1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

McCann's Censorship: The Injunction's Prohibitions

Much rumour has been spread about the exact consequences of the injunction that was approved by the civil court of Lisbon, in the case against the book by Gonçalo Amaral, "Maddie, The Truth of the Lie".

In order to assist in the clarification of truth, and seeking to demistify this matter, we publish the translation of the decision that has been issued by judge Amélia Maria de Matos Puna Loupo , at the 13th section of the Civil Court of Lisbon.


Under these terms and due to the exposed fundaments, the Court defers the present injunction and, as a consequence, decrees as follows:

a) The prohibition for the requested parties [Guerra & Paz and Valentim de Carvalho] to sell the books and the videos that are still in stores or in other deposits or warehouses, and the obligation for the requested parties to collect them and to deliver them to the depositary that is nominated below;

b) The prohibition for the requested parties to perform new editions of the book or the video, or of other books and/or videos, that defend the same thesis, and that are destined to be sold or published by any means whatsoever in Portugal;

c) The prohibition for the requested person [Gonçalo Amaral] and the requested parties to cede the editing rights or the authorship rights over the contents of the book or the video, or of other books and other videos about the same theme, for publication anywhere in the world;

d) The prohibition for the requested person and the requested parties to cite, analyse or comment, verbally or in writing, on parts of the book or the video that defend the thesis of death of the third requesting person or of concealment of her body by the first two requesting persons;

e) The prohibition for the requested person and the requested parties to perform the reproduction or comment, opinion or interview, where said thesis is defended or from where it can be inferred;

f) The prohibition for the requested person and the requested parties to publish statements, photographs, or any other documentation that is allegedly connected to said book and video or said thesis.

Moreover, the Court condemns each one of the requested societies to pay a compulsory pecuniary sanction in the amount of 1000 euros for each day that the prohibitions or the order to apprehend the books and the videos are not respected.

The depository of the books and videos, whose collection is ordered, is the lawyer who represents the requesting persons."

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  1. And how much did the judgs get payed from McCanns for this peace of toilettpaper?

    Unbeliveble !

  2. This is an act of terrorism against freedom of expression and the right attached to it

    Nothing will stop the mcDictators then? nothing? nobody?
    Whats happening with Portugal?????

  3. It goes on and on, but none of these acts are clearing the McCanns name, nothing except answers to simple basic questions can do that.

  4. If the McCanns are genuine why, over two years on, have they not answered the basic questions?

    Why did Kate refuse to answer 40+ questions and why does she still refuse to now?

    It is the most appalling crime that these people continue to be allowed to make a claim which is used to pay their mortgage.

    This is false representation, yet the UK executive and legal machine remains frozen and the media supportive.

    It beggars belief!

  5. Quotation from Final PJ Summary

    'In conclusion, it results from everything that has been done, despite the efforts that were made and all investigation lines being explored, that it is not possible to obtain a solid and objective conclusion about what really happened that night, and about the present location of the missing minor.

    On the other hand, it should be referred that this investigation moved itself under conditions of exceptional media exposure, with the publication of many "news" of imprecise, inexact or even false contents, which did not help, in the least, the discovery of the truth and created, many times, a climate of unusual commotion and of lack of serenity.

    Therefore, as we do not envision, at the present moment, the execution of any other diligence within the process that might produce any useful result for the process, I submit it to your consideration, for you to determine whatever you may see as convenient'.

    Seems like its all up in the air to me and that its fair play to have view point, which is all Dr. Amaral has. Why should his views be banned? Its the McCann's opinion, for that is all it is, that their daughter was abducted. Why should their opinion be allowed to be voiced? To fabricate witneses and pester people they know have nothing to do with their daughter's disapearance, that should be banned.

  6. How can it be lawful, for a Judge in Portugal to dictate what the rest of the World reads?


  7. I think this proves that Portugal and England were hand in glove over this case. I thought this would take a year at least to come before a judge and if Mr.Amaral appeals it will be before the same judge if I am reading correctly. So he is in a no win situation.
    However, all of this is crazy when you think it is all over the internet..something Mccann has no control over until his friend comes to the rescue that is...Craggy Murdoch in his saggy white pants in shining armour, with his click ay you pay to read his trash...


  8. What if someone steals Amarals transcript and posts it on the internet in English?

    Will Gerald McCann succeed in killing free speech completely?

  9. I have been sickened by the court's ruling and couldn't bear to read everything on this blog related to it when first logging in yesterday. This translation of the ruling proves that it is even worse than I thought. How vile and perverse it is to muzzle a person's free speech to protect persons who are likely guilty of serious crimes connected to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. What is at the center of this event that so many officials from both the UK and Portugal are willing to subvert the law themselves to keep secret? It must be for someone(s) very powerful and something very terrible.

    After this resounding success in shutting up their most vocal and influential opponent, I predict that these forces will be going after the blogs and bloggers on this case next.

    I hope everyone that cares about the truth in this case is finding a way to save the information gathered in the event sites are closed down.

  10. "The McCanns have either been the victims of a cataclysmic historic injustice, almost unprecedented, or they have been complicit in a scheme so duplicitous, so evil, so foul that Shakespeare himself could not have written it.

    Either way, the name McCann is now well and truly in the history books."

    George Galloway


  11. I have a question. Can this court impose any sanction other than a monetary fine if the order is ignored, and if the fine were paid, would that be the end of the matter?

    :) e

  12. It's not over yet by a long way; in fact it's only just beginning. Keep the faith people, justice will prevail.


  13. I think Goncalo should offer to pay all the profits made into the Find Madeleine Fund on the proviso that The Mccanns take a polygraph test - aswell as Informing the worlds press/media of the offer he has made and the response he received back.

    That should be interesting !!!

  14. This injunction is such an unbelievable piece of junk, unconstitutional and illegal that it makes one sick simply to think that this is indeed possible in Portugal after 1974. Next to the fact that this judge needs to be removed from office immediately,one should not forget that 1) she may have been misused by political forces in the UK and Portugal, 2) that it is not necessarily the McCanns who pushed the case (simply look at the face and gestures of Gerry McCann in the interview, 3) there are forces in the UK, including the sitting PM Gordon Brown, who have to hide a lot and can play their game, interfering with the juridical system of a foreign country, because of 5) the known vulnerability of certain Portuguese political figures to blackmail, and 6) it is a major victory for Gonçalo Amaral and those who support him, because now he can force the McCanns into a court room and tear their story into bits and pieces. And they know it, and finally 7)this idotic ruling implies in the end a subastancial financial indemnization paid to Amaral and his publisher for financial losses. Who is going to pay for that? Most certanly the Portuguese government, i. e. the Portuguese tax payer.

    The ruling by this judge is simply ridiculous. No judge in the world has jurisdiction over a foreign country. Therefore, banning the book worldwide is simply idiotic. All that was achieved, is adding jet fuel to the international sales figures of Amaral's book. Peope who so far have not been interested in the case, may now very well be curious and buy the book. Good for Amaral, bad for the McCanns.

  15. I am starting to wonder if Brown/Blair has something to do with this sharade. They don't look too good in the book. All that interfearing to the investigation etc.
    And if they have, it doesnt look too good for Portugal neither.

    I dont understand.

    All the best for Dr. Amaral and his family. Looks like the UK/Portugal are after him, hand in hand.

  16. This is what we are fighting for , a place for madeleine to rest in peace.


  17. This decision is nonsense and to be honest, looks tailored to the needs of the McCann.
    Excuse my Portuguese, but this is a load of merda.

    So much for the 1st round, BUT - it's not over yet, let's see what G.Amaral's lawyer will do after being served the notice.

    I can understand your anger and frustration, but let's be optimistic!
    This may be not as bad as it sounds; they are playing with fire and may just get burned... Thanks for the email address of the court, I just emailed them to say "shame on that decision! - they set back our fragile democracy in ages!"

  18. I had an image of the meetings that must have taken place between many great minds in Portugal over the past day or so.
    I don't think Socrates, Isabel Duarte, or the McCanns have conceived the Pandora's box they have opened.
    Great minds do not like personal liberties being stripped away - rest assured that with this decision to ban and sue him he has suddenly got an army behind him.
    No more fighting this alone.
    Bad call people, bad call.
    But then I am delighted with their pink stupidity.

  19. Joanna, the word you should be using is 'censorship', but everyone is too polite to say so.

    'Censure' means something different in English.

  20. In the past I got the distinct impression people didn't always believe me when I said Team McCann were a serious threat to our democracy and our freedom. Who can doubt it now?

    These people will stop at nothing to suppress the truth and they go about it in the most devious ways, not daring to undertake any action that will get the matter addressed openly in a forum like a court where they cannot dodge difficult questions.

  21. Those in charge in Portugal should act now to preserve the freedom of speech in that country.
    Those in charge should also ask themselves why the parents responsible for the loss of their child, by reason of their admitted negligence, have faced no Court other than a Court which may make them even more money.
    Enough of us British people are ashamed of the way these two have been sanctified.
    Portugal should not lend its name to the freedom - eroding actions of these two people.
    One should ask 'What are the McCanns afraid of?


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