1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

'The English Gag’: Amaral Defies the McCanns

Gonçalo Amaral pledged that he would not be silenced by the injunction ruled by the Lisbon Civil Court, prohibiting the circulation of the book ‘A Verdade da Mentira’ and the video, which defend the theory of Madeleine McCann's death and the cadaver concealment by her parents.

He fulfilled his promise. The former PJ Inspector appears now with the book ‘A Mordaça Inglesa’ [The English Gag], to be presented on the 3rd of October in the Algarve.

Gerry and Kate seek compensation of 1.2 million. The court's decision also prohibits Gonçalo Amaral to make any statements. Doing so he will have to pay a thousand euros to the English family, for each comment.

However, Amaral is not intimidated and challenges the McCanns by starting his book with a quote from Mário Soares after the 25th of April 1974 on freedom of expression.

Yesterday, Kate and Gerry were in Lisbon to “explore strategies" with their lawyers and advisers. The objective, according to Gerry, is to “get back on course and continue to search” for Maddie, who disappeared in Praia da Luz, Lagos, in 2007. To represent them in the Portuguese media, the couple hired the Public Relations company 'Lift Consulting'.

Visibly nervous with the first return to Portugal [since they run away returned to the UK], Kate said she believes that her daughter is alive. “Madeleine deserves that we believe in her”, she said.

With a choking voice, Kate also admitted to return to Praia da Luz: “I want to return to the place where I embraced my daughter for the last time”. Gerry on the other hand said: “Although it is painful, we are learning to live without Maddie”.

in Correio da Manhã

Meanwhile from the Jornal de Noticias we can read the following:

Legal battle on the way

7 thousand books seized

The lawyer Isabel Duarte said that she was only authorized by the couple to speak about two cases against Gonçalo Amaral. “This does not mean that there aren't more claims”. She also said that until now seven thousand books have been seized.

Conferences in Europe

In the Civil Court of Lisbon entered today the “counterclaim” of Gonçalo Amaral to the injunction that ordered him to be silent. Pending the decision, he is considering accepting various invitations to participate in conferences all around Europe.


  1. Maybe the McCanns visit yesterday was about the launch of Amaral's new book on 3 October.
    Last ditch effort to get it banned before release ?

  2. “Although it is painful, we are learning to live without Maddie”.

    We all have to move on from death, life is for the living but it takes a hard person to put it so bluntly.. my father died 30 years ago and I could not utter these words.

  3. I hope Goncalo Amaral has as much success with his new book as he did his first one. He deserves nothing less.

    Kate says she wants to return to the place where she embraced Madeleine for the last time.Strange words to use if they really were her words, because if they believe she is findable, then how would it be the last time? Also Gerry making a comment about them being blamed for Maddie's 'death'. Another massive faux pas on his part!
    Maybe they need CM with them! Mind you, he makes more than enough gaffes himself!

  4. Now this is a real MAN!Where can I by my book?Another best seller, I'm sure.

  5. Jo the Madeleine Foundation meeting in Cardiff is also scheduled for 3rd October... which event will Goncalo be attending, please? M

  6. If this expensive firm of 'consultants' is worth its fees perhaps it should advise the McCanns to stay away from televised press conferences. To any perceptive observer their shifty mannerisms, hysterical sentimentality and fake parental devotion - not to say the appalling accents - gives them away in a minute as unmitigated rogues

  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=460INShy3BU

    I think we need a song and what better song than United we Stand...This is for your AG...Always with you, no matter what.


  8. bravo mr amaral, i knew you wouldnt let madeleine down

  9. Anyone with organizing abilities who want others to protest in Portugal against censorship of Mr Amaral?
    IM FREE!
    Before the Rosie's etc descend, I am self employed and Managers run my businesses.

  10. I hope the new book will be available in English in some form ASAP! I saw a bit of the Sky News report on the McCanns visit to Portugal yesterday afternoon: I think Kate McCann was genuinely upset when she said that Praia da Luz was the place where she last saw Madeleine, where she last embraced her... that's true. What isn't true, in my opinion, is that Madeleine was abducted!

  11. What a man Mr Amaral my admiration for you knows no bounds. God Bless you the truth is on your side.

    Take That Kate and Gerry.

    This man's fear of you has gone


  12. {On September 24, Anonymous said...
    If this expensive firm of 'consultants' is worth its fees perhaps it should advise the McCanns to stay away from televised press conferences. To any perceptive observer their shifty mannerisms, hysterical sentimentality and fake parental devotion - not to say the appalling accents - gives them away in a minute as unmitigated rogues}

    Love it and seconded.

  13. Long life and health to Gonçalo Amaral and his wife Sofia Leal!

    Please find an American publisher to get both books published in English into the market. They are sorely needed to be accessible by the UK people.

    You give us hope, Sr. Amaral.

  14. Anonymous 18:11

    Leave Mrs Maccanns scouse accent alone now lay off or I may sue you.

    (only kidding)

    I agree she tries a posh scouse accent and it don't work.


  15. "Madeleine deserves that we believe in her".

    Kate, you also deserve that we believe in you.
    If you tell the truth, it will happen.

  16. Excellent news. I wondered whether he already had something up his sleeve from the expression on his face in the recent 'gagged' photograph. I hope Mr. Amaral is also ready to publish and make this available in English asap. Time appears to be of the essence in this case now.

    :) E

  17. kate you are a LIAR,if you wanted to be in praia de luz where you last see madeleine WHAT STOPPED YOU
    you were not a million miles away but you couldnt even bother to go there,your one sick person

  18. What a man,
    my respect.

    So different world, compairing to the bullies from UK. Cocky-gerry and whiney-kate.

  19. Thanks for the update.
    Seems very interesting, what with ''new information - of course can't be revealed''
    Did they seek the case to be reopened with the pJ?
    Did they seek court actions of Dr Amarals book, DVD & freedom of speech on this subject

    Or ... what it about
    ''Lift Consulting''
    Is that for the Portuguese media and public.


  20. I hope Sr Amaral has not made a mistake - he wanted his day in court, but it looks like the monsters McCann are unstoppable - as of course is often the case with pure evil.

  21. Have I got this right? The McCanns want everyone to help in looking for Madeleine. They themselves, even on the night they reported her missing, did not look for her - as Kate has said "it was dark". Their "investigator" believes she is in a lair close to the resort where she was reported missing. So, to "help" the McCanns went to Lisbon to talk to their lawyers about their lawsuit against the man, who more than anyone, worked to find/solve the mystery of Madeleine's disappearance. Oh! and they hired a public relations firm to make them "lovable". They and their investigator did not go to the PDL area to commence a search, but they would have others help by doing so. I didn't contribute to the Fund, but I wonder what others who did think about how their hard earned money is being spent- lawsuits, PR firms, travelling, mortgage payments, etc. God be with you Mr. Amaral.

  22. I really enjoyed your predictions for September - today is September 24 - we only have six days left before the month is over - so what's the predictions for October??

  23. will this book be printed in english does any one know

  24. How the heck has he managed to write this book so quickly with a title about gagging? Did he know the gagging was a-comin?

  25. http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2009/sep/24/deborah-orr-middle-class

    "Les Mccann sont habillés pour l'hiver", as people say in France!

  26. Bravo Mr. Amaral, we need in Spain a person like you. Honest, good professional and fantastic person.

    Never give up, we admire you.Wishing you the best from Spain.

  27. Bravo to Mr. Amaral! He fights like a lion to defend what he believes in and his constitutional rights! He will not be bullyed!

    The Mccanns are hiring the services of a big PR company, Lift Consulting, which, according to their website, represent important international firms, like Microsoft, Samsung and others, so they must be very good at their business. The McCanns have also on their ( the fund's) payroll England's top extradiction lawyer, plus Carter-Ruck, plus the portuguese Rogério Alves, Carlos Pinto de Abreu, and now Isabel Duarte, oh, and how could I forgett, spinndoctor extraordinaire Clarence Mitchell. What do all these have in common?...Being very good at their business and very, very expensive. The McCanns sure know how to choose well when it comes to pick those who will work to save their sorry hides and threath anyone who dares to challenge their story.
    Guess what they are lowsy at when it comes to choose?...
    A good, credible and efficient team of investigators to search for their daughter! That one they seem unable to get right, it's one fiasco after another, they only manage to get charlatans and plods.
    Funny how things are, heh? Such bad luck with the detectives, poor McCanns...

  28. If I recall correctly, Mr. Mario Soares once also stated that people are entitled to feel indignant and show it! That's what the whole of Portugal must do to the McCanns and their upcoming PR campaign with which they intend to gain the favour of the portuguese people! Show them an incensed angry nation who will not fall for their stunts!
    Querem a nossa simpatia e compreensão?! ORA TOMA!( acompanhado de um manguito à Zé Povinho)

  29. Força!, Dr Amaral. Without people like you, the truth about Maddie McCann would be submerged by her parents' PR campaign.

    No freedom of expression in the UK, we are experiencing that. Portugal cannot be serious about supporting the UK gagging!

    The more forceful the McCann attemps to conceal the truth, the more the truth shows trough!

  30. Joana, viu isto no JN? "Casal McCann quer reabrir processo"
    Tomei conhecimento através do blog "Hasta que se sepa la verdad".
    Onde será que o jornal foi buscar esta ideia?...na conferência de imprensa não foi concerteza...
    Aqui há gato!


    Outra coisa, já ouviu falar de um novo livro a ser publicado na América(USA), com o título de :
    "Madeline McCann: Faked Abduction"
    De quem será?


    "A new book "Madeleine McCann: Faked Abduction" is soon to be released in the USA. The book expands on Tony Bennett's lead and demonstrates how the McCanns and their friends have avoided any charges while at the same time receiving substantial aid from the British Government, including lots of personal involvement from Prime Minister Gordon Brown."

    Uma boa noite, e muito obrigada por ser quem é.

  31. Leave Mrs Maccanns scouse accent alone now lay off or I may sue you.

    (only kidding)

    I know you are, and I couldn't care less about accents so long as they're genuine and not contrived for the purpose of gaining popular approval. I've heard one or two cynical Portuguese - who are generally better versed in the ways of the world than the now down-trodden British taught or commanded to fear a paedophile under every bed so that they can be taxed yet again - say that the unfortunate child can't be found because the caring parents and their dubious friends ate it. I don't imagine that the Tapas restaurant and the tacky Ocean Club are doing very well thanks to the McCanns' helpful publicity. That facetiousness apart, the most charitable interpretation of this mystery is that it arose from a perhaps forgivable over-sight, to which the proper reaction would be dignified contrition instead of loud-mouthed accusations against everyone else.

    The Portuguese judge who imposed the ban on Sr Amaral's straightforward account of the facts as he judged them deserves a reproof too, if only for sheer lack of common sense. Her decision was supposed to defend the complaintants' "personality rights", whereas the very intelligent observations in the blog called "A Broken Mirror" (to the left of here)suggest that they don't have any 'personalities' - just a compound of the crudest motivations of greed, social climbing, vindictiveness, exhibitionism and fear for their own skins.

    I would have regarded this case as just another sordid tale of the adventures of nasty tourists in a nasty resort had I not been alerted to this site by hearing of the outrageous prohibition against the book in question. As I'm sure I'm not the only one, the McCanns' absurd actions have rebounded against them. For whatever they did or didn't do, they've probably been punished enough, because goodness knows the last couple of years can hardly have been very pleasant ones; for their more recent sins I hope they get their just deserts.

  32. i find it totally baffling that the parents should want to hire yet another pr team - this time a portuguese one...

    surely anyone looking for their missing daughter would be searching for her rather than worrying about their public image... but the father has been good at mobilising news crews from day one...

    the shortest route to Madeleine begins and ends with her parents

  33. I don't believe for a moment the Mccanns went to Portugal to see new laywers and PR agencies.
    Neither of these warrant a personal visit with what it all entails. Both the laywer and PR agent could have taken instructions from the UK without all this fuss.
    There must be another reason behind it.


  35. Amazing, the celebrities Mccann stayed at "HOTEL D. PEDRO". A luxury 5 stars hotel. The newspaper highlight that, saying that was the hotel where Clinton and Putin use to stay. Who payed the Hotel? Madeleine Fund yah?!!!

    In the same country, Martin Mother and the all family are fighting in justice to have the little boy back. Aparently, the boy was taked from her mother because she was a teenager when the boy was born. Nobody said that she harm or neglect the boy... but he was taked and keep in the care of institutions like Aboin Ascencao. I dont know exactly what was behind the judge decision on that case, but what shocks me it is the abismal difference on the treatment of the two cases, in the same country. Regarding Maddie, the all worid knows, she was neglected and because of that her phisical integrity was seriously being in danger. But, who neglect her was treated yesterday, as a celebrity.

  36. Джоана!
    Передайте Гонсало Амаралу НИЖАЙШИЙ ПОКЛОН! Пусть его книги будут переведены и на русский язык. Люди имеют полное право знать правду, полное право не чувствовать себя одураченными! Как же это возможно, вот так водить за нос всех вокруг, вот так уйти от следствия, вот так, зная результаты расследования, чувствовать себя настолько безнаказанными! Порхать по всему миру и запрещать говорить о себе правду! Всемилостиво позволять только восхвалять и поощрять свое безнравственное поведение, приведшее к гибели ребенка! Творить свои грязные дела на глазах у всех, цинично улыбаясь в камеру!! Как это возможно!? Сколько еще нужно им заработать на смерти собственной дочери, чтобы проснулась их совесть!
    Во имя светлой памяти маленькой Маделейн, не оставляйте своего благого дела! Удачи Вам, Джоана, удачи Вам, Др Амарал! Пусть Бог хранит вас! Всем сердцем с вами!

  37. Donal

    "Today there is more lighting around the complex..."

    About the article on the Sunday Express.

    IMO he is calling the attention that there was no lighting enough on May the 3rd, and that Jane Tanner could not have seen so many(5) details of the abductor.

  38. The UK sent over to Portugal the best cadaver and blood dogs in the world. They have never been wrong.

    So who did the cadaver scent belong to which was found in the McCann's apartment, behind the settee and in the wardrobe, and in the back of the McCann's hire car plus on other items belonging to the McCanns?

    Nowhere else, just things associated with the McCanns.

    There has never been a death prior to the disappearance of Madeleine in that apartment.

    Besides those 48 questions Kate McCann refused to answer, people should never be allowed to forget this.

    Those McCanns may try to silence people like Dr Amaral but they wont succeed, because they can't silence the truth.

    The McCanns should give people more credit for common sense instead of thinking they will believe la la lies over facts.

  39. Is there anyone among us who understands about law?
    And could this person explain us what is happening to Amaral and what are his rights?
    Joana, could you maybe interview Moita Flores or Paulo Sargento and ask them to analise this for us?
    Thank you!

  40. New article at The Mirror: "Fury at new Madeleine McCann book ‘slur’ " dated 9/25/09

    Oh, no! Kate and Gerry are furious again!


    Kate and Gerry McCann were furious yesterday as it emerged the ex cop they are suing for £1.2million over claims that Madeleine is dead has written a SECOND book.



    They should be happy. Think of all the money they can try to steal, I mean sue, based on the sales of the NEW book. Of course, they should delay starting the legal proceedings for about a year, to be sure enough copies have been sold to make it worth their while.

    Kate and Gerry, prepare yourself. More and more books and articles will be published and keep coming out. It will not stop, Kate and Gerry. We will keep speaking our minds and insisting on the truth. You are doomed people who will live this nightmare you've created for the rest of your life. I almost have sympathy for you--almost.

  41. To the anonymous Russky at 24/09/09 23:46

    здоро́во, Большое спасибо! :) if you want mail me at joanamorais@gmail.com

  42. Olá querida anónima 24/09/09 22:26

    Como se diz na nossa belíssima língua 'O Inferno está cheio de boas intenções!'- se ler o artigo anterior repare que já tinha abordado o assunto dos McCann terem apenas mostrado o seu desejo em abrir o processo, mas como é óbvio, não terem realmente feito nada para isso.

    Se os McCann quisessem realmente abrir o processo, bastar-lhes-ia para isso dizer que queriam responder às perguntas da PJ - o que traria novos elementos ao processo; ou por exemplo, requerem fazer a reconstituição dos eventos da noite de 3 de Maio 07, em ambos os casos o Ministério Público seria obrigado por lei a reabrir o processo da Maddie.

    O livro que fala é do Stevo, um Americano que têm vários sites, que pode encontrar nos links do nosso blog como o 'Dogs don't Lie' ou o 'Truth for Madeleine McCann'.

    um beijo, e um abraço amigo


  43. I've made a comment on the mirror article, lets see if its printed?


  44. "....to participate in conferences all round Europe." Woweeee!!! Fabulous! The McCanns visit to Portugal couldn't have come at a better time for publicising this new book!

  45. Cara Joana, 04:26,
    eu é que agradeço!
    Meu Deus, a trabalhar a esta hora da madrugada! É bem demonstrativo do seu empenho pela justiça causa desta e de outras causas, perder preciosas horas de descanso sem qualquer ganho pessoal.
    Muito obrigada, bem haja!

  46. I can't find any comments posted to the Mirror article re. the McCanns' fury over 'The English Gag.' Perhaps not a single "acceptable" comment was submitted?

    Now there is not even an option of submitting a comment to the article any more (none that I can see). There was a comments box yesterday, with the encouragement "Be the first to comment."

  47. Vamos para a rua. Estejam atentos. Cinjam os rins, é tempo de guerra!!!
    Let's go to the streets. Pay attention to the signs. War has already started.

  48. Está aberta a caça: nós ou eles. Eles, não aparentam, mas são o elo mais fraco. A caça são eles!!!
    The hunt began: we or them. You don't tell but they are much more vulnerable. Let's hunt them down!!!

  49. Does anyone know just who is paying for all of the legal teams and PR companies that the McCanns are employing? Could anyone calculate the total cost of the above up to this present day?
    And for what? What is it that the the McCanns are striving for? Why do they care what the public thinks, why are they always preparing for their defence when they have never been accused?
    And why do they think it's ok to urge the public to search for their daughter, to the point where they obtain an injunction against Dr Amaral's book, and yet they won't search themselves?
    Why are they in Lisbon when their own PI operatives believe Madeleine is within a 10 mile radius of PDL, they could have been there doing something useful if they truly thought their daughter had been abducted.

  50. is there any more news on this book
    is it on sale yet?

  51. This time next year the McCanns will be behind bars for their crime. Yes they probably sedated Maddie to sleep, and it all went wrong. If they admitted to accidentley killing their daughter using sedatives or sleeping pills, they would have both been dismissed from the NHS. They would also have their other two children taken off them, in addition to losing their house. The only way out was to concoct a story that Maddie had been abducted, and so send the police on a wild goose chance for nothing, and to steer attention away from themselves. Because of their lies they have cost the British and Portugese taxpayers a fortune.

  52. Been quiet lately re Mccanns and the British police investigations. As the verdict re Goncalo Amaral court case with the Mccanns being delivered early September, no doubt we should be seeing newspaper headlines coinciding any time soon with new suspects, e-fits, evidence etc - as usually happens.


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