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Is anyone going to prohibit these books, as well?

There’s more to the Madeleine McCann literary corner than Gonçalo Amaral’s book. In Portugal alone, at least five books, apart from the now famous “Maddie, the Truth of the Lie”, have been published over the last two years, with different views about the case – but none has caused anyone any distress, apparently.

The first book on the market - worldwide - was Hernâni Carvalho’s “Maddie 129”, published in November of 2007. The author, a very popular journalist and a frequent television commentator of crime cases, describes the 129 days that the McCann couple spent in Portugal, through an exhaustive chronology of the case. The book analyses compromising contradictions and raises pertinent doubts. At the time of its publication, it also revealed then unknown facts about the case.

Shortly after, "Por Que Adoptámos Maddie", by journalist Luís Castro, would offer us a unique analysis of what had already become the most prominent news story of the decade. The author reports the facts between the 3rd of May and the 3rd of November of 2007, complete with contributions from 24 experts: criminal investigators, sociologists, judges and journalists.

In December 2007, “A Culpa dos McCann”, by Correio da Manhã editor Manuel Catarino, analyses the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. A factual book, with real life characters, a precise narrative and rigorous descriptions of the PJ’s investigation, including an exclusive interview with criminologist José Manuel Anes.

“O Enigma da Praia da Luz”, by journalist and author Frederico Duarte Carvalho, is a book of fiction, based on true facts. The protagonist of the narrative is a young journalist, Miguel de Andrade, who is sent to cover the disappearance of a little English girl, in the Algarve. The adventures of Miguel and his girlfriend, Erica, show us this case from the unique perspective of the journalist, and details of his everyday work and personal life. And at the end of the book, a child appears…

In “A Estrela de Madeleine”, published in March of 2008, Paulo Pereira Cristóvão intertwines fact with fiction, by basing the fictitious narrative on factual information about the Maddie case. His protagonist, inspector Francisco Meireles, is a fictional PJ inspector, who is part of the investigation into the disappearance of a little English girl, in Praia da Luz. The author is a former PJ inspector, who participated in the investigation into the Joana Cipriano case.

None of these books has been translated into English and edited in the UK.*

None of these books makes any allegations about the possibility of Madeleine being deceased, or of her parents being involved in her disappearance.

Therefore, it is legitimate to ask: Is there no interest to publish any books by Portuguese authors, about the Madeleine case, in the United Kingdom?

* Correction: 'Maddie 129' has been translated and can be bought as a .pdf file for download from the Portuguese editor's webpage.


  1. I'm pretty sure that the British would publish a Portuguese fairytale that would stick to the abduction theory and explain Madeleine was snatched because she looked so much like a dead little girl, didn't revolt because the new family treated her as a princess, freeing her of boring responsibilities toward twins, etc.
    Of course a book that would sell the abduction theory and describe gloomy sexual consequences wouldn't be translated.

  2. think the next McCann Project will be to prohibit Blog web sites.....they will need more donations to do this.

    Really sums up these parents

  3. no i dont think they will prohibit these books because they were not written by mr amaral.the mccanns and cohorts are only after getting mr amaral.

  4. Is there any possibility that these other books could be translated into English and published in a country other than the UK? If that is to happen they'll need te be fairly quick about it I suppose but people like a 'proper book' and the readership will be far wider than just the internet.

  5. Anon, many a true word said in jest..I believe that Mad Murdoch has every intention of trying to do just that. First step click as you pay newspapers, would not read his trash for free..he hopes others will follow..(.BBC will remain free Online.)..Once he has his foot in the door this will be his next agenda...Of course he has not a hope in hell..but thats what power does for you makes you deranged just ask mccann.
    With regards to Mr.Amaral, they just want to destroy him' they always have' because he would not play their game. Thats what the Mccanns do 'destroy everything they touch.One day I am going to sit and write a list of the Mccanns victims...maddie will be first of course...


  6. Notice here, O?Donnell says they had dinner with the mccanns the night before...She mentions NOTHING about them checking the children...A piece also on the BOOK Maddie 129,,,


    The night before Madeleine vanished, Bridget and Jes dined with the McCanns and their group.

    Speaking out ... Bridget
    O'Donnell yesterday
    They left their children in a kids club and talked to the McCanns about their decision to leave Madeleine, then three, and two-year-old twins Sean and Amelie alone in the evenings.

    Bridget said: "I admired them, in a way, for not being paranoid parents. But I decided that our apartment was too far off even to contemplate it. Our baby was too young and I would worry about them waking up."

    On Thursday May 3 Gerry and Jes played tennis while the children, including Madeleine, larked around on the neighbouring court. Bridget and Jes spent the evening in. At 8.30pm Jes was taking their baby son out in his buggy when he saw Gerry on his way back from checking on his children.

    Bridget said the two men stopped to chat about parenting and the dilemmas of finding babysitters at the resort.

    She added: "Gerry was relaxed and friendly. He said he and Kate would have stayed in too if they had not been on holiday in a group."

    Describing the moment they learned Madeleine had disappeared, Bridget, said: "At 1am there was a frantic banging on our door. Jes got up to answer. 'You're joking?' he said. He came back in to the room. 'Gerry's daughter's been abducted,' he said."

    Bridget and Jes returned home on Saturday May 5. They were never formally interviewed by Portuguese police but did talk to British cops.

    Writing in the Guardian, Bridget added: "When I stroke my daughter's hair, or feel her butterfly lips on my cheek, I do so in the knowledge of what might have been. The McCanns' lives will always be touched by this darkness, while the true culprit may never be brought to light."


    Meanwhile yesterday a reporter claimed the McCanns would be in JAIL if they were Portuguese. Hernani Carvalho - who has helped write a book on the mystery - said: "Many people are up in arms with the privileged treatment that was given to the McCann couple."


    He told a magazine they had delayed calling cops after finding Maddie gone. He said: "The first thing I would do is to call the police. In the McCanns' case it seems that was not what happened."

    His book, Maddie 129, gets its title from the number of days between her disappearance and her parents returning to England. ANOTHER book describes a heated argument between the McCanns and Goncalo Amaral, later removed as chief investigator on the case.

    According to The McCanns' Guilt, by Manuel Catarino, Amaral bitterly opposed the couple's decision to release photographs of Madeleine to help in the hunt.

    Unlike in Britain, Portuguese policy is to release snaps only as a last resort for fear of panicking an abductor into killing their hostage.


  7. In the UK we have had 2 prominent publications (not counting the self-published works of A Bennett and the Justice for All The McCann Family forum - although the latter is available for sale in one of our major supermarkets).

    "Madeleine: A Most Heartbreaking and Extraordinary Disappearance", written by Robert Downing and published by Express Newspapers in 2007 suggests that the search for Madeleine was fraught with controversy from the beginning: the Portuguese police have been criticised for not handling the case in a professional manner and the McCanns were accused of attracting too much media attention. This book concludes that "The great probability is that [Maddy] was snatched on the night she vanished and taken out to sea".

    "Vanished: The Truth About the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann" was written by Spanish-based veteran investigative journalist Danny Collins and published in 2008. The author refers to the mis-information provided by the McCanns and their dinner companions simply as 'naive transgressions' because they did not want to admit to 'negligence and irresponsible childcare'. The conclusion of this author is that "The most probable theory is that [Madeleine] wandered out of the apartment through the unlocked patio door and was found by a passing stranger..."

    So there you have it. As long as the book supports the abduction theory then it gets onto the UK book shelves. I am not used to censorship in my world, but I certainly feel that I have had a taste of it with the banning of Goncalo Amaral's book BEFORE he had a chance to self-publish in the UK.


  8. If it's all about money as some posters suggest then surely the McCann's would have written their own account or sold their story to the highest bidding tabloid.

    It's more about shutting down any contrary story to theirs which, as we all know, is impossible given that Amaral's book is based on the DVD files.

  9. At least Dr Amaral is drawing them out to get them into a court of law with that defamation suit they say they are bringing against him.

    Perhaps then Kate will have to answer all those questions she has refused to answer so far, as refusing to answer the judge will not go down too well.

  10. http://www.leparisien.fr/faits-divers/disparition-d-une-fillette-de-8-ans-pres-du-mans-10-09-2009-633975.php

    The father lyied, she was dead one month ago.

  11. Anon.@11:17(Chris) is right! They are after Mr. Amaral, he is a danger to them, they cannot rest easy as long as he's still around, able to talk, breath, think. I bet they wish him dead, but failling that they must silence him at all cost.
    My faith is a little stronger today, because Mr. Hernâni Carvalho has come back on tv, speaking about the recent events. Mr. Amaral and Dr. Sargento joined him on TVI and discussed injunction order. The book was not selling very much lately, because those who wanted it had alredy bought it, but in the last days sales rocketed, and it is now almost impossible to find a copy.
    As to the goal of this injunction, they mentioned it might be to pave the way for that demand of one million and two thousand euros compensation. Mr. Amaral, with his wicked sense of humour said that maybe the injunction only came now because the McCanns were waiting for the "cow" to get really fat!

  12. Helloooo? Excuse me for stating the obvious, but none of the authors of the other books claim, as fact, that Madeleine is dead and that her parents were involved in covering up her death and disposing of her body - I am sure that you will correct me if I'm wrong.


  13. I see no reason why a book detailing what's known about the case from the official files, the interviews and the tv programmes, etc. can't be written and published in Britain. Most British people barely know the files exist, let alone what's in them, because the British media are too lazy and/or cowardly to go through them themselves and publish anything of interest.

    It's time the British public had a chance to know there's another side to this story, other than the fairytale 'Madeleine was taken by someone who's treating her like a princess' story. There's the story of cadaver odour, blood, contradictory statements, bizarre behaviour, possible government interference, to say nothing of a whole host of photographs which for some reason the newspapers seem less than keen to publish.

    Plenty of material for a book - or books - and detailing known facts can't be libel, indeed it could be said that's it's someone's duty to make sure the facts are known to as many people as possible. Publicity has been the name of the McCanns' game since day one, so they could hardly object to something that would put Madeleine right back into people's consciousness.

  14. Anon.@ 12:18, the McCanns surelly cannot write about the case, if they did they would be doing what they've accused Mr. Amaral of doing:- making a profit out of Madeleine! They would never do that ( make a profit/commodity out of her) would they?...
    And if they did try to right a book I bet they would soon realize it would be a fiasco, just look at what happened with their mockumentary, they were unable to represent accurately the star witnesses, Jane and Wilkins, statements, and they could not find a way to present the most important moment of this saga, the moment Maddie was abducted and Kate's reactions as she finds her daughter missing on her 10 o'clock check. Apparently it was too dificult to portray, not convincing, too confusing, in other words, it just didn't make sense, no matter how good the script writer and the director were or how much they tried, it just did not work!
    The same would happen with a written account of their version of events, the story would be very lame, not even Agatha Christie would be able to put it together in a convincing manner.

  15. There is yet another book published in portuguese, 2008, by José Barra da Costa, «Maddie, Joanna e a investigação criminal - a verdade escondida» (MADDIE, JOANNA and the criminal investigation -the hidden truth).


  16. "If it's all about money as some posters suggest then surely the McCann's would have written their own account or sold their story to the highest bidding tabloid."

    How could they agree as to which version to tell?
    The shutter was jemmied/wasn't. Jane Tanner says she passed G.McCann/he didn't see her, and so on and on.


  17. Nina, that conclusion/possibility is in the police files and in the archival dispatch! Mr. Amaral did not invent it! His book relates what's in the police files, and i refresh your memory, it was the together conclusions of the british and portuguese police. Remember that it was a joint investigation, not exclusively a portuguese one. The dogs were brought in at the suggestion of the british cops, and in their request to the british authorities to send in the dogs they had to convey their suspicions that a death might had occured, with or without a kiddnapping!
    The investigation concluded (and was archived as such) that there was a probable homicide, a most likely accidental death and hidding of a corpse, for unknown reasons and by unknonw person(s). British police officer Mark Harrison expressed his views, in Britain people had been arrested with far less evidence...
    Note that unlike many have been trying to make us believe, Mr. Amaral never, not once, has accused the parents of killing Madeleine!

  18. Sorry, forgott to sign my comment to Nina!Just in case she decides to accuse me of hidding behind anonimacy...

    Rosie (NOT Rosiepops, lol!)

  19. aacg, such a book has been published (by mysterious neglect proponant 'Rosie Pops'!). This is for sale in the UK through the supermarket chain 'Tesco'.

    But ther eis no one in the uK to challenge...there is no freedom here.

  20. «Helloooo? Excuse me for stating the obvious, but none of the authors of the other books claim, as fact, that Madeleine is dead and that her parents were involved in covering up her death and disposing of her body - I am sure that you will correct me if I'm wrong.


    11/09/09 13:57»

    Mr. Amaral does NOT state in his book that her parents are involved in Madeleine's murder; however all the books, which you didn't read so I really don't know why you even comment on the subject, have implicit one thing - that Maddie died in May 2007.

    You also seem to forget that the joint investigation by the Judiciary Police and the British arrived to the conclusion that Madeleine McCann, died in the apartment, that her cadaver was taken from the apartment and moved in a rented vehicle.

    Cadaver scent and bodily fluids were found in the apartment, in some of the items belonging to the McCanns, on the McCann's rented car, and on Maddie's plush toy.

    DNA that matched partially Maddie's was also found, unfortunately the last report made by FSS, wasn't enough to make a conclusive affirmation in judicial terms - it is also very sad that the results of the FSS weren't challenged in other well respected forensic labs.

  21. Joana, dos 6 livros aqui apresentados, so nao li "o enigma da Praia da Luz". Em nenhum destes livros os autores defendem a inocencia dos pais. Pelo contrario, a maior parte deles desconfia e duvida da tese de rapto.
    Os que criticam a Pj, nao falam de incompetencia nem de falsas acusacoes aos Mccann, falam de pressoes e defendem que os Mccann deveriam ter sido considerados suspeitos desde o primeiro minuto. Tal como os amigos. Mais do que a contaminacao do local do crime, a liberdade e apoio dado aos Mccann, foi considerado um erro.
    Dos 5 livros que li, ha um depoimento importante que retive, de jornalistas que estiveram no terreno, por isso julgo que esta no livro " Porque adoptamos Maddie". Os jornalistas referem um comportamento que consideraram bizarro dos Mccann, nas muitas nao programadas vezes em que eram apanhados a ir a Igreja ou a caminho do jogging sem estarem a contar. Os jornalistas referem que eles iam contentes, descontraidos, sorridentes e mudavam o comportamento e as feicoes assim que percebiam que estavam a ser observados por jornalistas.
    O andarem de maos dadas foi um comportamento que adoptaram para aparecerem nas camaras. Tudo programado pelos assessores de imagem. Tal como as fitas e as cores amarela e verde.


  22. my goodness, I had no idea of the existence of these books. Crooks and despots cannot stop people thinking, cannot stop people writing, delving. The Truth Is Out There.

  23. Clearly, this is operation Stop Goncalo Amaral.

    Now what does HE know and why, when he is no longer active in the Police force, is it still so critical that he be stopped...?

    One Day For The Master.


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