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PJ does Not comment Private Investigations

Clarence Mitchell speaks up to 00:35

News Journalist: "All of this has allegedly happened 72 hours after Maddie disappeared from the apartment in Praia da Luz. The McCann family spokesman stressed that it is very important to locate this woman, so that the investigators can clarify if there is in fact a relation with the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

This was an information that the McCann family has [allegedly] already passed on to the Portuguese Judiciary Police, however contacted by the TVI the PJ says that they do not comment private investigations.(...)"

source:TVI News Channel


  1. How then is he allowed to get away with it and why is this being pushed down our throats in the uk.
    How can we stop this vile couple and their henchmen, They seem to be able to do and say what they want. No restriction,s what so ever.

  2. Anon, they haven't realized yet that all of this will be used against them later.

  3. Anonymous - I think it is you that your words will be used against you - not Clarence....

  4. Maybe there is a leak in the PJ and someone is actually trying to help the McCanns find their daughter.. Someone with a heart...

  5. People with a heart will never help the mccanns.People with a heart will help the police to put those heartlesss parents behind bars.People with a heart will alow madeleine to finally be able to rest in peace.
    Oh and anon 03.55(olá clarence) you're so scary!Is that a threat?Should I go to the police?Probably not because the portuguese police as well as the police from several european countries will be very busy arresting you and all your friends for all your lies, insults and threats.And there is also the fraudulent fund.Can you imagine what people will do to you all when they realize they were fooled?I'm glad I never donated because when you started begging for money for your dirty "investigation" I had already stopped believing in that fictitious abduction.Your immunity,if you ever had any, won't last much longer.


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