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Maddie's disappearance: The Banned Book

by Georges Moréas*

Today, the only person prosecuted in the case of the disappearance of little Madeleine McCann is the officer who conducted the investigation. He will be sued for 1.2 million euros for his book  'A Verdade da Mentira' ('L'enquête interdite' at Bourin Publishers).

Pushed aside from the investigation, pushed to resign, the Inspector Gonçalo Amaral (even if he waived his legal duty of reserve) didn't do more than resume point by point the various stages of the investigations. But he especially highlighted some inefficiencies due largely to the weakness of the Portuguese authorities in face of the pressures from the government of Her British Majesty.

At the end of his book, he delivers the conclusions of his work and that of his team. That can be summarized as follows:

1 / Maddie died inside the holiday apartment on the night of 3rd of May, 2007;

2 / There was a simulated abduction;

3 / The parents are probably involved in the concealment of the body;

4 / The death could have happened as a result of a tragic accident;

5 / Probably there is negligence by the parents regarding the custody and safety of their children.

The McCann couple were indicted in September 2007, then they were cleared of all charges and the case has been "archived". They have always protested their innocence and with the assistance of a mysterious network ... they benefited with the support of leading personalities from the world of finance and politics. They have even been received by the Pope. They created an association that has drained, it is said, several million euros. Under the threat of libel, they've obtained, as they always say, 700.000 euros from several English-language newspapers.

And rather than reviving the investigation as the Portuguese legislation permits, they preferred to use private detectives, some of which were certainly not the cream of the profession.

The latest was the publishing of a sketch of a woman who, three days after the disappearance of Maddie, approached two men in Barcelona to tell them: «Do you have it? Do you have my new daughter?». Then she realized she had mistaken the interlocutors and left quickly.

Today, the couple McCann were able to obtain [an injunction] so that all the books by Gonçalo Amaral are taken out of sale and that the money made by the author copyright, received to date (that seems important, because the book sold well) is returned. They seek further 1.2 million euros compensation, "at least" for damages and interests. Most importantly, this book cannot be published abroad (I did not manage to contact the French publisher). Coincidentally, this decision comes just as the book should be translated into English.

But across the Channel, the story of the disappearance of little Maddie has profoundly influenced public opinion. With two camps:

Those for whom the McCann parents were unfortunate victims of harassment by the Portuguese police, and those who regard them as suspects or at least responsible for the failure to supervise their children.

The McCann couple have justified their action against the policeman saying (free translation): "(...) There is no evidence suggesting that Kate and I have been involved (...) I hope people understand that we must do this."

We joggle between the compassion for the parents who can not admit the death of their child and the many doubts that remain after a cautious investigation from the outset - and that stopped too soon ...

It is true that in France, it remains unclear what happened to little Tiphaine, disappeared on June 18, 2009, in the heart of Maubeuge. And there is no information either on Antoine, the little boy who disappeared from his home in Issoire, one year ago. For the latter, the prosecutor, so prolific at the time, simply stated a few days ago in Le Figaro: "The investigation has not made any significant progress".

I remember those old cops of the criminal department who used to say, when they wanted to calm down a chief or a magistrate too impulsive: An investigation that begins with certainties always end with doubts.

in Police Etcetera

*Honorary Chief Commissioner of the National French Police

Read & listen as well: Jacques Pradel on Europe 1 with Gonçalo Amaral and Georges Moréas


  1. Brilliant, sums it up for me.

  2. "And rather than reviving the investigation as the Portuguese legislation permits, they preferred to use private detectives, some of which were certainly not the cream of the profession."

    Instead of demanding money in Portugal. Why are they not in Portugal demanding the re-opening of the investigation of their missing child?

  3. Thank you Joana - it is mindboggling that the only person prosecuted is the officer who conducted the investigation. I agree the timing of this lawsuit comes at the time of the proposed publishing in English of Mr. Amaral's book which would guarantee a huge audience in the U.K., North America and beyond.

  4. Mr Amaral has my full support in all this a wonderful brave man. What a contrast to the Maccann's and their team of cowards. God Bless you Mr Amaral Truth is on your side. You will get through all this.

  5. Mr Amaral I salute you sir, a lot of people in the UK are behind you.
    The way the british media and press have
    bowed down to this pair is disgusting I for one am ashamed to be british, the maccann couple and their cohorts are Inhuman. God Bless you Mr Amarel,

  6. Excellent. Thank you again Joana & team for continuing to bring us the 'alternative' news.

    :) E

  7. Surely there should be a trial, allowing Amaral to prove his words?

    Why has the book not been translated properly into English and posted all over the web?

    There is so much that the british public are not being told! Even members of my own extended family are not aware of the issues like handling cadavers and the lies they have told about the position of the door, the times and types of checks on their kids etc.

    Many inconsistancies are clearly provable as they are on video - people saying things which they then contradict.

  8. Kate and Gerry claimed, in their written statements,that the twins had been crying and Madeleine had asked why the parents hadnt come to them (the night before she vanished).

    Later when this was revealed to the public whilst the McCanns were on a train leaving the European Parliament (trying to sell the 'lock the stable doors' amber alert system - pretending to be ambassadors for child care!) their 'spokesman' the spin doctor Clarence Mitchell accused the PJ of releasing the statement.

    Here is the inconsistancy - one statement said that Madeleine had said her siblings were crying, in the other Mdeleine said 'we'.

    This is just one of many of a tissue of distractions and lies the McCanns have propagated.

    Remember this, Kates first request was not for a detective, but for a priest. The McCanns did not hire people to search, they hired the best lawyers they could find...and they used money supposed to be for searching for their child, incredibly, to pay their mortgage!

    Yet none of this, and this is just a fraction of the inconsistancies, gets any air time. All is ignored by a pandering press and a silent UK executive.

    Now injustice is piled upon injustice as they continue to seek their living from anyone who seeks the truth - and the authorities sit back and allow it.

    Why is it that no one in the uK press challenges the McCanns to request the formal Portuguese investigating to be re-opened?

    Why do they not request the UK police to investigate the disappearance? Why does no one question even the simplest of the inconsistancies?

  9. It becomes more and more obvious that this case needs to be reopened and all the evidence scrutinised again. IMO it was archived much too soon, with too many questions left unanswered (Kate's 48, for a start).

    I hope Gonçalo Amaral fights this case all the way to the courtroom, so that everyone can be made aware of the reasons for his conclusions. He has many supporters here in the UK, as well as in Portugal and other countries. We are sick of only one side of this 'abduction' story being told; let's get all the facts out into the open once and for all.

  10. So when were the couple 'indicted', and when were they cleared?

    There has been no trial, just the conclusion from the official investigation that Madeleine died in the apartment when the parents were not there, and the parent's not charged with neglect because the prosecutor thought they had suffered enough because of this.

    The question of who took Madeleine's body and hid it has never been addressed, yet could still be.

    Dr Amaral may turn out to be the catalyst for this if the McCanns persist with their defamation claim.

  11. As www.mccannfiles.com correctly indicates no charges were laid, therfore it is inacurate to say the McCanns were cleared of charges.

  12. Unfortunately having only recently discovered this site and reviewing it over a couple of weeks, my opinion that the McCanns are in some way involved AND have benefitted financially are not in the least diminished. I am proud to say that when the story first became apparent to me, I doubted the honesty of both parents from the off. It is disgraceful that the other children have not been taken into care as would have certainly happened with a more "working class" family. I believe there is a very high level of corruption in this case, and sincerely hope that justice is done for that poor child AND the Investigating officer castigated by these manipulative monsters. God bless the child.


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