1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

Gonçalo Amaral opposes book suspension

Gonçalo Amaral presented opposition to the Lisbon Civil Court’s decision that prohibited the ongoing sale of the book “Maddie: The truth about the lie”.

The former Polícia Judiciária inspector’s defence considers that the book does not reveal anything beyond what is included in the judicial process, which is public.

Lawyer António Cabrita says that the book “does not offend the McCann couple’s good name, consideration and reputation in any manner and does not harm the continuation of the searches for Madeleine in any form”.

Following an injunction by the McCann couple, the Lisbon Civil Court determined, earlier this month, to prohibit the sale of the book and any comments by Gonçalo Amaral about the English girl’s disappearance.

The former inspector has presented opposition to the dispatch today, and delivered a list of seven witnesses, including British policemen, who may be heard by the judge.


Transcript & translation of audio:

Dr António Cabrita: "We have presented a counterclaim to the attempted injunction, within the deadline that we were given. In our view, what Dr Gonçalo Amaral has written in the book, does not offend the McCann couple’s good name, consideration and reputation in any manner whatsoever and does not harm the continuation of the searches for Madeleine in any form whatsoever. What is written in Dr Gonçalo Amaral’s book, and which is called ‘Dr Gonçalo Amaral’s theory’ in the injunction, is what results from the inquiry by the Public Ministry."

source: Rádio Renascença, 24.09.2009


  1. it will be VERY interesting to see the out come of this.Mr amaral is the who has truth on his side.
    also how is the book stopping people serching for madeleine when in there own words they have recieved 1,000 emails and phone calls following the appeal.bluddy liars they are.

  2. Never ever give up Amaral don't let them scare you into giving up because that's what they want us all to do!!
    They ? lost their child and asked you and all the world to help find her so that's what we will continue to do,
    They asked for money we gave it to them, they used it for other purposes not in Maddie's interests... If Maddie is still alive she will only be interested in returning home not who to sue next.. They are not interested in finding Maddie otherwise the case would never have been allowed to be archived.
    I have just lost my daughter on july 2nd and I would not give a damn if somebody beat me to a pulp or called me names if it would bring her back.

  3. the mmccans think that by useing carter ruck that every one should be quaking in thier boots,but let me tell you mccanns not every one is intimidated by them and mr amaral is proof of that

  4. *Dr António Cabrita*

    "What is written in Dr Gonçalo Amaral’s book, and which is called ‘Dr Gonçalo Amaral’s theory’ in the injunction, is what results from the inquiry by the Public Ministry."


  5. Firstly, to Meg, I just want to say my thoughts are with you at what must be an extraordinarily difficult time for you and your family.

    Sadly, Madeleine is not alive, as Gerry McCann inadvertently confirmed in Lisbon on Wednesday, and she will not be returning home.

    But with every day that passes we edge closer to the denouement of this story, a simple tale of two aspirational British medics arrogant enough to believe they could deceive the world.

    And failed.

    Humpty Bumpty
    RealHumptyB on Twitter

  6. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-496697/Murats-lawyer-McCanns-cursed-leaving-Madeleine-alone.html

    Interesting story in the Daily Mail today.

  7. Off-topic so please forgive me Joana but I am still seeking more information from those in the UK with access to phone, travel or financial information on Gerry's brother, John McCann, Glasgow G14, former AstraZeneca employee, for April, May and June 2007.

    Anonymity respected, confidentiality assured.

    HumptyBumpty on MaddieCaseFiles
    RealHumptyB on Twitter

  8. Dear Meg, what a terrile news.
    I'terribly sorry you lost your daughter.
    Life can be cruel and some people suffer more than others.
    I don't know what to wish you but I tell you you are in my heart and my thoughts.

  9. My sincere condolences Meg, nothing could be worse than losing your child.

    I'm suprised at the British Police as witnesses, but pleasantly so.

  10. I'm surprised so many authority figures have stuck by the McCann's over the last 2 years...

    & I'm including Portuguese judges in the list

    would it be such a catastrophe if they were found guilty?

  11. Mr Amaral, you have my deepest respect and I hope you wipe the floor with your opponents. Whatever the outcome, your courage, dignity and determination will lead others to follow your example. You are an inspiration.

    Many people who were not particularly interested in the original investigation are now becoming aware of this new twist - the prohibition of free speech. a whole new tidal wave of people, as this is not a case of somebody else's child disappearing, this is something which ultimately affects each and every one of us on a personal level.

    Stay strong.

  12. «keyser sose said...

    Interesting story in the Daily Mail today.

    25/09/09 09:45»

    that's from 2007

  13. Sometimes I wonder if the McCanns would like to get the official report itself banned, so that no one could read the facts of the case. It was a shrewd move on the part of the Portuguese authorities to go public with the details of the investigation, otherwise the only version of the case would be that of the McCanns. No matter what they do now, as regards books or documentaries or websites, they can't change the fact that the true facts of the investigation, including all the various statements of the Tapas 9 and the dogs' alerts in the apartment and car, are out there for anyone who cares to read them.

    If anything stops people looking for Madeleine it'll be the fact that nowhere in the official files is there any proof that an abduction took place. Also, according to Dave Edgar's interview with the Belfast Telegraph just 2 weeks ago, the McCanns' detective 'insists the golden-haired youngster is being held just 10 miles from where she was snatched in Praia da Luz', so did her parents go to PdL to help him with the search when they visited Portugal on Wednesday? No, they didn't. Why not?

    Could someone remind me again - who IS looking for Madeleine?

  14. Yes, probably it would be a catastrophe if they would be found guilty.
    Imo, this story goes beyond the McCanns.
    There are terrible things behind it.
    I think the McCanns are not only protecting themselves but also other people, perhaps from Tapas 7.
    Who knows the McCanns are the weakest people of the group and not the strongest.
    If they were powerful before, Gerald would not have been unemployed for two years.

    But it was their child.
    And that is the problem.

  15. Maybe people who remembers gaffes of the McCanns, ilogical things, mistakes should publish them here, in order to help Amaral in his process.
    Or perhaps email it to Joana.
    Is that a good idea?

  16. The outcome of his counter claim COULD be (1) that he is approached with an offer of a few million Euros in an attempt to gag him OR (2) that he is found dead, the result of an 'accident'. Regarding (1), Dr. Amaral isn't scum and I feel confident he would not fall for that one and (2) he is too high profile... but then so was JFK !
    -I hope and pray that Dr. Amaral, who has shown the world that he is no Mickey Mouse, pursues justice for him and for Madeleine. I pray too that he wins his c/claim.
    I was very angry at the decision to grant the McCanns that injunction which clearly attacks the most basic of freedoms... that of freedom of speech. 'Personal reputation' should not override ' freedom of speech' for the McCanns are also free to write a book in reply to "Verdade Da Mentira" and if they choose not to it may very well be that they have no answer to what Dr. Amaral says in the book. Besides, as Dr. Amaral says, everything he says in the book is in the investigation files which have already become public a year ago.

  17. To date Dr. Amaral has put his faith in the Portuguese justice system and lost every time. All the judgements against him have been dubious and there is every reason to view the latest proceedings with a great deal of cynicism. Somehow I cannot see the establishments of either Portugal or the UK suddenly allowing the truth to prevail here.


  18. I pray every day for protection for Mr Amaral and his family I implore all of us to do the same.

    The Maccanns are not the FBI or the KGB or the SAS Gerry is no 007. They are just a couple of doctors who through their arrogance thought they could fool the world, and going by the interview in Portugal they are not now even very good liars.
    God Bless you Mr Amaral, you stand as a beacon of light, in a world of darkness. People of Portugal be proud of this son of yours, he is a one off, I wish we had him in the UK

  19. Vamos ver qual vai ser o adjectivo que vamos aplicar a justica portuguesa nesta contestacao: CORAGEM ou COVARDIA?

    Eu palpito- COVARDIA! Sobretudo se depois de domingo continuarmos a ter de digerir a figura do actual PM como Primeiro Ministro.


  20. Sorry, Mrs. and Mr. McCann, but you should not try to influence our personal choices.
    It is absolute lawful to read Senhor Amarals book. And then - after the reading - it is possible to form an own opinion.
    We are not little babies!
    We can decide by ourselves.

  21. Dr. Amaral's lawyer has correctly indicated his response - the book states the results of the inquiry - and does not damage the McCanns good name - just the facts from the man who headed the investigation.

  22. Anybody would think the McCann children were the only children to come into the orbit of this case.

    What about Dr Amaral's children regarding the vilification he has endured from the UK media/McCanns.

    He is their father after all and utter lies have been told about him.

    And now they have also attacked Mrs Amaral by twisting her words.

    Surely he has a right to put his case as to what really happened in the investigation via his book in order to counter all the slurs flung at him from those irresponsible/dangerous parents, the McCanns.

    Perhaps the judge should take that into account when she makes her final judgement regarding the banning of the book.

    Dr Amaral also has a family and this consideration, together with his right to free speech, should come first.

  23. Anonymous of 9/25 said "And now they have also attacked Mrs Amaral by twisting her words."

    Could you please clarify the event by example, please?

  24. Am talking about the UK media Jolie and the message sent from Mrs Amaral regarding the slurs on her husband and the actual hard work he had put into the case, contrary to the image which has been portrayed of him.

    Twisted since, to make it seem like she was saying something other than what she was meaning.

  25. Thank you, Anonymous. Then the open letter to Kate McCann from Sofia Leal is genuine? I had read comments online that questioned the authorship. I thought it was an excellent piece and would like it verified as hers, if possible.

  26. Doctor Amaral you are not alone.
    Reason, common sense and truth are on your side.
    God Bless you !

  27. I mean, they must think we're all stupid.
    The English dogs detected scent of cadaver in the boot of the car AND their car was seen by a JURIST on holidays in Praia Da Luz, everyday, during the day and during the night with the boot lid open... clearly to air any traces of cadaver scent!
    Who do they think they are trying to kid ?!
    Haven't accused been convicted for less?!


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