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Former PJ Director Attacks Ministers

Penal Code Reforms: Symposium on Justice & Security in Faro

Ministers Rui Pereira and Alberto Costa

Without mincing words, the counselor Judge and former PJ director Marques Vidal called “incompetent” to the authors of the criminal law reforms, which according to him, “have the names of Alberto Costa [Justice Minister] and Rui Pereira [Minister of Home Affairs]”.

The former national director of the Judiciary Police (PJ) participated in a symposium on justice and security in Faro, yesterday, and fired in different directions, especially targeting the Ministers who were linked to the changes of the Portuguese Penal Code in 2007, changes that he considers to have been a result of  “major brain hallucinations” and to be “born out of botched abortions” [sic, 'hasty' decisions].

Marques Vidal gave the example of the “cuts in the parole time and on the probation enforcement”  just for the sake of  “the expenses”. Which, according to him, makes “criminals to get out of court even earlier than the police”.

The Counselor Judge also blamed the Members of the Parliament for the “chaotic”  situation in Justice.

Marques Vidal also “targeted”  his peer judges, by saying that they are “lazy” and that are “earning far to much for the country that we have”.

The conference was also attended by Loureiro dos Santos, a former defense minister, and Armando Marques Guedes, President of the Diplomatic Institute of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who defended the use of the Armed Forces on internal security missions.

in Correio da Manhã, 24.09.09


  1. There seems to be a lot of attacks going on in Portugal. And it seems to always be very personal. In most democratic countries, the deed is attacked and very rarely do we see personal attacks.

  2. Go, go, go Marques....!!!!

  3. Annonymous,
    at least we see honesty, not like our British Politicians who cannot even answer a straight yes or no question.

    From 'Annoymous'

  4. G O D B L E S S !!!

  5. It is sad that botht he uK and Portugal are slipping into book burning dictatorships - in the UK under the guise of 'antifacism' - which seems tohave failed to recognise the circular nature of politics....left becoming right!


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