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'Portuguese Reality Ends Far from Trafficking Networks'

Paulo Cristóvão, Portuguese Association of Missing Children

Correio da Manhã – In 2009, 3 thousand reports were made to the PJ of missing persons in Portugal. How do you characterize this reality, in the International Day of the victims of this type of crimes?

Paulo Pereira Cristóvão – I specially emphasize, the one thousand reports of minors that were made. It is a reality that in most cases, is resolved, because the disappearances are the result of family problems, relationships, or others, solved in a maximum of 72 hours.

The effectiveness of police work is important in this resolution rate?

The Portuguese reality is happy one, since it almost always ends up far from the international trafficking networks. The role of the media is essential, and the Portuguese Association of Missing Children has sought to clarify the youngsters, giving them mental tools to sort out problems on their own.

Are all the disappearances of children highly publicized?

Not all the families of missing children can have 'spin-doctors' on their side, but the majority of cases are given notoriety .

in Correio da Manhã

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  1. I'm sure he is referencing old Clarrie in his spin-doctor comment. However, I do not see Mitchell as on Madeleine's side, not for one instant. He is on the side of the parents (or whoever is being protected), which is in direct opposition to what Madeleine's interests are/would have been.


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