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Gonçalo Amaral’s book prohibited from sale

by Ana Paula Azevedo

The 13th Section of the Civil Court of Lisbon has today conceded the injunction that had been presented by the McCann couple, the parents of Maddie – who disappeared in Praia da Luz in May 2007 – in the sense of prohibiting the sale of the book by Gonçalo Amaral, the former Polícia Judiciária inspector who defends the thesis that the parents were responsible over the disappearance and death of the child.

The book, Maddie – The Truth about the Lie – cannot be sold as of today, and all copies that are in shops or in storage must be collected.

The court has further decided to sustain the McCann couple’s request to prohibit the distribution of the movie that is based on the same book, and was broadcast by TVI.

The court demands Valentim de Carvalho and Guerra e Paz to collect all of the books that are still on sale in bookshops, forbidding them of ceding the rights of exhibition of the video and of sale of the book into other countries.

According to the same decision, the editors are not allowed to publish this or other books or videos that defend the same thesis.

Finally, it forbids Gonçalo Amaral to make any statements about the contents of the book or the video.

source: SOL, 09.09.2009



  1. well i for one am furious,what can be done,jesus it really makes one wonder WHAT THE MCCANNS ARE HOPING TO HIDE they are simply SCUM

  2. now is the time for mr amaral to tell all that he knows,the mccanns and the tapas lot certainly have some thing to hide.i just hope mr amaral has people on his side.
    god bless mr amaral, be brave

  3. Who is it that is being protected so securely by our governments - it cannot be just the lowly McCanns

  4. I hope, and feel sure, Gonçalo Amaral will stay calm, await further developments and, as we say in England, keep his powder dry.

    Clarence Mitchell rightly called this 'a war of attrition' but he should be in no doubt it is a war he, and the McCanns, will lose - and lose traumatically and painfully. As Madeleine McCann lost her life.

    No meaningful victory was ever achieved without setbacks along the way and this latest development is no more than a minor obstacle on our march to justice for a little girl who never lived to see four.

    Humpty Bumpty
    RealHumptyB on Twitter

  5. People know the truth already.

  6. message for the mccanns because i reckon you read this excellent forum.

  7. It seems that liberty, justice and democracy have no meaning in Portugal either.

    This must be a terrible, terrible blow to our Portugese friends.

    What a savage attack on freedom on behalf of a bunch of people who have never, ever adequately explained their actions.

    They will now start the final attack - to close down all discussion on the internet of this case, so they can finally make us all complicit in the "Pact of Silence" - just as this so-called judge is complicit.

  8. This is disgusting...I have been reading it in instalments on a blog that is not doing the last few outstanding chapters...Gutted was hoping to buy the book for my mother for chrsitmas.


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