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Official Process Files regarding the Bayliner Yacht "Fun Too"

Ministry of National Defense
Maritime National Authority
Local Command of the Maritime Police of Portimão

Year 2007 Month May Day 9 No: 515/PM

From: Local Command of the Maritime Police of Portimão
Addressed to: Judiciary Police of Portimão, Coordinator of the Madeleine McCann Investigation
Subject: Disappearance of the girl “Madeleine”
Reference: NUIPC 201/07.0 GALGS

In the scope of the process in reference, it’s informed some of the investigations done by this police at the recreational Marinas of Portimão and Mexilhoeira da Carregação – Lagoa, in what concerns the control of vessels and on board crews, as well as the movement of vessels, as stated bellow:

1. During the days 8/9 of May 2007, two Maritime Police [M.P.] agents inspected all the vessels harboured at the Marina of Portimão with crews residing on board, in a total of 31 vessels; from the contacts with the respective crews there weren’t obtained any informations about the girl Madeleine, of British nationality, disappeared from Praia da Luz in Lagos, nor indicated any elements which could lead to her location, however, the persons contacted demonstrated huge receptivity to cooperate, solidarity and were concerned about the fact.

2. On the day 8 of May 2007 an investigation was done at Marina da Boca do Rio, located at Mexilhoeira da Carregação – Lagoa, no movements of the vessels in transit which could eventually arise suspicions regarding the disappearance of the British girl were detected.

3. On May 9, were watched recorded images from the surveillance video system of the Bacia Norte [commercial area] of the Marina of Portimão of the movements occurred there between the 21:00 hours of the day 3 May 2007 to the 12:00 hours of the day 4 May 2007, no strange movements of persons were detected that could be related to the said disappearance.

4. It was verified at the Marina of Portimão 6 check-out’s of recreational vessels as follows; “San Elen” of Norwegian nationality left on the 3rd of May 2007 with a declared destiny to Norway; the vessels “Panic II” of Dutch nationality, “Tiarri IV” of English nationality and “Iron” of Swiss nationality, left the two first ones on the 3rd May 3007 and the second on the 4th May with a declared destiny to Lagos, movements which were already confirmed with the respective check-ins at the Marina of Lagos; the vessel “Moonraker” left with a destiny declared to Vilamoura, however that movement is being an object of confirmation, the same happening with the vessel “Fun Too” of Swedish nationality which left with a destiny declared to Albufeira.

Signature by the Commander

In pages 821 and 822 of the Public Ministry Process NUIPC 201/07.0 GALGS

Ministry of National Defense
Maritime National Authority
Local Command of the Maritime Police of Portimão

Nº 524/CLP - Process NUIPC 201/07.0 GALGS Date 11th May
Subject: Disappearance of Child, Sending Investigation results
Reference: No Fax 515/PM of 9 May 07

To the Department of Criminal Investigation of the Judiciary Police of Portimão

In the scope of the investigations related to the above mentioned process and for the effect thought as convenient, we send together the results of a set of investigations done by this Command carried out at the Marinas of Portimão, Boca do Rio in Mexilhoeira da Carregação – Lagoa, and Albufeira.

Together we send as well the list of process crimes registered at this Command for the last two months.

Relatively to the vessels “Moonraker” and “Fun Too” mentioned at the referenced fax, which were being a target of confirmation in regards to their destinies declared at the exit of Portimão’s Marina, we verified that the first one of those is still at the above mentioned Marina, at the time investigation are still being made to find out the location of the vessel “Fun Too”, knowing that this one has not been at the Marina of Albufeira or at the Lagos one after leaving Portimão on the 4th May 2007.

With my best regards,

Signature by the Commander

In page 3883 of the Public Ministry Process NUIPC 201/07.0 GALGS


Various other files report the investigations done by the Maritime Police in conjunction with the Judiciary Police, Coastguard, experts and other reconnaissance teams in the Process, one example of those reports is also translated bellow.

Other files mentioned in this reports like the «list of process crimes registered» at the Command of the Portimão's Marina or the check-ins and outs of the vessels in transit in the Algarve region for the month of May 2007 are not available in the Process distributed to the media by the Public Ministry.

One final consideration I would like to make is how did the British media passed from reporting a bayliner Swedish Yacht of 40ft [12 meters] that left Portimão's Marina on the 4th of May 2007, which was investigated and is on the Process files, to a Sunseeker Vessel, named "Will Power" of Australian Flag, of 105ft [32 meters] just because this vessel was allegedly harboured at Barcelona's Port Olympic Marina a few hours before an allegedly drunken anonymous British man saw allegedly an agitated "Victoria Beckham" look alike? - All alleged by Clarence Mitchell and Dave Edgar without any evidences of the above allegations being presented at the latest McCann Spin Farce Conference. You couldn't make this one up!!

Example of one of the Maritime Police Investigations

Ministry of National Defense
Maritime National Authority
Local Command of the Maritime Police of Portimão

Your Excellency, Mister
Commander of the Maritime Police of Lagos

I’m here to inform Your Excellency that, at this date, at 16:30 hours, when I was on search service, accompanied by the sub-chief Dioniz, at the area of jurisdiction of this command, namely at the beaches of Zavial and Ingrina, were done several investigations with the objective of finding the disappeared Madeleine Beth McCann, thus I questioned various users of the referred beaches: Tania F., Claudine M., Hanny de W., Bernhard de W., Francis M., Rebecca T., Steven W., George W and Christine W., having the above referred that they knew about the disappearance of the same and that were sensibilized to the fact, however to the date, they had no indications that could lead to the discovery of her whereabouts.

More, I inform, upon arrival at the concessionaire of the Beach of Zavial – “Ernesto J.M.”, with the phone contacts: xxx and xxx; the same relatively to the matter in question, stated that he knew Madeleine’s parents, as clients of his restaurant and that he remembers having seen them for the last time in his establishment in the month of April (Easter Holidays), with their three sons [sic. plural in Portuguese]; since that date, for the reason that he works in the kitchen, he does not remember having seen them at the restaurant/beach.

With respect to what has been exposed, it’s considered relevant to refer that the Zavial Beach is frequently visited by nudists, which consequently attracts some voyeurs.

Facts that I bring to the knowledge of Your Excellency, for the purposes considered convenient.

Lagos, 9 May 2007

The Agent of the 1st C.L. of the Maritime Police


In page 3877 of the Public Ministry Process NUIPC 201/07.0 GALGS

Translation notes: shortened the surnames of the questioned persons, and withheld the phone numbers for privacy reasons


  1. Whole Portugal must be extremely happy that the process is shelved.
    The PJ can't think of investigating every tin, every garbage, every underwear, pointed and requested by the Mccanns, in order to delay and to disturb everything.The Marine is also resting in peace.

    I'm sure they continue investigating this case, in peace and according to their own rules.

    My father was a public prosecuter and I remember investigations being shelved, while the police were continuing the investigations in silence.
    Suddenly they had enough evidences to reopen the case again.
    I remember a very complicated assassination among high placed married lesbians and homosexuals, who wanted to hide their true sexual nature.
    The process was shelved for some time and finally the police came up with the answers and the murderer confessed the crime and was convicted.

    Joana, is it true that Pinto de Abreu and Rogério Alves are no longer Mccanns'lawyers?
    Who could tell me?

  2. Interesting that the Mccanns documentary in Portugal were made during the Easter week-end.
    On Easter Sunday Gerald went to the Luz church.
    Easter, the most important Christian happening,guarantees us a life after death, Jesus'resuscitation and ours.

    I think there is a connection among Easter, Jesus'resuscitation,our resuscitation, the Luz church and Madeleine's body.

    Why did the McCanns chose exactly that week-end to film in Algarve?
    Out of 52 week -ends per year?

    Was she or is she still buried in that church?

    That is why they had the key?

    When the dogs came to Algarve, they hid the corpse somewhere else ("Huelva")and they brought it back after some time and before they were made arguidos?

  3. Right!
    I heard there are a significant specialized police analyzing the crime scene again. If fact, a body does not disappear totally: it's a biological impossibility. At least something stays behind: ADN, fibras, new prints, framed friends... A big judgement is coming but I may be wrong... However, if I were a McCann member I'd start having sleeping problems again.

  4. If the get sleeping problems, they can take Calpol.
    It helps.
    But chloroform helps better.

  5. Alex, how come you heard about new investigations if the PJ keep secret about everything?

  6. É mais que óbvio que todas as pistas que surgem na pseudo-investigação dos mccann ou são pura invenção daquelas cabeças distorcidas ou já foram devidamente (impressionante o trabalho das autoridades portuguesas!) investigadas e descartadas por não possuirem relevância para o caso em questão.
    A forma como este casal e a equipa que com eles "trabalha" mente, manipula e distorce factos a seu bel-prazer é chocante!Que seres são estes???

  7. Could I suggest that one fact that really sticks out to me after reading these letters from the process files is that Praia Zavial in Vila do Bispo looks like a rather peculiar choice of beach for the McCanns. If it is confirmed that they were going to this beach what reason could there be? The beach is over 10 KM away from Praia da Luz (and there are plenty other beaches closer to PDL for them to use). By their own admission they did not have access to a car during their holidays, so how and why exactly did they travel 10 KM to go to Zavial when they had other closer alternatives? Anyone can answer this?


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