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Bogus Copyright claim forces Madeleine Foundation Website offline

British lawyers Carter Ruck maliciously claim a copyright violation in order to have website suspended

By Brian Johnson

British libel law firm Carter Ruck has written to the website hosting company and made a bogus claim of a copyright violation over three images of Madeleine McCann in their latest efforts to have a website shut down.

They claim that the three images are owned by Kate and Gerry McCann and that the use of the images was unauthorized.

The images in question are a composite image on the homepage of the site at www.madeleinefoundation.org and two photographs of a book written by Madeleine Foundation secretary Tony Bennett.

But we can reveal this claim to be bogus.

The official Find Madeleine website used by the McCanns to fund their so-called "search for Madeleine" has a free downloads page with various posters including the images of Madeleine. The images are therefore freely available in the public domain and are being given out by the complainants Kate and Gerry McCann.

The Carter Ruck demand letter can be viewed here: www.truthformadeleine.com

The McCanns do not want the Madeleine Foundation website online and have recently demanded that the site be taken down after they sent threatening letters to secretary and chairperson Tony Bennett and Debbie Butler.

The Madeleine Foundation believes the theories of the main investigating officers on the missing Madeleine McCann case in Portugal. Inspector Amaral and Chief Inspector Almeida came to the conclusion that Madeleine McCann died in the apartment while on vacation with her family in May 2007. Despite overwhelming evidence, the British government intervened to frustrate and hamper the case and it forced the investigation to be shelved.

Former British attorney Tony Bennett wrote a book highlighting the major discrepancies in the McCanns' alibi and thousands of copies of the book have already been sold.

A new book "Madeleine McCann: Faked Abduction" is soon to be released in the USA. The book expands on Tony Bennett's lead and demonstrates how the McCanns and their friends have avoided any charges while at the same time receiving substantial aid from the British Government, including lots of personal involvement from Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

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  1. Are we certain this letter is genuinely from Carter-Ruck, Joana?

    RealHumptyB on Twitter

  2. They are scraping the barrel with this reason.

    Presumably the removal of the pictures (although they are not violating the law) would be all it needed to be back on line.

    Yet desparate times call for desparate measures and they have had to resort to this.

    All the while, Dr Amaral is on his way and the day is getting nearer.

    Looks like the book and all is causing a great deal of panic.

  3. Thanks for posting this up Astro.

    The MF pages are still findable and readable via google cache. I doubt that the site being down will prevent any determined new arrival(e.g. all those who I am sure were signposted to the MF by Donal's very helpful article ;), to access the content they are interested in.

    Curious to see how long this will last, and if they will have any influence regarding google's cache as may have happened in the past...

    :) E

  4. Remember how in the beginning theu tried to copyright the name "Madeleine"? (they would have misspelt it anyway). I always wanted to believe that is was an accident they tried to cover up. It is things like this that makes it much more look like a premeditated scheme to make money.

    Can't the Madeleine foundation make an adaptation of the photo, like they did with one of the Obama photos?
    IIRC it was ruled the new picture was a whole new creation in itself.

  5. Looks like Kate and Gerry are S-----g

  6. Isn't this just a "free press release" from Stevo?

    If it is genuine then Carter-Ruck have backed down from the libel suit and avoided court, by complaining to the host.

    Is the claim bogus or the letter? I'm confused.

  7. Since C-R know who owns/runs the website shouldn't the just have issued a 'cease & desist' notice first rather than resorting to these underhand tactics? Or even maybe mentioned copyright infringement in their letters demanding that the website be taken down.

  8. What a Rubbish. The Mccann's made Madeleine image Publicly against the adviser of the police. They even sale and ask people to download Madeleine posters trough their website.

    Very convennient: Download our posters if you believe at our abduction theory, even without any evidence for that. DON'T DOWNLOAD THE POSTERS IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE AT THE ABDUCTION AND BE CAREFULL, WE CAN SUE YOU AND BRING SOME TROUBLES TO YOUR LIFE IF YOU DO THAT...... HYPOCRISY IS WHAT THEY DO.

    What the Mccann's lawyer have done to Madeleine Foundation is illegal and can be classified as a violation of human rights- Speech freedmon. In thousands of interviews, statments and trough their website, they never told the public that using Madeleine'pictures was forbbiden. EVEN THEY ASK PEOPLE TO USE IT. Then, how can them now give legal treats about something which they give permission to the entire world? I NEVER SAW ANYTHING PRINTED SAYING THAT BENNETH OR ANY OTHER PERSON CANNOT USE MADELEINE PICTURES. THEY ARE PUBLIC AND EASY TO GeT FROM ALL NEWSPAPER, ETC.

    HOW MANY BLOGS, FORUNS, ETC IN THE WORLD ARE USING MADDIE IMAGE? HOW MANY VIDEOS AND JOKES IN YOUTUBE? Are they intending to sue and persecute everybody? I rest seated confy in My sofa watching the next episode on that circus.... When we think, they reach the worse, their is again annother worse step. THEY LONG AGO BECAME A JOKE and loose their mind.

    BENNETH DON'T GIVE UP. What they are doing it is trying to intimidate people with illegal actions. We cannot accept such behaviour in a Europe United and mother of freedmon. Up to now, the Mccann's faced only contestation in the Internet and open blogs in the newspapers. If they insist on foolishing people with actions like that and don't re-open the investigation in a properly way, they will face contestation in the streets. Wonder to See if Gordon Brown and the next portuguese PM want to see people in the streets showing the world how ashamed they are of a group of powerful politics which agree with a cover up and help parents to run away from justice. They will loose their faces...

  9. Why is the message of the letter appearing so crookedly on the Carter-Ruck letterhead, both on the image here and the one displayed on the Truth for Madeleine website? Can Carter-Ruck be so clever as to have done so in order to disown the letter as a fake copy-and-paste job, as already being announced by the McCanns' supporters online? Or is someone on this side of the argument playing games?

    If it is a genuine correspondence from Carter-Ruck, then all I can say, is what do you expect from the McCanns? All they have done from the very beginning of this case, it seems, is lie and cheat to investigators and the public. They do not care about or respect the law, except as a tool to accomplish their personal goals of keeping the truth about their daughter's disappearance from being widely known and the investigation from reaching its natural conclusion.

    They, their friends, and their supporters are a contemptible group of people and more and more people are realizing it.

  10. False And Fraudulent Claims Of Copyright
    By Rev. Bill McGinnis, Director - LoveAllPeople.org
    First Statement, Feb. 26, 2006; revised April 6, 2006, Feb. 13, 2007

    It is my belief that many, many people and organizations are continuously making false and fraudulent claims of copyright on intellectual property which is either (1) subject to prior copyright by another person or organization, or (2) already in the Public Domain.

    Perhaps the most common such false and fraudulent claims, in my opinion, occur when the corporate media routinely claim copyright on everything they print or broadcast, and when Internet websites routinely claim copyright on everything on the website, even when some of the content is clearly in the Public Domain or clearly subject to prior copyright by someone else.

    And of course there is always the natural tendency of copyright owners to push the limits of what they claim as their own.

    Now, it is totally understandable why all of these people and organizations desire to make such broad and sweeping copyright claims: because they want to include every bit of material on which they have a legitimate claim of copyright. So they just say, "We claim copyright on everything here," and thereby cover that portion of the total content on which they do have a legitimate claim. This practice seems to be very efficient and desirable, from their point of view.

    "Efficient and desirable," perhaps, but illegal as I read the Law.

    (c) Fraudulent Copyright Notice. - Any person who, with
    fraudulent intent, places on any article a notice of copyright or
    words of the same purport that such person knows to be false, or
    who, with fraudulent intent, publicly distributes or imports for
    public distribution any article bearing such notice or words that
    such person knows to be false, shall be fined not more than $2,500.

  11. "The official Find Madeleine website used by the McCanns to fund their so-called "search for Madeleine" has a free downloads page with various posters including the images of Madeleine. The images are therefore freely available"

    You are wrong about this. The POSTERS are freely available. There is no mention on the Downloads page of any permission for you to crop the images and use them in other ways. Copyright is retained by the owner unless otherwise granted.

    You can't say, just because an image is part of a usable poster that you have the right to use only the image freely.

    Carter-Ruck has it right on this issue. That's not to say I agree with the heavy handed approach but legally they are right.

  12. I believe the Brian Johnson who authored this press release is the same one who is soon to publish a book entitled "Wider Agenda: The Madeleine McCann Coverup" advertised/reported on by The TruthforMadeleine organization website. I do not know if this author's name is someone's real legal name or a pseudonym.

  13. Dear Lord, perhaps people will finally realise just what it is that they are opposing. The McCanns have very powerful forces behind them. This is so very very deep, welcome to mankinds future.

    Free speech in Portugal has been banned - a country in which it is supposed to be enshrined.

    Now that takes some doing!!!!!


  14. Does anyone know what is happening with the Madeleine Foundation website? The last few times I have tried it, it switches automatically to a completely different website called Missing Madeleine forumotion.net - really bizarre. Is this down to Team McCann do you think?


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