1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

Freedom and truth about the lie

by Gonçalo Amaral

In the book ‘Maddie, The truth of the Lie’ I spoke about the manner in which an investigation can be manipulated and deviated from its main goal: the discovery of truth and the performance of justice. In that case, it would be easy: just replace the coordinating policeman.

Nevertheless, just like the ‘Golden Whistle’ investigation, nobody cared about the danger for the independence of a criminal investigation. With the ‘Freeport’ case, things were more delicate, the people who needed to be replaced were not mere civil servants, policemen, anymore, but rather illustrious Public Ministry Prosecutors. That was when nearly ‘all hell broke loose’ (it’s still threatening to) and leading personalities in this country alerted to the danger.

Today, I was notified about a judicial decision that will forbid me from expressing my opinion about the ‘Maddie’ case investigation, in which I was a policeman, in written or oral form. I will be forbidden from exercising my freedom of expression, yet being a mere citizen and a common former policeman, we will have to wait for the ‘Casa Pia’, the ‘Golden Whistle’ and the ‘Freeport’ cases for ‘all hell to break loose’ for good. But the times when people couldn’t speak up is long gone and there cannot be class differences as far as rights, freedoms and guarantees are concerned. And I’m not shutting up.

source: Correio da Manhã, 12.09.2009


  1. This man is simply wonderful!

    Sofia, you're a very lucky woman!

    Bless you both x

  2. Força Sr. Gonçalo Amaral, a verdade virá ao de cima e cá estaremos todos a dar-lhe os parabens.
    Li hoje no jornal Publico que foi absolvido pelo Tribunal da Relação de Évora do crime de omissão de denuncia. PARABENS e nunca desmoralize. A VERDADE ESTÁ CONSIGO E PREVALECERÁ.

  3. The most encouraging piece of news to be in PRINT this week!

    Well said Sr Amaral!

    And if I may be so bold as to say -your lookin' goooood!


  4. What's betting that if this had happened to some poor working class family the same 'sympathy' on the part of the Portuguese judiciary would not have been there after leaving their kids and one coming to serious harm.

    They would no doubt have done a spell inside, and deservedly so.

    The McCanns have been walking on water for too long, let's hope it's ice and the thaw is coming.

  5. Love him or hate him this man has cojones...He needs no one to speak for him...not a pink mouthpiece in sight.


  6. The McCanns are nothing more and nothing less than a common working class family. I am sorry but being mortgaged up to the hilt, which they must have been if after such a short space of time they couldn't meet their mortgage payments and had to use funds donated by the public, then their financial situation must have been dire.

    In the UK people have been encouraged to live beyond their means for many years. The amount of personal debt in the UK is beyond imagination. The be all and end all is to own a house only it is not the be all and end all.

    To give the McCanns status at all is wrong they are no different to anyone else and why they should be treated any differently is beyond comprehension.

    However, if you tell someone often enough that you are better than the rest then people will begin to believe you. Just as if you keep shouting "it was an abduction" often enough people will believe you.

    They believe their own propaganda and we should not jump on the bandwagon and believe them.

    If people believe the McCanns can shut us up - then they will.

    What if they had defaulted on their mortgage - where would they have ended up? They are no different from anyone else but they would like you to think they are.

  7. Bravo Dr Amaral you deserve our respect and you certainly have our support.

    Sorry to put up two separate comments but it's hard to put the McCanns and Dr Amaral in the same comment.

  8. http://www.pro8news.com/news/57610642.html

    Heres another no guessing who will be involved when police finish their investigation...for sure it won't be the milkman.

    When will the Mccanns get it into their head that family and close friends are always suspects .

  9. De Gonçalo Amaral não espero menos. Desejo que ele tenha o seu trabalho de casa todo bem feito, suportado pelos seus pares estrangeiros e quando não tiver procure, faça, telefone (you name it) eu estou disponível, posso procurar, posso fazer, posso telefonar, posso perguntar o que quiser. Que não lhe faltem braços nesta árdua cruzada pela verdade e pela justiça porque também os meus direitos funamentais estão em causa a partir do momento em que ficaram em causa os seus.
    Cidadania, envolvimento, coragem, dignidade, firmeza perante as dificuldades pode pedir porque seremos certamente muitos mais o que temos isso em comum do que aspectos mesquinhos que nos possam afastar. Use e abuse, nós somos muitos, e estamos na sua retaguarda. Aliás, estaremos no tribunal na sua audiência e se for à porta fechada, estaremos cá fora, e se houver barreira de polícia, estaremos um pouco mais atrás, mas estaremos lá para que todos nos possam ver.
    O caso Madeleine está longe de ser encerrado e quando isso acontecer terá de ser feito com dignidade. Já fomos todos longe demais, esta onda nunca mais será travada. E como foi pribibida apetece-me ainda mais!

  10. Mr Amaral you have the support of a lot of people in the UK. You and your family are in my prayers every day. God Bless you and our Lady of Fatima protect you and yours.

    I even spell your name right now, I had a spelling lesson on this blog.
    Wonderful people.

  11. a thinly veiled threat from Dr. Amaral that he knows an awful lot of information concerning the Freeport case.

    If they try & take him down, a lot of others will fall too...

    The Portuguese govt have to ask themselves "are Gerry & Kate really worth all of this?"

    the very best of luck Goncalo

  12. É assim mesmo, Alexandra! Há que mobilizar, dinamizar e acordar todos os portugueses.
    Eu tambem estarei lá, dando força e aplaudindo este Homem - Gonçalo Amaral - pois é o UNICO que defende não só a sua, mas a honra de todos os Portugueses!
    FORÇA DR. GONÇALO AMARAL continue a provar que tem razão. Nunca desista!

  13. Yet they are still considered middle class Carol because they are doctors, even though they are from working class backgrounds.

    They also have something most poor working class people don't have, namely, access to friends in high places who have been willing to propagate the abduction scenario and promote these people as victims.

    A word in the right ear and all that, and it's certainly paid off for them.

    So far.

    Yet, that book of Dr Amaral's is still snapping at their heels and people are having their eyes opened to another scenario from the one they and their supporters are wanting the public to believe.

  14. People of Portugal wake up defend this man, The Maccann's have since May 2007,dragged the Good name of Portugal and its people into the mud to save their own skin. Its not about their little girl now, she has long gone its about them. Its not about shutting Mr Amaral up its about shutting you all up. Don't become like the UK. We have had a Govenment since 1997 of dictators and tyrants and this is all going your way.so wake up before its too late. and defend this wondeful man you can do it.
    You have elections coming up make this a political hotspot and things will soon change.
    The man who has just been pardoned Micheal Shields I dont know of his gulit or Innocence but he has been released becaue Liverpool is a Labour stronghold and the general election is coming up.

  15. Dr Goncalo Amaral is one of Portugal's best.

    May he go from strength to strength.

    He is the sort of person Portugal should have as Prime Minister.

  16. Thank you, Mr. Amaral, for putting a smile back on my face.

    You have the courage of a tiger, sir.

    I hope others within and outside of Portugal will step up and publicly defend your right (and theirs) to freedom of expression.

    Always, I wish the best to you and to your wife and wish you success in your endeavors.

  17. Congratulations to Mr. Amaral for having the courage to confront this reckless decision.

  18. I am about to leave official complain to European Union about the freedom of speech. There is no way that Portugal is saying which books can be printet in MY country.
    Portugal should think about that.

    All the best for Dr. Amaral.

  19. I hope Sr Amaral is able to appeal and drag the McCanns kicking and screaming into a court room, it is that which they fear most.

    They ae very careful (their lawyers are - being the top highest paid chaps that they are) to avoid having to have the McCanns answer ANY questions!

  20. My very very best wishes to Mr Amaral.

    Carol, absolutely agree with your point about property not being the be all and end all of life. Trouble is we've been practically brainwashed over the past 12 years to believe it is. 12 years of a 'socialist' (ha ha) govt, that I voted and canvassed for -Doh! IMO, The McCanns represent a very shallow interpretation of 'success' in the minds of many people. Theirs is a lifestyle we're all suppossed to aspire to - where career and status count for everything. Hence the servility of fawning chattering-class celebrity columnists in the tabloids who have claimed that their faith in human nature would be destroyed if the McCanns are proved to be guilty; who have claimed that it is common to leave children alone, while the hard-working professional luvvies nip out for bites and wine with their chums. Everyone knows the attitude of these cretins would have been very different had the parents been, say, unemployed. 12 years of Labour, and class snobbery and prejudice in the Uk is more deeply entrenched than ever.

    Again, my best wishes Mr Amaral, and my thanks to you Joana, Astro and Kuzlux.

  21. i feel sorry for maddie and i am also concerned about the freedom of speech or should i say the loss of it..


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