1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

Gonçalo Amaral leaves the Country to Accuse the McCanns

Forbidden to speak about his version of the Maddie Case, which puts the parents at the origin of the child's disappearance, the former Inspector gives an interview to TV Record, in Spain.

Silenced in Portugal, Gonçalo Amaral went to Ayamonte, Spain, to tell again his version of Maddie's story, exposed in his book «The Truth of the Lie».

The Former Inspector of the Maddie Case bypassed in this way the injunction that prevents him to speak freely on the thesis of the child's death and the concealment of the corpse by her parents. However, the daily Press today reveals that the ban to Gonçalo Amaral will be enforced anywhere in the world.[this could only be achieved if the McCanns process Mr. Amaral in every Civil Court of every and each Country, no Court has jurisdiction to forbid a Citizen to speak abroad]

The McCann were in Lisbon yesterday in a meeting with their lawyers to proceed with the reopening of the inquest* to their daughter's disappearance and «refresh the searches». The Couple refused to make any comments regarding their conflict with the former PJ inspector.

Gonçalo Amaral's interview to TV Record will be broadcast in 70 Countries, the date is still unknown.

in TVI24

*This is a gross mistake, the McCanns confessed that "they wished to reopen the process", obviously they won't even bother to try to reopen the process, which they could as it's in their legal right as assistants to the process. They could, for example, answer the PJ questions or request that an official reconstruction of the events of 3rd of May 2007 is made. The Public Ministry would no doubt reopen the process to the investigation of Madeleine Beth McCann' disappearance again.


  1. Wonderful man God Bless and be with him always and all who fight for justice for this child.

  2. Totally brilliant!! God bless him!!
    The McScums will be shitting bricks.
    Thank you Joana for this wonderful news it has really made my day.

  3. Just how is this ban going to be enforced anywhere in the world? I would like to see Dr. Amaral get himself over to the UK and hold a press conference as soon as possible. Attacking in enemy territory is the best form of defence. A lot of people would be surprised (or horrified) at the extent of his support amongst the UK public.


  4. Gonçalo Amaral, a man who stands as a beacon of integrity in the murky, sordid and soiled world of the increasingly filthy scum that is the McCann family.

    An innocent three-year-old girl, accidentally killed by Kate McCann in May 2007, has been seemingly turned into nothing more than a whore for an insatiable twenty-first century media by her evil pimping parents and their parasitic lawyers.

    RealHumptyB on Twitter

  5. Há alguma coisa concreta que o Sr Gonçalo Amaral ache importante que o povo português faça para conseguirmos dsmascarar este odioso casal?Dê-nos só uma pistazinha

  6. Give that man a cigar..

    Good on yeh mate...

  7. RealHumptyB says it all and so eloquently, well said indeed !

  8. You just have to love him, sorry Mrs. Amaral :-)

  9. This man is wonderful. He lifts my spirits and re-enforces my faith in humanity. He is brave and good, a light in the darkness, giving hope to us all.

  10. Broadcast in 70 countries, eh? Now that's very good news!

    As for the reopening of the case, Kate McCann sidestepped the question about that yesterday, saying it didn't matter whether or not it was reopened. A most astonishing remark to make IMO, just about on a par with them not going to where Madeleine's being held in a cellar, according to that master detective, D Edgar. Either they don't agree with Edgar, which begs the question why are they employing him, or they do agree but didn't think it worthwhile to go to where he insists she's being held.

    Maybe more important things to do, like censor the whole world. Thank God Mr Amaral has no intention of shutting up and there are many others right behind him.


  12. Thank Goodness! Dr Amaral, I wish you all the best in all you do about this case. Thank you.

  13. The Maccanns thought they had a God given right to have children hence the IVF. Then to avoid answering police questions another of their rights, then leave Portugal another of their rights,then shut up everyone who doubts their version of events and sue everything and everyone who casts a shadow on their rights. This vile pair need to come off the high pedestal they have placed themselves on before they head for a very nasty fall. Other people have rights as well.

  14. Gonçalo Amaral - A man who walks where Angels fear to tread.

    "Please God, Love & Bless this man on his journey".

  15. With such a noise around this story, Amaral's goal is acheaved.
    People in Britain know already what he published.

  16. Just goes to show you can't keep a good man down...We love you in Spain Goncalo...


  17. [this could only be achieved if the McCanns process Mr. Amaral in every Civil Court of every and each Country, no Court has jurisdiction to forbid a Citizen to speak abroad]


    They will be old and grey by then. Here in Spain the Judges have been on strike and it wil takes years before they catch up...A civil case in every court in Spain...any idea how many there are..Madeleine will be a granny lol


  18. "...see Dr. Amaral get himself over to the UK and hold a press conference..."
    Which media would have the guts to be there ? None very probably (too expensive)

  19. I admire his tenacity, now. I only wish he hadn't been so polite at the beginning, and instead of delivering weekly updates to them, treated them as suspects from the off.
    My main concern, apart from the stress it must cause him and his wife, is that you only get one bite of the cherry.
    In other words, the chance may have been lost. I certainly hope not and I'm not criticizing his ability as I can imagine what he was up against in the early days.

    Two things, why is it so sure that K McCann and not her husband harmed Madeleine? The fact that he answered questions and she didn't maybe points to her not knowing the answers, whereas he did!

    The other is, how can Portugal tell me, who I can or not listen to?
    I can understand, though not approve of my own Government telling me. But why Portugal?
    Good luck to Mr Amaral, maybe he needs the Human Rights Bill.

  20. This man is a genuine HERO!
    I hope and pray that he is is protected by God and all His Angels from the mysterious protectors of the McCanns.
    Who in my opinion will one day reside in 'the other place'.
    God Bless you Dr. Amaral.

  21. 'Tis all a chequered board of nights and days.
    Where destiny with men for pieces plays hither and thither moves,and mates and slays "All the best to you Mr amaral.

  22. Imagine the young lady in distress in the dungeon watching TV and realizing that her best beloved are more interested in a press conference than in searching (half circle) within a 16 km radius !

  23. [this could only be achieved if the McCanns process Mr. Amaral in every Civil Court of every and each Country, no Court has jurisdiction to forbid a Citizen to speak abroad]

    The above is stated with authority, so I believe you. (Hands held together in Prayer)

  24. Mr Amaral I think you are such a good and brave man.Can you get a judge in Spain to prevent the McCanns stopping your book there.
    Iknow you are a man of the law. I am sure you know exactly hat your doing.Good luck and Gd Bless

  25. He will be welcomed here in Spain with open arms if he decides to move and carry on his "Search for Justice" the Spaniards do not like child neglectors as they have shown when asked to vote if they believed the Mccanns...More than 80% said they did not.


  26. Thanks for this Joana.

    Open Letter to Gerry and Kate McCann

    I have always believed in the principle of innocent until proved guilty.

    You chose instead to appear in front of the court of public opinion via the media.

    The jury were not convinced of your innocence in the disappearance of Madeleine.

    The jury found you guilty of child neglect.

    You have been offered every opportunity to tell the truth. And yet you persist in hiding behind lies and attempting to silence truth seekers by threatening them with libel lawyers.

    You can run but you cannot hide from the truth.

    1. What child abduction?

    2. Why did you lie about a fake break in?

    3. Why did you claim it was safe to leave 3 children under 4 years of age unsupervised when nobody else on earth thinks it was safe?

    Until you answer these questions satisfactorily people will not believe your version of events.

  27. Off Topic, but wanted to thank Joana, Astro and Kazlux on behalf of us all.
    If you weren't bringing us news, we wouldn't have a clue. How you find time and run the forum, I've no idea.
    A huge round of applause for you all.

  28. Keep going Gonçalo!

    The McCanns are starting to trip themselves up now, they're backed into a corner and their only means of defence is attack.

    And a new book on the way too! You can't get much better than this man.

    Get 'em Gonçalo! And when you've got 'em, go after the others!

  29. censorship occurs here too, my last comment has not been received, yet it was not as rough as some others here, but I am not anti McCann so... Weldone for being so openminded...

  30. if the McCann's were (or were not) with her when she was "taken"... then in my opinion they are fully aware that the fund is a fraud. Yet one more lie.

    they have been robbing old ladies savings & children's piggy banks to pay, not only their mortgage, but their solicitors & pr team.

    they abandoned all their kids at night whilst they went out with mates
    they've denied their first daughter a decent burial
    and denied everything to save their own skins

    classy pair

  31. What a man!!!
    Dr. Amaral, I have the highest respect for you.

  32. Gonçalo te esperamos y mas que todo TE QUEREMOS!

    ANIMO! No vamos a dejar que nos quiten nuestros derechos humanos mas basicos: la libertad de expresion

  33. Btw Mr. Amaral you are always welcome in our house and say anything you like!

  34. What has amaral said? Isn't this excitement a little premature. The fact is that everone knows now that he cannot substantiate what he has said, that's why the hjs own court has silenced him. Let him go to court and contradict the mccanns in person instead of running away to spain.

  35. Take that team Mccann..!!!! Take care Dr. Amaral, I hope you find a nice place to enjoy your family safely, away from the powers that be, God bless you all.

  36. I would ask Mr Amaral : "you thought the McCanns would not sue you for you have serious evidences to produce against them. Now that they have sued you, what are you waiting for presenting these evidences ? Oh, is this that you don't have any ?"

  37. Actions always speak louder than words and Sr Amaral has my vote!

    Take good care Sir. :-)

  38. Joana your Madeleine Foundation link now leads to missing Madeleine- Team McCann by looks of it.

  39. "Let him go to court and contradict the mccanns in person instead of running away to spain."

    I'm sure Dr Amaral is happy to oblige.

    In the Mccanns own words ' BRING IT ON '

  40. Joana are you aware your Madeleine Foundation link now leads to Missing Madeleine?

  41. «Joana are you aware your Madeleine Foundation link now leads to Missing Madeleine?»

    Hi that is the Missing Madeleine Forum at http://missingmadeleine.forumotion.net/forum.htm

    The Madeleine Foundation is being redirected there as a temporary solution. Thanks.

  42. "Running away?" I bet Mr Amaral never ran from anything in his entire life. Unlike the McCann pair who fled on the Easyjet and then had a Police escort up a closed M1.

    I know it would kill all debate, but the sooner we accept that the apartment was locked, yes LOCKED on leaving all their valuables in it, the sooner we can understand what happened on the 2nd or 3rd of May.
    Some assume that death is instantaneous following a blow or fall.
    Not so. My adult Daughter cracked her head in a Hospital where she works at 11 am one morning. After being glued and monitored on a Ward all day, she was cleared to leave by a Doctor at 8pm. I was there all day with her, of course.

    She stood to dress and was immediately struck down by the severity of what appeared to be a small cut to her scalp. Unconscious on the floor. Obviously kept in for another 24 hours.

    Mr Amaral is adamant that Madeleine was seen on the 3rd, he should know. But, did an injury occur earlier, maybe on the 2nd May, when all the crying was going on?
    Remember, my darling Girl was cleared to go home by a Doctor. Wrong! The Doctor was wrong.
    They are fallible as proved in my daughter's case.
    Maybe the Doctors were wrong on the night of 2nd May 2007 and on the 3rd realised their mistake.

  43. I firmly believe the cry "They've taken her"
    Those are some of the only words I am sure of in this whole case.

    Who took her though?
    In the days of the Daily Mirror Forum, I assumed it to be the friends. (Taken, as removed)
    Now I wonder, as the British Consulate were involved so heavily, was it them?
    K McCann was so shocked at Madeleine not being there, yet still ran to the Tapas Bar with no concern for the twins. So she knew the twins were in no danger.
    Some say follow the money, others say Freemasons, others sex.

    I say NHS. 6 NHS Doctors, up to their necks in trouble. how would you feel taking your beloved child into A&E? No, nor me.

  44. Or someone else was already pre-booked and on the way before "it" unexpectedly happened.

    Remember the four photos of the much younger maddy produced on a mystery printer and so quickly circulated on the night.

  45. ran away?,excuse me but didnt the mmccans run away from portugal and they have been running ever since.
    at least mr amaral is true to his word. so mmccanns and tapas 7 you are in big trouble now as you will not be able to stop mr amaral no matter what kind of stunts you try to pull and thanks to him a lot more people can see what you lot are really like.

  46. Mr Amaral Sir, you are indeed a very courageous gentleman. There is alot of support for you here in the UK. God bless you and your family.

  47. We must all keep a copy of his book, they'll have to raid everyones home!

    They cannot stop us saying that they left their child alone in an unlocked apartment in a country foreign to them - she would still live with them if not for their failure in their duty of care, they were negligent and someone should prosecute them.

  48. Anonymous said: would ask Mr Amaral : "you thought the McCanns would not sue you for you have serious evidences to produce against them. Now that they have sued you, what are you waiting for presenting these evidences ? Oh, is this that you don't have any ?"

    No, they have not sued him yet. To sue him they would have to take him to Court because he would not settle out of Court. They are attempting to gag him but without a Court Order. They are trying to find loopholes to shut him up before this gets to Court! If you were following this case properly you would know he has not been sued by them, just all talk, talk, talk at the moment. If he is gagged by a Judge in his own country (behind his back and without defending himself) he is entitled to go to another country for his freedom of speech. It is what any sane person who wants to be heard would do

  49. I would like to ask this brilliant professional - What do the MCS know to make them so powerful?
    -is perhaps what lies behind Castle Craig?

    Nothing in theis case is normal.

  50. Wonder to see if the Mccann's are going to sue TV Record for broadcasting the interview across 70 countrys... and TV Record answering back that they have read PJ files and arrived at the same conclusion as Amaral, which mean's, the case was shelved with the authorities believing that the girl died on May 3, 2007. They cannot sue Amaral in Spain because he is not a Spannish cityzen, then... the only way is sueing the TV.
    Wonder to see judge Baltazar Garzon looking to have a revenche against the "Rucked" lawyers because he had a bad digestion with Pinnochet extradition.
    GO ON AMARAL, trillions of people in the world are at your side.

  51. Good luck Senor Amaral and thanks Joana and team for keeping us informed.
    I am ashamed of the British media for the way they bow to this evil pair of child neglectors.
    Portugal is such a family oriented country, it must be difficult for you to understand how parents could be so cruel as to leave young children to go out guzzling.
    They are not typical of anyone I know or would want to know.
    I pray that soon the truth will be revealed and put them behind bars.

  52. Vamos para a rua. Estejam atentos. Cinjam os rins, é tempo de guerra!!!
    Let's go to the streets. Pay attention to the signs. War has already started.

  53. Goncalo Amaral has more integrity, decency and honour in his smallest toe-nail than the McCanns have in their entire bodies.
    You have truth on your side Goncalo....may God be beside you at all times as you bring this awful pair to eventually face justice.

  54. I know we are facing a media lockdown in both Portugal and the UK but this is the message we should be hammering home: "Why don't you ask for the investigation to be reopened?"

    Even more as they now claim that the Portugese judiciary have confirmed that Madeleine never died. What could possibly prevent them making that request.

    Furthermore, since they claim Maddie has been spirited away abroad, why on Earth aren't they shouting from the rooftops for the UK Police to launch a proper formal investigation into her wherabouts and her fate?

    These are very simple and basic points and Team McCann have no answer to them - apart from prevarication and bluster.

  55. Dr Amaral and Joana Morais... two children of great Lusitania.
    Let the side that carries the truth and solution to this case win !

  56. I have always suspected that it was Gerry and not Kate. Gerry is the one who knows exactly what happened to Madeleine. Remember the Smith family from Ireland !
    God bless Dr. Amaral !

  57. What was the point of banning the book in Portugal?! It only helps Dr. Amaral's case. The book only became more popular and any televised interviews around the world will now attract more viewers. Most people have already read "The Truth of the Lie". I have. So the McCanns really are not very clever.
    In addition, the interview in Ayamonte will be published in SEVENTY countries ? Brilliant !
    The McCanns do not realize that the people in 'high places' trying to get the McCanns 'off the hook' will drop them at a moment's notice once the McCanns become too much of an embarassment. Being a National Health doctor isn't a high enough position to save them if they become too embarassing.

  58. What the Portuguese during the discoveries in the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries did for Portugal, Dr. Amaral is enhancing !!
    What The Beatles did for England's reputation abroad, the McCanns are destroying.

  59. Isn't it just sad and ironic that a decent citizen of Portugal has to go abroad (Spain) to use his right to freedom of speech granted to him by the Portuguese Constitution.
    Just an aside, LOL, it's not that Dr. Amaral had to travel very far. When I was in the Algarve 4 weeks ago and in Praia da Luz, I drove from Praia Da Luz with the family for a lunch in a restaurant in Ayamonte. That is only about an hour and a half's drive from Praia Da Luz. Still, Dr. Amaral shouldn't have to do that.


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