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Madeleine McCann Held in 'Lair' says ex cop Dave Edgar

'Speaking to persons of interest' by Himself at The McCann Gallery

by Sasha

According to Belfast Telegraph the ex policeman hired by the McCann couple has revealed his most chilling theory yet. That Madeleine McCann is imprisoned in a hellish lair only 10 miles from where she disappeared in Praia da Luz and warned that the sprawling wilderness where he believes Madeleine is languishing is almost impossible to search completely.

With that description anyone would believe he's got some hard evidence,....a photograph, a hair, some DNA found just 10 miles from Praia da Luz....but no his theory is based on cases such as Jaycee Lee Dugart and Austrian cellar girls Elizabeth Fritzl and Natascha Kampusch.... which he says has confirmed his suspicions. How their stories confirm his suspicions is beyond understanding, if anything their stories give hope that other missing children may turn up alive somewhere one day...it doesn’t signify that Madeleine is held in a lair 10 miles from Praia da Luz.

The article goes on to mention Dave Edgar’s leads took his probe to Australia, failing to mention that turned out to be a complete red herring, and also to Barcelona, which turned out to be another red herring linked to the first red herring. All this can send any sane person dizzy trying to work out how any of it is significant to the search for Madeleine.

But apparently the journalists for the Belfast Telegraph spent the day at the Cheshire office he uses to conduct the world’s biggest missing person case, where he “revealed the grim theories when he opened his case files to them.” Which is what exactly?

The article goes on feeding the reader with expectation.... “Sunday Life can now lift the lid on how his [Dave Edgar’s] Alpha Investigations Group private eye agency really operates and it’s like to search for the world’s most famous missing younger.....”  Gripping stuff, explosives words “lift the lid” and “really operates”..... but don’t hold your breath because after that explosive opening it then repeats itself by returning to the beginning of the article and back into the cases of Jaycee Lee Dugard and how even then Dave said he’s convinced Maddie was entombed by an abductor in a cellar or dungeon, like Austrian cellar victims Natascha kampusch and Elisabeth Fritzl.

But not to be put off the article explodes again with “There was further backing for his theory....” Which is? A shoe found near the sprawling wilderness? No, another story of another child being found this time Ricky Chekevdia who was found with his mother in a tiny “secret room” two years after he was kidnapped while in a custody battle. Another red herring.

He still feels Maddie was snatched by a man spotted by the McCanns’ friend Jane Tanner, one of the so-called ‘Tapas Seven’ who dined with them the night Maddie went missing. Dave said: “Jane is a very reliable witness and there were other sightings of this man, who Jane saw carrying a little girl in a blanket, in the days leading up to the disappearance.” He feels this is the lone prowler who has Maddie stashed in a cellar or dungeon in the lawless villages around Praia da Luz.”

No matter how hard I try I just can’t understand how he’s blowing the trumpet of Jane Tanner as a reliable witness when he ditched her description for the more favourable “Victoria Beckham lookalike” at the time. Now that’s turned into a farce he’s back to Jane Tanner and no doubt will ditch her again when another description of another suspect who looks nothing like her description comes along.

But "there’s a glimmer of hope, he says, a body hasn’t been found and when paedophiles kill they often dump the body nearby and this isn’t the case here.”

Very true, but so do other killers and often return later to move the body to another location. But being an ex policeman he’ll know that.

Even if Maddie had been dumped in the sea nearby the resort, the ocean often gives up his victims.” Says Dave Edgar.

But what about a weighted body tossed from a boat in the middle of the ocean? Would the sea give up its victim then? Not always according to this article (Beyond the Water Grave- PDF ) where they watched how a weighted pig decomposes in the depths of the ocean. The whole article is really interesting but I’m skipping right to the end where it summarises:

"Its [the pigs] soft tissues disappeared 21 days after it was sunk, completely devoured by marine life. Only its bones remain poking out of the sand. These too will gradually decompose as they are demineralised by the saltwater. But if Dave Edgar did his research he’d know that too.

So all in all a lot of space used up in the Belfast Telegraph article but nothing new or eye opening. They could’ve saved more time by just writing:

"Although Dave Edgar has no evidence to back his theory, he believes Madeleine is being held captive in a basement or cellar 10 miles from where she disappeared in Praia da Luz and will give a conference when he has something more substantial to report."

in Little Morsals


  1. That is an excellent summing up!

    The world is subjected to this guff from the McCanns and those who work for them. Yet one man who was involved in an official capacity is expected to "shut up" while these McFarcial stories are propagated by the UK Press/Media! How is this searching for their missing child! How is GA stopping them looking? Why are they not asking the right people to look? Hmm could it be because the right people actually investigate and don't just do and say what the parents of the mysteriously disappeared child tell them!

  2. A tibia and a femur found by a fisherman in the Atlantic seven years after the doctor Yves Godard's disappearance were identified as being his.

  3. If you read this garbage it turns every sane persons stomach. And it even more turns your stomach if you are a retired Chief Inspector of PJ as I am. This British ex-police officer either pretends to be a complete idiot in order to divert the public attention away from something very important but harmful for the McCanns. Or he is indeed a complete idiot, a pretender and master con artist who cashes in good money for nothing. I wonder if he went into early retirement because of some mental illness.

  4. Dave Edgar is not only a bad detective he is a very forgetful one. We had 7 persons of interest, 1st Hewlett, that went pear shaped. We then had person of interest No.6 who was in prison. Mitchel claimed along with Edgar that this man ,who could not be named due to the investigation ,was also a suspect in the disappearance of Yeremi Vargis. This was news to the spanish police. We also heard that Kate wrote often to Yeremis mum, this was also news to yeremis mum , who sometime back when requested by the Mccanns to go to England and do a documentary with them said she did not want to be involved in a circus .Nor did she wish to make money from her lost child. This also went pear shaped.
    Now Madeleine is in a "Secret Lair" edgar seems to have forgotten about 5,4,3,2 and 1 persons of interest.
    With regards to Sashas excellent post, going back to the missing blue bag, would fish try and nibble their way through that, thick canvas takes sometime to deteriorate even in sea water.


  5. Do the McCanns find comfort in knowing their "detective" believes their precious three year old daughter is being held captive in an underground lair?

  6. Dear Dave Edgar the McCann PI, if the ‘Sunday Life’ report is accurate has stated:

    ‘Exclusively to Sunday Life. Hardened ex-RUC cop Dave Edgar told us he is convinced that little Maddie is imprisoned in a hellish lair – just like kidnapped sex slave Jaycee Lee Dugard.

    Firstly I must say I hope it is not Dave who is calling her by the name of Maddie as his employer’s the McCann’s won’t like that. They refer to her only we are told as Madeleine.
    What is it that has CONVINCED Dave that Madeleine is in a hellish lair? Don’t think he mentioned! I take it, he is speculating, that this is his opinion. It sure in heaven isn’t evidence!

    Now that Dave Edgar has solved the mystery of this case, knows, not only where Madeleine is, but which of the ‘suspects’ took her, surely this must mean that Gerry McCann does not need to worry ANY MORE about all those people in Portugal and beyond (sounds like Toy Story – To Infinity and Beyond), who HE THINKS (due to Sr Amaral’s book) have either stopped searching, or believe that (due Sr Amaral’s book) that there is evidence, she Madeleine is dead. What a relief that must be to him!

    Dave is sounding rather like Metodo 3 ‘material.’

    As he has solved this case perhaps they will employ him?


  7. 'He insisted the “back from the dead” reappearance of Jaycee – and the cases of Austrian cellar girls Elisabeth Fritzl and Natascha Kampusch – confirmed his suspicion.’


    Confirmed his suspicion of what? ‘That missing persons can be found, or his suspicion that Madeleine is in a lair?
    If he has evidence to back his claim surely teams of not only the McCann private eyes, but Portuguese Police most likely British Police also would be descending on ‘them thar hills’ as I type?
    Surely if he had evidence of this, this case would have been re-opened way before this awful piece of reporting hit the printing presses. Surely if he had evidence of this Mr. Mrs. McCann would be in Portugal putting on the hiking boots and other garb necessary for a search of such terrain?


  8. 'But he warned that the sprawling wilderness where he believes Maddie is languishing is almost impossible to search completely.'


    Oops, Stand down team – Madeleine no doubt will be in the part of the area which they cannot quite get to. The bit that is impossible to do a search of.

    If she is in this part how did those who took her there, manage to get there, and how do they get supplies taken there?

    Would the detectives not do what the abductor did to reach there?

    And of course if she is in the part which is possible to reach – Bob’s your uncle!

    Can't see the problem!



  9. 'Dave said he was convinced Maddie was entombed by an abductor in a cellar or dungeon, like Austrian cellar victims Natascha Kampusch and Elisabeth Fritzl.

    “Maddie is most likely being held captive, possibly in an underground cellar, just like Natascha or Elisabeth, and could emerge at any time,” he told us. '


    Is that so? Is she going to emerge of her own accord into this wilderness where from an area where it is almost impossible to search? How will she survive in this terrain on her own? Or are the abductors going to pop up with her and go mountain trekking?

    Or is Dave telling us that he has a team already out there searching? I would hope so, if this is where he believes the child to be, that he is not sitting on his bahookie talking but not acting!


  10. 'Days later, news broke that tormented Jaycee had been freed from the foul compound where she was abused for 18 years by monster Phillip Garrido. Dave simply said: “This just supports my theory that Maddie is alive and imprisoned.

    There was further backing for his theory when American boy Ricky Chekevdia was found hiding with his mother in a tiny “secret room” two years after he was kidnapped while caught in a custody battle. '

    Can anyone explain to me why this SUPPORTS Dave’s theory that Madeleine is alive and imprisoned?

    If we are to work on this basis, does it mean if anyone can introduce a number of cases where children have been killed by their parents (and they are tenfold) that it supports any theory that may be out there that Madeleine was harmed by her parents?

    It would seem so.


  11. 'Dave said: “Jane is a very reliable witness and there were other sightings of this man, who Jane saw carrying a little girl in a blanket, in the days leading up to the disappearance.”

    He feels this is the lone prowler who has Maddie stashed in a cellar or dungeon in the lawless villages around Praia da Luz.

    But Dave warned: “This rural, sprawling terrain makes it extremely difficult to search. You could quite easily keep a child there for years and no-one else would know. '


    But Dave, you KNOW you have just cracked the case. Surely now it is a question of searching these lawless villages?


  12. “The person who has Maddie is most likely a paedophile or a person so desperate for a family they were willing to kidnap for it.

    “I wouldn’t like to speculate on what is happening to her.”
    Dave says the region where he feels Maddie is being held has attracted many strange characters, including convicted sex offenders.

    “I don’t want to generalise or make gross exaggerations, but there are people there living on the edges of society,” Dave said.


    He wouldn’t like to speculate on what is happening to Maddie, but he is happy to speculate as to where she is!

    As for telling us what type of person may have her – I think we all understood the type of person that may be from the moment she disappeared.


  13. Just one bit I am a little unclear on. If she is with persons who were desperate for a family, so desperate that they would kidnap for this to happen, are they a nice family living in the wilderness, treating Maddie as he refer to her, with kindness or are they a paedophile family who were looking for a family.

    So Madeleine is either can we take it being tortured daily or happy in the mountains. The hills are alive with the sound of music, but not music to my ears to know that the child is in a lair in the hills.

    Dave thinks he may still be sitting ‘here’ in ten years time. I don’t Dave cos the Fund will have run out way before that and there will be no one to pay your fat salary for sitting on your fat backside!

    Madeleine will be sixteen by then, maybe it will take for Madeleine if captive somewhere for her to escape of her own accord, tired of waiting for Dave and the team to come rescue her.


    I must point out also that a blogger on Sky spotted that Dave speaks of Tanner seeing a man carrying a child wrapped in a blanket!

    He's clearly on the wrong script at the moment, but then there are so many to choose from!


  14. At times,I feel very ashamed of my human fellows.....
    This man"s IQ is inexistant.If he is not careful he will burn his last neurones by the end of the year...He is in Portugal then? Having "private and confidential meetings" with The Last Great One Enlightened Marcos Aragão Correia?
    Will the Great One find an other bag of bones washed onshore by the ocean after a reading in tea leaves and give it to him?
    All those new theories and leads are really refreshing.I am immensely relieved.
    At looong last,somebody will "crack the case".
    May be the the brilliant ex cop hasnt read the news yet about the reopening of Natash Kampush"s case? from victim to suspect....things smell like a rotting frankfurter (or similar)mmmm...Good of you to keep up the "tradition" with very international theories trying to fill in the enlarging gap under the mccanns feet.
    And the ex cop has feelings!....gut feelings...I am not surprised in fact when the brain is supposed to be 20% of the bodyweight.I wonder how much yours weight Edgar...but what I know is that you dont need to much sand to burry your pointy head ,dont you? I believe that whatever is left of your brain is essentially a "penny orientated ". Good business for a good cause: pretending to find a child when what you are doing is covering the mccanns lies.
    Edgar, I no sympathy for you whatsoever.You are a just corrupt bastard.
    This is a bad movie in which the main victim is a little child used in her death again by the protagonist of her "disappearance"

    They used her again to file the injunction against a man who wants the truth to be spoken and justice made to her.And YOU use her to pretending you are looking for Madeleine.
    You should hang your small head in shame

  15. Dave speaks of there being several sightings of the man who is alleged to have abducted Madeleine on the days leading up to her disappearance.

    Anyone know which of the suspects he is referring to? Which one of the many matches the one in the sketch of the man carrying Madeleine?

    Might be wise to let the people of the wilderness know who they have to look out for, could be helpful.

    Maybe then they'll be able to identify where the liar, oops lair is!


  16. Joana,

    Why don't you organise a petition to the McCanns saying that if you want the Portuguese people to help search for Madeleine, then they must answer some questions that, by their lack of answering, suggest that Madeleine was not abducted. (I am sure you will know which questions to ask.)

    If enough people sign it and the Mccanns do not reply to it, then it will tell the truth to the lie that they are doing everything they can to help find their daughter.

    This is of particular importance at the moment with Mr Edgar publicly stating that he believes Madeleine is being held in Portugal. It may also help Sr Amaral in his appeal by showing that he is not alone in his beliefs.

  17. This article is so ridiculous as to be tragic. How can they get away with such utter tripe? How can the stupid 'detective' claim that Madeleine is being held in a secret 'lair'. I never heard such rubbish in my life.

    Please, please, please, let the authorities re-open this case and get some sense into all this. It's gone too far with all the fairytales from the McCanns. It's time to learn the truth, and most of us know that it has nothing to do with abductions, lairs, Posh look-alikes, or all the other scabby, buck-toothed, pock-marked, George Harrison look alikes.

    Dr Amaral - go, go, go. Get them.

  18. Edgar, Metodo3, & CO - PI'S Inc.
    "2 years making the PJ look good"

  19. "According to Belfast Telegraph the ex policeman hired by the McCann couple has revealed his most chilling theory yet. That Madeleine McCann is imprisoned in a hellish lair only 10 miles from where she disappeared in Praia da Luz and warned that the sprawling wilderness where he believes Madeleine is languishing is almost impossible to search completely."

    The video clip below could be a McPI farce theory even explaining how the lone prowler abductor reaches the sprawling wilderness where the McPI's state is almost possible to search completely!


  20. Oops! Should be impossible not possible!

    "sprawling wilderness where the McPI's state is almost possible to search completely!"

  21. Well if this report is accurate then this is just as outrageous as Metodo "Morocco Madness". Remember? They believe Madeleine to be alive and kidnapped. They said they knew she was in Morocco and they were zeroing in on where she was being held. She would be found before Christmas. What result could follow except a kidnapper would move or kill the child?

    Well the same applies here. He is apparently saying he knows she is being held within PDL. Well, once you discount all the multi-let holiday properties and holiday complexes, the small apartments you are down to a limited number of properties.

    If for some reason Edgar was right (faint hope) then once again Madeleine's life is being put at risk or there is a risk she will be moved from her present location.

    Why on earth would an experienced Police officer make such an elementary mistake?

    I mean - he must believe she's alive...

    Perhaps he's just a bit detectively challenged?

  22. I think Dave Edgar hasn't a clue - both literally and figuratively. He's guessing, simply because of the other cases that have been in the headlines and thus give credence to the idea of keeping abducted children or adults in a cellar. But none of those other girls were anywhere near as young as Madeleine. There's a big difference in snatching a girl who's almost a teenager and snatching a 3-year-old.

    The dogs' alerts are what tell us most likely happened to Madeleine. If Dave Edgar, with his background in the RUC and Cheshire Police, doesn't have enough sense to understand that those two dogs weren't alerting for the sheer hell of it, then he's an idiot. Both of those dogs have been used extensively in the UK, including in N Ireland, where Eddie had one of his most spectacular successes in the case of Attracta Harron. Policemen everywhere know how accurate these dogs are, so take it from me, Dave Edgar will know it too.

    I don't know why he stays on a case where he can do nothing but use guesswork, change theories every week, talk nonsense about reliable witnesses (Jane Tanner), and be proved to be not quite as capable in detecting as we were led to believe - according to the Mail on Sunday's recent report. Anyone wanting to talk about a bungled investigation nowadays can point to Dave rather than to the PJ - funny that, since he was busy criticising the PJ for THEIR inefficiency, in his first interview with the News of the World.

    Dave, if you want to recover a little credibility, admit you don't know any more than anyone else, get out and go and have a long holiday or something. But please stop insulting people's intelligence with your pronouncements; we're tired of your ever-changing theories.

  23. If dave thinks he's right answer me this WHY would an abductor choose a 3 year old apposed to a toddler who can hardley speak?for both scenarios it just doesn't add up.

  24. What happened to - 'OPERATIONAL REASONS?'

    Team McCann usually quote, that for 'operational reasons' they cannot give out this, or that information.

    Yet once again, we have a situation whereby their PI's claim to "know" where Madeleine is being held, and 'operational reasons' (to protect Madeleine's safety?) don't appear to matter!

    If Dave Edgar has been misquoted by whomever put the article together, surely he, or his employer's the McCann's will refute it as it may be damaging to the search for Madeleine?

    If everyone thinks Dave's article means he has evidence as to where Madeleine is, then they will stop looking elsewhere.

    Was this not one of the elements in the McCann legal action against Sr Amaral, that his book led the public to believe that there was evidence that Madeleine was dead, so they stopped searching?

    Edgar's article leads the public to believe that Madeleine is in this wilderness. Most likely the public believe due to this, that the McCann PI's are searching here, and have requested the assistance of Portuguese authorities, British too. Naturally then the public around the world will have stopped looking/searching, no need to now.

    If the article is wrong, would it not be of the greatest urgency to make a statement/hold a press conference no less, to this effect, so as not to hinder the search for Madeleine?

    Perhaps sue the paper who printed the article?

    It is truly a sad and disturbing situation we have reached when the supposed search for this child results in ever increasing sensationalism in the press releases/conferences held and arranged, by the company (Fund)which her parents and other family members control, through their employees Clarence Mitchell and whichever detectives are in employ at any given time.

    The article claims that Dave said the suspect was seen several times on the lead up to the disappearance of Madeleine.

    WHY has it not been made abundantly clear WHICH of the suspects he speaking of?

    Is spotty man who is in the wilderness? Is it the man with the prominent teeth? Is it Hewlett? Posh from Barcelona? (well he did say J. Tanner may have mistaken a male for a female)

    Which one?


  25. Whoever created that bloody awful script is sick!

  26. If the McCanns believe this fool...or even think there is a slight chance of Madeleine being kept alive by a paedophile it makes there smiles and nonchalance even more sickening.
    If I thought my child was with paedophiles for on minute let alone years I would be suicidal.
    I would ctually prefer she be dead than that scenario...

  27. I find it extraordinary that the only prosecuted person in this sad case is an ex police officer....unbelievable.
    They NEED to find somebody to blame either for M"s disappearance and anybody will do.
    This all sorry saga is not about looking for M. and/or finding her but to prosecute "somebody" at all costs,ie,finding any dirty tricks ,using any argument to that specific end.

  28. I think Portugal should sue D. Edgar.

  29. Given "Dangerous Dave"'s predeliction for basing his theories on the latest news stories, it seems surprising that he hasn't picked up on the French "Marina" case yet - I bet his bosses would love that one! I suppose a trip to Australia might now be in order, to collect Skippy and Crocodile Dundee, in advance of his trek into PdL's "lawless" and dangerous wilderness - no turd unstoned, after all.

  30. Look what hapenned when an IDIOT open his mouth instead of eating a sardine.

    From his words, we can assume that he knows exactly where Madeleine is... is it a CELLAR or a GRAVE? it is her, a little happy girl, or a body?

    Because, we did not notice any movements near Praia da Luz, reported in the Press, from that private team ( NO INTERVIEWS WITH SUSPECTS, NO DNA EVIDENCES COLLECTED, NO EXCAVATIONS, NOTHING) then who give him such information? The visionnary Marcos Aragao or the selfish Mccann's themselves? Is he prepared to handover Madeleine, to light, next christmas?

    Why should be Madeleine concealed 10 miles away of Praia da Luz? Why not in Rothley, exactly inside Mccann's garden? In a place where police did not check yet and did not suspect at the beginning? We should remember that they travelled in a private jet, without being controled and their luggages are not checked at Faro airport when they runaway from Portugal.

    An USA student killed in Yale, was found in the wall of the Lab where she use to work. Fritz, keep her daughter in a cellar next to his house. Natasha Kampush was kidnaped by a man which her mum know's well. WHAT THAT MEAN'S? MEAN'S... that it is very easy for close friends or family to harm and hide the victims, but it is very difficult to do the same for a strange. A strange, needs a plan and needs time to achieve the commitment with sucess. Madeleine spend few days in Praia da Luz, then... NO TIME FOR A STRANGE TO MAKE A PERFECT PLAN. Unless... the plan came with girl from England, and on that case, again, the center of the investigation must be the close ones: Friends or family!

  31. What a fiasco this "detective" has turned out to be, heh? He's just being so ludicrous, hurtful and unhelpful, isn't he? And were is his "sidekick" Cowley? As he had enough of the charade and discretely fadded away, after signing a very strickt confidentiallity agreement, of course?...
    Oh boy, how do I hope that the McCanns and Mitchell DO read this blog and all the comments, they must be fuming with rage and frustration!

  32. Jane Tanner.... such a reliable witness that Edgar himself said she may have mistaken the abductor for male when it could've been a female??!! Give me strength!!!!

  33. The McCanns must be feeling so much better knowing that Maddie is alive and well, being held in a cellar in a vast wilderness by paedophiles whom are repeatedly abusing her and that because their detective has now publicised this everyone will stop looking for her elsewhere as A Miller has stated above.
    I'm pretty sure that the McCanns vet everything published by their team and that the only way they would allow Dave Edgar to publish this was if they knew it to be untrue and that Maddie is dead.
    If not, this statement is more harmful to the search for Maddie than Goncalo Amarals book and more painful to the McCann family.

  34. Please tell Dave the rave, that the only people that ought to be locked in an inaccessible underground cellar should be the Mcccans until they confess.

  35. Dimsie wrote
    "The dogs' alerts are what tell us most likely happened to Madeleine. If Dave Edgar, with his background in the RUC and Cheshire Police, doesn't have enough sense to understand that those two dogs weren't alerting for the sheer hell of it, then he's an idiot"

    No Dimsie, he is not an idiot. He is being paid hundreds of pounds. Nice work if you can get it. Also he is planting the seed in people's minds that Maddie is not dead, but at the same time will never be found. He is getting the McCann message out there that their daughter is still alive. He is being paid handsomly to do this. Then again, perhaps yes you are right and he is an idiot because he may have just talked himself out of a job, after all why employ him if she is impossible to search for!!

  36. oh dave you dithering idiot,a bit of advise to you .GET OUT NOW, because you have just made yourself even a bigger laughing stock than you were before.

  37. I believe they didn't properly choose DE the clown, in fact they had not much of a choice. The ideal would be to have a serious, rational and credible sleuth ready to take the job without looking too precisely into the details and examining the contradictions (and thus risking to turn against them). Wishful thinking.

  38. If this was a simple case of a missing child it would have got the usual 1 weeks media coverage and then disappeared altogether. I believe this is a case that is perhaps hiding something other than a missing or dead child. All the people involved in covering this up with their media lacky's are now on a bit of a merry go round that they are finding it hard to get off. They'd prefer the case to just disappear from the public consciousness but like Frankinstein, it's developed a life of its own.

  39. This is what puzzles me. Two policeman this Mr Edgar and also Mr Amaral have given their opinion on the case. Now who knows more as regards witnesses and evidence. Who actually worked on the case. Mr Amaral. Yet his opinion is rejected and banned. Whilst this other policeman is allowed media openings to publicise his opinion. Why? Need we ask.

  40. Se a minha filha tivesse desaparecido e eu tivesse o apoio incondicional que os McCann tiveram: polícia (nunca vi tantos juntos à procura de uma criança portuguesa), corredor diplomático (you name it), media (uma cobertura nunca antes visto, talvez o 11 de Setembro) familia, amigos, staff do resort, populares (todos nós) eu teria usado e abusado. Estaria, certamente, todas as manhãs junto à secretária do Inspector responsável a saber o que é que tinha feito para encontrar a minha filha, teria com a polícia uma relação mais estreita com certeza. E se eu fosse suspeito estaria ao dispôr para desfazer suspeições infundadas e obrigar a polícia a fazer-se novamente ao terreno e procurar a minha filha. Quando disso, depende a vida dos nossos filhos, a arrogância faz-se pequena. Eu teria suplicado aos meus amigos que voltassem a Portugal para a reconstituição do dia do seu desparecimento se disso dependesse o rumo de investigação. E é claro eu reviraria o resort e as imediações para procurar a minha filha. Dispondo dos media, faria a ponte para que a polícia portuguesa e britânica os usasse de uma forma eficaz. E acataria os conselhos de investigadores experientes para não levar a minha avante e colocar em risco a vida da minha filha. Na verdade eu estaria tão destroçada e ruída pela culpa que nunca teria lucidez e objectividade para criar um Fundo para donativos. Mas admiro a ideia: É BRILHANTE! O que eu não permitiria era que a polícia encerasse o dossier da minha filha. Ai, aí é que eu punha a pressão!!! E claro, se eu tivesse que escolher entre polícias reformados, sem ferramentas, fora do meio , eu não hesitaria, antes a polícia em exercício, a que está no terreno, que dispõe de meios para efectuar um trabalho sério e que fizesse a ponte com as outras polícias do mundo inteiro. Mas, sobretudo, que nunca deixasse de procurar o meu TESOURO.
    Com os media à disposição, eu diria a todos os pais, que se eu pudesse voltar atrás, eu nunca deixaria em circunstância alguma, os meus filhos sozinhos num apartamento que considerei seguro e sugeria qu tomassem o meu inferno como referência. Mas se por acaso optasse por uma investigação privada, porque amigos ricos suportam essa imensa despesa, o meu alvo seria imediatamente a família Smith. Esses sim, sabem alguma coisa sobre este assunto. Outro aspecto que eu consideraria estranho, seria o facto de ainda não haver notícia de um processo de difamação de Robert Murat a Jane Tanner, que ao que tudo indica prestou falsos depoimentos. Especialmente depois de ter recebido uma quantia considerável da imprensa britânica. Talvez esteja a considerar a hipótese de doá-la ao Fundo...afinal de contas o fundo são todos, e todos não têm fundo. Há mais no Fundo do que se possa imaginar.

  41. Who's setting the agenda? Who's feeding the media? The main purpose is to control the story and have everyone talking about and discussing what they put out.


  42. Very well written Joana!

    What a joke this 'detective' is! he is the one who said (on the McCanns Kateless 're-enactment'!)that it was not important which side of the road Gerry and the man who saw him come out of his apartment from the other route than the one he claims he came out of ('Jez' Wilkins) were supposed to be standing when they both completely failed ot see Tanner walking past!

    If it was so important to include the debate about which side of the road they were on, why wasnt it important which side of the road they were on!

    Also, how can a 'detective' (sic!) be objective when he is paid for by the person who would be suspect!

  43. It's like a Frankenstein's creature, yes, it has gained proper life and overwhelmed everyone, the McCs to begin with.

  44. For some reason it must have been inconvenient to Gerry, that both Jane Tanner and Jez Wilkins stated that Gerry and Jez were on the side of the road next to apartment 5A.

    If it wasn't so important, they certainly wouldn't have added it to the Mockumentary - where dull Dave Edgar tells them it's NOT important and that witnesses often disagree in lots of cases. And he goes against 2 people and lets Gerry have his way - that Gerry and Jez were on the opposite side of the road. Jane doesn't look too happy about this and it's probably why we see her crying a few moments later! of course we don't know what Jez thinks about it all, but we can take an educated guess.

    thanks A Miller for such well written comments as usual.

  45. Does this fool think he's doing his detective agency any favours coming out with this claptrap?
    Anyone needing the services of a private detective would surely stay clear of this fool.
    Will his next claim be that, he knows Maddie is elsewhere and was only disclosing this false information to make her abductor think he's way off course?

  46. Another thing I wonder about is that Kate McCann, in her profession as a GP, would highly likely have been involved either directly or indirectly with Social Services and I think there is a strong probability that she might have been responsible for other people’s children being placed on Child Protection Registers or placed into care. There is every chance that other people for whom she acted as their GP have neglected left their children and this may have included leaving them unattended and, of course, GP’s are asked for patient’s medical notes whenever Social Services have concerns about a child or family as they want to look into the background of the child/family. Therefore, for this reason she knew the risk she was taking herself of leaving her children unattended and this would be damaging and she would be anxious to limit the appearance of this damage (and her husband’s) by way of covering up. Her credibility as a GP would be blown apart and she may even have been struck off. Therefore suitable damage limitation is making us believe there was an abductor and it was someone else’s fault notwithstanding she and her husband left their children unattended, as we now know, for very long periods and crying for 75 minutes. As far as her advice to Social Services goes, the saying, ‘Do as I say, not as I do’ comes to mind.


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