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McCanns Back in Portugal

Kate McCann has returned to Portugal for the first time since being quizzed by police over her daughter Madeleine's disappearance, her spokesman has said.

"Kate and (her husband) Gerry have gone to Lisbon for a series of meetings with their lawyers and other advisers," Clarence Mitchell said.

"They are planning to be there for one day. They are not going to Praia de Luz."

Madeleine was three when she went missing in the resort of Praia da Luz in May, 2007.

Mr Mitchell continued: "It is Kate's first visit back to Portugal since 2007 and it is difficult.

"It's something that has always been daunting for her but she knew she would go back at some stage - and she's always said she'll do anything necessary to keep the search for Madeleine alive.

"If it means a trip to speak to the Portuguese media, then so be it. But she's always said she'll do anything to keep the inquiry alive.

"What keeps her going is a sense of momentum, and important meetings with lawyers and advisers are critical to the campaign."

One of the topics to be discussed will be the recent injunction against further publication of a book by former Portuguese police detective Goncalo Amaral.

Mr Amaral was involved in the initial investigation but was later taken off the case.

In his book, The Truth of the Lie, he claims that Madeleine is dead and questions the McCanns' account that she was taken while they were eating with friends nearby.

Earlier this month a Portuguese judge banned further sale or publication of the book.

The injunction meant Mr Amaral had to ensure that all unsold copies of the book were removed from shops and warehouses across Europe.

The injunction also banned him from repeating his claims about Madeleine or her parents.

At one point, Portuguese police had made Kate and Gerry McCann "arguidos", or formal suspects, in their daughter's disappearance.

They were questioned by detectives but their arguidos status was later lifted.

source: Sky News, 23.09.2009

Sky now has a slight different version of the above article, less sympathetic also: «The British woman and husband Gerry, both 41, flew in for a series of meetings with their lawyers and other advisers in Lisbon, Clarence Mitchell said.»

From Daily Mirror

«Mr Mitchell said discussions between the couple, both 41 and from Rothley, Leicestershire, would remain private. But it is understood that, as well as updating lawyers about the search for their daughter, who would now be six, they will be meeting representatives from a new PR agency, whom they hope can turn public opinion in Portugal in their favour

From the Portuguese media, in Diário de Notícias

«Gerry e Kate McCann had a meeting with the lawyers Rogério Alves and Isabel Duarte(..) after the meeting the McCann will have an 'informal meeting' with the media today, at 15:30, in an hotel in the capital [Lisbon].»

RTP Video - McCann arrive at Lisbon Airport


  1. Maybe to celebrate the day of Maddie's conception, when her short life started.
    We don't know if she was born before 9 months of pregnancy.
    Will Kate visit her grave?

  2. Any chance of an arrest for the unanswered questions????

  3. "...important meetingS with their lawyerS and SOME of their adviserS".
    Celebrity, celebrity, when you get a hold on us... nothing is singular any more.

  4. They will have to return to Portugal for the case against Mr Amaral won't they and will they be the ones on the spot then for answering questions is that right anyone please. I am not up on all this legal stuff

  5. Just incredible that they could go to Portugal to meet lawyers and others but not even take the trouble to go to Praia da Luz. Is Edgar still within ten miles of Praia da Luz looking for the McCanns' daughter while they are looking for Amaral's money? Words fail me ...

  6. Says Clarence:
    "If it means a trip to speak to the Portuguese media, then so be it. But she's always said she'll do anything to keep the inquiry alive."
    So, Kate is coming to talk to the media? But if she really wants to do anything to keep the enquiry alive shoudn't she go and talk to the PJ?
    Confusing....or not... because it seems now that it is the media who is investigating Madeleine's case(Donal Macintyre).

  7. the only reason this is in the news is that they have to keep this pretence up for the rest of there lives to try to convince us that they are innocent but it wont work as there is to much information on the net to say otherwise

  8. Somebody please, arrest them for neglect and lock them up.

  9. Lawyers, advisers, spokespersons.

    What are these McCanns?

    Royalty or something.

    And, who is paying for all this?

  10. Meeting with Lawyers and Advisors is a roundabout way of looking for Madeleine. They have their backs to the wall at the moment, and the only thing left for them is to wield power over everyone else. I don't know how it helps to find out the truth of what happened but they feel they are doing something 'positive' by taking legal action against everybody with an opposing view of theirs. What will they do after they have shut everyone up. Nothing left to do then and if no-one is talking about this case then that is the worst thing that can happen in the search for the truth.

  11. A little bit of condolence is not within your competence, is it?

  12. I wonder who is looking after Sean and Amelie whilst they are away. School is only 9:00 to 3:30, perhaps it is a really short visit to Lisbon.

    Mr B

  13. Do you think the distraught parents will find the time to search the 'lawless' villages within a 10 mile radius of Pria de Luz?
    Will their lawyers and advisors be rolling up their sleeves and searching the undergrowth?
    If not, WHY NOT?
    After all that's where their Private investigator Dave Edgar thinks the poor mite is being held captive.
    You seriously couldn't make this stuff up!! It's just mind blowing.

  14. I can't wait for the press conference.
    I wonder if anyone will dare to ask them about the 'lawless' villages around Luz and why they aren't there to search for Madeleine.
    I wont hold my breath.

  15. The celebrity bad parents are back in Portugal but not to help the authorities find their daughter it seems. Notice how the spokesman stressed that they will not be visiting Praia de Luz. Avoiding it like the plague might have been nearer the truth. Nothing new about the 'Lair' either. Mind you that's all done and dusted; yesterday's news. Meanwhile there are more important things to discuss than looking for Madeleine. Suing people and making lots and lots of Euros for example; or how about registering a few European trade marks? Well, business is business and searching only costs money, it doesn't make any and the fund must go on.


  16. Is Lisbon 10km away from Praia da Luz?

    And what's this talk about an "inquiry"? I thought this was still a case of a missing child, now in a lair, now in Portugal.

    Still wrong, McCann, still so very wrong.... But still, go make your appearance with your woefully indignant little face: I guess it does something for you.

  17. They are back to sign forms probably to tighten the noose around Mr Amaral's neck thats all they are interested in Madelaine is a cover now, she is long forgotten. How can the Portugese justice system make a laughing stock of their nation for two british doctors have they no pride. People of Portugal wake up these 2 have made a joke out of you all and are still doing it.

  18. I would have gone to the place where my child had disappeared, hoping to see her somewhere.
    This would be my first and only goal.
    Great chance for the PJ, if they know more about the case.
    No celebration of conception.
    I was wrong.

    What a restless life.

  19. "They are back to sign forms probably to tighten the noose around Mr Amaral's neck"


    absolutely no other reason they'd dare to go back for

  20. "It's something that has always been daunting for her but she knew she would go back at some stage - and she's always said she'll do anything necessary to keep the search for Madeleine alive"

    It has been "daunting" me for the last 2 years as well,mrs.Pinochet.
    And I agree: you"ve kept the NEWS not the search for Madeleine,very well alive but ONLY in YOUR terms.
    Anybody who disgrees with you or simply wants to know what is really going on,is more or less immediately "destroyed".
    Is this what you are going to hammer in the Portuguese media, "disguised warnings"?
    Do you really believe people are welcoming you there when you dare issue an injunction, in their very own country,which turns out to be a complete violation of basic himan rights? How are you going to expain this? How will you and could possibly justify it without the re-opening of the case?
    Which "campaign" are you talking about? Are your extradition lawyers going with you?

    The "search" for Madeleine"s campaign""?
    Didnt you say the search was back to Australia thanks to the 1000 letters with new leads?
    So,which "campaign" is this? Asking the media to have pity on you if the case is re-opened?
    Is this the true reason for this trip to Portugal,carefully avoiding PdL because you cannot look at the unwelcoming faces? People thinking "oh...nooo,not them again!!!"

    "A sense of momentum"? We are not well aint we?Obsession?
    Get a grip on reality: the only thing you can effectively to stop all of this to recover some sanity, is asking the Portuguese Authorities to re-open the case with or without new evidence.
    This would be a sign of maturity.Cooperate with them to prove once for ever you are NOT and have never been involved in what has happened to Madeleine and IF in any case you were... people would also and finally shut up, having had the answers to their never ending questions.
    It would be a truly international relief

  21. Lá vou eu ter de levar a máscara quando sair à rua, que hoje o ar vai estar bastante mais irrespirável.

  22. It seems Gerry does not want to be filmed.
    He avoids to let himself being filmed, not looking at the camera.
    It looks like the day they arrived back in Rothlay, after being made arguidos.
    She enjoys being filmed, she does not hide her face.
    I think a great deal of narcisism.
    Gerry feels ashamed for what he is doing, it is obvious.
    Who knows he understood the Sunday Express.
    This people live under great pressure.

  23. Amaral's book is still on sale in Europe

  24. The only reason Kate McCann for which should be returning to Portugal is to finally answer the questions and cooperate fully with the investigation they deliberately stalled.
    Slightly O/T, but just came across this & thought it may be of interest-

  25. Very nice thet Sky News is talking about the fact that Amaral says that Maddie is dead, his book banned.
    Sky News could have said a book that denies the abduction, no full name of the writer, the fact he was a PJ detective, the fact the book is banned.
    Sky News is telling everything and that is important.
    That is why Gerry was not looking at the camera.

  26. Devem ter vindo participar na campanha eleitoral... só não sei se pelo PS, se pelo PSD.
    Meu pobre Portugal!

  27. Now is the time to arrest this pair of murdering scum, get them to answer questions, take lie detector test and get their lying mates back as well, then try them and lock the bastards up for good and throw away the key, then get the british cops to try them for fraud!!!

  28. when Gerry talked of a "high risk strategy" and a "small window of opportunity" he was referring to himself...

    his window has got slightly bigger over the last 2 years - I wish he'd do the decent thing and jump


  30. The more i think about this the more angry i get, they think because they have had an injunction against Sr Amarals' book, that they are above the law, this just shows their total self absorbtion and belief that they are untouchable. It would make my day - no my year - to see them arrested live on TV for the world to see. The people and police and jucicial system of Portugal could then regain their good reputation.

  31. Please be calm fellows. This drama is not over yet. Mysterious can be the road of the justice. They had to come. There's a need to do so. If you're clean you would return here. And is less expensive than paying trips and accommodations for their staff (lawyers, advisers, you name it). Remember the Fund is not what it used to be (it's thinner now). Maybe they need to met someone important. England are much more aware of their moves than we are here, lot's of real information has been release there (I mean the majority of people here just don't care about this anymore, they have to pay their mortage and kids school from their own pocket, don't bother about McCann) so it is obvious that this trip to Lisbon is favorable to them. And as I said before, maybe they want to met someone to make sure that the pact, you know, stand firm?

  32. I hope there is a press conference where the press are allowed to ask their own questions. Is Clarrie going with them? It would be interesting to see them handle a press conference on their own.

  33. "It's something that has always been daunting for her but she knew she would go back at some stage - and she's always said she'll do anything necessary to keep the search for Madeleine alive.


    This says it all..."The Search for madeleine alive"....Not to search for madeleine...


  34. WONDER WHY... TO pressure the politics before the next election, to close Foruns, site and Blogs like this one where everybody can eXpress an opinion with freedmon.

    Maybe trying to pressure the News-Paper to have the News regarding them, close to reader comments.

    Maybe trying to sue Amaral on their Typical Way, WITHOUT FACING QUESTIONS IN A COURT OF LAW.

    GOING TO MADDIE SUPOSED CELLAR? NO WAY.... The grave is too far for poor Kate to travel their and face the pain again. She is not used with jogging anymore.

  35. By all means arrest them for proper questioning, but even I wouldn't take a lie detector test regarding this case, and I was in England at the time!

    Lie detector tests are not 100% accurate. So then, what would happen if they passed the test?

  36. Am I alone in finding their behaviour innapropriate?

    The laughing to one another I mean. I don't expect them to be weeping or anything but just wear a regular expression.

    Maybe the delight at all the fuss made of them, proved too much.

    There's something about the pair of them, and I can't put my finger on what it is, that I find very creepy.

  37. They came for money.
    They probably want Amaral's money.

  38. Instead of doing everything to keep the inquire alive, she should have done everything to keep Madeleine alive.
    It would have been much better for the little girl.
    Ach, a question of priorities.

  39. i don't think the McCann's are on telly enough - I wish ITV would give them their own gameshow

    "I'm a PdL celebrity... get me out of here"

    "Time team"

    "Cash in the attic"

    "Celebrity makeover"

  40. I hope the Portuguese media will ask Gerry about that incident with David Payne and why did they continue being close friends.

  41. As the Meerkat in the UK TV advert might say: "It's simples Kate".


    PS Of course answering the 40 questions might encourage them to reopen the inquiry.

  42. Wonder... Kate cannot came back to Portugal, to do the reconstruction, to answer the 48 questions.... bla, bla, bla, all very important steps to help everybody searching for her daughter.

    But... she can come now, after a very suspicious court decision which decide to silence Amaral. She came to keep the search for her daughter alive... that mean's... to KEEP THE FUND ALIVE, that mean's to ask more Public donnations.... Because that Huge Vip team of Lawyers cost alots of money and the Fund soon will run out dry. WONDER TO THINK WHICH KIND OF CRIME MAKE A PAIR OF PARENTS HIRE SO MANY PEOPLE AND SPEND SO MUCH MONEY. Innocent parents don't act that way, don't waste money with celebritie lawyers. That Parents must be guilt in a serious crime, is the only way to understand what they do and have done for more then 2 years.

    Wonder to see, in which hotel are they going to stay in Lisbon: "The HOTEL DA LAPA" or the "PESTANA PALACE"?

  43. From Sky news The Maccanns are in Portugal for an update on how the search for Maddie is going (Thats a joke ) and regarding the law suit against Mr Amaral and the million pounds defamation claim against him. now thats more like it. They are allowing a press conference hope they are not treated with kid gloves. How come Mr Amaral cannot give a press conference in the UK.

  44. Since when is suing everything that moves a campaign to find Madeleine?

    quote "Instead of doing everything to keep the inquire alive, she should have done everything to keep Madeleine alive."unquote So true!
    I agree, SoJ, the lie detector is too unreliable. These are true sociopaths imo, which makes much easier for them to pass. Plus they have been practizing their stories for over 2 years now. Also Gerry has 'n easy access to ß blockers. Just give them a real interrogation by a very experienced cop.

    Oh and for the person who wants to see condolence for this pathetic pair: they showed not a shred of sympathy for Madeleine, who at 3 yrs had to babysit her 2 yr old twin siblings, even after she asked "why didn't you come when we were crying?" Plus they need no condolence, look how happy they were on what would have been Madeleine's fourth birthday. And consider how "delighted" they are when they can $crew another person over.

  45. Just had a thought.
    Perhaps the judge who passed the injunction against Amaral had some pressure placed upon her.
    Perhaps she was forced to go through the files.
    Perhaps she read that Kate had refused to answer the 48 questions.
    Perhaps on those grounds she said they had to come for her to know how to proceed and to find out why Kate refused to answer those questions.
    We are all believing their story about lawyers and making friends with the press - but I have long since stopped believing anything they say.
    So I am looking at what they are not saying?

  46. At a time when the two little twins are daily having to go to school, any 'normal' parents would be hiding from adverse publicity. This is not going to improve matters at the school gates,with other parents and for the teachers. This need for publicity at all costs is only rivalled by the Jordan/Pete Andre bandwaggon. (And at least those two are open about their motives! It's money and celebrity throughout.

  47. Arrest them? HAHA Didn't you know that Portugal is a colony of the UK now? People come here to commit crimes because they know they can get away with it, and then sue everyone, and pressure politicians, including the Prime Minister, into being subservient to Gordon Brown and his cronies.


  48. Can't post the link, but an article in today's Daily Mirror mentions that they are looking in to getting a new PR agency to turn around the view of the Portuguese people.

  49. Mr Mitchell said discussions between the couple, both 41 and from Rothley, Leicestershire, would remain private.

    But it is understood that, as well as updating lawyers about the search for their daughter, who would now be six, they will be meeting representatives from a new PR agency, whom they hope can turn public opinion in Portugal in their favour.


  50. AH!AH! They failed the biggest Media coverage in Portuguese comunnity: RTPi don't gave a single word to that trip and to the Mccann's in Portugal, on their main news.

    Mccann's... you are not celebrities anymore... at least in Portugal soil. Wonder if in one day you can meet the PS, PSD, BE, CDU and PP politics to fool all of them. OR are your Lawyers encharged to made pressures on the next government? Socrates, if he loose next elections, will be because of the pressures that he make against people which don't agree with him, and not because of the economical crise. Wonder to see if a new government will agree with such crime or are you saying that if Our PM don't protect you, your PM will give a hard time to Portugal in the European community?

    I think 48 questions that Kate leave unanswered in the police, was far behind what she and her husband have to answer now.

  51. I hope and pray that they have gone back to Portugal with the sole purpose of getting the enquiry re-opened....

    I can dream can't I?

  52. A judge in Portugal puts tape on the mouth of Amaral, preventing him from giving his experienced interpretation of the case, a lawyer in Britain tries to prevent Bennett from having his say, yet the Portuguese media give the McCanns a platform from which they can speak freely, giving us again and again and again, their version of a badly told story.

    Will any journalist ask them why they are not in the Algarve searching for the lair and will any journalist have the decency to ask Amaral for comment.

    I live hope.

  53. Just a thought everyone.

    There's plenty of free webspace out there, and there's plenty of software such as webripper which will download an entire website, including images etc.

    Why not lots of of us, download the entire website, especially the madeleinefoundation one if it comes back, and then just keep opening new, free webspace accounts and uploading the entire website to them. This will just increase coverage, search engine figures etc, and they can't shut down the entire internet (I hope.....)

    Keep up the good work Joana.

  54. So Kate's going this time is she ?

    I see.

    Is it the 'Lair Witch Project ?'

  55. Wonder if the M1 will be closed and a Police escort provided on their return, just like last time?

  56. Hope they've got their watches with them this time so they know what time the Press Conference starts. And best make sure they know which door to go in through - should they enter through the front doors or the rear patio doors?!!

  57. "PR Agency"?? I'm sure, like the rest of us here, the people of Portugal will not be swayed by the sort of rubbish that Mitchell has been spouting for two years. Just as he has not addressed the unanswered 48 questions, this new PR Agency will not touch that issue either.

  58. Of course the McCanns aren't going to Praia da Luz - look at the hostile reception Gerry was given when he went back to do the 'documentary'. I really, really hope the Portuguese press ask some uncomfortable questions, if any journalists turn up of course. It would really upset the McCanns if none did! And as for the new PR company to make them look better in Portugal, ha, ha!! Nice little earner for the PR company, and I wonder where the money would come from. Surely not the Fund - that is only to be used to search for Madeleine, not to whitewash her parents' character and history. No matter how good the PR company is, though, it won't be able to fulfill its mission so the McCanns might just as well forget the idea. Perhaps Gonçalo Amaral could employ a PR company to raise his profile among the British public? He might be banned from speaking, but a PR company could do it for him.

  59. I feel absolutely sickned.

    Thanks for the news but poor little Madeleine.

    Please Mr. and Mrs. McCanns ask for the case to be re-opened while you're there and please Mrs. McCann answer the questions. They might help you to find your poor little girl.

  60. http://www.zimbio.com/Madeleine+McCann/articles/h_QofMx9Asz/Gon+alo+Amaral+TORN+APART+LIES

    Before we see the actors take centre stage , lets not forget how they are in a deep depression. All of these little snippets of their attitude maybe used once they get into court...Or have they forgotten they are "Torn Apart"


  61. The bit about the PR agency for Portugal is interesting. The McCanns through Mitchell (with government backing) together with top UK libel lawyers have been able to control the media in the UK whereas in Portugal the media have been free to report whatever they want. So how are the McCanns going to find an equivalent set up in Portugal. Well, they've already got the government backing and the top libel lawyers and Portuguese justice has already proven to be blind in one eye only so I guess they're almost there?


  62. The Maccanns Oh pass the sick bucket

  63. Now headlined on SKY news, McCanns to sue Sr Amaral for 1.2 million.

  64. Two questions for them:
    - who pays for the lwayers? them or the fund?
    - when are they present themselves to the PJ?
    Money makes that couple go around!

  65. HELP!! I can't get the Sky News website today (I can't imagine C-R would take down Sky) - I welcome any advice as I like to read the blog and discussions regarding the Madeleine case. Thanks in advance.

  66. Let the Portuguese journalists ask the very tough questions this time, persistently, over and over, with cameras directly on the McCanns and microphones placed close by. If they want media coverage, give it to them by all means, but not on their terms.

    Even if they decline to answer any pointed questions, their evasion and accompanying body language will speak volumes.

    Come on, Portuguese journalists. Stand up and exercise your rights, like Joana Morais and her associates have done on this subject.

    This is a precious opportunity that I hope will not be wasted.

  67. So according to Mitchell kate will do anything to find Maddie.Her "private detective" claims the child is in a lawless village in PDL yet kate mccann will only stay in Portugal for one day and she won't go to Praia Da Luz.I'm sorry Madeleine.Mommy is not here for you.She's here for another reason.You'll have to wait a little longer.Mommy knows you're being treated like a princess, that's why she's not in a hurry to get you back.

  68. Não foram vaiados?Que pena.

  69. I would imagine that they are there to stop Amaral from going to England. If there were plans for Amaral to meet with MF the British Press would have to make some comment. This must be stopped at all costs. Amaral to the Mccanns is a loose cannon.The Stepford wives of Rothley would maybe start to think for themselves. God forbid.


  70. Why are they so worried about what the portuguese people think about them?Who is going to pay for the new PR agency?Don't waste your (our) monney.The portuguese won't change their mind.

  71. Meetings, lawyers, advisors, Pr's who would have thought it.

    Instead of roting in jail they are flying high.

    Amaral should declare himself bunkrupt and tell them to take a running jump.

  72. She'll do anything except tell the truth about that night!

    No doubt going back to discuss the case..hopefully Amaral is going to make them go to court!

    Wouldnt that be FANTASTIC!

  73. http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/World-News/Madeleines-McCann-Mum-Kate-Returns-To-Portugal-For-First-Time-After-Police-Interrogation/Article/200909415387352?lpos=World_News_Carousel_Region_2&lid=ARTICLE_15387352_Madeleines_McCann_Mum_Kate_Returns_To_Portugal_For_First_Time_After_Police_Interrogation
    McCanns to sue Dr Amaral for 1.2 million!!!!
    Just tell me is this good news or bad news?

  74. Can somebody pass the puke bucket? That new PR firm has to pass out anti nausea tablets worldwide before they can do anything.
    It truly has gone into lala-land now.

  75. http://indepth.news.sky.com/InDepth/topic/Kate%20and%20Gerry%20McCann

    Not Esther!

  76. Wow!! A new PR company to "embellish" their image in Portugal. What a self centered, despicable couple. Of course, Madeleine, their precious gold mine, gives them the means to do that. Disgusting.

  77. Just accept that this hideous pair of people have got away with it.
    They are backed up by very powerful people.....I doubt we will ever know why either.
    Meanwhile, the little girl lies in an unmarked grave.

  78. I am sick of this. Where is that sweet child Madeleine.

  79. definately - "not easter"! but I like the most in the end:"NOT COMMENT AVAILABLE..."

  80. Latest on Sky News, is that McCann's may sue Sr Amaral for £1.2million. They were in Portugal to discuss this with lawyers.

    Didn't we say too that Clarence would pop up again soon?

    Martin Brunt Sky News :

    'Sky News crime correspondent Martin Brunt said the couple thought the book was "very hostile" and "deterred potential witnesses in the case from coming forward".'


    Now this goes some way to explain Donal's little stint. I would think they need to plug this abduction theory so much more now if they are to prove in any way that Sr Amaral's book deterred witnesses coming forward with information on an 'abduction.'

    How do you gauge if the book hindered witnesses coming forward?

    It is impossible.

    If no one comes forward with information which leads to Madeleine, how can one say this is due to Sr Amaral's book and not simply that no one has any information to give?

    Too ridiculous for words.

    Dave Edgar stating that Madeleine is in a lair in the wilderness in Portugal I think would deter anyone coming forward. From his report, all will believe that the mystery has been solved and that it is only a matter of Team McCann searching for the lair.

    People all over the globe will stop looking at little blonde girls and wondering if any of them could be Madeleine.

    I think Dave has done more to damage the search for those who believe Madeleine is alive. Now they think she is alive in a lair in Portugal.

    Would I be wrong in saying that the McCann's have just stated that they had received over 1,000 calls recently offering information?

    How do they know that the people who made the calls had not read the book?

    When someone calls the McCann hotline is their a 'speaking menu?'stating :

    Press 1 -

    If you have read Sr Amaral's book.

    Press 2

    If you have not read Sr Amaral's book.

    Press 3

    If you have read it and are not prepared to leave any information.

    Can't think of any other way as to how they can gauge that the book deterred any potential witnesses coming forward.

    Even for the McCann's to say, that Sr Amaral by implying that Madeleine is dead has hindered the search, is not true.

    The public, the honest decent people of this world if they had information at all on the whereabouts of this child, be that dead or alive, they would come forward no matter what.

    Can any of you honestly imagine, if a piece of information came to your attention, the information being the whereabouts of Madeleine, also that she was dead, and just saying 'oh I won't bother reporting it to the police as she is not alive.

    How horrid of the McCann's to suggest for a moment that this is how the public would respond whether they had read this book or not.

    We do not all behave as they have. We have the greatest of love and respect for our children and those of others.

    Madeleine is in the hearts of many, they would not let her down in the way her parents describe.


  81. The Holy Father is to visit the UK next year wonder if he will be presented to the holy and devout kate and gerry, he may stay at their house.

  82. From everything the McCanns have said and done the impression they have given is that they only want Madeleine found ALIVE.

    So, don't they want her found, even if she is dead?

    If it were my child I would be using the Fund to have her found dead or alive. They don't appear to have a reward for the finding of a dead Madeleine anyway, so that would not put her life in danger if she were still alive.

    If dead, surely the obvious place to search would be near where she disappeared from, but since that first quick search of the area, nothing much else.

    All attention since then has been on places far away from there, thanks to the McCanns telling the media of sightings of a live Madeleine all over the world.

    Because of this, if I were the cops it would be close by to PDL that I would be concentrating yet more searches.

    There is plenty of countryside around that area and it would be ironic if after all this time she had been lying near to where she was last seen alive.

  83. A new PR company? So now we shall have a Portuguese version of Clarence as well as the original. I think I´m going to cry.

  84. Any updated about Dr.Amaral"s further pulping?
    Thats "Operation Pulping" and "Mediatic Operation".No doubt about it.
    Devastated and devastating "Exterminators"....

    Anything but meeting with the PJ....

  85. Olá, Joaninha!
    Foste à rua hoje? Estava um cheirete no ar... Não sei de onde veio... ;-)

  86. Never has so much been distorted by so few and believed by so many.

    Here are the ACTUAL conclusions of the inquiry as given by the public prosecutor.

    And if you want one paragraph which sums up the tragedy of these events, turn to volume 17, page 4,647, in which the Portuguese public prosecutor outlines his conclusions.

    "No element of proof was found... as to the circumstances in which the child was taken from the apartment (whether alive, whether dead, whether the victim of negligent homicide or wilful homicide, whether the victim of kidnap-to-order or an opportunistic kidnap).

    "We can't even make a consistent prognosis of her fate, including... whether she is alive or dead."

    Curiously, the prosecutor then adds that "it seems more probable" that Madeleine is dead.

    (FROM the BBC news website - Aug. 2008)

    So why, why, why is Amaral being gagged by this odious bunch for essentially agreeing with the public prosecutor - that she's dead. He says it more emphatically than the public prosecutor but in essence they are not saying anything radically different.

    Thank God there are people on this website and elsewhere who are prepared to stand up against this machine of deceit.

  87. We were debating the Portuguese Prosecutors conclusion for quite some time on the 3As and getting the news from Portugal as it was coming in, and it was that Madeleine died in the apartment, but as the parents were not there at the time they would not be charged with neglect because they had suffered enough from the loss of their daughter.

    The McCanns are using this as some kind of go ahead to say they were found not guilty of all charges.

    What happened to Madeleine's body was not addressed and the case was shelved in the hope of more evidence to reopen it.

    I for one would not believe anything the BBC came out with.

    Where do they get their information/spin from?

    We still have the official Portuguese investigator who said there is 'stand alone' evidence and Dr Amaral appears to be very confident he can prove Madeleine is dead.

    The Mail reported several months ago that a journalist who had contacted the PJ and asked why they weren't searching for Madeleine had been told that it was because Madeleine was dead.

    That does not appear to be in dispute for them.

    What they want is a way to find out what happened to Madeleine after she died and who was involved.

    As the PJ were told, go find the body and then come back.

  88. It would seem to be a case of pre-arranged abduction, assisted by sedation, gone wrong.
    That ticks just about all the boxes I think but I can't work out whether Maddy was taken over the Spanish border or out to sea from PDL

  89. Lembram-se, quando regressaram a Rothley depois de serem arguidos, apressaram-se a dizer que o dinheiro do Fundo nao seria usado para pagar advogados. Hoje, na conferencia de imprensa trairam-se... disseram que o Fundo ainda tinha dinheiro suficiente para pagar advogados, detectives e empresas de relacoes publicas. Afinal os donativos sao para procurar Maddie ou para limpar a imagem deles? Quem contribuiu para o Fundo, foi ou nao foi enganado? Ha ou nao ha uma fraude? Nao e preciso ser muito inteligente para obter a resposta.

    O melhor momento foi quando a jornalista confrontou Gerry com uma pergunta sobre Amaral... chispou e quase fulminou a jornalista com a reaccao incomoda, por ela ter furado o protocolo e feito uma pergunta inconveniente. Lembrou uma reaccao antiga a uma jornalista Alema. Duvido muito que esta operacao mude num milimetro, a opiniao de quem desconfia deles. Por mim, desconfio mais.

  90. It's the cadaver scent in the apartment, behind the settee and in the wardrobe (which previously had a large blue bag there, as can be seen on photos taken immediately after disappearance, which has since disappeared), and the boot of the McCann's hire car, plus certain of their possessions, that is very revealing.

    The dogs have never been wrong.

    There is also that 'stand alone evidence', whatever that is, plus the other information that is being kept confidential.

    So much pointing to a death in the apartment and to the McCanns.

  91. To that caption in red on the top pictures I would add: "and drag our friends by the nose to make the reconstruction the PJ requested us to do"

  92. now they want to sue sr amaral for 1.2 million. soon the truth will out.


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