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Is the public fed up with Gordon Brown?

Video Extract from BBC's Newsnight: George Pascoe-Watson from The Sun and Kevin Maguire from The Mirror talk to Jeremy Paxman about whether it is best for Labour for Gordon Brown to remain prime minister until the next election, or whether public support for him has waned to the point where it would be best for the party if he stepped aside.

'Labour's lost it,' says the Sun
by Nick Robinson, BBC political editor

"Labour's lost it" screams the front page of the Sun the morning after Gordon Brown's conference speech.

The paper has timed its big political switch - away from backing Labour to backing the Tories - for maximum impact both in terms of gaining attention for the paper and taking the gloss off Mr Brown's big day.

Years ago Britain's biggest selling daily boasted that "It was the Sun wot won it". In truth, it never was. The paper - which is first and foremost a commercial product - tends to follow its readers' views rather than set them.

However, if they choose to ridicule or denigrate a particular politician they can do real damage. If they choose to campaign consistently on a popular cause they can drive it up the agenda. Ask Neil Kinnock whose head was shown in a lightbulb on the eve of polling day in 1992 with the headline "Will the last person to leave Britain switch off the lights". Or ask the current Defence Secretary, Bob Ainsworth, who is forced to read headline after headline declaring him not up to the job and suggesting that his policies have led to unecessary deaths in Afghanistan.

Rupert Murdoch always had a bond of respect with Gordon Brown - admiring his values and his work ethic. Not so his son James who now runs News International and is close to the Shadow Chancellor George Osborne.

The Sun's decision to desert Labour in this way and at this time will cause dismay in Labour ranks. What they must hope, though, is that the paper does not choose now to treat Gordon Brown as it once did Mr Kinnock and now treats Mr Ainsworth. It is that, rather than a single day's endorsement of the Tories, which would do real damage.


  1. Brown and the Labour party are in their death throws they are finished.
    He is not all to blame, Blair is just as gulity, both are Rats that belong in the sewers under London. Get Labour Out. And Mr Amaral in.

  2. Labour are not finished. Brown probably is.

    However, focussing on the McCann case, that never gets any mention in relation to Brown. Of course it should.

    The megalomania of the man was on full display when he intervened in the case. At the time he was Chancellor of Exchequer. NOT Prime Minister. Not even the Foreign Minister. Not even the McCanns' MP. He was the Chancellor - someone who had absolutely NO constitutional role to play in the case. But megalomania and desire for office drove him to intervene at the urging of his wife IIRC - who had some connections with Team McCann through the world of the New Labour-media-medico-academic world...

    It would be nice to think that someone will at some point ask Brown about his interventions. And also about his possible freemasonry connections.

    Incidentally - for our Portugese friends (and friends they are indeed) - who may have missed this, Brown's camp was outraged at a BBC reporter for daring to encapsulate in a question all the rumours about his addiction to medication - anti-depressants or painkillers.

  3. Gordon Brown's performance at the Party Conference yesterday might have fooled some of his toadies, but there's no way he'll be Prime Minister next time around. He, and his forerunner, Tony Blair, are nothing more than swindlers and celebrity arse lickers and the McCanns have jumped on to their gravy train.

    As for the fish and chip tabloid The Sun - I remember when they first went to print with their tits and bums they were a Tory rag aimed at brainwashing the average working class male, who would buy it for that reason, into voting Tory.

    So they've swung back to their original slant on politics, but still with the tits and bums no doubt!

  4. yes, drugs could be a reason that high placed people protects Tapas 9.
    delivering of dangerous medicines.
    Most of Tapas 9 are doctors.
    Maybe drugs for parties.

  5. Brown has as much to do with the McCann case as he has Freemasonry - nothing. That's an outrageous slur as were the painkiller rumours which were nothing more than that and should never have been given creedence by the BBC. The "intervention" is a myth. Brown is a decent hardworking man doing the best for his country in the face if the usual onslaught from the right wing Murdoch media. The Sun and Rebekah Wade have always been the staunchest supporters of the McCanns. If you want to throw mud, hurl it at them.

  6. Did somebody of Tapas 9 work at that drugs clinic in Scotland?

  7. http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/damianthompson/100011610/gordon-brown-and-the-pills-what-was-andrew-marr-thinking/

    Another interesting article with very interesting comments.

    Castle Craig has been mentioned many times on discussions, a rehab clinic for just this kind of thing, just a thought???

  8. On September 30, Anonymous said...
    Did somebody of Tapas 9 work at that drugs clinic in Scotland?
    IIRC, there is or was a drug rehab centre in Scotland owned by a relative.

    The Sun may like to think it can influence who is next in power, though in truth The Sun tends to go whichever way the Nation is likely to vote.

    To the poster who said it's nonsense that Brown is addicted to prescription drugs. How do you know? I read your whole post as sarcasm until the last sentance and realised you meant it, good grief.


  9. It has been said that Gerald was unemployed for two years.
    I don't know if it is true.
    Unemployed or working at that clinic?

  10. Goodness, Brown is the master of spin, turning the question of drugs into a long reply about his eyesight!

    I wouldn't think less of anyone, (and in the case of Brown it couldn't be less) if they needed temporary help from anti-depressants. That is vastly different to being addicted to prescription drugs, which must be an utterly miserable situation to be in and certainly not a party situation as someone suggested.

    I was surprised to learn recently that only Opiates in Hospitals need to be signed for. Otherwise it's a case of help yourself from the drug cupboard.(We were discussing the number of Doctors being addicted.)

  11. "It has been said that Gerald was unemployed for two years.
    I don't know if it is true.
    Unemployed or working at that clinic?"

    I too saw that remark, but assumed it as a misconception, that he had not worked since Madeleine went missing.
    I may be totally wrong on that though.

  12. Long ago, I read somewhere that Gerry was working in Leicester for only one year, when Madeleine went missing.
    The two years before, he was unemployed.
    And before those two years, he was working somewhere abroad.

  13. So the new 'official' version of the truth is that Brown was not involved in the Madeleine affair. He never phoned McCann, never spoke to him, neither did he speak to Socrates and seeing him on TV confirm to the assembled press that he would be speaking to Socrates is another a figment of my imagination.
    Oh God! How I long for the day when this bunch of liars has been sent into political oblivion.


  14. Of course, if ANY of the Tapas 9 worked at Castle Craig or a similar establishment then they could well have some SERIOUS DIRT on someone influential such as a politician or a member of the Royal Family. And if they have dirt on people from all political parties then this might explain the lack of action from the opposition parties re the Maddy case.

    Donal McIntyre, please investigate!?!?

  15. I said it before and I say it again.
    In this life we have to be careful when making enemies.
    Not everyone is suitable to be one.

    The British media are gagged, speaking about Madeleine.
    And they will never forget this.
    They are waiting for their D-Day.

    And they will get it.
    Wait an see.

    I'm happy to see this story has probably nothing to do with a bunch of paedophiles, uptill London, but only with a few ones, bad enough, of course.

    It is possible it has to do with drugs, destroying important people's carrieres, who knows.

    The BBC question suggests a lot.
    Could it be?

    Why did not the UK deliver Gerry's Bank administration to the PJ, was he working during those "unemployed" years, receiving a salary through his Bank account??why did he lose his credit cards?

  16. Mr Brown appeared on GMTV, Sky and the BBC in turn as he tried to maintain some momentum after his make-or-break conference speech yesterday.
    But his frustration grew as he faced repeated questions about his personality and The Sun's ditching of Labour rather than on policy issues or the recession.

    He accused Mr Boulton of being obsessed with the leadership issue, snapping bitterly: 'You have not given me the chance to talk about the economy.'
    Asked if 'hand on heart, in all circumstances', he would stay on even if he had still not won over the public, he replied: 'Of course.'
    He added tersely: 'The very fact you keep asking the same question and I keep giving you the same answer suggests that we should be talking about policy issues and not just about these personality issues.'
    Mr Boulton persisted, asking: 'But personality does matter doesn't it?', to which Mr Brown replied: 'It does obsess you.'

    He added: 'I try to get my message across, it doesn't help when the newspapers try to translate it into something different to what it is.'


    A snippet from the Mail...Notice how Brown sounds like Mccann, shirty when he cannot get his own way and storming out of interviews. Also blaming the press when they question him.

  17. http://stopthedrugwar.org/chronicle-old/370/castlecraig.shtml

    Castle Craig hides a lot of secrets. British and American troops were given vaccines during the Gulf War. They were frightened into thinking that nerve gases would be released by Sadam Hussein.
    These men are suffering SE's from these vaccines . Castle Craig also holds the secret of a strange suicide. How involved is Brown in castle Craig?

  18. Gerald McCann returned to work (at Glenfield Hospital, Leicester) in late 2007, and is still listed there as a consultant cardiologist.

    I do think it's important to keep to facts.

  19. http://order-order.com/2009/09/30/the-cracking-up-will-be-televised/

    Brown Goes Head to Head with Adam Live on Sky...


  20. It was reported a few days ago that Murdoch is losing millions. also that only 5% would pay Online for his newspapers. Murdoch knew it was time to change horses and he will now destroy Brown.Correction, he has started to destroy Brown..

  21. In six months' time the current Scots-based Labour party will be voted out of office at the UK election. Then there will be an influx of new power-seeking Tory London-centred people, with a different agenda.Remember when Jimmy Carter became USA President and brought his own people in? Clinton's crowd? The new Obama lot?
    The dependence of the McCanns on the Scots power-grouping will have an abrupt end. They have six months,left, if that.

  22. "Why did McCann lose his credit cards?"

    Well, he didn't lose them he had his wallet 'stolen' thereby allowing him to cancel the cards with immediate effect and be issued with new ones. This enabled him to conceal the numbers of the 'stolen' cards from the authorities just in case his 'friends in high places' were not able to stop the PJ from accessing his financial information. Clever eh? It's the sort of trick that every father of an 'abducted' child gets up to.


  23. the only time i will believe the sun has deserted gordon brown and the labour party is when i see an unbiased account of the madeleine mccann case in thier papers asking why gordon brown interfere when he should have kept his nose well out of it,and i do believe through his
    interference 2 child neglecters are walking free.AT THE MOMENT

  24. Brown - an unelected prime minister taking over the baton from the "Peace Envoy" Blair (who should be serving time at Her Majesty's Pleasure for war crimes).

    Brown's mistake in the McCann saga was getting sucked in and backing the wrong horse. He assumed the McCann's were innocent, like most of the middle classes.

    Brown, as has been shown with his crude attempt to jump on any media person's band wagon to try and gain public popularity (Jade Goody/The woman singer on x factor) is, to quote Gerry, a "high risk strategy".

  25. We now have to ask ourselves what dirty deals has Murdoch agreed to with the Tory Boy..Cameron is young with little knowledge of what Murdoch is capable of, I think he is about to find out.

  26. The media start to turn themselves against Brown.
    Brown needs Clarence back, to talk for him.

  27. Maybe Murdoch will do himself another big favour now and swivel his guns around in the McCanns' direction. Not just the Sun and Screws of the World but Sky News as well.

  28. No,there will be no change with the Mccanns. This is a major cover up.The Mccanns still sell papers like it or not , so they will stay for the moment until something more interesting comes along. Like the TRUTH for instance.

  29. It would appear the Love Affair started back in August..
    The former Sun editor Rebekah Brooks, who became News International chief executive early this month, has been bringing Rupert Murdoch, chairman and chief executive of parent company News Corporation, and David Cameron together. Murdoch was known to have been suspicious of Cameron, regarding the politician as slick and lacking Brown's stature and knowledge of economic affairs.

    But Murdoch's policy is to always support political winners and in August last year Cameron flew on a private jet organised by Matthew Freud, Murdoch's son- in-law, to dine on the magnate's private yacht, the Roseharty.

    Source: The Guardian

  30. Lapa (16:16),

    From your lips to God's ears!

    Fingers crossed...

  31. The popular UK press has no interest to find the truth about Madeleine, otherwise they would have sent investigation journalists on the case long ago.
    As long as Kate&Gerry'team keep feeding the "story" they sell paper...
    A change of Government in England would not change anything in the Mccann case. They are under protection of their country whatever PM .

  32. Are we still paying for McCann and his woman?

    I suspect so! He (they)should be struck off, as he failed in his duty of care and has brought the NHS into disrepute.

  33. it's not the media's job to solve the case where the PJ and UK police have failed. They can only print facts or will be sued for libel as we have seen. I realise people have a problem with that.
    But they have reported the polls which suggest Brown cut the Tory lead in half yesterday, so the public may prefer the devil they know

  34. Newspapers shouldnt side with political parties. The McCanns have had total media support and the law is in the pocket of those who have money.

    I dont know what the answer is, but there is worse to come Im sure!

  35. Anonymous at 17.04!
    If "Brown needs Clarence back", how on earth to respect this government! It's just hard to see this sklent deceitful face with ducats in his unashamed eyes. Has he got his own kids? Has he ever thought about Madeleine?

  36. The media can only print 'FACTS'.

    Do me a favour. You have got to be joking.

    Print SPIN more like, because they can't be bothered to get off their backsides and go do a bit of research.

    No way is the McCann's abduction scenario a fact, yet they churn that out constantly.

    No way have the McCanns been found not guilty of all charges.

    There have been no charges so far.

    That is FACT, and it is not being printed because the media prefer to soak up the McCann spin via Clarence ('he lies through every tooth in his head', says the PJ) Mitchell.

    It is a bloody disgrace that the truth is not allowed to be told without threats, abuse and book burnings.

  37. What a scandal, what a lack of respect for Madeleine's memory.

    On the Daily Express and Telegraph(September 28, McCannfiles) we can read about Fiona Payne's presence at the marathon, together with the McCanns.
    There is even a photo of all three together.
    This all, after that incident in Mallorca and who knows more incidents and even acccidents...

    What an indecent, immoral, riff-raff people.

    Provocative people, they are more than sick.

    I thought the couple had finished their friendship with the Paynes, after Praia da Luz.

    But they are still friends.
    Poor, poor twins!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. It was because the media didn't print just the McCann side that carter ruck took them to the cleaners. They won't make the mistake again

  39. On September 30, Anonymous said...
    "Long ago, I read somewhere that Gerry was working in Leicester for only one year, when Madeleine went missing.
    The two years before, he was unemployed.
    And before those two years, he was working somewhere abroad."


    I haven't read through to the end of comments but,cardioligists are never unemployed.
    As much as I hate the sight of him and her. No way would he ever be looking for a job.
    I suggest you go and find out just what a Cardioligist is then post.

  40. On September 30, Lilith said...
    "Gerald McCann returned to work (at Glenfield Hospital, Leicester) in late 2007, and is still listed there as a consultant cardiologist.

    I do think it's important to keep to facts."
    Agree Lilith. though facts are rare and we summise. To think that a Cardioligst would be unemployed for two years is laughable and should be knocked on the head now before myth becomes fact in the eyes of some.

  41. How embarrassing. One of my posts this am on J's blog was almost word for word the same as News quoted.
    Note to self, Read before commenting Doh!

  42. O Partido Trabalhista devia ser, em princípio, um partido de esquerda. Mas isso não se verifica em Inglaterra. São tudo menos de esquerda. Se calhar a esquerda em Inglaterra está descentrada, a escorregar para a direita e, para compôr a fotografia, com atitudes de extrema direita. Quem entende isto? Only english men and mad dogs.

  43. Regarding Gerry's unemployment.

    Look on his Friends Reunited entry.

    He said he was coming back from abroad (where he was learning about heart scans) in the new Year.(presumably January 2005). Then the entry in April 2005 says he was LOOKING for work. So he must have been unemployed.

    Next entry is May 2007, thanking people for their support.

    Note there are only a handful of messages left for him sending support, which I find unsurprising.

    Where are all his friends, colleagues and patients?...oh yes.... absent.

  44. "I suspect so! He (they)should be struck off, as he failed in his duty of care and has brought the NHS into disrepute."

    This is what I believe to be the root of the cover up.
    Mass negligence by NHS Doctors. Six of them, would you trust your children with any of them?

  45. "I suspect so! He (they)should be struck off, as he failed in his duty of care and has brought the NHS into disrepute."

    This is my third attempt to post, spooky.

    Six Doctors found in neglect of their own children.
    Would you trust yours with them, and how long would it take to trust the NHS again?


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