1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

Die 'Kristallnacht' - Anfang vom Ende

Bücherverbrennung (public book burning circa 1933)

Crystal Night

by Gonçalo Amaral, former PJ Inspector

With amazement, I saw the statements of a representative of a couple whose daughter disappeared in the Algarve in May 2007. Standing on her tiptoes, covered by her blond hair, I heard: "We seized seven thousand books!".

Tragic news. To seize is even worse than to receive, conforming to the judicial decision. How does a lawyer agree with the apprehension of books? Didn't this lady said that she was just the trusted depositary and that the activity of seizing books is a thing of the past?

The PIDE (Police of Investigation and Defense of the State [Political Police under the Salazar's Regime]) were the ones that apprehended books, in addition to those that were only censored. At their free will. In the old regime that which was considered illegal was apprehended by those who held the power.

I am proud that during the period (more or less about 26 years), in which I worked for the Judiciary Police, of never having seized one book. Just and only that that was considered illegal under the law, nothing that was a result of a free will; a personal decision away from the tone of legality.

Distorting reality and 'tucking' in the old days, what is left is to see the distinguished representative dancing around the campfire. And it won't be on St.Anthony bonfires, we will be closer to the 'Crystal Night' or to other 'acts of faith' that served so well the obscurantism and intolerance.

in Correio da Manhã
*stamp used by the State Police to censure
* Crystal Night - 'Kristallnacht' - wiki


  1. Makes you shudder doesn`t it?

    Can`t understand why the newspapers (a) haven`t noticed what`s going on or (b) they have noticed and are scared to make any reference to it.


  2. Great minds think alike ;)

    I was first *g*


  3. The European convention on Human Rights is warped - it allows exactly the behaviours it pretends to provide against by not providing 'Expression' as an absolute right. Even absolute rights provide the possibility of derogations.

    Yes there has to be a balance between privacy and fredom of expression - but why is this only avaialbl easily to those with access to funds - those with the suspicious backing of millionairres (dare I say that - am I allowed to say the McCanns have significant financil backing? Am I allowed to question it? I think perhaps I am not!).

    This fight between free expression (only really avaialable to millionaire publishers and self regulated by a corrupt process thorugh the PCC) and the right to privacy (also available only to those with money) must be the focus of urgent clarification or will will slip sliently into the possibilities of dictatorship and the thought police under the guise of being anti-racist (not allowed to mention the reality of differences) or of protecting weakly bonded families such as those of media and other 'professionals' who dont actually have time for the children!

  4. At this rate, Portugal was better off under the Pide before 1974.

    At least the fascists were Portuguese, not hypocritical lacqueys of the McCanns.

    Same behaviour though... Banning uncomfortable thoughts, ideas and *truths*.

    How can somebody boast about seizing books in a democratic society?

    Shame on the McCanns' representative and on the judge who allowed this to happen.

  5. Looking at parsons and McCann, wouldnt they suit a Nazi uniform so well?!!!

  6. É importante que nos informem a nós público quando houver audiência em Tribunal (recurso de Gonçalo Amaral à providência cautelar) para que estejamos lá em peso. Eu vou estar, com mordaça na boca e se calhar com as mãos atadas. Temos que estar todos, jornalistas, editores, produtores, escritores, artistas, universitários, todos...
    Se for à porta fechada, estaremos cá fora, se houver barreira policial, estaremos mais atrás: MAS VAMOS ESTAR LÁ OK?

  7. Do you remember the film "Farenheit 451"? Going down this path, slowly, step by step, one restriction of civil rights here, another one there, and one day we might "wake-up" and find ourselves living in a society like the one portreyd by Truffaut in that film. I just hope i won't be around anymore, but I fear for the future of our sons and daughters.
    Are people's memories so short that they no longer recall what Portugal was like just over 35 years ago? This kind of actions in a democratic Portugal is a slap on the face of those brave man and women that fought the dictatorship at the cost of their lives. The judge and the lawyer are spitting on them!

  8. Kristallnacht - gewiss! When will I wake up from this Alptraum?

  9. Ironically it is the European Convention on Human Rights and the tension between Freedom of Speech and the Right to Private and Family life that is at the root, not only in Portugal but in the UK.

    Freedom does not require written words, it would seem this is another irony.

    Freedom of expression seems to have been assumed to belong to the press, the right to private and family life to the rich and famous (and in the McCanns case, imfamous).

    To our portuguese friends, we the ordinary people of the UK streth the hand of friendship and unite against the facists (right and left wing facists!)

  10. Source...Elmer Quigley Gooseburger

    Thursday, 26 July 2007
    Team McCann - The Silence Of The Wolves, And The McCannonisation Of The Teflon Two

    The grieving parents of Madeleine McCann

    It is not my intention to tread what is already a well travelled path in detailing the failings, (whether real, or perceived) of Gerry and Kate McCann, and the circumstances leading up to the occasion of their daughter's disappearance.

    Suffice to state that, in spite of the best efforts of both the Teflon Two, and their team of keyboard chimps, every man-jack and woman-jill with whom I have discussed this matter - regardless of their political leaning, religious persuasion, creed or social status - have all been in total agreement.

    And that is, that the McCanns were not at worst naive; at best, they were criminally negligent, and at worst, one or both of them, it is widely rumoured, played an active role in the child's disappearance or demise.

    No, there are already Forums, Blogs and Articles "out there" and "online" pouring scorn on this pair of self-serving, manipulative, irresponsible, deluded, feckless, and fundamentally dishonest fools.

    So, rather than use this post as an opportunity to "bash the McCanns", I will instead, focus on the failings of the sheep in wolves' clothing - the Great British Press.

    Despite all of the obvious and well documented
    lies and inconsistencies spouted by Saint Gerry and Lady Kate, for some unaccountable reason, the normally wolverine British presspack - together with the loathsome barons who hire and fire them - present these greedy, grasping pariahs not only as model parents but are touting them to become Pan-European or maybe - Global - Ambassadors specialising in child welfare?

    Why does no arm of the British MSM have the courage, resource or resolve to pose the tough questions to these ex-doctors?

  11. cont

    It is not as if any Previously Reported Cases of Child Abandonment have resulted in Plaudits for the Parents; the Great British Public know they are being jerked off by the MSM, the MSM know we know it, and we know they know we know it, yet this charade, this "Pact of Silence" on the part of British TV and newspapers persists.

    So much for the rump of the MSM.

    The flanks - taking as an example the Leicester Mercury, (which was The Teflon Two's local rag back in the days when they were a couple of unremarkable "medical professionals" in suburban nowhere) - are no better.

    The political non-entity, that is Phil Dilks - ex-journalist, and now Labour Shadow Portfolio Holder for Education, and member of Lincolnshire Police Authority has Previous Form himself In The Child Abandonment Stakes - and he finds it reasonable that the (in his own words) "highly respected" Leicester Mercury see fit to block any comment whatsoever in its reporting on the McCanns.

    Nick Carter, editor of the Beano Leicester Mercury writes:

    "We encourage feedback to our website, but we have to monitor what is said to make sure people are not posting comments that might be libelous, breach the law in any way or cause gratuitous offence."

    "A tiny minority of people seem to want to say nasty, spiteful and defamatory things about the McCann family."

    "They are bombarding our site, and we had no choice but to block comment entirely on reports about the family."

    So, Mr Carter is now allowing a "tiny minority" to dictate editorial policy?

    If the Mercury truly is subject to a "bombardment" of "nasty, spiteful or defamatory" postings from this "tiny minority", why the sledgehammer to crack a nut approach, when selective blocking of the source IP's would remedy any issues?

    Truth is, ever since this charade began, The Mercury have been entirely selective in terms of those posts which pass the gatekeeper and those that do not. Only the most lachrymose, simpering, self-absorbed and sympathetic of posts have ever been published, while for weeks, it has been systematically declining to print, or exhibit, any comment that is even mildly critical, or questioning the actions or integrity of the Teflon Two.

    With the advent of its new! improved! 2007! exercise in book-burning, the Mercury commands zero respect, and earns less still.

    Far from being "highly respected", Mr Dilks, The Mercury is a mere dead-tree provincial fish-wrapper; a cankerous pile on the anus that is the Daily Mail and General Trust Group.

  12. Anyone who can boast about seizing books has the mindset of the Middle Ages or of a fascist or communist regime where no freedom of thought or expression is allowed.

    Sickening that in a modern, supposedly free society, there are people who can only maintain their own position by repressing the rights of others, rights that so many people lost their lives in trying to protect. The McCanns and anyone who supports their repressive tactics are the enemies of freedom, something any decent person whould be ashamed of. They'll never be able to stamp out other people's ability to say in public what they think, but the fact that they use such despotic tactics as seizing books shows the depths to which they're prepared to sink.

    Truly appalling.

  13. Brilliant G. Amaral. I just add to your comments annother comment from lawyer Isabel Duarte. In front of TV cameras, as an Inquisidor Baron, she annonced the most ridiculous decision I ever heard in Portugal after the revolution: THE BOOK AND THE CITIZEN G. AMARAL ARE FORBBIDEN TO TALK ABOUT THE INVESTIGATION FACTS, IN THE ALL WORLD! We all laughed... How can? A ridiculous lawyer acting like if she is the President of a big potence in the World. How can a court in Portugal, one of the most powerless countrys in Europe, rule what is forbbiden or not in the rest of the world? Is she real, or the conference hapenned already after a dinner well "winered" with portuguese vintage wine botles at D. Pedro Hotel? THE ALL TEAM IS A JOKE.... Mccann's celebrity behaviour is very contagious.

    I just remember where books are forbbiden in our days.... In very radical Islamic countrys and only books which for any reason they believe are insulting the muslim religion. Who was insulted in Maddie book? NOBODY. BUT we know, all Mccann's team insult Madeleine's memory everytime they show-up fooling the people with idea, that they are looking for her, when what we just see is: THEY ARE LOOKING FOR MONEY, BIG AMOUNTS, USING HER AS A STRATEGY FOR THEIR ATTEMPT.

    We are parents and we never give-up on that little girl, untill the time we know exactly what hapen to her. THE WORLD IS WITH YOU AMARAL!!!!

  14. I read banned books.

    And for the record (referring to an earlier post) "Fahrenheit 451" was a novel by Ray Bradbury before it was a movie.

    This case is continually astonishing. From simple child neglect we've gone to very complex issues of censorship and free speech.

    Just like in the Nazi era, the people who think that they can control the thoughts and expression of others are soul-destroyingly boring - this description applies to the McCanns. Who do they think they are?

    Thanks Joana for keeping this blog going in the face of censorship and thought police.

    -- Trismegistus

  15. The McCann's may think they control and gag the government and the UK press. They may think they can control a Portugese citizen or a book author.....but they cannot and they never will control every email, every blog, every website created to comment about them. Their attempts at gagging anyone who does not print what they want printed simply exacerbates the question that their acts are NOT those of innocent parents. Their acts have turned well wishers against them. Their intent to raise money for themselves, not return to search for their daughter and their greed to sue anyone for money or close websites and burn books goes against them. NOT the act of innocent parents and they have created a worldwide sleeping enemy who has arisen and will not be silenced.

  16. In the UK you can stand on hyde park corner, call the queen and the royal family anything you want fit to burn the govenment the same. But you cannot say one word againts the maccanns. you would be arrested. Who are they and who is protecting them its a protection that is not of this world. how strange

  17. I just look at the blog Madeleine foudation and ...surprise!
    They are stubborn but brave.

  18. The reason the media are reluctant to say anything pointing to the involvement of the McCanns in the disappearance of their daughter is because, as usual, the McCanns have used a very good bit of spin on them.

    They have told them that they have been found 'innocent of all charges'. This, has been repeated enough that, like the word 'abduction' it has been absorbed as truth by so many.

    The dopey media, who do not do their homework, and are quite willing to sit back and take any old rubbish statement from the likes of 'he lies with every tooth in his mouth' Clarence Mitchell, (as the PJ said of him, and they should know).

    The truth is that the McCanns have not been cleared of all charges.

    So far, there have been no charges.

    What they were told is that because it is believed that Madeleine is dead and they have lost their daughter, (although this is thought to have happened when they were not there), the Prosecutor thinks they have suffered enough and therefore is not charging them with neglect.

    See how easy from this it has been for them to spin it to 'cleared of all charges'.

    What exactly happened to Madeleine, and the whereabouts of her since have not yet been addressed.

    So the case has been shelved awaiting further information/evidence to get it up and running again.

    Meanwhile, the McCanns carry on telling everybody they are 'innocent of all charges'.

    No wonder they are trying so desparetely to stop the truth from coming out.

  19. The only forbidden book in Holland is Mein Kampf, of Adolf Hitler.

  20. http://www.rcpedicoes.com/ver_Maddie129-(English-version).htm?lang=en

    Maddie 129...In English can be bought here...

    129..the amount of days the Mccanns were in PDL..before they ran away ..this book is worth reading as it covers a lot of the Mccanns lies...

  21. Coitada da advogada, anda enebriada com as luzes da ribalta.Mas quado vier a ressaca...

  22. Letter from Iberia
    My father died in 1941 along with many millions of other “free” people to rid the world of Nazis and return the rights of freedom to all.
    It seams that as far as Portugal is concerned they all died in vain, for the Portuguese judiciary is banning the rights of freedom and encourages the tyranny and injustice of two so called parents who failed their child by putting their own perverted enjoyment above and before the needs of their daughter, who is missing and probably dead.
    The McCanns in failing their daughter have consistently blamed others, used the memory of thier daughter to con the public and bring to themselves a considerable fortune, which they continue to squander on a mission of systematic silencing of any person that has courage enough to question their account of what occurred on that night and what their involvement in their daughters disappearance may be.
    They are a new breed of Nazis who stamp out freedom.
    Shame on you Portugal for allowing my father and so may millions to die for a freedom that does not exist in any longer Portugal

  23. I am concerned that should this site and others like it be removed, we will lose a stage to share our beliefs and opinion's?
    Would it not be wise to form some kind of register, in case one day we all awake to find this meeting place has disappeared just as Maddie did?
    Madeleine should not only be remembered as a child whom was so badly let down by her parents, but the one who brought ordinary people together in a quest to maintain our freedom of thought and expression, individuality and search for the truth. These things will be taken from us, should we choose to ignore what is happening in the world.
    I despair at the increasing loss of freedom's our government's are imposing on us all and the fact that many will take it lying down.

  24. To Anonymous who wrote about Hyde Park Corner :
    Can you confirm this ? Have you or has someone you know tried ?

    I'm curious to know what happened to the 7000 "seized" ones. Since GA appealed, are these books at least in some safe place ?

    Another (or the same ?) Anonymous is right observing the spinning of "abduction" and "cleared". The result is to mix up positive and negative innocence :
    - Evidence cleared them
    - No evidence, no charge against them

  25. Marx was forbidden in the USA but not in Europe and other countries.
    And it was even loved in Cuba and in the Soviet Union.
    Is this lady lawyer an analphabet?
    Can she expect the world to obey her?

  26. OK then.....

    Without them expressing any opinion at all - to avoid being sued... Why can't a British newspaper simply print the conclusions of the Portuguese Police report VERBATUM. I bet the papers would fly off the shelves.

    that way the British public are able to make up their own minds.

  27. If the case is reopened then presumably the McCanns could ask to be made arguidos again, so as not to have to answer questions?

    If that is true, that would really throw the media into confusion being as how they already think, (because they have been told so by the McCanns), that the McCanns have been cleared of all charges.

    No wonder the McCanns are not requesting a reopening.

  28. Thank you to the "3 fold great Hermes" for the information about the author of Farenheit 451. I did not know that. Worth digging in the bookshops for it.

  29. Hi Brigitte, you yalk about Alptraum (nightmare, pesadelo) and I feel your feelings.
    I come from Holland and I tell you my son-in-law was German and he died of a tragic accident four years ago.
    My daughter was 31.
    He was a true friend to me and my husband, excellent person to my daughter and we miss him every day.
    He meant a lot in our lives, he was really an extraordinary man.
    It is difficult for us all to live without him.
    Speaking about your nightmare, pleaase don't carry the sins of others on your shoulders.It was not your fault.
    And speaking about what happened, there was a lot of colaboration in whole Europe.
    Jews were betrayed everywhere where the nazis occupied.The local people had the chance to do it.
    Antisemitism was and still is an European illness and I fear that it is still not cured.
    It was not fabricated by the Germans.
    Amaral lives far from Germany, he does not realise how painful the issue is for you all.
    But I do.
    Try to wake up. Don't feel blamed, ok?

  30. quote The only forbidden book in Holland is Mein Kampf, of Adolf Hitler.unquote.
    But even that we read and discussed in highschool in the Netherlands. And that was in the fifties!

    Great piece with a lot of humour from Dr. Amaral.

  31. The great British public are remaining silent in their millions, or so it would seem if the media reflects the view of the people!

    The fact is it is people like Fiona Phillips and other parents who are in the media who are supporting the McCanns. I beleive personally that this is because they, as a class of people called 'professionals', have to put their children after their careers - and consequently use methods that ordinary good parents would consider insufficient.

    The media do not reflect the people. Free expression should be in the hands of the people not the media. We head toward a position where virtuous intention - the Human Rights Act and the European Convention - will place power into the hands of the elite (those who have control of money).

    Nothing can protect us from Carter Ruck and their ilk, they control the law - they control the law.

  32. I have received an order to tailor nazi uniforms for the mccanns and kids....can anyone help because I am having a bit of problem with the boots....thanks
    This is for the bonfire party which will be held in the rothleys gardens next weekend.
    Please bring books to burn and piloris for people who are not in agreement with their methods

    No dogs allowed

  33. Esto es el colmo, ahora los padres de Madeleine, pretenden hasta controlar internet, ya no los soporto, y NOOO creo en ellos.

    Tenemos derecho a opinar, para mi son sospechosos, y ahora mas.

    Tambien opino que les encanta hacer dinero, y lo obtienen de la manera mas sucia.

  34. Very good article by Dr. Amaral, thank you, Joana. I like his sarcasm.
    It saddens me though that the political parties and the Press/TV in Portugal have remained more or less silent. Is it because they are too busy with the elections?

  35. Would that be the "just like dining in your own back garden" one Jo?


  36. Nowadays German journalists are chicken-hearted too.

    Beata, Germany

  37. regarding Hyde Park corner, no I have not tried it but it was mentioned to me. I thinks it would be a good idea to get media attention.

  38. Joana, don't you think you should be more careful in your selection of friends? First Levy, now Butler lies to you - they're not back on line YET. So what's happening??

  39. TODOS, todos, todos, SEGUIMOS AQUÍ.


  40. Thank you Joana for posting Dr. Amaral's article. I can't get my head around the ban - Dr. Amaral's book is not a work of fiction. It is based on the investigation - in other words, facts. The author being the man who was in charge of the investigation. How can you ban facts???

  41. To anonymous whose father died in 1941 for our freedom. I cry for your father and thank him from the bottom of my heart, and so many more besides him. Strangely, my father was within an inch of dying in 1941. (totally buried alive) I cry too, for my dad's, school mate, who aged 19 in the RAF was killed on his very first mission. He barely experienced life as an adult.

    I keep hoping all those brave men and women, who gave their lives for our freedom, have not died in vain. But I often wonder..... Especially when something like this happens.

    I mean.... preventing people from all over the world, from reading a book based on facts. Dying for your country is real, this unbelievable saga is surreal.

  42. "On September 26, Anonymous said...
    Would that be the "just like dining in your own back garden" one Jo?


    yeah...something like that with some different sort of "fun" this time tho"...I mean burning books IS different,init?
    I am going bonkers only to think THIS is happening.In the XXI century when already million people have died for their freedom.
    This cant be...am I dreaming or more likely having a nightmare?
    Any suggestion/idea to HOW stop them?
    Is the "law" in OUR hands now? or shall we just take it for granted that we can make our very own "law"? mmmmmm.....

  43. http://thecouncilchamber.blogspot.com/2009/09/mccanns-silence-book.html

    Mccanns Silence The Book...

    A new blog if anyone is interested..

  44. anonymous at 26/09/09 18:58, I only take advices from people that don't hide behind anonymity. It's cowardly and ignoble to attack others without giving your real name. My advice to you would be to get a spine fist. Thanks.

    Joana Morais

  45. Anonymous said...

    'Without them expressing any opinion at all - to avoid being sued... Why can't a British newspaper simply print the conclusions of the Portuguese Police report VERBATIM. I bet the papers would fly off the shelves.

    that way the British public are able to make up their own minds.'

    I completely agree; either a newspaper or an author doing the same in a book, drawing attention to the important points that are in the files but never pointed out by the McCanns or the media.

    Some day it will be done and I've a feeling that if things go on as they're going at the moment, with censorship and repression getting worse by the day, it will be done sooner than they might think.

    They wanted publicity; let them have it, sticking strictly to what's in the files, including all the witness statements. Even the modern-day fascist element in the various governments won't be able to stop anyone repeating what's in the files. They were meant to be read by the public, so it's really a public duty to make sure ordinary people have access to them. Joana and the others have done a wonderful job in making the files accessible to those on the Internet, especially in the Maddie Case Files forum, but many people don't use the Internet much and are probably unaware of the very existence of the files, let alone what's in them.

  46. If I am remembering rightly Dr Amaral has said that the night that Madeleine disappeared was the first night the Tapas friends had done that routine for checking on the children (every ten minutes), as previous nights the checking had been about every half hour, and they only checked their own children.

    If this is so, then whose suggestion was it to do that change in checking routine (supposedly every ten minutes)on that particular night?

    If it was the McCanns, then why?

    And was it suggested at the start of the meal?

  47. I think those who believe the Mc Canns know what has happenend to Madeleine should write to them stating this and saying they will not be persuaded by them in any shape or form unless the Mc Canns provide proof Madeleine was abducted and is alive. I support Mr Amaral all the way. You go sir and you get the truth out there.


  49. Maybe there's still hope.

    The Sunday Express which is posing as pro-McCann these days has just published a piece that is VERY sympathetic towards Amaral. This one will have the McCanns and Mitchell choking on their cornflakes. Mrs. Amaral shows once again she is a smart cookie by the way in not appearing vindictive towards the McCanns.

    Here's the link:


  50. Freedom of thought and expression is being clamped down on everywhere, it's not just the McCanns.

    The human race is being gagged by the elite who own and run EVERYTHING except Iran and North Korea, but they are being worked on.

    Under 'hate crime' legislation you will only be allowed to say and think what they want you to say and think, thanks to the internet that is getting easier by the day for them.

    Getting internet sites closed down? Who said that couldn't happen? Who said the internet gave us greater freedom?

    Amaral is NOT allowed to express and opinion now?

    Is this is Soviet Russia (in many ways yes).

  51. Censorship is always a funny issue. Makes you think of burning books on bonfires doesn't it?


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