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Marina, aged 8, found dead after false abduction alert

AFP -- 11.09.2009 | 15:12

The body of a 8 years old girl, who died a month ago but whose parents had invented a scenario of abduction, was found on Friday by the French gendarmerie at Le Mans after 24 hours of research, according to a judicial source.

The father confessed in police custody having invented the story of abduction, said the prosecutor Joelle Rieutort.

"He confessed after the police pointed contradictions" and "fairly quickly said the abduction was a fake" she said to reporters.

Both parents were placed in custody.

The body of the little girl was found after her father's confession in a container in a warehouse belonging to the company where he works.

In custody, he ensured that the girl died in the first days of August of "natural death", he said his body had been kept in a freezer at the couple's previous home, says Ms. Rieutort.

"The autopsy will be conducted as soon as possible. There are no apparent signs of violence," she said.

The father alerted police Wednesday on the alleged disappearance of the girl. He claimed that he briefly left the child alone, asleep in his car on a fast food restaurant parking, just the time to pick up food with his 10 years old son.

Nearly 150 policemen were mobilized on Thursday and have been looking for the little girl.

source: 24heures/AFP, 11.09.2009
more info in Le Post, L'Express

Many thanks to ACG for the translated article.


  1. For normal people in the end the pressure becomes too much and telling a lie from fear is much to bear. The mccanns however, are far from normal. They are doctors and doctors have a God Like attitude. We have seen the arrogance of them both 'they will not break, they both think they are so much cleverer and smarter than any cop.
    Remember how they quickly latched on to the little girl Haleigh Cummings when she disappeared.."Child abducted from her bed just like Maddie" screamed the british gutter press.They dropped her like a hot brick when it started looking like the family were involved...It has been seven long months and the police are looking to be about ready to crack the case and yes they still believe it is someone very close to Haleigh.


  2. Hmm
    I don't think that the McCanns will be quite so quick to associate themselves with this terrible crime.
    I wonder if it will get a mention in the UK press ? Should be interesting

  3. Amazing how these children are always alone and asleep.

  4. Poor,poor little girl!
    mmmm....a fake abduction as well....

  5. From what I understand, the father was put in custody by the police because of the inconsistencies, then, because he was in custody, he confessed. Possibly, if he had been allowed to stay home and correct his version with his wife, he wouldn't have confessed.

  6. I read in "Le Figaro", that the child was slightly retarded intellectually. Besides,
    "un «signalement» de maltraitance avait été fait au parquet du Mans pour des faits remontant à juillet. A l'époque, un médecin avait examiné Marina et relevé «un certain nombre de lésions» pouvant être «liées à des accidents de la vie courante». Ses parents avaient alors été entendus par les services sociaux qui avaient conclu que les enfants de cette famille recomposée de cinq enfants n'étaient pas en danger",
    which means that a doctor who examined her in July found her with bruises that, though they might have just been accidental, were reported to the justice. The social services, after meeting the parents, concluded that the 5 children were not in danger.

  7. If the child had really died from natural causes then why the need to hide the body?

    Poor child.

  8. Hopefully the British press cover this tragedy - could make people see the similarities of the crime - instead of linking Madeleine's "abduction" with other children who were missing and turned up later.

  9. I have been checking all the news updates online & tv for any updates on this and guess what, a big fat worldwide zero since the 9th.

    How can something this big not be reported???? Oops I forgot, Clarence Mitchell was the head of the media monitoring unit and this stops anything they dont want out there.

    No not Mitchell behind this, but

    Sarah Macaulay, or should I say better known as Sarah Brown (Gordon Browns wife)

    Hobsbawm Macaulay Communications

    The HMC client list read like a who's who of New Labour friendly organisations including think tanks, media clients and arts organisations. King's Fund and the Metropolitan Police. Magazines including, Vanity Fair, Prospect, the Economist Group, Time, Fortune and The New Statesman under then new proprietor, millionaire and New Labour supporter, Gerry Robinson. Other media clients have included Mirror Group, the Independent, Ian Hargreaves (when editor of the New Statesman), Rosie Boycott (at the Independent on Sunday), Forward Publishing and BBC News Online. The Royal Shakespeare Society, Runymede Trust, CRE, Emily's List, Demos and the Institute for Public Policy Research were also listed.

    Remember Gerry at the police awards, getting a pat on the back, or the mccanns in vanity fair, clients of Sarah Browns company.

  10. Joana,is there any way to send all videos and articles to the british papers?
    Claudia from Germany

  11. The McCanns won't crack. They have come out with all sorts of contradictions, inconsistencies, obvious lies, but the police would never be able to put pressure on them because of the powerful backing they've got and because they're a pair of arrogant narcissistic personalities. Kate McCann was even able to send text messages from the police station while she was in the process of being interrogated. And then there were the rogatory interviews with the witnesses reading each others statements. They think they're untouchable.

  12. OOps, Deus escreve direito por linhas tortas... Que noticia depois da proibicao do livro ontem.
    Sera que a Juiza leu esta noticia? Sera que vai dormir de consciencia limpa esta noite?
    A juiza que se pos no lugar dos Mccann e alegou " direitos de personalidade""ira colocar-se hoje no lugar de Maddie e pensar em TODOS OS DIREITOS FUNDAMENTAIS DAS CRIANCAS, a que "ËLA NAO TEVE DIREITO?

  13. The Doctors McCann knew how to destroy a corpse, after all, wasnt Kate juggling corpses in her part time GP job?

  14. So did they keep the freezer or ditch it on some scrap heap amongst old cars and such like hoping it would not be found out to be theirs.

  15. It's always the same pattern: parents were the last persons seeing the child alive. Then, parents went away for a short period of time to get way from the crime scene. As soon as they get back the child has vanished. Always the same theory: abduction. Then police find failures on parents statements. And there is always a fridge to kept the child body and avoid a faster degradation and odour until his last destiny.
    The police found her quickly because they did not waste time to prove that abduction theory was a false alert. If the portuguese police has proceed this way with the McCanns they have no time enough to get rid of the body. Forense evidences found in Kate clothes, room, keys, toy, car should be sent to an independent lab in germany or france and run simultaneously in portugal for a comparison.
    Anyway we all know that parents are involved we just don't know exactly how did that happened. But I point my finger to the top of investigators hierarchy PJ Director that had no courage to change the route of the investigation when he still had time to do so. They rather sacrificed an inspector instead. This time they did not offer the sacrifice to the spirits but to the McCanns instead.
    That's how it goes, everybody knows.

  16. Interessing... Not a single word about that case in Portuguese Press. But they cover pages and pages about Jaycee. That mean's that for Socrates, Obama Country is it more Important then Sarcozy country? No!!! The press is a jungle of cowards which are being controlled by the political power.
    Today I heard a interview with "Maestro Vitorino de Almeida", a musician and even him recognise that people are affraid to talk, today in Portugal, to give a free opinion, because they can loose their jobs. We KNOW MAESTRO, SOME EXAMPLES...

  17. Marina's parents charged


    The parents of the girl have confessed in police custody that Marina had died early in August. They were charged with murder Saturday of a minor under 15 and kidnapping. Both face life imprisonment.

    "During the following weeks, parents have tried to conceal her body, "said deputy prosecutor of the Republic of Le Mans.


  18. From Times Online

    September 13, 2009

    Parents who claimed daughter was kidnapped are charged with her murder



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