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Censure back in Portugal: Court Bans Gonçalo Amaral Book & Film *updated

The McCann couple was able to make an interlocutory restraining injunction against the book of the former PJ Inspector who investigated the disappearance of Madeleine.

The civil court of Lisbon accepted a restraining injunction by Gerry and Kate McCann and ordered to take from the market the book "A Verdade da Mentira", written by Gonçalo Amaral, which defends the thesis that the parents are involved in the Homicide and disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

The Court also prohibited the DVD sale with the reportage made by TVI based on the book of the former PJ Inspector. And, still according to the court, the publishing house Guerra e Paz will have to collect all the existent books [and burn them?] and deliver them at the hands of the McCann lawyers. A punishment of 1000 euros daily was established, by each day that goes by without the ruling being complied. This is a provisional ruling and it will have to be confirmed in trial.

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Madeleine: Court orders removal of Gonçalo Amaral’s book

Lisboa, 09 Set (Lusa) – The Civil Court of Lisbon has forbidden the sale of the book “Truth about the Lie” about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, authored by former Polícia Judiciária inspector Gonçalo Amaral, and has ordered the removal of any available copies from the market.

The court’s decision, which Lusa agency accessed today, is the result of an injunction that was filed against the former inspector and the editors, in order to prevent the continuation of the divulgation of the book and of the video that is based on it, as well as the theories that are published within them, which point towards an involvement of the parents in the child’s disappearance.

The court decided, albeit in a provisory manner given the fact that this is an injunction, to forbid the editors from selling the books and the videos “that are still in stores or in other deposits or warehouses and the obligation to collect them and to deliver them [those copies] to a depository”.

According to the McCanns’ lawyer in this process, Isabel Duarte, the editors that are targeted by the judicial decision are Guerra & Paz, Editores, and VC-Valentim de Carvalho Filmes, Audiovisuais (the latter having been responsible over the broadcast of the video by TVI).

Under the court’s decision, the editors are further prohibited from performing new editions of the book or the video, as well as of “other books and/or videos that defend the same thesis and that are destined for sale or broadcast by any other means in Portugal”.

The court’s decision further mentions, as well, that the editors and the author of the book are prohibited from “citing, analysing or commenting, verbally or in writing, on parts of the book or the video that defend the theory of death or concealment of the body” of Madeleine by her parents.

The court further imposes that the editors and the author are prohibited from “proceeding with the reproduction or comment, opinion or interview, where said thesis is defended or where it can be inferred”, the judicial decision reads.

The court has further condemned the editors to the payment of a fine of one thousand euros per day in case of disrespect of the prohibitions or of the order of apprehension of the books and videos.

The action has been interposed by Kate and Gerry McCann in conjunction with the three children, Madeleine, Sean and Amelie, who are represented by lawyer Isabel Duarte.

In an information that was sent to Lusa today, the lawyer adds that this judicial procedure “was treated under secrecy, so far, in order to prevent the uselessness of the decision that was to be obtained”.

The English girl Madeleine McCann disappeared on the 3rd of May 2007, when she was aged three, from the bedroom in an apartment at a resort in Praia da Luz, near Lagos, in the Algarve, where she was on vacation with her parents and her two siblings.

Gonçalo Amaral, the author of the book that was published in 2008, alleges that the child died in the apartment where the family was staying, launching the suspicion that the parents participated in the concealment of the cadaver.

The parents were made arguidos in September 2007 but cleared in July 2008 over a lack of evidence.

Since the beginning, the family has maintained the position that Madeleine was abducted, but until this day the authorities have not been able to find out what really happened, and the Public Ministry archived the case, which may be reopened if new data about the disappearance of Madeleine emerges.

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Media Bits & Pieces

«Clarence Mitchell said Kate and Gerry McCann were “absolutely delighted” that a judge at Lisbon’s main Civil Court had banned any further publication of 'The Truth Of The Lie' by Goncalo Amaral.»
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«The sentence also rules that new editions of the book are not authorized to publish new editions.»
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«Gonçalo Amaral is also forbidden to speak on the contents of his book or the video.»
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«The Court decision thus prohibits the publisher Guerra e Paz of re-editing, selling or distributing editions of "Maddie - A Verdade da Mentira" and also of selling the publishing rights to publishers in other Countries.

The film, aired on TVI, which adopts the same argument of the book - that the parents would be responsible for the disappearance and death of Madeleine - will not be re-displayed.»
in Diário de Notícias

«Gonçalo Amaral stated to SIC that he wasn't notified, there fore he does not comment, for the time being, the courts decision»
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«In declarations to the news agency Lusa, António Cabrita, said that he wasn't notified of the decision regarding the temporary injunction which forbids the selling of the book "A Verdade da Mentira" and that he doe's not wish to make a judicial position on the subject without previously consulting with his client, Gonçalo Amaral.

However, he observed that, upon confirmation of the decision's contents, divulged in the media, it is the "freedom of expression" that is being limited, because the book about the British child's disappearance expresses an opinion about "determined facts" that did happen.»
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    Sorry,Jo but I am screaming inside...is Portugal back to despotism and dictatorship?
    I just cant understand anymore.
    My full support to Gonçalo and if necessary I will sell the books IN SPAIN

    I dont care if it is after trial: it should not happen and please,Portuguese friends DO something about this.Dont let it happen.You have fought for freedom,you have lost beloved ones,others were tortured for FREEDOM in it largest sense.Dont let dictature come back.....

  2. no time to panic....

    presumably all the book's contents will come out in a very heavily publicized court case

    to the detriment of the McCann's

  3. This is too much and I will not allow it without pronnouncing my utmost repudiation.

    Never in Portugal, after April 1974, was a book prohibited for its contents - this decision, if true, disturbes me a lot.

    Anyway, it's ridiculous since the censored book already sold more than 200 thousands copies apart from the editions in other countries.

    Even the censorship over the TV documentary is ridiculous - millions of people have seen and recorded it.

    Joana, I hope you'll continue your saga, but now I am afraid they will attempt to shut you down...pleease be careful.



  4. I don't know if Portugal is anything like Britain but if you ban a book here in Britain it just makes it more desirable and that means more people will buy it from other countries.

    By having it banned, I think that the McCann's have made this book far more likely to be bought than it would have normally been.

    Congratulations to the McCann's for the free publicity and (soon to be) increased sales of Sr. Amaral's book.


  5. Again Portugal dropped his pants befor Britan.Don´t believe my friends that after the elections the rules should change,the only thing that change is the names, the shit is always the same.
    Dr.Amaral we are with you for the better or worse.


  6. God Bless Mr Amerel you are in my prayers they will now try to get this site shut down you are dealing with
    supernatural evil forces here be very careful. You can be sure this will make all the uk papers.

  7. "Tarde píaste"...agora que o livro já está nas mãos de milhares e circula na Net!
    Que dia negro para a democracia em Portugal! Ai 25 de Abril, para que te fizemos!O livro mais não faz do que plasmar a investigação e suas conclusões, o que vem nos autos! Já agora, e assim sendo, censurem-se e destruam-se também os mesmos, uma vez que parece que agora em Portugal vale tudo e a liberdade de expressão é letra morta!
    Vou-me vestir de luto para condizer com a negrura que tenho na alma!

  8. Estou chocada, eu pensava que em Portugal as pessoas ainda têm o direito à sua opinião!
    Quero dizer, partidos radicais como o PNR podem participar nas eleições mas um livro, meu deus, tem de ser tirado do mercado pk ofende certas pessoas (isto é exagerado mas a situação é tão ridicula...)
    Mas pronto como se diz, uns são filhos, os outros são filhos da p*** >:(

  9. Wow.

    These McCann people must be seriously important. I didn't realise just how much.

    It's ok to write books about Princess Diana and a whole host of other people, but just don't mention the McCanns and what happened to their baby.

    This really stinks to high heaven, which is where I believe their daughter is.

  10. I believe the McCanns have made a huge mistake, the more publicity they get the further they have to fall. I believe in justice, whether in this lifetime or the next. (Preferably this as well, so i can witness it) I just wish the british press would grow some balls and do some unbiased reporting on this case. If they had, the McCanns would be facing a huge backlash in the Uk. I also believe the so-called McCann supporters are none other than the McCanns themselves, their family and the tapas 7. Otherwise we are to believe there are many people who believe its ok to leave children unattended in unlocked holiday apartments, and if they go missing, thats ok, that hopefully the child will be found 18yrs later having been abducted like Jaycee and raped on a daily basis by the abductor and drunken men who queued up to take turns, like the McCanns say, it gives them hope. For seemingly educated people they really are thick. Oh and Nina, if i want to call the lying evil bastards McScams or anything else for that matter, i will, so why dont you fuck off back to sky where you usually post your pro McCann/McPsycho tripe. Maybe someone there gives a fuck what you think!
    Jan (52yr old grandmother, English born and ashamed - of the press and government that is. Mother of three very smart, well mannered successful, caring humans, grandmother of 2 wonderful little boys, chief nappy changer, supplier of cup cakes and chocolate, frequent babysitter extraordinaire, live in Yorkshire, happily married, and dont hide behind anonymous blogtags)

  11. Well, there's all the proof you need.
    If the McCanns are innocent of any wrong doing as claimed, they had nothing to fear from this book or film.
    So, rather than searching for Maddy, they have been preoccupied with this.
    I think its far too late for this ruling to have any meaningful effect.

    I am also retired from working with the NSPCC, (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children)working with adults who had been abused as children. Retired Samaratan and retired (FULLY TRAINED) Rape counsellor, who work both inside and outside prisons.

  13. Thank you all very much for this. But what does it actually mean? The last sentence says:

    "This is a provisional ruling and it will have to be confirmed in trial."

    So he doesn't have to do anything at the moment until it is either confirmed or not in a Civil(?) trial? Wonder from which date they'll count the thousand a day from if it goes against GA...

    I'm not sure what to make of it. Depends what happens next, it would seem. On the face of it though, it's an utter travesty.


  14. Et voila the first result after the "FANTASTIC 4" secret meeting yesterday. M. Pinto, it was not only the Freeport that you discussed yesterday with your friends, it was also that issue.
    All that team have two weeks to fix the untied ropes. What is next- Freeport shelved1

    I will pass copys of my book to everybody and nobody can change my feelings and the feelings of trillions of people in the world.

    -Was Carolina Salgado Book censured? Not!
    - Was the movie " Corruption" censured? Not!

    The same court which censured Amaral's book and documentary....

    -Censured all Mccann's interview, where they insult Portugal? NOT!

    - Censured Madeleine's Fund and ask it to be shutted dow? NOT!

    - Censured Mitchell work and ash him to shut-up? NOT!

    - Declared illegal a investigation performed by private detectives and ask them to stop spreading lies which damaged and interfered with life of innocent people? NOT!!

    WE, THE PORTUGUESE MUST START A REVOLUTION IN THE INTERNET, SPREADING ALL OVER THE WORLD THE DVD AND THE MOST IMPORTANT PARTS OF THE BOOK, INTO ALL OUR FRIENDS E-MAILS. YOU WILL SEE the book reatching the entires houses in the world in a few days. WE CAN'T ACCEPT CENSURE, as a way to make justice after more then 30 years of democracy.

    If they are innocent and what is in the book is false, bring the all case to the court, re-open the investigation, re-evaluate all the evidences and do the re-construction. Show us without no boubts that what is in the book is wrong.

    And what about Gerry documentary, is it censured aswell?

    Yesterday, F. Louca smashed socrates against the wall exposing some of the dark businness of his government. Today, and after the censure in the TVi ( jornal Nacional) Socrates signed his suicide. He is almost OVER and need the suport of Brown to achieve any job outside of Portugal. VENDEU O PAIS E A HONRA DOS PORTUGUESES.

  15. Seem's that the Mccann's are having hard time with twins at School.

  16. Just bought 2 more Dutch copies, I'll spread the word!

  17. I love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning - welcome to the Mc21st century:


  18. Portugal is a new British colony!

    Beata, Germany

  19. I have been reading the American Press and it appears that our British Press are over there STALKING is the word they used the mother of Garrido.

    They are knocking on Garridos neighbors doors with open cheque books to get any tit bit on Garrido.

    Garridos father is now refusing the B.Press any more interviews until they cough up.Seems there is plenty of money to go round for this story. What a shame the so called journalists did not knock on the doors of Rothley and find out about madeleine with their open cheque books. We may have found out how many times the children were left alone and crying.It is amazing even how the folk of Rothley will loosen their tongues for money but they were not given the chance.

    The Mccanns today with this result have put the final nail in madeleines coffin. They are guilty of much more than neglect' by this action they themselves say so.


  20. I feel quite ill at this news. It is incredible that something like this is possible. I really hope Mr. Amaral will be able to appeal against the sentence. I hope this completely backfires on the McCanns and that it provides extra publicity for Gonçalo Amaral's book and and opens more people's eyes to what is going on. However, despite the disappointment and frustration, my gut feeling is that the McCanns are now on a downhill slide. They think they are invincible, but my instinct tells me that something will happen, something they didn't predict or which they were confident would not occur. In the meantime, let's all make sure that everyone we know has the facts which they will not have been able to read about in the British press, will not have heard on the radio or seen on the TV. Let's take every opportunity, individually, to make our feelings known, because I believe that that way we will get the message across that many people are not accepting what they are told, do not believe the abduction theory, and want further investigations to be carried out. This is not a witch hunt; this is a cry for justice, for integrity and for press freedom, all of which seem to have suddenly disappeared together with little Madeleine McCann.

  21. Justice for Maddie! Jail her egocentric parents Kate and Gerry McCann!
    The mills of God grind slowly, slowly but surely!

    Beata, Germany

  22. Congratulations McCanns; your name will forever be associated with bullying, censorship and misuse of libel laws. The book will now become a world bestseller along with the video.


  23. Flabbergasted, Astro, Joana, Kazlux, are you able to shed any light on this:

    "This is a provisional ruling and it will have to be confirmed in trial."

    Does this mean that the book / documentary are banned UNTIL trial, after which it could go either way.

    How can they pre-empt a judicial decision in this way ?

    I really thought that Team McCann had used up all their judicial 'luck' in Portugal, it seems not.

  24. This is the best news we can hope for. Thanks to the McCanns this is giving us a real piece of free advertizing space.

    Do you remember when they banned the song "Relax" by Frankie Goes to Hollywood? Well, you McCanns have just allocated the number 1 spot to senior Amaral.

  25. "Oh and Nina, if i want to call the lying evil bastards McScams or anything else for that matter, i will, so why dont you fuck off back to sky where you usually post your pro McCann/McPsycho tripe. Maybe someone there gives a fuck what you think!"

    Hi Jan,

    For someone who does such lovely things in her spare time, you sure do have a foul mouth - LOL!!!

    So not only is the book and DVD banned from futher sales and distribution - all copies of it must be handed over to the McCann's lawyers (I like the sound of that) AND Sr Amaral is not allowed to comment on the content of both the book and the DVD - simply lovely - music to my ears.


  26. I'm just appalled.
    Words fail me.
    Are we all now living in a fascistic state?
    Book banning!!!!!
    My utmost respect to Dr. Amaral.
    He must be as shocked as the rest of us.
    WHO ARE THE MCCANNS?????????

  27. The article doesn't state the grounds on which the McCanns applied for the book to be withdrawn. That would be interesting to know. Because somebody has written something nasty about them and they think it is libel? I believe Amaral said he hoped they would try that because he would love to go to court with them and prove that what he has written is true. If they applied on the grounds that no evidence was found against them and their arguido status was lifted, well, they were not declared innocent either, nor was evidence found of anything they claimed, i.e. abduction. The case was only shelved, not definitively closed and it could be reopened if further evidence comes to light. Either way, this seems to be a strange legal decision. As for the part about being provisional until trial, I wonder whether it actually means trial, or whether it is like the Spanish system where a sentence is declared but is not 'firme' (i.e.officially in force) until it has been ratified, the documentation is produced and the parties in question are notified in writing.

  28. So that's what the McCann's pretendy coppers were doing in Portugal.
    Makes sense now.
    It's a bloody disgrace.
    Book banning!!!!!!!
    I hope it backfires on the odious pair bigtime.

  29. It is truly disturbing that the book and documentary have been banned, but more to the point, so is the fact that Amaral is not allowed to discuss their contents.

    This court ruling does not affect the masses though, we will keep discussing it, and we will have made copies should they need to ban the doc and book from the internet.

  30. All of the translation work I have done on this book has now been copied to CD. Also, I will keep it on my blog until I am told I must remove it.

    This is a very sad day for truth and justice. I guess the full court process could take some considerable time and meanwhile the book is off the shelves. I am glad to see that the Bourin edition is still available.

  31. Better a foul mouth than a foul mind.

  32. "Clarence Mitchell said the book had hampered the search for missing Madeleine and added to her parents' distress" (UKPA)

    The book didn't influence me in the slightest. I was already questioning a lot of things about this case. I haven't even read the book. Don't need to. What has stopped me searching for Madeleine is the parents' strange behaviour (smiling and happy only days after their daughter's disappearance) and their changing stories about what happened on the night of May 3rd 2007; the findings of the dogs, which were quickly swept under the carpet by the British authorities; the DNA findings, which would have been positive in most other countries and which were deemed at first to be a match and this was then quickly refuted; also, when a second test was requested, oops! oh dear! the test material had mysteriously been lost; the continual appointing of totally useless private detectives and the refusal to ask the Portuguese police to open the case... need I go on? I don't know who said it, so I hope I'm not infringing anyone's copyright but, after all, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it's probably a duck...
    Sorry, Mr. and Mrs. McCann, I did my bit searching for your daughter for a few days after she went missing, but then I stopped and I have no intention of starting again. And Gonçalo Amaral's book has played no part whatsoever in my decision.

  33. So if this was hampering the search for Maddie, why has it taken them so long to take action. This book has been on sale for a considerable period of time, in several languages, but only as the English version is on the horizon they now seek an injunction.

  34. From Nuno to Nina:

    Why are you gloating? A child disappeared forever, like it or not, that's the truth.
    You also have no idea what this Court decision means, so I wouldn't be so cheerful If I was you - this is not a "ban" but a suspension, and just like any judicial decision, it doesn't mean it will be enforced unless there's a trial or no litigation from the other party...
    So, bearing in mind that Amaral had this diehard wish of being taken to court, this could only mean bad news for you and your disgraceful pals...

  35. After Nina's remarks about my post, just thought i'd point out, i have the right to say what i choose, if you don't like it tough, after your first post it didn't take long for you to show your true colours, as i said, anyone who believes the McTwats is obviously as bad as them, it begs the question "are the McCanns responsible parenting skills yours too or are you one of those smart arses who likes to pontificate about parenting but isn't actually a parent themselves?". The point i was making is, i am not hiding behind a nameless tag, which the McBastard supporters do, which as i said earlier tends to imply they are the McScams themselves or family or the 7up club. I know enough about child abuse from my work to know that lot are a seriously dodgy bunch. So Nina i can assure you that this is the voice of someone who in all likely hood knows a lot more than you do about this issue, as i said sod off back to sky with the rest of the bunch of mad fuckers who say the McCanns are innocent, they are not - end of, get a life, take up knitting, crocheting, jigsaw puzzles, anything, but save us normal rational thinking people your pompous crap, because we really have no time for the likes of you, so as i said, do one!

  36. AnnaEsse

    Will you be adding the final chapters to your site anytime soon?


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