.

    A very cowardly couple, and their so called friends who covered for them are the lowest form of human life.

  14. This is getting better and better.
    No doubts about it.

  15. Could it be that the Gerry's purpose, going to Portugal on April, was not the documentary itself but to visit Madeleine's grave?
    He covered it up with the documentary?
    Going to the church of Luz that played a role in their lives?
    And what role?

  16. YAH!!! they don't sue the journalists because sueing them could be the key which reopen the investigation. To prouve that they are right, the journalists can ask the "PGR" to re-open the case and show the world that what they published at the time was not wrong. The Mccann's can't take any risk of havinng the investigation re-openned. THEY WILL CHANGE FACES, WORDS, EVERYTHING TO AVOID GOING TO COURT AND ANSWER ALL THE QUESTIONS AND CONTRADICTIONS.

    ANNOTHER PROUVE THAT THEY ARE HIDDING THE TRUTH and they know exactly where Maddie is.

  17. Mais uma vez, o mesmo tipo de chantagem psicológica que fizeram a outros jornais em Inglaterra e que funcionou lá. Ou seja pagaram indemnizações sem terem que ir a tribunal.
    A história repete-se sempre que necessitam de dinheiro. Neste momento já se vê o fundo ao saco!.

  18. I hope Dr Goncalo Amaral sues them and by him taking this action he has the case reopened. I am fed up hearing these parents state they have been left with the onus to find their missing child as no authority is looking for their child they claim was abducted by an organised gang of paedophiles. Why are the UK Press/Media not reporting how easy it is for them to have the case reopened? Why are the UK Press/Media not reporting on the inaction of the parents who blame everyone else by saying that GA, The Madeleine Foundation etc are hindering the search for their missing child. There own McPI's they pay and imo they control appear not to be searching either! Questions imo should be asked such as where has all the public Fund money from the Family Company not a Charity gone!

    Is this perhaps the start of proper journalism regarding this case:

    According to the Find Madeleine Fund website, ‘the majority of the fund money has been and continues to be spent on investigative work to help to find Madeleine’.

    Hmm according to!

    and this:

    'He declined to say how much the private detectives were being paid, adding: ‘We will not discuss contractual matters concerning the investigation costs nor the investigator remuneration.'

    Hmm surely the generous public who donated to this Company not a Charity should be informed where every penny has gone?

    The full article is eye opening and I hope the investigative journalism continues. Imo the McPinks have made a mockery of the UK Press/Media and a mockery of the whole of the UK to the rest of the world! Even the insects still nestled under the unturned stones are having a laugh at our expense!

  19. I just went to Mccannfiles and find that on the picture related to that article KATE AND GERRY ARE WEARING THE SAME SANDALS. WHY? They have very odd ideas. That picture was taked at the hot time, when PJ believe they are busy with Huelva trip and the renault scenic, the new rented villa,etc. Can be a very innocent and odd coincidence or intencional to fool the police if they find something. We should remember that the all crime scene was contaminated before the first GNR arrived. They seem to be EXPERTS on CONTAMINATION. Crime Scene- CONTAMINATED! Forensic samples- CONTAMINATED! This looks more like a strategy then an innocent coincidence. The police should analise all pictures and footages available from all newspaper to find all odd situations.

  20. The McCanns wouldn't have had a leg to stand on if they had gone ahead with the case, because the basis of the article was correct - they were suspected by the Portuguese police and they were declared arguidos. Also,if the publication has now gone bust, it wouldn't have been worth their while suing because there wouldn't have been any money even if they had won the case, and we all know how important money is to them. But I feel this is good news; it shows that they're not as invincible as they want people to believe, and the recent criticism of their private detectives by a British newspaper is also encouraging. Slowly, very slowly, things are changing and they are losing the power they had before. I believe this is just the beginning of a general reaction against them and their manipulation and I really hope that eventually the truth will be known. Many thanks to Joana and team for keeping us informed, and congratulations to the leaflet distributors of Rothley!

  21. Why is Mr. Amaral book and documentary not available in the UK if:

    Free speech is a human right, a fundamental freedom and a necessary condition for democracy.

    Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights - also ratified by the UK - describes free speech as everyone's right to freedom of expression and adds: "This right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers."

  22. They are loosing power, I don't really believe that they ever had it. All the power came trough Mcguinness and Mitchell and will go away by the time this characters go away.
    They are loosing the control of the situation and now, since the public did not give up on the truth, the spokman know's that the best think for him should be move away from the all saga. Any day more can be too late for his image and reputation ( if he still having any, which I doubt). He is trying to get out slowly, peraphs using the incompetence of the private detectives and some help from his old coleagues at the Media. Slowly, Mccann's will be left alone with all their mistakes and contradictions. Better if they ask the PGR to re-open the case before being forced by the circunstances and come back to Portugal to answer all unanswered questions and do the reconstruction under police supervision. MADELEINE DESERVES IT! How can they face the silence of all that nights without earing Madeleine's voice?

  23. Anon., I doubt if Mitchell is allowed to leave the McCanns.
    According to myself he is there not to help them but to control them in everything they say and do.
    The goal is to protect somebody else who could be involved in Madeleine's death.
    This third person could know a lot about important people and in this life you have to choose your enemies.
    Not everybody is suitable to be one.
    In this case, join him and protect him before a whole group comes is serious difficulties.That is my opinion.
    But will this case last uptil the McCanns get Alzheimer?
    I would not be surprised.

  24. re: anon who posted about the deleted Friends Reunited comment.
    I hadn't heard that one, and agree that it's a bit weird to spend time doing that, especially as it wasn't particularly incriminating.... or was it....

    But the weirdest time waster, was to find that they deleted text messages on their phones, the night of the McSham abduction.

    I know it is very time consuming to delete texts - drives me up the wall actually - and I usually leave them all on the phone for months!
    I can't imagine anyone else, who had lost a child, spending time doing that chore......unless there was a VERY good reason.......

  25. Did the abductor take David Payne with him as well?
    The silence around him makes more noise than an atomic bomb.
    Why such a silence and where is he?

  26. Potsy_81 I´m looking for you!

    Sorry to leave the comment here, but I really need to get in touch with a woman that wrote with the name of Potsy_81 in the Oprahs community.

    I remember she was a lawyer of children rights, and we really need her help in the case of Alexandra who was deported to Rússia, can´t speak russian, lives in bad conditions, and mother beats her.

    Please, if anyone know Potsy, or if she see´s this write me to: anampc8@hotmail.com



  27. Truthseeker

    The Mccanns are scared to death are they??

    I dont think so! Im sure if they were theyd be hiding away, they are certainly not doing that.

  28. Whats David Payne got to do with it?

  29. David Payne was in the apartment between 6.30 and 7.00 pm according to Gerry.
    He probably witnessed the accident.
    But there is a silence around him, since the beginning.
    Fiona Payne,Russel O'Brian and Rachel Oldfield went back to Luz, to"recongnise" Murat.
    Mattheuw Oldfield and Jane Tanner too,for the documentary.
    Tanner went also to BBC Panorama.
    Where is Gerry's best friend David?

    Why this silence?

  30. An., on Madeleine Foundation site you can read a letter that Tony Bennett wrote to Brown where he cites two statements made by two doctors, friends with the McCanns.
    Or by now ex-friends with the McCanns.
    In those statements they tell what they observed about Payne and Gerry.
    Please read it.

  31. They are scared, they ran away once, they are hiding and they know it's just a matter of time until someone comes knocking on their door...
    They dread that day and they know it's coming, like they know elections are coming.
    Deal with that.
    Handle the truth.

  32. If the maccanns are not hiding away now, they very soon will be before the curtain goes WOOSH WOOSH WOOSH and comes down on both of them.

  33. Something I never thought about.
    Somewhere, Gerald says he hopes Madeleine comes back before the twins are old enough to use internet.
    If they are innocent and there is no indication Maddie is dead(dogs), why fear internet's bull shit?
    Internet will remain their biggest enemie, that is for sure.
    The twins will know the truth very quickly.

  34. The Maccann not hiding away, have they not just asked for police protection regarding the leaflets in Leciester. not scared.
    They don't seem to be as brave as they used to be they should be ashamed to show their two satanic faces. Doc Gerry had the cheek to say on UK TV Mr Amerel was ex detective yet he has the keystone cops looking for a posh spice Lookalike. This man has the cheek of the devil as well as looking like him. he must have had plastic surgery to get rid of the horns and cloven hoof.

  35. Anonymous:

    What make you think that Kate has suffocated Madeleine? What's your point?

    How could a autopsy identified that? Or was something else?

  36. On and on and on...

    we won't give in.

    How can you deny the truth?

    The Tapas 9's tangled web of deceit could never be accepted by any rational human being.

    No one apart from them or some at least of them know what really happened, but we will never accept the Team McCann narrative that has been forced on an unwilling public by our craven, appeasing media in the UK with the connivance of government. It is an outrage against democracy, the law, free speech - everything that makes our society half-decent.

  37. So, Gerry would like to "work with the Portuguese". Is this why;
    -They left when their Villa's lease was ended and instead of renewing it and working with PJ authorities, they fled to their homeland?
    -Kate would not answer the 48 questions?
    -Numerous efforts on Goncolo Amaral's part have been dismissed as well as HE from the investigation?
    -why they are rebuffing efforts of all side of the coin to either find Madeleine or explain the evidence in the rental the night of her "dissapearance'?
    -why the 9 had to get together to discuss the incident which of course appears to the public like "they were getting their stories straight?
    -why they needed to hire a spokeperson for them? Doesn't the truth speak for itself?
    -founded an overtly fraudulent fund and lived extravagantly, as well as the some of the other involved for over 2 years?
    C'mon Gerry, you are not withdrawing the complaint because "of the long and drawn out process". You don't want to face the Music!


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