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British Police Harass Inocennt Man and Child

Man questioned over Madeleine McCann lookalike step-daughter

A fire protection officer was questioned over the disappearance of Madeleine McCann after being spotted in a petrol station with his step-daughter, who looks like the missing girl.

We blurred the picture of this innocent child, something that The Telegraph should have done according to the PPC's code of practice.

Jon Hazlehurst and eight-year-old Lauren were at home when officers arrived at their doorstep and asked them to go to a police station.

A member of the public had seen the pair at a petrol station the day before and thought blonde Lauren was missing Maddie.

The concerned witness had noted down Mr Hazelhurst's car registration plate and immediately notified police.

Officers then visited the family home and Jon and Lauren were taken to a police station for an identification process.

Mr Hazelhurst, of Kingsbridge, Devon, said he thought it was a ''prank''.

He said: ''I was surprised more than anything. My first thought was that it was someone pulling a prank on me before I realised that they were quite serious.

''I've never been called into a police station as a possible kidnapper. The police were very polite and I understood that they had to follow up the lead, even if it didn't come to anything.

''There's always a chance a tip-off like that might lead them to Madeleine.''

Mr Hazelhurst and Lauren pulled in for petrol on their way back from walking their dog at nearby Slapton beach on Sunday.

The following morning officers knocked on Mr Hazlehurst's door asking him and his step-daughter to come to Kingsbridge police station.

The pair went with the officers but were later released after they were identified and it was proved that she was not Maddie.

Sgt Paul O'Neill, of Kingsbridge Police, said Lauren did bear a resemblance to Madeleine McCann - except for a different eye colour.

He added: ''I thank the lady for bringing it to our attention. She did well to spot the little girl and inform us. Fortunately, the parent was more than willing to help.''

Madeleine McCann disappeared in May 2007 while on holiday with her parents and twin siblings in the Algarve region of Portugal.

She went missing a few days before her fourth birthday and would be six years old now.

in The Telegraph


  1. The Maccanns if they were normal people with normal feelings should hang their heads in shame, But no their pround heads will be as high as ever.
    no regard for their own child no regard for anyone else.

  2. here we go again,jesus im getting bloody sick of this.please will some one put a stop to this.

  3. I Don't believe a word of it,this is beyond a joke and the Mccanns must think we were all born yesterday ...nice try Clarrie pull the other one its got bells on it....YAWN

  4. Sgt Paul O'Neill, of Kingsbridge Police, said Lauren did bear a resemblance to Madeleine McCann - except for a different eye colour.


    So the Mccanns went to all that trouble to point out Maddies eye defect and this on the ball cop only noticed a different eye colour.Jeez...give me strength.


  5. This is really boring ,the Mccanns find another 'sucker' to show how the accepting public are prepared to put up with police harassment in the quest to find their 'missing' daughter.Anyone that believes this rubbish is just plain gullible.

  6. Have just checked the Telegraph to see if Lauren looked like the aged photo of Madeleine. She does not 'nor does she look anything like madeleine aged 3 years.

    Noticed right next door that this idiotic newspaper is still carrying the Victoria look alike after the Daily Mail proved this was a set up and a scam...I notice the well to do banker never came forward after mixing with a lady of the night looking to score.Nothing from the Pink Pimpernell either...


  7. http://pickupthephoneandbringmadeleinehome.blogspot.com/

    This site makes me cringe, you have more respect in your little finger than this group have in their whole body Joana ..Laurens face is not pixied out.


  8. Quote

    Savio and I spent a weekend with Gerry and Kate in Devon. ...


    From Katherine Gaspar...who do the Mccanns know in Devon...Devon may be a big place..but where theres a Mccann theres a hoax.


  9. http://www.thesargeants.net/dblog/articolo.asp?articolo=246

    The Devon Connection.


  10. Why always on a petrol station?
    Nearly never somewhere else?

  11. This is not true at all.
    Made up by the news paper or by the Mccanns.
    Probably because the twins went already to school and they could be confronted with comments of other children.

  12. what is the main aim of McCann's recent intense campaign?

    its a while until the 1000th missing day

    i can only think the twins 4th birthday is coming up

  13. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/maddie/2622526/Maddie-lookalike-quizzed-by-cops.html

    The Sun still linking this to Jaycee.


  14. Unfortunately it is true and just another example of a life affected by the McCanns false pursuit of their own salvation.

  15. Would the police haul a young child into the station. I have asked someone in the force what is the procedure here.Will post his reply.If I get one that is.

  16. After they fled Portugal, the McCanns made sure that the twins faces would not be clearly shown on the media, they are always blurred, but there was no such care for this little girl who may now be subjected to malicious comments from her school mates, etc.! Grrr...

  17. Could the policeman not see the child's eyes at home without taking her to the police station? Unbelievable!

  18. How many blonde girls have been living in the UK?
    Will we be overwelmed by a further 'sighting' wave now?

  19. As this lead came to nothing I would like to know why this child is even in the newspaper.

  20. This brought to mind if maddies body was found now at this late stage what would forensic have to work with. Clothing it seems can hold a lot of secrets, clothing even after two years. Of course if maddie is not found in the pyjamas the mccanns said she was wearing but in the pink dress that is claimed to be the last photo they would have a lot of explaining to do.
    Clothing , forensics can find biological stains,blood, saliva even semen stains all these can still be found.
    They look for hair, fibre that belongs to her,
    Trace evidence from clothing like hairs and fibre and DNA can be used to link somebody to the death of a person.

    Hair can still be tested for drugs if madeleine was sedated on a regular basis.


  21. The police are totally out of order here. They could have checked everything out without even bothering the family at all. Absolutely no reason whatsoever to haul them into the station. Is the word out in the UK police that there's some kind of reward for the copper that gets the McCanns the most free publicity in their quest to prove their innocence?


  22. Two more victims of the mccanns farse...When wiil this end?

  23. Again the contagious megalomanic sociopathy of this sick couple. The police could easily have found out if there is a girl that age living there.
    I hope the next victim of this rabid couple will refuse to go and sue the couple for every penny they have (hidden).

  24. Maybe those two never went to the police, maybe the paper made this story up.
    Such a story the McCanns will not tell in Portugal.

    According to the Portuguese justice, Maddie is dead and the files archived.

    This news today is trying to convince the twins' school that the parents are still searching for Maddie.

    And that she is still alive.

    We don't know how the McCanns were received by other parents yesterday at that school.

    That's why they had to come up with a new story.

    By the way, the twins are already four years old.

    Joana, where is Amaral?

  25. Iron, the body being found, it will not wear that pink dress of that photo because it is even possible that that dress was not taken to Portugal when they left on holidays.

    On that "last photo", Madeleine was much younger and much less sun burned than on the photo with the tennis balls.

    On the "tennis balls"photo, Madeleine looks more mature than on that of the swimming pool, where she has more of a baby face.

    And where is the 3rd child on the "last"photo?

    Why only two?

    That "last"photo was manipulated, imo.

  26. even if Maddie was somehow found alive, these selfish and greedy McCanns would not be interested as it would cost them money. Gerry has another Xmas camapign planned and probably 3rd May 2010 planned too. South Africa is the next focus I guess with the Football World Cup 2010.
    What a job. From curing patients to exploiting your daughter's tragedy.

  27. Only three parties were involved, the police, the man and the person who reported the likeness. So who told the media? And why? Care to enlighten us Clarence?

  28. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/travel/news/article6822120.ece#cid=OTC-RSS&attr=797093

    This is Barcelona's night life sadly. Makes it even more ridiculous now to imagine a woman at 2 am in the morning asking for her daughter. I think we have now established that daughter is "quarter" for drugs. Had The Mccanns "Noddy cops" been there in the evening they would have realised this. From the Daily Mail we know they did not. Barcelona night life is not for the faint hearted.

  29. What's been bothering me is the silence on any of the recent McCann/ Maddie related news from some of the portuguese commentators who since 2007 regularly dedicated part of their work to this subject.I'm thinking of Mr. Hernani Carvalho, for instance, he was almost always on top of every development and had always something to say about it, but for the last weeks he's been strangelly silent on this. Am I being too suspicious if I'm thinking it might have something to do with him running for Mayor of Odivelas as the PSD candidate? As he been cautioned to avoid any comments on the McCann case? Some people seem to be putting a great deal of hope in a government change, from PS to PSD, but I personnaly have always felt that it won't make any difference. First, Dr. Amaral was barred from running for Mayor of an algarvian constituency by Manuela F. Leite, and now, one of the most vocal and critical voices on this case has become so silent...maybe I just a overly suspicious mind...but it is strange, oh, yes it is!

  30. Yesterday I have written to www.pcc.org.uk
    BUT today the little girls picture is STILL visible........I am so SICK of it
    I also dropped a post at the mccpuke"s blog to complain but it is not of course going to be published like many other of my posts......

  31. Have you read this morning Tony Parsons' article in The Mirror UK on line?

    I don't agree with him when he ends his article saying that what she endured was worse than death, as I think it is far better for Jaycee l Dugard to be alive than dead, even if she never fully recovers from what happened to her. Tant qu'il y a de la vie il y a de l'espoir - as long as life is there, hope is there. The same could be said about the surviving victims of the Nazi concentration camps.

    But the point of the article is interesting though, as regards the rejoincing choir in the press when she was found.

    As to the police taking the father and daughter into the police station to check their identity, they are utterly ridiculous, they'd better have a reconstruction of Madeleine's disappearance done at last. I am sure if they got the people involved to take part into it, they wouldn't have too much to insist for the PJ to comply .

  32. "Sgt Paul O'Neill, of Kingsbridge Police, said Lauren did bear a resemblance to Madeleine McCann - except for a different eye colour"
    And no iris defect, and 2 years older, and Alive.

  33. Well if the police ever thought one of my children was Madeleine I would calmly tell them that until Kate McCann could be bothered to answer her 48 questions I could not be bothered to answer 1.

    It would be ironic if I was arrested and charged for not helping when her parents have been turned into celebs for Neglecting lying spinning and setting up a fraudulant fund whilst at all times never lifting a single selfish finger to help a child they say is still findable.

    Just how evil is Team McCann?

  34. Anon.@ 11:54 mentioned Tony Parsons article where he voices his opinion about Jaycee Dugard fate:
    ..."he ends his article saying that what she endured was worse than death"

    Well, Mr. Parsons (who has the habit of insulting the "sardine munchers portuguese police and the portuguese people) should make his opinion very clear to the McCanns and Clarence Mitchell and bash them up in one of his inflamed articles for claiming that Madeleine was taken by paedophiles BUT even so, there is NO PROOF that Madeleine has come to any HARM!!! Like in the infamous "sardine munchers" article he could tittle it : " Up yours, McCanns!"

  35. 'I understand that they had to follow up the lead, even if it didn't come to anything.'

    Blimey, that's a novelty. To get my local conststabulary to even turn up to an incident is like getting blood from a stone. Hats off to Devon police, eh?

    But I'm still trying to work out why this story is deemed newsworthy - sniff sniff - RATS.

  36. 'I understand that they had to follow up the lead, even if it didn't come to anything.'

    Well why the hell didn't they follow the hundreads of leads that would have lead them back to gerry & kate

  37. Now, Why oh why, this is the Umpteenth time a false accusation sighting has been stated has the parents not sued or hit out at The Mccanns for this harrassment, that is exactly what it is, and If you consider the THOUSANDS of missing kids in the UK the these scenarios never happen! Good god!

  38. Well done to Kingsbridge Police for following up the reported incident. They followedup the report by tracking down the numberplate and checking to see if the girl was Madeleine McCann.

    All credit to them and to the father who was very understanding an co-operated fully with the investigation. Madeleine McCann is still a missing person and clearly people are still looking for her.


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