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Newspaper ‘investigates’ McCann detectives

A British national newspaper claimed this week that the private investigators employed by the McCanns had done little to look into a new witness report. According to the Daily Mail, the detectives only made preliminary inquiries before announcing their ‘significant’ developments in the search for Madeleine.

Dave Edgar, the lead investigator, had appealed for help in finding the ‘Victoria Beckham lookalike’ who a British tourist approached as she looked agitated near a marina in Barcelona three days after the disappearance of Madeleine. The team then released an e-fit of the woman they believed would now be in Australia.

The Mail revealed that before doing the press conference they had failed to speak to anyone working at the restaurant near where the Australian woman was seen.

Neither had they asked whether there was CCTV footage of the woman. It was also claimed that they were not aware of the Australian yacht that was docked in the marina that night and only found out when British journalists informed them of the development.

The investigators were hired by Kate and Gerry McCann after Portuguese authorities closed the investigation last year.

The McCanns’ spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, said: “The private investigation into Madeleine’s disappearance is being conducted entirely professionally and thoroughly under the direction of Dave Edgar.

“Upon receipt of the new witness information, two members of the investigation team travelled to Barcelona to conduct preliminary inquiries during a brief initial visit.”


Meanwhile, British police have revealed that they have spent nearly £750,000 looking into the disappearance of Madeleine.

This follows the revelation that from 2007 to 2008 Leicestershire police spent £548,477 on their part of the search. In February, the Home Office said if any local police had extra costs for a government event, its authority can ask for ‘special grant support’ from the Home Office*.

Some of the cost has been reimbursed by the Home Office with a grant of £525,069.

Also this week, Kate and Gerry McCann were said to be devastated after leaflets suggesting they are responsible for their daughter’s disappearance were distributed in their hometown.

Around 10,000 copies of the publication, Ten Reasons to suggest Madeleine McCann was not abducted, were posted in Rothley, Leicestershire and the surrounding area.

The leaflet said that the McCanns’ version of events of the night Madeleine disappeared is a ‘sheer impossibility’ and that it is more likely Madeleine died in the apartment and the parents then covered up the death.

The leaflets have been posted around the village by an organisation called The Madeleine Foundation, whose members are calling for the case of the missing girl to be reopened.

The leaflet was delivered to homes in the street where Kate and Gerry McCann live with their two young children Sean and Amelie but not to their house.

Clarence Mitchell said: “We do not wish to dignify the actions of the so-called Madeleine Foundation with any response. We do feel it is important, however, to make the general public aware that the foundation has no connection whatsoever with our family or those helping us find Madeleine or any law enforcement agencies.”

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*Leicestershire HMIC Major Crime Inspection Report July 2008 | Download PDF file (303 K )

More info at Home Office (Press releases and Documents)


  1. Because of this case I don't trust any UK newspaper and buy not one of them. They are all pro Maccann. There is a complete media blackout in the UK regarding this case I have never known anything like it. any news you have to get from the internet. Keep up the good work .

  2. 69% NO

    31% Yes

    I'm amazed that as many as 31% of voters deem the shocking sums of money (not to mention human life and resources!) wasted on this wild goose chase has been money well spent!

    Police forces in many countries have been (and still are being) dragged into this sham hunt for Madeleine - all funded by taxpayers.

    And, talking of funds, the McCanns have robbed us blind in every which way!

  3. Do I see a glimmer of hope in the British press?

    Dragging Victoria Beckham's name into may have caused some rattling of cages. The Beckhams are very powerful.

    Did they stop donating to the fund and making public announcements? Are they now suspicious too?

    Please let this be investigated properly. Why were families all over the world harrassed by PIs?

    DAILY MAIL...please keep going..


  4. donot build your hope's up on the daily mail that paper is in the maccann fan club as well. It might be a plan. All the uk papers have let little madelaine down the editors should hang their heads in shame. They have backed team maccann all the way. Liverpool have never for given the sun over the Hillsborough Lie, I hope everyone remenbers the Madelaine Maccann lie. and stops buying these rags.

  5. It is clear since day one: THIS DETECTIVES TEAM, LIKE M3, JUST EXIST TO FOOLISH THE PUBLIC AND GET THE INVESTIGATION AWAY FROM THE PROPERLY TRACK. But they cannot hold the lie forever and even newspaper cannot survive behind a story which it is clear- BECAME PASSIONATE TO THE PUBLIC AND THE PUBLIC DID NOT GIVE UP ON THE TRUTH...
    Any clever and intelligent editor, realised already that insisting on the support of Mccann's theory it is half way to a suicide, in terms of economic and credibility survive of a Newspaper. Slowly they have to find a way to get out of Madeleine saga without loosing the face. The Mccann's team will end up alone, because since the first newspaper get out, all the others will follow very quicly. It is all about Money and the Newspaper will loose money if they still sticked on Mccann's circus.
    I hope the leaflets from Madeleine Foundation will spread all over UK to show a massive public that the Country ruled by G. Brown it is a Country where there is no free opinion, where words, books and blogs get scensured, where the childs have no rights if they need justice.

  6. While the Mail may have shown some investigative journalism in this instance, it's generally as unconcerned about Madeleine's fate as the rest of the tabloids and indeed the broadsheets. It's only interested in her parents, live adults being seemingly of much more importance than dead or missing children.

    There isn't a single newspaper in the UK that has put Madeleine first, not a single one that's combed the files, reported what's in them, highlighted the discrepancies and inconsistencies, or campaigned for the case to be reopened. Not one to care about the missing child, to worry about the death scent found in the apartment and car. They, like some others, seem to be totally blase about the two dogs' findings, taking a sort of 'A dead body? So? What's your point?' attitude.

    And yet it's these same newspapers - or at least those like the self-satisfied Daily Mail - who gleefully report other examples of dumbed-down Britain, sometimes on the same page where there's an article on the performances on Britain's Got Talent or the X Factor. And why care about a death scent when Cheryl Cole has a new hair colour?

    They make me sick. :-(

  7. Well said Dimsie, every word.

  8. Well said Dimsie - you are correct - why should the media bother with facts like discrepancies in statements or death scents when the likes of Cheryl Cole has a new hair-do.

    Potsy, I suspect you could be right - there has got to be an ulterior motive for Team McCann dragging the Beckhams' name into this sordid story again.

  9. Is it not possible that the papers [news, tabloids, broadsheets] are restricted in publication of incriminating facts from the Files, so as to warrant a “fair trial” if and when this case may be taken to court? I have the impression – but not more than that – that all of them at the moment use PHOTOS with their articles, which portray the main players in a less favourable way … I think we are in a “read between the lines” phase ;-)

  10. Very correct Dimsie
    It has been and still is only about them,them and them.Never about Madeleine.
    Of course they had an ulterior motive in dragging the Beckhams into it and the Australian ladies: cash and fooling people.
    This time they haevent been very successful,have they?ONE newspaper is questioning them and their bunch of twats and I simply hope the Mail wint stop and others will join.
    We will see justice for Madeleine as much as we will see the twins"s first day at school advertised as a national record.....and we will be told how much protection the poor kids need etc..... yawning....

  11. English press is very aggressive and does not save anyone. Remember what they have said about Diana and she was a Princess with a high standard not McCanns level. I think that as soon as McCanns strength and credibility goes down the toilet and Clarence with it, press with be their bigger enemy specially because press was humiliated in court paying them a huge amount for fictional damages and journalists are waiting for the right moment and then nobody will stop them.
    This story is far to end.


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