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McCann 'detectives' back in Portugal

dohDave Edgar in The McCann Gallery


Sunday September 6,2009 By James Murray

PRIVATE detectives looking for Madeleine McCann have returned to Portugal to pursue new leads which could provide a breakthrough in the case,.

Ex-policemen Arthur Cowley and Dave Edgar spent several days speaking to “persons of interest” to the inquiry.

“The investigation has real momentum with definite goals. A vast amount of work has already been done and every new lead is being checked,” a source said.

Meanwhile Kate and Gerry McCann’s twins, Sean and Amelie, have started school near their home in Thurmaston, Leics.

The four-year-olds have been sent to Bishop Ellis RC School – where Madeleine was enrolled before she went missing while on holiday in Praia da Luz, Portugal, in May 2007.

A message on the school’s website says: “We are sorry we are not yet able to welcome Madeleine to our school as we had hoped to.”

source: Sunday Express, 06.09.2009


  1. Perhaps they may uncover more than they are expecting.....

  2. This investigation has now a real momentum: the detective goes first to get Luz ready for the memorial return of the responsible and honest father Gerry McCann. The purpose of this return is to make sure that those who helped him to concealed the body won't talk and won't deliver him and his lovely and responsible wife Kate to the police. The situation must be under control, now and ever: "we don't sleep, we don't eat, we never speak the true, we are exhausted to look our back, but one thing is for sure: we won't go to to court so we won't go to jail because we have nothing to do with the disappearance of our beloved Madeleine". Except leaving her with the siblings alone every night for more than three hours to go out have a chat and drink with friends, leaving them at the creche everyday case we're to busy to take care of little babies, had to find a faster solution for a huge accident that happened that day. That was, actually, easy with a little help of my friends. Then they brought the dogs, got witnesses, found DNA: it's not our fault if Madeleine hurt herself. She's too growth to take care of herself don't you think? We're innocent!!!

  3. I don't believe it. The news today seems to be that Cowley and Edgar are doing their job... Great news, worth to be widely spread. The news is also that the investigation has "real momentum with definite goals". What are its (plural) goals exactly, they don't tell us. I thought their one goal was to find the missing girl. Could another goal be to be seen trying?

  4. Lets hope they put a bit more effort in to it than the Barcelona fiasco.

    Surely the investigation has only one goal, or does it.

    Bit of a non story, like the mistaken identity one.

  5. "new leads which could provide a breakthrough in the case...."
    "the investigation has real momentum with definite goals. A vast amount of work has already been done and every new lead is being checked...”
    oh well..where have I heard of it?...oh it was metodo 3!
    please stop it!
    Claudia From Germany

  6. This definitely has to do with the twins going to school.
    I don't know if Kate is bringing them and picking them up every day.
    If she is, she is confronted with other parents on daily basis and perhaps confronted with comments and insinuations.
    We don't know how they have been treated by other parents, who are not stupid.
    Uptil now the Mccanns have been in contact with own relatives, Mitchell and probably very few friends. They probably are keeping distance from other people as much as they can, feeling guilty and being guilty.
    This school will be hell for them.

  7. The fund is running out of money.

    Who believes the McCanns are spending the rest of it, sending those two to Portugal?

    Come on, again a lie.

    They must be in panics, trying to convince people.

  8. Why are they going to Portugal? The Holiday season it's over. Be aware Portuguese people, you're going to have problems with these two.

  9. You almost have to admire them for the chutzpah they show. While they are now even being investigated by a newspaper because of the sloppy "detective" work, hop they are off again to drag another innocent bystander in their narcissistic, sociopathic web of fantastic lies, all just spun to prove these pathetic parents had nothing to do with the disappearance of their daughter, who never could celebrate her 4th birthday.

  10. all i can say is ,if these are ex policemen then god help us all if we ever need one.it certainly made me think about the police force in a different way if these are the type that are in the force now.

  11. I hope these detectives went back to talk to Amaral and the PJ.

    because the McCanns never told them that the girl is dead.
    Although they know it.

  12. I'd love to see them in Portugal. Maybe we could have a coffee together. They seem to be funny guys. They sure tell great jokes.

  13. São uns pândegos, estes dois.

  14. I wonder how Kate is dealing with dropping her twins off at school every morning ? - is she enjoying it the same as all the other Mum's taking their kids for the first time ? - chatting and getting to know everyone - making new friends and iviting each other home to play and have tea -
    KM will be squirming and loathing every minute - what a terrible shame for those 2 children to have inherited a legacy that's going to marr their futures - it won't be too long before one of them comes home and points the finger saying - Mum, so-and-so in school, says you know what happened to Maddie.
    Tick-tock !

  15. If this is true,I hope people in praia da luz treat these two bungling "detectives" the way they deserve.If they knocked on my door I would imediately call the police and tell them I was being harrased.Pj, open your eyes!These two are up to something.

  16. I was down the pub earlier propping up the bar while Debs the barmaid went to change the barrel- which usually means she's gone for some time. So I flicked through the pages of a beer-stained Express and found this 'story' on Dave and Aurthor's latest exploits.

    what's striking is the low-key nature of the piece - as if they're embarrassed following the debacle in Spain: no sensationalist head-lines, no accompanying picture of 'missing Maddie' aged three, or four, or six, or seven, no Clarry. it's just another non-story, like yesterday's harassment of a 'maddie lookalike' - and the Express knows it. if the McCs intended this as positive 'spin' to coincide with the twins' first day at school it seems to have fallen flat. Oh dear.

    Debs the barmaid believes we should all start supporting mr and mrs McCann, rather than critise and question everything they do.

    That way, she reckons, the McCs will find it difficult to avoid answering a few pertinent questions - it's easier to ignore your critics than your 'friends'. Um, I think I've got that right. She pulls a good pint, too.

  17. Perhaps the school is the reason, perhaps the fact Amaral will publish his book by himself, in the UK.
    Or who knows the media are making up this news.

    Or is the cause of this the fact the leaflets were spreaded around short ago?
    What about spreading them around in Thurmaston?
    Good idea.

  18. They never admit that no evidence was found re all the other 'suspects' they have named.I wonder who they will 'name as suspect' next.
    Why are the allowed to do this?? They are not Policemen but Private Detectives along with a PR machine.
    You need to read the released files guys but I suppose it is about 'the hand that feeds you' rather than truth and justice for Madeleine.
    Joan U.K.

  19. If this is true, then these two are up to no good - coming to Portugal, where more than 90% of the people know the "truth about the lie", could only mean they are preparing some stunt...
    Don't let them get away with it Gonçalo, atenção pessoal!

  20. What an obscene farce.

    No one at the Express can really believe this tosh.

  21. Joana and all who make this blog possible you do wonderful work you have been a vault of information, for us in the UK. But I cannot see a light at the end of this tunnel, are we ever going to see justice for this child. It just goes on and on the Maccanns seem to have won, they have so much power behind them it seems a lost cause.
    No matter what we say here, In Law they are as white as snow. And thats how they intend to stay. They are above the Law

  22. lets hope the McCanns sue the abductor for neglect for leaving Maddie alone for (maybe)ONE night in in last 28 months, whilst Abductor had glasses of wine in his garden with his friends.

    "it was so safe"

  23. I posted the other day that I am a member of a police blog. I left a post which was printed asking about the Devon sighting and the reaction of the seargeant involved.
    I thought you would like to know that not one officer answered my post. That should tell us something.I was blanked.I have not been banned and continue to post just on this subject there is no response.

  24. Will this case ever be solved. This is only going to happen if the parents ask for the case to be reopended.

    Well done Joana and thank you for all your hard work.

  25. Ai sim... eles estao em Portugal, como estiveram em Barcelona, como foram a Australia... VIRTUALMENTE! Os personagens desta historia ha muito que se esforcam por serem virtuais.


    - Pensar que o mundo e estupido e engole cada calinada que eles injectam no drama real.
    - iludir-se com a imagem virtual de uma Maddie de 6 anos, viva e carinhosamente tratada por um pedofilo predador, verdadeiro rei do crime, pois atravessou 2 anos e meio de investigacao sem ser detectado. Deve ser condecorado com a "Grande Ordem do Merito do Reino de Sua Majestade", pois nem Europol, nem interpol, nem a "famigerada" PJ ou a "competentissima" policia de Leicester e a Scotland Yard com o MI5, nem a popularucha M3 ou os virtualissimos detectives Edgar & CA o apanharam. E OBRA, 2 anos e meio a fugir e a esconder-se de tanta investigacao sofisticada, merece no minimo ser "emprateleirado" ao lado do Bin Laden. Tem ainda outra particularidade, pode ser arrumado em diferentes modelos: O EGG MAN, O UGLY MAN, O SPOTTY MAN ou a PRETTY WOMAN.... What a job....
    - Iludir-se com o encerramento do caso. Nao esta encerrado, e para o provar basta olhar para as paginas on-line da maioria dos jornais portugueses, ingleses ou ate mundiais- TODOS MANTEM ABERTO O DOSSIER MADDIE A ESPERA DO PROXIMO CAPITULO. Os jornais sabem que havera PROXIMO CAPITULO.... grandioso... nao os episodiozecos alimentados por esta turma de detectives e amigos.
    - Viver a ilusao de que a mentira com o tempo, pega como musgo no barro. E so uma ilusao. Alguem um dia colhe o musgo e limpa o barro, expondo a verdade. Os governos e os politicos sao efemeros, como efemeros sao os cargos publicos das pessoas. Mas os crimes, sao perenes e quanto mais incomodos e maquiavelicos, mais perenes se tornam. Se o criminoso volta sempre ao local do crime, tambem e verdade que a alma da vitima nunca deixa esse local. Gerry voltou a Luz e a a alma de Maddie permanece por la, no coracao de todos os que se tocaram com o seu drama. Ela ha-de reconduzir a justica ao ponto em que foi interrompida, passem os anos que passarem. ESTA E A VERDADE QUE NEM O TEMPO OU A ILUSAO PODEM TORNAR VIRTUAL.

  26. Can anyone enlighten me as to where the devout catholism fits in with Kate and Gerry Maccann. The catholic church forbids IVF and also the catholic church holds the body in very high respect after death so thats two rules broken, Kate and Gerry maccann have put themself outside of the catholic faith no amount of confession can forgive disposing of their daughters body untill they both confess to the Police. Then they seek forgiveness from their church,and from God.

  27. Anon 17.16

    Just because they went to Mass (PR stunt imo)in PdL does not make them devout RC Catholics. Just like if they stood in their garage they would not be cars!

  28. They are catholics BY CONVENIENCE.... Did you remember Mitchel saying that Gerry saw the light and the appeal of god in the church at PDL? What he saw more apart of that? Peraphs the body of his daughter somewhere and a very good reason to come back so many times in a short time.

    When they went back to UK, how many times they went to the church just to pray for their daughter without the Media couverage and the all circus? She still missing and Kate was not working. Then why she need them praying more at the beginning then now? WHAT WAS DIFFERENT? I Know... Kate confessed the reason to the all Media- SHE FEEL MORE CLOSE TO MADELEINE AT PDL! She was telling everything behind the lines... the police just need to read the message and re-evaluate the information retained on interviews. Evidences are much more then only the ADN.

    Remember the last crime in USA: A guy killed 8 members of his family and after call the police saying that he just arrived home and found the bodys.

  29. If a child of mine had been "abducted by a well organized pedophile gang" there is no way on earth that any paper would print the name of the school that my twins were attending.
    Even on my own blog I keep my children safety foremost in mind and that means not advertising where they are .......


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