1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

Gonçalo Amaral Interview on RTPN - at 6 pm

The interview is not going to be made. The reporter apologized, said that the interview was not going to happen, and moved on with other news.


  1. The interview will start at 6pm, GMT time, roughly in 13 minutes.

  2. Can't wait to hear what Mr. Goncalo has to say. I was in Portugal this summer and finaly purchased his book. I am glad I was able to read it before it was banned.

  3. Why no interview? What gives?

  4. Hi Joana,

    waht`s wrong with the interview? I don't understand.

    warm regards Sibylle

  5. It appears the judge's order was - like Mrs "Justice" Hogg's order in the UK a complete gagging order. Amaral is not even allowed to speak about the case or put his honestly held opinion (which the McCanns have never dared challenge directly).

    What sort of dictatorship are we living under now in Europe?

  6. Joana, minha filha, que é isto?

    Ele nào poderia falar na Espanha?

    Ou na Holanda, França?

    What is this all about, Joana?
    Can't he give an interview in Spain, Holland, France?

  7. ....but THEY are totally allowed and even encouraged to feed the news with their lies,their flimsy theories and NOW they are acting like BLOODY D I C T A T O R S

    What have BOTH UK and Portuguese gvnts to HIDE that such extrems are reached?
    We just cannot accept this.
    This is NOT acceptable by any means

  8. I'm not surprised if the interview in RTP will be canceled. RTP is controled by the government and there is censure on it. Some powerful journalists dennounced it months ago.
    Mccann's and Socrates you signed your suicide today and you show us that what we think was a suspicion, became today truth and you are guilty. Something very serious happened to your daughter and you know it very well and was not an abduction. For Socrates, he is trying to convence the people that he did not interfere with justice and the media. You choose the bad time to do that action- It is clear that Moniz and Moura Guedes are right when they accuse you of pressures. You become a clown in Mccann's circus.
    By the way are they planing to go across the world and try to ban from internet and from houses what the people write and feel about them? WHAT A JOB to show you how ridiculous was that action, after months of people spreading and discussing this issue in the internet.

    Annother interesting thing about the time of the interview 6pm. Was not the time when Portugal Football team is going to play against Hungary? Annother strategy from a controled channel to avoid him to go to annother Tv and to get less people watching him. Everybody will be gluded on the Football. WE NEED ACTIONS FROM NORMAL PEOPLE TO SHOW ALL THAT BUNCHS THAT THEY CANNOT FOOL US FOR MORE THEN 2 YEARS. WE WANT THE INVESTIGATION RE-OPENNED. A CHILD STILL MISSING AND NEED JUSTICE. SHE was the most dramatic offended but still treated as a decoration on her parents life.

  9. This ban is outrageous. It is dictatorship pure and simple. Today, if this illegal ban, contradicting and violating Art. 37 of the Portuguese constitution is not lifted immediately and declared null and void, Portugal has ceased to be a democracy and fell back to the time before 1974. Next to the fact that Portugal seems to have become a British colony by now, urged to accept British rule and orders,the main question remains what certain people have to hide. It must be a terrible secret going far beyond the Maddie case. Therefore, it is about time to take a closer look at Prime Minister José Sócrates. No doubt that he is vulnerable to blackmail by the Brits. Its not the McCanns, but the powers of evil behind them who are in control of the situation. I don't think it is this what the Portuguese fought for in 1974. If they do not stand up against this violation of their constitution, they may very soon live in a state like the UK where "Bit Brother" is watching every move of the citizens. Portuguese it is time to wake up!


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