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Wanted: Woman seen in Barcelona two years ago

“Are you here to deliver my new daughter?”

As Correio da Manhã was able to establish, this was the sentence that a British tourist (a bank manager in England) now, more than two years later, alleges to have heard on the 7th of May of 2007 – four days after the disappearance of Maddie McCann in Luz, in the Algarve – from the mouth of a woman with an Australian accent, during a party at a marina in Barcelona, Spain.

In a press conference that took place in London yesterday, a photofit of the woman that the McCanns and their team of private detectives now want to find, was shown. According to the tourist, aged 41, the woman seemed “agitated” and had a disagreement with other people. The detectives say that the witness is “quite credible” and they have alerted the PJ and the Spanish and Australian police. The PJ’s investigation was archived in 2008 due to a lack of evidence.

Since the beginning, the family has maintained the position that Madeleine was abducted, having created a fund to finance the search for the child.

According to the family’s spokesperson, Clarence Mitchell, if the rhythm of spending is maintained, the fund, which received over 1.5 million euros in donations, should be exhausted by the end of the year.

The amount has meanwhile been reinforced with over a million euros from compensations over defamation that were obtained from the British newspapers.

source: Correio da Manhã, 07.08.2009


  1. Note what the "detectives" disclose about the witnesse's statement (http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/maddie/2573496/Posh-lookalike-sought-in-Maddie-hunt.html):
    "He had no idea what she meant at the time but when he found out about Maddie's abduction he found it very suspicious".
    So this guy has been keeping a vital piece of information for himself during over two years even though the world and beyond is talking about Madeleine McCann? With all the fuss going on he didn't come forward to inform the authorities? ONLY NOW he hears about Maddie's "abduction"?
    Sorry but this really SMELLS.

  2. What personal circumstances would stop this witness coming forward before now? This information could have been given over the telephone without his identity being made public.
    Could this sentence have been "Are you here to deliver my new baby" meaning a new boat or car etc?

  3. Lets take this step by step. Anyone who knows Spain will know that it is crawling with prostitutes...day and night...

    Therefore a woman on her own tarted up at 2 am. approaches a group of English drunks. One can only imagine what was said,I doubt very much she was Australian or New Zealand . I also doubt very much that she asked about a child, now she may have mentioned children as the usual line is with these women I have children and no money. Every week these women from Ukraine and that area are arrested and the following week back on the streets. Many work alone but her pimp is always watching...

    I would imagine that the "heated" conversation was from the bar owner telling her to move along...her kind are not wanted.

    If in fact this happened at all , which I doubt' by the look on Edgars face...he is the wrong man for the job ..he squirms when he lies.


  4. http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/gallery/0,26637,5025583-5007150-2,00.html

    Australia on Line....

    Photographs ..notice Kate with a Rag Doll and Cuddle Cat...Always wondered if the rag doll was Maddies. This is the only time I have seen Kate with this doll.

    Where is it...with Maddie?


  5. All of this could of course be to show that the scheming mccanns are "searching "after the revelation this case has cost to the british public...on top of the fraudulent fund.


    Official figures released on Monday show police in Leicestershire, the McCann hometown, spent more than $1.3 million in 2007-08 and another $400,000 in 2008-09.

    In September 2007 Mr and Mrs McCann were made formal suspects or "arguidos" in the case by Portuguese police who later admitted they made mistakes and lifted the status.

    The latest message from Kate and Gerry on the Find Maddie website reads: "It is now more than two years since Madeleine was taken from us – more than two years since we saw and held our beautiful daughter, since Sean and Amelie played with their big sister, since we were a happy family of five.

    "Without doubt, two years seems a huge proportion of your life when you’re six years old, but in reality it is just a tiny fraction of the life which lies ahead of you. It is important for us to keep looking forward.

    "Whilst the fact that Madeleine is still missing remains our greatest anxiety, it is important to remember that the person who took Madeleine remains free.

    "Other children could be at risk from this person too if we do not continue with our investigation, or if the people who know or suspect something remain silent."


  6. http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/story/0,21985,25890516-664,00.html

    Notice something Joana all this pushing of this latest farce by the Heraldsun,,,,Chief Executive


  7. http://www.anorak.co.uk/madeleine-mccann/219268.html

    Anorak add a spin....


  8. "Other children could be at risk from this person too if we do not continue with our investigation, or if the people who know or suspect something remain silent."


    This IS interesting they have never said this before....

    It is almost word for word a line Patsy Ramsey used ....

    except she added "hold your babies tight, there is someone out there".

    Are they now reading and copying lines from other parents who have lost children?


  9. Am just checking Port Olimpic Marina...a very expensive exclusive area for bar hopping...also barcelona is known for its nightlife, plenty of Gay Bars..maybe this chap if he exists was in a gay bar and did not want this to be released . Also prostitution, but high class....lets see what else we can find out about this Marina.


    Port Olímpic

    A stretch of clubs in the Olympic yachting marina. Same sort of concept as MareMagnum. Nice in the summer when most of the bars have outdoor terraces open. Great for groups of as none of the clubs or bars here have a cover charge, although the drinks are somwhat pricey to compensate.


  10. The story is a farce the MaCcanns have gone to far this time, who with any sense at all would believe this, and throughout all this not one word from Mr Amerel,
    makes me think------- A STLL TOUNGE KEEPS A WISE HEAD.

  11. http://www.panoramicearth.com/1229/Barcelona/Port_Olimpic_Marina

    Map of Port Olimpic Marina


  12. http://www.barcelona-tourist-guide.com/en/albums-en/port-olimpico/


    Hardly looks like the place where a child would be dropped off...nightlife ..people on their boats ...unless of course maddie was still in a deep sleep . A woman looking agitated calling attention to herself. Hardly the scene for the most famous abduction of the century. I would drop it in the sea along with the rest of the red herrings.


  13. Ironside, I think you may be on the right track there with the gay bars and all, maybe he was in a relationship but isnt anymore?

    But to honest i'm still going with the idea that she went looking for her parents and was opportune snatched then, I dont believe they are telling the truith about the times (leaving table checking on kids) I just cant see this being snatch to order, wouldnt you take 1 of the babies???
    TY JM for your site sweetheart

    from Bizzi

  14. The Low down on the Low!!
    We don't mind straight people, as long as they act gay in public, Right?
    Well Barcelona has got it down to a tee. Gay clubs are packed with straight people acting gay; it´s bizarre and very confusing. Remember, prostitution is prominent in gay Spain so be careful, the gay clubs are a rainbow flag to the Spanish straight bulls.



  15. We all were expecting somethin big because money is running out...
    They want people to believe that they are working and need more money for searching the girl.
    One more million will satisfy them.

  16. http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2007/sep/17/mondaymediasection13

    Proof that Aunt Phil. is also a liar...Runs in the family.


  17. How very happy the Portuguese and the British Police must be now!
    If the McCanns would have been still arguidos they would have demanded the police to search for this woman.
    More expenses, more work, etc.
    According to the PJ, Madeleine is dead and her corpse was concealed.

    The McCanns must be now under a strong threatening and we still don't know what.

    If that woman exists, why don't they request for reopening of the process, through the official channels?
    This story never happened, this woman never existed and the more they talk about the case, the worse it takes.

    They are already judged and convicted by the public.

    And this is a terrible anti-propaganda for Brown who got involved with criminal liers.
    And a death of a child.

    I wonder if the Paynes are happy with this story.

    I notice Clarence and the parents never talk about them.

  18. Nothing to do with Maddie Joana but shows the type of person Brown is...6,000 written petition and he refuses...No justice for Maddie and he does not like animals. Has not helped the british soldiers either come to that.


  19. My Last Piece on Port Olimpic....



    Headquarters POBASA directly controls the daily traffic of the port..

    That means no boat comes in or goes out without their knowledge. Everything will have been recorded.

    Further information if you would like to moor your boat for the night you are reuired to hand in the boats log book and the captains passport or identification (this is to ensure you do not do a moonlight flit with an abducted child).


  20. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1204789/Hero-dog-Sandbag-forced-stay-Iraq-despite-desperate-pleas-British-troops.html

    Apologise Joana this is the link that goes with the 6.000 petition. Poor Old Sandbag.

  21. Could it be that seeing the guy had been drinking he could have misheard what the woman had to say. Perhaps she said something that sounded the same. She would hardly be asking that question of someone she didn't know as that someone could have been a detective for instance. She would surely have known the person who was to bring the new daughter to her.

  22. Regarding IRONSIDE comment @ 11:22, I did not quite understand what you were talking about, but then I read the Daily Mail. As an animal lover, cats and dogs in particular, I'm feeling so disgusted and angry at the british authorities! Let's hope the americans will shame the british and manage to take the poor animals out of Iraque with them. Just to think that Britons consider themselves to be an animal loving nation, bah! As for G. Brown, never trust a person who dislikes dogs...
    Here's were one can read about it:

  23. Sorry, forgot to say in my comment about the dog in Iraque, that others are prepared to go to extremes to save an animal, even at the cost of their own safety and their life. This morning, as I turned my tv, I watched the tragic news of a man who fell in the Tagus river and disappeared, in Vila Franca de Xira, not far from Lisbon, as he tried to save a dog( his own?)who had jumped in chasing ducks and struggled with the muddy waters. It happened last evening and to this moment he has not been found, the rescuers fear the worse, that he has drowned, swept away by the current or trapped in the deep mude.
    I'm praying for a miracle, God bless this kind soul.

  24. Let's focus our attention to the persons that may helped McCanns to hide the body and later helped these two criminals to move the body further. A big judgement is coming but I may be wrong.
    There is no perfect crimes. There is a crack, a crack in everything, that's how the Light gets in.

  25. -did you mean a BANK MANAGER in England?...who else?, the police might investigate this person very closely (if they are permitted by...)
    the Circus, goes on, the money too.

  26. The reason the witness didn't come forward earlier is because he didn't want to admit to have been hanging around in gay bars ?

  27. They burn money, don't they?

  28. [Quote:// What personal circumstances would stop this witness coming forward before now?://end of quote]

    Because he didnot know earlier which story he had to tell to the world and how much he would get paid for it.

  29. New PR magic words: Victoria Beckham!
    Others are: Pope Benedict, Vatican, Madonna Mary of Fátima, Gordon Brown,(Brian)Kennedy, Prince Charles, Harry Potter, J. K. Rowling, (former)Police men, White House...

    Beata, Germany

  30. From the Olive Press ..we have a married man who approached a woman.....

    Andalucia's Number One News WebsiteFriday, August 7, 2009Subscribe: RSS or Email Regional

    THE family of missing Madeleine McCann fear she could have been sold to a ‘Victoria Beckham’ lookalike in Barcelona.

    A new witness has come forward revealing how a woman approached him anxiously asking him: “Have you got the child?” just three days after she went missing.

    The Briton, who had been on holiday in Barcelona at the time, was asked by the frantic woman: “Have you got her? Have you got my new daughter?”.

    Said to have a close likeness to former Spice Girl star Victoria Beckham (wife of footballer David Beckham), she approached the startled tourist in the Rey de la Gamba marina area of the city.

    With an Australian accent, she had been walking up and down the quay getting increasingly agitated, when the Briton approached her.

    Asking to see if she was OK, she straight away blurted out that she was looking for her “new child”.

    The news emerged at a sensational press conference in London yesterday, where the family released a photo-fit of the suspect.

    Detectives now fear that Madeleine could have taken from Portugal, where she was snatched, to Barcelona by ship.

    Maddie had been on holiday with her parents in the sleepy town of Praia de Luz in May 2007, when she suddenly went missing.

    “It’s a strong lead. Madeleine could have been in Barcelona by this point,” said former Detective Inspector Dave Edgar.
    “The fact that the conversation took place near the marina could be significant. It is something we are looking at.”

    The witness – described as a “credible” 41-year-old in a senior management job – has only just stepped forward.

    He reportedly did not want his wife to think he was flirting with another girl during a weekend stag party.

    ‘She straight away blurted out that she was looking for her “new child”.’
    Edgar explained: “He’s a credible witness. He had been drinking but was not drunk. The account he has given is precise.

    “He didn’t come forward earlier for personal reasons and I am satisfied with those personal reasons. I think he now wishes that he had come forward sooner.”

    Both Edgar and colleague ex-detective Sergeant Arthur Cowley believe Madeline may have been snatched on May 3 2007 and smuggled onto a nearby boat.

    She then could have embarked on an 800-mile trip round the Iberian peninsula destined for Barcelona.

    Spokesman for the McCanns, Clarence Mitchell, explained the witness had a short conversation with the suspect at 2am who later had an angry exchange in fluent Spanish with a man who knocked her seat.

    “The woman was last seen walking away in the direction of a hospital and the more distant ferry and cruise ship terminals,” added Mitchell.

  31. Very interesting contributions on this forum, I wonder what Mr. Amaral (not Amerel) would say about this new bait...

    It is surely another fanciful story, and their getting wilder and wilder.

    If that woman exists, she has to be as stupid as she sounds, asking a possibly gay, drunken stranger, if that pint he's holding is in fact an illegal commodity... how come such a dumb person managed to stay under the radar all this time with one of the most recognisable faces on Earth?

    Even if such encounter took place, and a "baby" was mentioned, why should anyone think this could be Madeleine? Her siblings fit more the description of "babies", not to mention that it could also mean any child in the all wide world...

    Lastly, Banker or not, this "witness" was in a bar drinking, addressing women he didn't know nor could determinate the accent, waited two years to come forward, and he's deemed CREDIBLE? Keela and Eddie are more credible standing in just one leg.
    Now that I know that G. Brown don't like dogs, it's clear to me why for some people it's more easy to believe in wild goose chasing stories than in four-legged forensic experts.

  32. When these private investigators were hounding Raymond Hewlett, didn't they insist that the clue to Madeleine's disappearance lay in Praia da Luz? Not Barcelona. Oh, by the way, this woman is apparently not a suspect, just a person of interest... like Hewlett wasn't a suspect, was just a person of interest, but had his name, photo and personal details splashed all across the newspapers, internet websites and TV. If this were a genuine investigation, the detectives would keep their 'leads' to themselves. The razzamatazz of press conferences etc is just for show, to make it look as if something is being done. Sky News even announced yesterday morning that there was to be an announcement later! I am utterly incredulous that this farce should be allowed to continue.

  33. But it is incredibly entertaining!


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