1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

Amaral gagged?

courtesy of the Amaral family


  1. Not Amaral - it's the people who are gagged!

    For me this just confirms what I have always maintained: that Team McCann represent a v. serious threat to our democracy and our liberty.

    It's only now we are seeking that this threat is not confined to the UK, but has really got a grip in Portugal as well, thanks again to the treacherous lawyerly class who seem interested only in maintaining a system of justice which delivers them fat fees and virtual law-making powers.

  2. The Mccanns use such a weak argument, in orther to forbid the book.
    "Otherwise people will not search for Madeleine anymore."
    This is bad, couldn't they think of something better?
    They point to the consequence -no search- and they don't point to any other aspect of the book.
    very weak, very weak.

  3. Astro it appears there is nothing on the front pages of the papers in the UK on this tomorrow. I am sure that would have changed had they got their hands on that photo. Nice too see he is relaxed. I bet I know a few people who would love to be the one's to remove that plaster.

    Good luck Sr Amaral

  4. Chegou a hora de reunir esforços e ir para a rua fazer uma manifestação (internacional coordenada). Queremos a verdade, e a união faz a força. A todos os que têm defendido a tese de Gonçalo Amaral: está na hora de fundir o nosso poder, a nossa influência, determinação, pois se não o fizermos agora, um dia chegará a nossa vez de sermos também "silenciados".
    Não percam a capacidade de se indignarem!!!
    Lembrem-se dos nazis quando vieram buscar os judeus. Dissemos: "mas nós nem somos judeus". Depois vieram os ciganos, os negros, os homosexuais e um dia chegará o nosso dia.
    Manifestemo-nos JÁ!!!

  5. Força Sr Gonçalo Amaral.Admiro a sua coragem e persistência.E envergonho-me da justiça e dos políticos do meu país.

  6. Mr Amaral Gagged! not for long I am sure of that, as the saying goes you can't keep a good man down. Go get them sir.

  7. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/maddie/2629260/Maddie-dads-fury-at-cops-banned-book.html

    Lazzerie...selling her soul...again.


  8. If ever proof were needed that somebody very high up in the establishent is involved in this case, here it is. The possible implications of this ridiculous gagging are huge and very disturbing.
    Coming on top of the disappearance of the 3 A's forum surely everyone can now see that this awful pair are going to be protected at any cost.
    The poor little girl will never, ever get justice.
    How certain people sleep at night is beyond me.
    One day, all of them will stand before a power far higher than any on this earth.

  9. Sucesso, sr. Amaral.

    Os Mccanns entram no último recurso que acharam pois são impotentes.
    Veja lá a cara do Gerry no vídeo, infeliz, o homem não tem sossego.
    O senhor tem direito a defesa e sabe disto.
    A vida não é fácil para ninguém.
    Mas vai dar certo.
    Se Deus quiser, vai.
    Portugal está a seu lado.

  10. Absolutely ridiculous the lengths the McCanns have went to try and silence Goncalo Amaral over the book which is based on truths I sincerely hope that this book will be on sale in the
    Go get em Goncalo.
    You are a brave man. I salute you

  11. Weeks, weeks and weeks, no interesting news.
    And now this, and I'm leaving one week on holidays, Friday.
    To Russia where probably there is more justice than in Portugal.
    I bet a lot will happen next week.


  12. Thank goodness for Gonçalo Amaral and Sofia Leal. MBM only hope for justice imo.

    I would not be surprised if Portuguese viewers watching the GMcC news clip felt how we Scots felt when we saw our Saltire flag being waved around Lybia recently! The UK Press/Media implying this book has been banned worldwide. When will this stop? No mention either it is a suspension only in Portugal and not a permanent ban.

  13. "He also ordered the pulping of Amaral's book, The Truth Of The Lie" by Antonella Lazzeri in the Sun eh eh pulping?! stupid woman.

  14. Someone please explain me why the books and the DVD should be delivered to the Maccans lawyers?
    I do not know what this judge use to smoke.....but goes to blur his ideas....


  15. The crazy thing is a lot of people in England did not know about the book or the documentary. Thanks to Mccann broadcasting this on Sky with a very sweaty face (anyone notice how pasty he looks, candidate for a heart attack I would say)A lot more people are now in the know and those that had doubts 'my family for instance are now bugging me to send them the documentary and the english version of the book.


  16. http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/126229/Madeleine-book-ban-

    A small piece in the Express...shame they do not add Mccann has no thesis to prove an "abduction"...

  17. "He also ordered the pulping of Amaral's book, The Truth Of The Lie" by Antonella Lazzeri in the Sun eh eh pulping?! stupid woman.

    Pulping of a book that has been suspended in Portugal! A suspension that can be opposed! The UK Press/Media are an embarrassment imo. Their coverage of this case deserves pulping imo.

  18. Just a thought:

    Gerry McCann’s action against Sr Amaral is based on his assumption that all who have read Sr Amaral’s book agree with the content, that is, that they agree that Madeleine is dead.

    It may well be that the majority of the readers, if not all thought the book was a ‘nonsense’, and did not believe a single word of what Sr Amaral has written.

    If this was so, it would rather negate Gerry McCann's central thesis that the book hindered the search.

    Only tonight I read of a reporter who has read it, but does not agree with it.

    The picture of Sr Amaral with the 'gag' I have to say, does him no favours. I think it is a pity that this was posted.


  19. I wish all the best for Dr. Amaral and his family.

    May mccanns with pinky rot in hell.

  20. In my opinion, the McCann machine have shot themselves in both feet with this disgraceful attempt to gag Goncalo Amaral. The worldwide public will not be happy to be told they can't read his book and will react accordingly, by going to great lengths to obtain a copy.

    Gerald McCann, on centre stage which he just loves, emphasises once again that there is no evidence of Madeleine's death. As much as I want to believe his words, I would suggest there is even less evidence that she is still alive. And if she is alive, how can he get through each day knowing how much she could be suffering, or has suffered.

    Yes, he was sweating, but he must have taken on board the Channel 4 programme about traits of liars because he never once touched his ear or raised a shoulder!!

  21. Article 37 of the Constitution of Portugal
    Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination
    Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship
    What a joke

    Justice in Portugal what a joke

  22. Goncalo's book has been available to many people for a while now and has become a bestseller. If the McCanns did not want this book published AT ALL an injunction would have been sought many months ago,

    To my mind this injunction is about their fears of having the book published in the United Kingdom. Of course they don't want us to think that, oh no, so they stop the book from being further distributed anywhere. Do they think we are all stupid and unable to think for ourselves? There are many who do think that and they are mistaken, very much mistaken.

    The more you try to hide something the harder people try to find it, we will all continue to search no matter what hurdles are put in our way.

    The horse has bolted, the cat is out of the bag, the genie is out of the bottle - we all know The Truth of the Lie and suspected it before Senior Amaral's book was published - he just confirmed what we all thought when we watched that "statement" being read by torchlight on the evening on 4 May in PDL. Two parents who could not speak directly to camera from their heart but needed a pre written statement - that was the day the world started asking the questions and questions will continue to be asked. As long as we draw breath we will seek the truth.

    Bravo Senior Amaral for having the courage of your convictions and for airing your beliefs and those of others who worked with you. Don't ever forget The Truth of the Lie was not only the thoughts of the Senior Detective running the investigation but others from the UK who were involved in the investigation on the ground from the beginning and others more senior.

    The truth will out one day you can be sure of that as too many people want to know what really happened in PDL on or around 3 May 2007.

    The McCanns enlisted our help by asking for donations to the "fund" and for us to "search for Madeleine". Even when we are off on our annual holiday we are asked to take a Maddie kit with us. Well by golly they will get our help.

    We won't just go away as they want us to we shall take their call for help seriously and search for the truth of what happened to Madeleine McCann - only we may not search where they want us to!

  23. You see, Gerry and Kate are horrendously jealous that Amaral, in all probability, is making more money out of his honest work then they are doing through their scheme. So they needed to do something!Gerry cannot be second to anyone. Besides, they must really have a very heavy conscience, and letting other people read the facts is too much to bare.

  24. I think this is the endgame now. Ultimately Amaral has nothing that could bring a case to court. We all may we think we know what happened. We may indeed know what happened. But none of us can prove it. To my mind the latest thing is not about "protection". It's about the Portuguese laws of libel and slander. You may think something and be right, but to say it in public risks breaching these laws.
    Unless there is a major, major development, which looks very unlikely now, the fate of Madeleine McCann will never be known.

  25. Banning this book is the best publicity it could possibly have. Very few people in the UK will have known about it or its contents until now but be sure that they will go online and seek it out.

  26. I did not choose this user name for the 3 Arguidos forum for nothing. I know Mr Amaral is a very brave man and will not be gagged.

    I quote Mr Amaral:

    "We trust in justice and this does not end here"

    You get 'em Goncalo - you have many people right behind you every step of the way.

    You have to resolve this case now, not just for Maddie, not just for yourself and Sofia and your children, but for the whole of Portugal who are being made to suffer because of two arsehole doctors who put themselves before their children every time. They are despicable people and I, for one, want you to rise from this mess, as the HERO you deserve to be!

    Get 'em Goncalo!

    God bless you and your family xx

    (Can I also just say that the Goncalo Amaral Tribute blog received thousands of hits yesterday as people from all around the world were googling your book - a banned book is a very popular book!)

  27. Glad to see Mr Amaral has kept his humour. This man goes from strength to strength.

  28. mr amaral my deepest respect to you and your family,isnt it a shame our own leicestshire police are not as upright and honest as you.

  29. In regard to the temporary suspension of Sr Amaral's book and DVD:

    The McCanns are not stupid - they know that by taking this action against Sr Amaral, that it will awaken people's interest in the book - it really goes without saying - so all those of you, who plan to go underground to get the book 'out there' - do it - the McCanns knew that this will happen - they are expecting it to happen - they will take it in their stride.

    The reason why they took this action, is not to stop the spreading of the book and DVD - they know they cannot control that - they could however do something to stop it temporarily from being edited, printed, distributed and sold.

    By being successful in this action, they have proved a point in PRINCIPAL - the point being that it is WRONG to claim that someone is dead, if you have NO proof to substantiate your claims - as easy as that - nothing more, nothing less.


  30. This is another try by the McCanns to hide the truth, but unfortunatly for them, it will blow up in their faces.
    Even my sons who didn't have any interest in reading the book, now want to. LOL

    We are with you all the way Dr. Amaral.

    God D--n ass kissing politicians thank God there will be elections soon.
    In my opinion the PS party are running the country like Hiltler would.

    Doesn't surprise me one iota about the judge though, look at the criminals that have gone to court and freed by these corrupt people of the (so called) law.

    Good luck Dr. Amaral and please continue to fight for Madeleine.

    Kind regards

  31. Thats it in Law the Maccanns are innocent I can't see anyway now this case will be reopened. The Maccans will never go away it will be the film next. Mr Amaral (God Bless Him ) has tried all but too much is against him.

  32. What about starting a worldwide fund to support justice for Madeleine and Making Goncalo Amaral the President.


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