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The Real Politics Always Wins

Gordon Brown & Moammar Kadhafi at the G8 summit on July 10, 2009 in L'Aquila, Italy

by Frederico Duarte Carvalho

The English prime minister, Gordon Brown, agreed on the release of Abdelbaset Ali Mohamed al-Megrahi, the secret agent that was detained in Scotland over the Lockerbie attack, with the Libyan leader, Moammar Kadhafi. The conversation took place in Italy, during the G8 summit, six weeks before the release was officially announced by Scottish justice minister Kenny MacAskill. Nevertheless, the latter asserts that he decided everything by himself, without any pressure from Her Majesty’s central government, or fear of economical reprisals – like, for example, the concession of Libyan oil exploration to BP -, and justified the release as a “compassionate action”, as the prisoner presented a medical prognosis of only three months to live.

Despite the guarantees from the illustrious Scottish minister, there is no lack of evidence that, behind the scenes, much was discussed. In a letter that was written by Gordon Brown [video] on the same day that al-Megrahi was set free and that has now been publicly disclosed, the English prime minister reminded the Libyan leader that, when they spoke in Italy, it was requested, in case the Scottish justice opted in favour of the release, that there would be no kind of manifestation of popular rejoice whatsoever in Libya, out of respect towards the victims’ families.

Not a word was said in the sense of requesting the release, but no word was said in the sense of preventing it, either. Gordon Brown, himself a native of Scotland, by recognising that the release might occur and therefore caring to ask for contention in the celebrations – a useless action, as could be verified -, ended up supporting the Scottish minister’s decision.

All of this is public and all of this was intuited. Nevertheless, what is not as public, is last week’s news in the “Sunday Times” where it is revealed that, if the Libyan agent hadn’t desisted on a judicial appeal – the condition that was necessary for his “compassionate” release -, then one of the pieces of evidence that the Scottish justice would have to appreciate was a document dated of 1989, that was produced by the US secret services, and which detailed Iran’s movements in commissioning, from Syrian terrorists, a terrorist attack as retaliation over the shooting down of a civil Iranian airplane by a missile that was fired from a North American plane carrier, five months before Lockerbie. A shot that had allegedly been accidental. In retrospective, the USA never blamed the Iranians or the Syrian agents, because one year later, in 1990, father Bush needed to guarantee the neutrality of these two countries when he invaded Saddam Hussein’s Irak during the first Gulf war. Libya, a bit further down the map, would later appear as the favourite target for the blame over Lockerbie.

By looking at history through this last prism, it is easier to understand why Kadhafi knew that al-Megrahi would be released and why he didn’t take Gordon Brown’s request for contention seriously. Meanwhile, al-Megrahi claims his innocence and, during the alleged three months that he’s left to live, intends to write a book, telling the whole truth.

A book always comes in handy, but it’s not Justice. Not even for al-Megrahi, who will thus never prove his presumed innocence in court. It reminds me of the story about the English couple, that was authorised to leave Portugal through the airport’s VIP room, when all of the evidence was enough to place them under preventive custody. Later on, the PJ inspector who wanted to arrest them was removed from the investigation, and, coincidentally, it was ensured that the English prime minister would sign the Lisbon Treaty. The PJ inspector resigned and wrote a book where he told the whole truth. But it was not enough for Justice to be accomplished.

The real politics won.

source: Para Mim Tanto Faz, 26.08.2009


  1. I think it was also interesting that prior to Megrahi's release, Ronnie Bigg's the Great train robber was also released on compassionate grounds, after Jack Straw had said he wouldn't release him.
    Although there was no connection between the two, it seems the decision to release Ronnie Biggs was a precursor to Megrahi's release? The British government wanting to appear compassionate in all cases.

  2. 'It reminds me of the story about the English couple, that was authorised to leave Portugal through the airport’s VIP room, when all of the evidence was enough to place them under preventive custody. Later on, the PJ inspector who wanted to arrest them was removed from the investigation, and, coincidentally, it was ensured that the English prime minister would sign the Lisbon Treaty. The PJ inspector resigned and wrote a book where he told the whole truth. But it was not enough for Justice to be accomplished.'

    The recent release of the Lockerbie bomber Abdul Baset Ali al-Megrahi and the picture of Gordon Brown with Libyan Leader Muammar Gaddafi on the morning of the third day of the G8 summit on July 10, 2009 in L'Aquila, Italy http://www.zimbio.com/pictures/XjHYeJpZd6h/G8+L+Aquila+Summit+Concludes/sEV5RMzZibI/Muammar+Gaddafi remind also of the above words from this thread. I also remember the picture of Gordon Brown with Portugal's Prime Minister Jose Socrates hmm does make one wonder! The only thing imo missing from the two who were televised hot footing it from Portugal to Britain was that their labotomised followers did not wave the Portuguese flag for the world to see oh what am I thinking they imo have never stopped waving the two fingered flag at Portugal since Sept. 07! Since then PdL has imo suffered the consequences of GB and JS now I think Scotland will suffer. All thanks to the imo common factor GB! GB the Scot who imo has sh @ t from a great height on his fellow Scots!

  3. I had my suspicions at the time of his trial that al-Megrahi was a Patsy but I guess that's natural for a cynic like me who rarely trusts those in power.

    I've read (and discussed) quite a lot about events surrounding Mr Megrahi's trial since my initial gut-reaction and I now have even stronger suspicions that he was a convenient scapegoat.

    When people are clamouring for justice, as I believe was the case with the Lockerbie bombing, the Intelligence Services are under pressure to come up with the goods. I have a suspicion that, when necessary, any convenient goods will do as long as they can be made to fit the bill.

    I realise Gordon Brown wasn't PM at the time of the bombing or the trial (but, plus ca change...)
    however, his handling of this affair has been devious and cowardly.

    I hope Mr al Megrahi lives long enough to write his book.

  4. "The real politics won".

    As most often. But in the case of al-Maghrabi, it seems that some very big national interests were at stake. At least, the purpose was to serve them - which can be argued of course.

    How can it be compared with the case of the British couple who left Portugal through the VIP's room after having lost one of their children while dining out, is a question I ask myself. If it served the country's best interests, I wonder how. If it didn't , then I wonder whose interests it served, unless the VIP status of the couple was simply due to the power of the media; in which case I find it worrying to think that the media, and the crowds that they control, can dictate the Authorities their policy.

    We are coming back to one of the main questions about the case, apart from the mysterious disappearance of the little girl : why was it allowed for the investigation never to be completed (reconstruction), why was it the parents's wish not to have the investigation ever completed (or so it seemed), and how could they win over the PJ's wish to complete the investigation?

  5. Joana, I think it would be wise to publish a constant reference to The Maddie Case Files on this blog, beside or under the Amaral's documentary.
    People on holidays still don't know about it and it would be a pity if they would not find it.

  6. The mystery man in the Lockerbie case
    Did a rouge CIA agent help plant the bombing?


  7. People of USA and the Commonwealth: lots of civilians in the world know that you are hostages of yourn governments. You have no excuse. George Orwell warned you. Neoliberal dictatorships are the latest creation of USA and UK. What is happening to civilians in Britain? Britain was leader in civil rights. Now according to any study UK is leader of violence against women and children in the western world, together with USA. This two countries havent signed for the rights of children to be free of fisical violence. What the hell is going on? Please read George Orwell, who should be the prophet of the future Commonwealth. the Madelaine syndrom is part of this brave new world that these governments are forcing upon britons.

  8. Gordon Brown is power mad a very cunning man look how he bowed and scraped in getting a knighthood for Ted Kennedy against the wishes of the british public, a knighthood for what. Get Labour out.

  9. The Knighthood was ridiculous, when you consider that Kennedy drove a car off a bridge, killed a woman, and didn't report it for 10 hours!
    probably took him 10 hours of frantic search for ways of blaming it onto someone else. When he realised that wouldn't work, the only thing left was to admit to it.
    no matter what good he did after that, he caused a young woman's death.

  10. Now that the kidnapped 11 year old in USA, has been found after nearly 20 years, we can all guess how the McCann couple will capitalise on it.

    Should be an interesting couple of weeks

  11. G Brown, during is time as PM had several mysterious stories related with justice:
    Why was the brasilian guy shuted at London underground by the police, if the PM realised annother suspect of terrorism?
    Why a Russian guy died from radioactive plutonio deliberated used in a London restaurant?
    How can Vale Azevedo live free as a VIP in London, if portuguese justice want him in courts?

    Cannot be on the grounds of the highest interest of British cytizens. For me, must be private interesses only. Corruption and easy money probably running inside of people which have power and use it for their own profit, like a MAFIA!!! Keeping the Mccann's away from justice it is a convennient situation for that MAFIA. If they uncover the Mccann's, alots of other dark stories will be uncovered by their spokesperson and their VIP LAWYERS. I have that suspicion since the Mccann's got spokespersons to fool the police and don't help the investigation. We should remember that even the inconvennient British police had been removed from the investigation and replaced by Leicerster police. Was not only Amaral... WHY? Peraphs because they solved the case and got into the right track....

  12. Good morning Joana, you remember sometime back I told you I was involved with a reporter..well here he is today in the Mail,He tells the terrible story of his fathers death while in a NHS hospital.I realise now why he did not print any of the information I sent him...Look at his fathers wright wrist and what he is wearing.


  13. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/politics/article6812895.ece

    Oil and the deceitful Scott.

  14. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/politics/article6812895.ece

    Oil and the deceitful Scott.

  15. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1209571/Many-NHS-nurses-finest-world-But-let-poor-father-die-agony-like-dog.html

    Sorry forgot the link....


  16. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1209488/Woman-walks-Sheriffs-office-claims-Jaycee-Lee-Dugard-abducted-aged-11-1991.html

    It has taken less that 24 hours for the British Press to relate this to the Mccanns. They are hard pressed to find 4 children that this has happened to, Elizabeth Smart being one..I have always thought Elizabeth was a runner way...

    This adds fuel to the Mccanns "fairy tale" so I would imagine by the weekend there will be a new "our maddie" story to fill the bank holiday weekend.

    In all four cases where children were later found safe there was no evidence by dogs of a cadaver...Papers forget to mention this though. However it is true that families were first suspects but that is as it should be . Proven fact ask the police.



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