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The Magnificent Four

Last Tuesday, in the same day that marked the end of the judicial holidays, some of the most recognized protagonists in the Portuguese Justice system launched a book about the state of Justice titled 'Justiça 2009'.

According to the Portuguese newspaper i the book was written with 4 hands by the Portuguese Justice Minister Alberto Costa, the Portuguese Attorney general Pinto Monteiro, the Head of the Bar Marinho Pinto and the President of the Superior Council of Magistrature and of the Supreme Court of Justice Noronha Nascimento. During one year and more or less every month the four had dinner together and discussed the state of Justice, as a result of the informal tertulias came out a publication that makes a pretense diagnostic about the Portuguese Justice. The worst scenarios pointed out, still according to i's article, were the slowness of the courts and the recovery of debts.

However these are the usual complaints that everyone who reads newspapers and follows the development of high-profiled cases like the Casa Pia Case already know. What one would expect of the meetings of those 4 individualities, who are the maximum responsibles for the state of the Portuguese Justice, was that they clearly pointed out adequate solutions and strategies that showed, to us the Portuguese Citizens, the rigour and credibility of the Justice system - which as the readers of this blog know, failed the Madeleine McCann Case and the Judiciary Police Investigation completely.

Instead what the book seems to register are trifling complaints, recriminations, petty messages that seem to forget what has been forgotten along the years: that Justice is not a commodity for sale, but an ensemble of tools that the State has in its power to make prevail a set of moral values and ethics in the Civil Society.

What else to expect from these players other than the narrow perspective of their corporate values?


  1. In France, the "secret de l'instruction" is planned to disappear (see Le Monde on-line, yesterday). It is considered an "hypocrisy", since it is not respected, most often. Instead, apparently, the "secret professionnel" is going to apply to the magitrates, lawyers etc involved, though many say it might not work either. Up to this day, the secrecy of the investigation was meant to protect justice from lobbying, and to protect the rights of the people under investigation. But because it is not kept and not working any longer, it seems necessary to do something about it.

  2. La fin du secret de l'instruction, symbole moribond


    thanks anonymous

  3. Cara Joana, permita-me um pequeno reparo:
    não está em causa o excelente trabalho que vem fazendo, porém não vejo qualquer necessidade para usar o espanhol quando o Português serve o mesmo efeito - apenas contribui para a confusão entre os estrangeiros de que o Português e o Espanhol são a msma coisa.
    É uma opinião.

  4. http://spainlawyer.com/guialegal/guialegal.cfm?IDCAPITULO=14010000

    As we have French and Portuguese law thought you might like some Spanish also.


  5. Caro Nuno eu entendo a sua opinião, mas trata-se de uma alusão a um filme "Los Tres Amigos", uma comédia, e foi nesse propósito, de indução de sarcasmo, que escolhi a frase.

    Cumprimentos, Joana

  6. Caro Nuno Gonçalves, è uma alusão satírica, por favor ver:


  7. Have I got this right? The Magnificent Four have spent the last year discussing how to move the furniture around in the house; how to shift the chairs into positions that suit their own backsides?

    Meanwhile the roof goes on leaking.

  8. As I told you before, justice is too important to be administered only by judges, lawers and police. We must get involved.
    This rentrée let's plan a demonstration in front of Procuradoria Geral asking to re-open Madeleine's process, close Joana's process once and for all, and ask the Attorney if the Casa Pia victicm's will pay damages to the paedophiles in the end?

  9. Obrigado pela resposta Joana e anon., eu conheço o filme, compreendo a opção, queria apenas sugerir que os antecedentes existem - a Joana já tem emendado alguns "espanholismos" em comentários de estrangeiros como "senor", "verdad"... era só para não alimentar mais confusões mas tudo bem, continuem o bom trabalho!

  10. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1210909/Abandoned-piglet-lost-hound-Giant-farm-dog-saves-baby-pigs-bacon-adopting-own.html

    Joana with all the misery around. Something to make you smile. Now this is what I call a real mum.


  11. Thank you dear Iron, so sweet the two together.

  12. The twins must have gone to school today for the first time.
    I wonder how it went, people recognising the McCanns.
    Not very nice for them, I'm sure.


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