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McCanns Full Press Conference - Video

Not Reading from a Script

0 to 46’’ – sounds of flashes, people moving around, camera man gets hit by photographer “sorry” is heard, the McCanns talk to each other, a man’s voice says “let them speak”, cameraman makes awkward movement, gets back to the McCanns. Someone crosses in front of the camera “sorry, sorry”

47’’ cut to the McCanns

A journalist from the Daily Mail asks: I’m obviously, err Kate if I’m right, this is the first time back in Portugal…hum…since you’ve returned back to England. This must be very emotional for you, and do you…ho-ho-how are you feeling right now? What do you hope to achieve for this particular event?

1’03’’ Zoom in on Kate McCann

Kate McCann: Hum…I did, I did feel quite apprehensive and nervous but…hum…for me it-it’s a good thing to do and I’ve wanted to come back to Portugal for a long time. Hum… I think it’s positive and it’s…I think it’s an important day for us and in particular for Madeleine, and the search for Madeleine, because we want to…we’ve come here really to try and…further the search for her…we just want to find Madeleine, and I believe…[sighs] this is a good place to be to try and help the search and I think this might be, might be a turning point, in the search, so…hum…I guess emotionally probably doesn’t have quit the same impact, as going to Praia da Luz…hum...but I believe to it-it’s a good thing to do.

02’01 Enters Sandra Felgueiras, the RTP intrepid reporter

Sandra Felgueiras: Hello Kate and Gerry, I hope, I would have plenty of questions to put you but I really don’t have time to do it. I would like to ask you Kate, err…[noise, imperceptible] Kate, you and Gerry, do you want to and do you have any way to reopen the file here in Portugal?

Kate: [evades the question] I mean, really, we just want to improve the search,…to find Madeleine, we just want to find Madeleine, and whether that involves reopening the case or not...it doesn’t matter because we just want to improve the search, and we want to... ask as many people as possible to help us, we want people to believe that Madeleine is alive [And what about the cadaver dogs?] because there is a very good chance she’s alive…hum….I’m sure you’ll be familiar with the…recent case of Jacey Dugard in America been found after 18 years, and I just think it’s so vital and so fair for Madeleine that we don’t give up on her, that we look for her and we try to find her… and I guess [sighs] I would like to encourage people to help us [And donate to the fund?] and to help Madeleine, you know, and give her a chance cause she can’t find her way back to us and she deserves to be home [So, why don’t you ask the reopening of the file?]


Sandra: We haven't talked since you've read the files report. I would like to ask you if there was anything that surprised you most, even concerning the Birmingham results. I'm aware that you've already read what's in the files. What do you have to say concerning that? All the evidence that the PJ, the Prosecutor said they had? What did you thought?

Gerry McCann: Well, I think the most important thing to say is the, the evidences that’s been presented, hum, by the PJ and the prosecutor to the judiciary, and the judiciary, am.., having reviewed all the evidences have said that there is no evidences that Madeleine is dead and there’s no evidence to implicate us in her death and that’s the message really which we…fully expected to come out after the files were published...hum…and from our perspective the most important thing is Madeleine probably still is alive and is out there, and you know, we’re asking people to help us continue the search and… aa…help us look for her.


Unknown Portuguese journalist: Do you have any investigators searching for Madeleine?

Gerry: [clears his throat] We have...hum…we have a small team, of eh, investigators eh, lead by a senior ex policeman, hum…a British ex policeman and they have reading through all the information and eh...any information that’s been sent through either of one of the websites or indeed trough the findMadeleine website or indeed trough the helpline number, and obviously there’s been hundreds and thousands of pieces of information which continue to be worked through, and I would like to emphasize...aa..(...)

more to follow


  1. Is that it? Surely not just five minutes, speaking slowly so as to not answer many questions........

  2. Gerry's eyes are everywhere, he can't control them when he's lying can he? This whole press conference was obviously manufactured - they're controlling the Portuguese press now too!

  3. The body language is so clear. Kate is obviously troubled by the questions, blinks her eyes, shrugs her shoulders, waves her head, breathes irregularly. She is not definitely comfortable.But still I don't get it. Why do they continue with this crap talk of going on with the investigation? When asked if they would be ready to re-open the files Kate answers that "wether it involves re-opening the files or not, it doesn't matter, we only want to find Madeleine" bla bla bla! Again sand thrown to our eyes. Despicable. They went into a spiral and cannot stop. Waiting for the next book maral has written "The British Gag".

  4. Acting is so poor, they swan around everywhere but walk like snails into the conference and her shrugs talking about her daughter make me sick.

    Asked about asking for the case to be reopened?????

    Any parent would never want a case closed on their missing child, never ever, many beg for cold cases to be opened. Kate, it doesnt matter.

    Gerry, says when asked about their Private team of investigators that they have a small team, led by an ex senior police officer and then quickly clarified a "british" one. What a mistake, I instantly thought of Amaral as he is the "ex senior police officer" the papers always speak about.

    When asked about forensics, they dodge the question.

    I am at a loss, like the person who said is this some kind of big experiment to see how far we can be pushed.

    It cant be, they have formulated in my mind & feelings we live in a lawless society, where child neglect is actually rewarded. Child neglect not just by the Mccanns, but by their friends, and what do they get??? A huge pay out.
    Political interference at multiple stages, big fish targeting little fish with libel, websites getting closed. I remember how well the mirror forum had done and it was taken off. I wont buy papers, I hate the news as it is all done by big PR companies telling you what they want you to think.

    We are no longer in a free country, maybe we never were but we certainly are not now.

  5. Amaral promised not be silenced. He is back again with his new book; " A mordaca Inglesa ". The book will come out on third of October. Are this cowards ready to censure and silence that book aswell?

    Joana & Astro, I wold like to know, how can I buy that book, in portuguese, from outside Portugal?

    That trip made the portuguese more MAD about them. Nobody believe on any abduction. Stop fooling people. Mccann's you are fooling yourselves because now your reputation touched the bottom.

    If for a single moment in my dreams, I believe that your child is alive and I saw her, I will be not calling any police. Watever she is, she is in much better hands then your hands. You let her down with her sibilings and now, you use her drame to become celebrities and get alots of money. Don't count with us. We are not here to feed your retire salarys and your VIP trips. We are here for a little girl which deserves justice.

  6. "wether it involves re-opening the files or not, it doesn't matter, we only want to find Madeleine"

    It doesn't matter ???????
    That the real police would be looking for her.
    It doesn't matter ????

    kate, you are saying:
    "It doesn't matter"

  7. On the one hand these two are saying they want the help and support of the Portuguese people and on the other hand they are suing Dr Amaral, a much respected Portuguese citizen, for £1.2 M (or more once they find out how much Dr Amaral has made from the sale of his book).

    Regardless of what you think of these two how does that scenario work? If I was a cynic I would think that this was all about money and nothing else.

    The more I hear and see of these two the less I think of them and I really didn't think I could think any less of them that I did but I do. Once money is involved in anything the seedier it feels.

  8. Are they going to ban the new book as well?
    When is this constant poisoning going to stop?

  9. were there any more questions put to them,only it does not seem many to warrent a press conference.
    and if there were im hoping the portugues reporters stood by mr amaral with a lot of hard questions for the mccanns.

    thank you joana for doing this its very much appretiated

  10. Just looking at the 54 Daily Mail comments and the green arrows which go beyond 300 on each comment..remarkable

    I dont beleive a body will ever be found, cremation would have taken place, hence the smugness.

    WHY are these people being protected and more importantly WHO?

    They say always be aware of the quiet one's, well Mr Amaral you have been extremally quiet of late.

    This is now about 2 small children who through no fault of their own have lost a sister, i beleive that they are the reason they are being spared any more heartache.This is now about them, could this be the whole reasoning behind these creatures having all the protection they want.

  11. I'm sure there are more bits and pieces of the press conference, I'll try to get them all here at this post, the other parts missing is when the McCanns are asked about Gonçalo Amaral, and the part where they Isabel Duarte speaks about the apprehended books [7 thousand]...

    To the person interested in the new book by Gonçalo Amaral "The British Gag" - 'A Mordaça Inglesa', as soon as possible I will place here the details, the book is being printed.

  12. Good on Sandra Felgueiras, good "old" Sandra, trust her to ask the difficult questions, she seems to be the only reporter prepared to do that. Oh, how I wish she cpould land an exclusive interview with them!

  13. Ah! AH! What a Rubbish conference with all questions/ answers pre-agreed. It is all fabricated. Wonder to see... in a conference in Portugal with so many journalists , which ones are allowed to make questions? the British journalists from the Pro-Mcccann tabloids... Daily mail,, bla...bla... Sky news.... bla BLA!!

    Joana & Astro, can you go a little far with interview, because I think will be interessing to analise the reaction of Gerry when a portuguese journalist ask him about Amaral. The question was out the agreement and Gerry shows how he react when a carpet was pulled under his feets.... UNCONTROLLED, COLERIC. Definitly, Amaral became the most inconvennient person in their lifes, he is even more iconvennient then the potencial abductor which they want us to believe. They hate more Amaral then the Creepy man or the fashionable lady which carried Madeleine away. Amazing is it? Unfortunatly, for them, I did not believe a single word from that pair. In fact, today I have even more suspicions then yesterday or the day before. What are they hiding? Which horrendous crime is behind that, which made them try to silence Amaral, the 3A, Madeleine Foundation and the entire world? Which crime made them come back to Portugal just at the end of an elections campaign? Why yesterday and not next week, when things will be more calm? I can see only one answer-- Pressures in all Partys wich can potencially win the next elections. Something really serious, really horrendous hapenned to that litle girl. Yesterday, Kate was in grief for a child which she knows, she will never see alive again. Was not a mother in hope, was a mother in grief. The way that she looks up, maybe saying sorry to God for her lies. I don't know what is more painful for a mother... if it is grieving her child or keeping a Fantasy alive. One thing I have no doubts, the engine of the strategy it is Gerry. Separeted... Kate will crack down and this will be a disaster for the Fund managers, for Mitchell and for the Lawyers. The all team will do everything they can to keep Gerry and Kate sticked togheter, until the end of one of them. WHAT A JOB!!!

  14. Why the desire for the limelight? Why did they give a press conference when it appears they had nothing new to say?

    The one and only new thing to emerge recently was Dave Edgar's insistence that Madeleine is being held within 10 miles of Praia da Luz, so why did the McCanns not mention this? Don't they want people to go to the place she's being held and start looking for her? If so, why didn't they tell people what Edgar told the Belfast Telegraph? If not, then why not? Don't they want her found?

    All very odd, including their own mention of Praia da Luz combined with their own avoidance of that important area. Maybe they see what Edgar says as being the same as the case getting reopened, ie 'It doesn't matter.'

    Totally bizarre.

  15. Dear Joana, I read the news about the new book from Mr. Amaral, "The english gag" in C.Manhã. I can't wait for it to come out, but what I would like to ask you is if you could digg-up some information about a company called Lift Consulting. C.Manhã says it's the new portuguese PR the Mccanns are going to hire, it would be interesting to know something about their previous PR works, if there are any unsavory stories they worked on, etc.
    Thank you!

  16. About the blanket,
    I think the following:
    Police don't keep everything of a a crime scene.
    many times they gove it back to the ownor, if the object is not important for the investigation.
    The PJ gave the couddle cat back to Kate and probably the blanket as well.
    In August the PJ showed up in their home and took everything with them.

    By controlling everything, they must have missed the blanket.
    And they kept this information secret.

  17. I agree with Joana that there appear to be bits missing from this press conference. The questions were very unclear from the video, but surely someone from the Portuguese press would have asked questions about their treatment of Goncalo Amaral who, after all, only wants to find out the truth of what happened to their daughter. That is something which they continually lead us to believe they are desperate to find out for themselves. Let's hope their celebrity trip works against them and for Goncalo. And most of all for justice for Madeliene!

  18. they are so maddening...

    Gerry says he'd love to find evidence that would re-open the file...

    well it was closed in the first place because neither they nor their friends would cooperate

    btw what did Kate mean she thinks it's the "turning point"????????????

  19. If you guys are interested these are the videos that I was able to get with the Press conference


  20. Dear Joana, I'm the one who asked about Lift Consulting, and I realized I came across as a lazy potato, so I went to their website to seek some information. Well, they look expensive and they describe themselves as:

    "A Lift Consulting é uma consultora estratégica de gestão especialmente vocacionada para as áreas da Comunicação, GESTÃO DE REPUTAÇÃO, Relações Públicas e Assessoria de Imprensa."
    ..."•Do aconselhamento sobre melhores práticas, atitudes e comportamentos com reflexos na Reputação dos Clientes;"

    They represent lots of big companies, like Microsoft, Samsung, Ericksson,Toshiba, General Electric,ONI,Apifarma, BNP Paribas, etc.

    One can only wonder how such a company, which handles the business of so many important international brands is hired by a couple of middle-class doctors whose only asset seem to be a mortgaged house in a small english village, to protect and embellish their reputations in the eyes of the portuguese people!

  21. anon, 24/09/09 09:52

    Muito obrigada pela pesquisa,as coisas neste momento estão algo caóticas com vários artigos para traduzir. dá muito jeito saber quem são os novos RP's dos McCann cá. Não duvido por um momento que seja o fundo a pagar essas despesas.

  22. Yes, there are bits missing, I watched a bit of the press conference in some portuguese tv channel, can't remember which, but someone did ask about Mr. Amaral, it was probably Sandra Felgueiras again, because Gerry turned around to his right side. The voice asked something like: Is there anything you would like to say to Gonçalo Amaral? And Gerry could hardly disguise his annoyance and fury and muttered something like: "I'm not going to talk about him".

  23. Why did two intelligent doctors bring in the South African detective with the body tracking machine? They surely didn't believe it worked, so their reason must have been to get negative results while appearing to be searching.
    It's high time they were taken down.

  24. http://www.youtube.com/user/xklamation#play/all/uploads-all/2/qyDoGKtErvQ

    This bit is not on the one above.
    We are here to build a strategy.

    Open the case, do the reconstruction. The tapas lot are all refusing to do the recon.

  25. if the tapas 7 were to say they would go back to do the reconstruction,would that be enough to get the case reopened
    does any one know

  26. Listen carefully at around 3mins 56 secs - GERRY MCCANN INADVERTENTLY CONFIRMS MADELEINE IS DEAD.

    "... us in her DEATH..."

    It is all about context and, in this answer, following on from a waffled "there is no evidence Madeleine is dead" Gerry has clearly made his biggest slip so far.

    Even Kate seems to pick up on Gerry's faux pas as from this point she seems to start hyperventilating, something we have seen her do many times before.

    Gerry himself appears to recognise his gaffe and, at the end of his response, feels the need to say Madeleine is "probably alive."

    Joana, there is more of this recording available including the bit where Kate almost says "last time I saw Madeleine alive" before becoming tearful and being comforted by Gerry.

    I hope everyone gets the chance to watch the whole thing in High Definition - the McCanns' lies are palpable and their reactions to each other's lies telling - worth watching several times over.

    Humpty Bumpty
    RealHumptyB on Twitter

  27. Well guys if you can indicate me where I can find more bits of the press conference I'll appreciate it, but check the youtube link first, I've collected a few videos from different sources, until now the one posted is the most complete one available.

  28. This is surreal. Their strategy is working. Today the Jornal de Notícias paper has a piece that is sympathetic to them. A Portuguese newspaper? Unbelievable!
    Internet-wise, if I try to go on the M.Foundation site, I get automatically redirected to missingmadeleineforum...

  29. Carissima Joana,

    Responda-me se voce puder: é possível que os Mccanns tenham tanto poder e eliminem os blogs, livros e qualquer tipo de publicaçao que nao sejam compatível com o bem-estar deles?
    com o depoimento deles sobre o desaparecimento da menina?

    È possivel isto na Europa?

    aqui no Brasil houve esta censura no tempo da ditadura militar que terminou em 1981 assim como a censura e a repressao.Para a Europa seria dar um passo ´para trás, nao é?


  30. Maria, não só é possível como está a acontecer. Não julgo que seja uma questão de poder per se, mas sim a capacidade que eles tem financeira, devido ao fundo, para contratar advogados de peso que exploram todos os limites possíveis das Leis de cada País.

    Nós vivemos a Censura, a censura governamental do Estado Novo, com o Salazar durante 48 anos, infelizmente parece que a memória desses anos de repressão é curta e que as pessoas em Portugal que deveriam acima de tudo defender a Constituição Portuguesa e os seus Cidadãos não se importam.

    um abraço amigo


  31. Well talk about living in a parallel universe...! Do they really expect the people of Portugal to warm to them now, to help them with their search now that they've signalled their 'willingness' to do "anything to improve the search for Madeleine" TWO YEARS ON AND COUNTING?? Who should help you now that you've destroyed countless lives and dragged so many reputations through the gutters of Portugal and the world? Who? Robert and Jenny Murat tried to help you see what they got. Which fool will help you now? Come back down to earth, McCann, your invincibility days are over!

  32. At points in the interview, Kate obviously looks up towards her right.This is usually the sign that someone is inventing, fabricating,or lying. When someone is recalling really true events, they search upwards (on their own lefthand side,) where the rational side is.The brain employs different methods or modes of processing information. Gerry is more controlled, except for the twitches and tics.

  33. "we want to... ask as many people as possible to help us, we want people to believe that Madeleine is alive"
    Their purpose is clear and simple and, from their point of view they're not asking much : they want as many people as possible to believe the little girl is alive. Believing, we feed the virtuality they've built, we help them feel like poor victims of an unexpected curse.
    What really happened to Madeleine is irrelevant, her fame destroyed her reality, what only counts now is vivid faith in her survival.

  34. Kate, you are falling apart.

    Remember - if you abide in my word you are truly my disciple, and you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.

    Not my words, of course. But those of that little dying man on the cross around your neck.

    It's still not too late to do the right thing.


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