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Former McCann detectives Metodo3 Investigated by Judge

It's not the first time that Metodo 3 detectives are mixed in unlawful and very irregular methods of getting information for their clients, even in alleged frauds and witnesses harassment. Today the Spanish magazine Interviú published in exclusive an article about Metodo 3 political espionage.

For the last few months the media in Spain has been in a commotion publishing articles that have different views of who is to blame, depending on their political colour, regarding the use of spies to obtain secret footage and the elaboration of dossiers [intelligence gathering] of high governmental figures.

According to the magazine Interviú  the Madrilean Regional Vice-President Ignacio González  and others were target of secret surveillance which then appeared reported in various media.

During the investigation the name of the Metodo 3 detectives agency, based in Barcelona and co-directed by Marita Fernández Lago and her son, Francisco Marco Fernández, emerged. At the beginning of July, the Private Security Unit of Barcelona's Judiciary Police investigated Metodo 3 office and requested their clients registry book, which was denied at first.

Later the police was able to read the detectives agency book records and found out that the names of the persons that commissioned Metodo 3 to spy weren't on the records, they also found that the agency had been paid around 100.000 euros, but the agency still refused to reveal the clients names. Metodo 3 can be fined for 30.000 euros for refusing to reveal the identity of the clients.

Parallelly, there is a rumour circulating in the Madrilean and Barcelonian media and political circles about the general director of Metodo 3 agency, Marita Férnandez Lago. According to that rumour, Francisco Marco's mother  has a close relationship with the brother of the Interior Minister, Alejandro Pérez Rubalcaba. Certain newspapers [tabloids] sent their best paparazzi to catch red-handed Alejandro with Marita. That would likely be the 'photo of the year', because from there it could be infered, that if the brother is implied directly or indirectly via the Metodo3 agency in the spying of Ignacio González, then by its turn the Interior Minister would be also implied....

Anyway, these are all political rumours, back to the Metodo 3 agency and their near future.

The Judge José Sierra, head of the Court of Investigation No. 47, who is instructing the process to the espionage and disclosure of the dossiers and surveillance videos in the media, will in the following days summon to Court Francisco Marco and his mother, Marita Lago.


  1. Joaninha, que vontade de partir a moca a rir! :-)

  2. For those not familiar with this bunch of 'private dicks', Metodo 3 claimed in 2007 they knew precisely who kidnapped Madeleine McCann - and that she would be home by Christmas of that year.

    Wealthy businessman Brian Kennedy and others paid Metodo 3 huge sums of money to finance a wild goose chase that succeeded only in making all benefactors, large and small, look like total mugs.

    Kate, Gerry and John McCann have known all along Madeleine is dead.

    Humpty Bumpty
    RealHumptyB on Twitter

  3. I cant wait to read this - thanks for keepin us informed A, J & K

    Do we know why the link to the mccann files is not working

  4. Thanks Joana. I can't wait to find out more about this.

    Best regards,


  5. MCcann's still have Metodo on their payrol.

  6. I have never had any doubt that when the time is right madeleines body will be found. The time has to be when very little if any DNA evidence is left for forensic work to be carried out.

    These two cases are completely different but prove a body can be moved around. Remember the note that was sent to PJ declaring this is where maddies body would be found. A full search was done of the area.Nothing was found. Just like the case in the link and yet later a dog walker came across the body, how could that be you may ask when this area had been searched by police. It could be if someone had put it there. I believe this is how maddie will be found in an area that has already been checked, just like Chandra Levy.

    As I said two different cases but very alike in many' ways a body that disappears and reappears when those in power wish it to be.



  7. Dear Joana,

    I just love this circus,Metodo 3 and the Mccanns are a perfect combination like coffee an pastel de nata.


    I'm back


  8. Et voila... The Mccann's and Mitchell must be shaking. If spannish police insistes on that investigation, maybe they can disclose the fake sights of Maddie and the all payed witnesses. Maybe they can find a connection between M3 and Marcos Aragao. Will be the cherry on top of the cake. Can we imagine Mitchell spinning around all spanish power to delay the investigation or drop it? HOT TIME AFTER SUMMER IN ROTHLEY... IT is not only the twins starting school.

  9. @ Maria from Brazil, I'm really pleased to see you back!

    this should get very interesting.

    Obrigada, dear Joana, Astro & Kazlux.

  10. See Kate and Gerry?Your monstruous lie is like a house of cards, it will fall apart.It's just a matter of time.

  11. what a bunch of dangerous thugs....
    I agree iron: Madeleine"s body will appear.The poor child being used as a commodity,n"est-ce-pas gerry?
    But be sure there will be a way to prove if it is really hers or not.
    Many things have not been released to the public...

  12. Maria from Brazil,

    what a great pleasure to see you back!

    We all missed you!

    This blog is a cachaça, very difficult to leave it.

    Can any of you inform us if little English children go to school by school bus or not?

  13. Children in the uk big citys do not use school buses not sure about the small villages, Its normally public transport private cars or on foot.

  14. No school bus.
    This means other parents and school teachers are seeing Kate every day.
    I wonder how she is feeling, being watched and analysed all the time.

  15. I read somewhere in one of those newspaper articles about tht twins starting school, that they will be driven to school every morning, I assume in a private car. It didn't say however who will be doing the driving and the drop-off, will it be Eerry or one of the extended family members, or a nanny? I doubt that it will be Kate, she's too much of a coward, she won't want to face the other mothers. Maybe escorted by the Leicester police?...they have been so helpful and friendly to the Mccanns...

  16. Within a few days Clarence and the two detectives will give an interview that the twins will be driven by Gordon himself.

  17. The twins must be driven by a Body Guard, a old and retired Leicester police. The most helpfull police in the world for the Mccann's and the most careless police for Madeleine.
    Kate has no face to face the public. She must stay at home writing down good answers for all twins questions about little Maddie.

  18. Had Madeleine actually been alive, Metodo 3's behaviour would have put her life at serious risk - or at the very least the kidnappers would have moved her on once they knew the tecs were closing in.

    Strange how insouciant the McCanns were about that appalling behaviour of Metodo 3 during the Morocco phase.


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