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McCanns Press Release

Published on Day 21/09/09 [Date used September 13th 2009]

At the start of August this year, our investigators appealedto the general public for more information following a credible account by a witness. This related to a lady acting suspiciously in Barcelona on the 7th May 2007 in the early hours of the morning. Our investigators received approximately 1000 emails and phone calls following this appeal and have been busy working through this information.* Thank you to everybody who passed information on to our team.We would like to encourage anyone who may still have potentially relevant information to come forward. It is important to note that although the witness thought that the woman in question may have had an Australian accent, it ispossible that this may not be the case.

At the end of August, we learnt of the discovery of JayceeLee Dugard, 28 years after she was abducted at the age of 11. There was nothing new here for Gerry and me, as we have been told of many cases of missing children who have been found years after they were taken from their families. It is important though, as it emphasises yet again how vital it is to never give up on missing children and how criminal and unjust to assume they are no longer alive. A missing child cannot be expected to find their way home, we need to find them. It is tragic and heartbreaking to think of the life which has been stolen from Jaycee and her family. We hope and pray that they will be able now to find the happiness and peace that they all deserve.

Last week, a judge in Portugal decided to pass an injunction against Goncalo Amaral's book and documentary in which he insists that Madeleine is dead and implies that Gerry and I were somehow involved in her disappearance. Nothing can be more soul-destroying for a parent than for somebody to ‘write off' your missing child (for whatever reason) without any evidence to support such a theory. The anguish and torment that we have suffered as a result of Mr. Amaral's unfounded claims and actions has been immense, compounding the pain and sadness we feel every day without Madeleinein our lives. Madeleine deserves so much more than treatment like this. She is still missing and we will never give upon her.

It is important to remember that the good people far outweigh the bad, even though those with cruel intentions can bring you down. Every day we still receive a small bundle of supportive letters to our home and kind messages via the website, as well as positive words from passers-by.Aftera ‘not so good' day, it is this kindness and solidarity that lifts us up and keeps us going. To those people, we are so grateful and we will never forget the great benefit of simple human kindness.Thank you from all our family.

Note all grammatical errors and others in red are from the original source

*Notice how the FindMadeleineFund&OnlineShop 'update' ends up being used as press release with almost the same wordings on today's Daily MailKate and Gerry McCann say they have received 1,000 reports following their appeal over a Victoria Beckham lookalike who may be connected to the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine

Interesting as well to keep for the future memory is this quote from today's Daily Star on Donal MacIntyre Express article made by the McCann's Spokesman an unknown source: «The McCanns’ investigators say they are already probing MacIntyre’s findings and agree with most of his theories.»


  1. Sounds to me like KMcC's voice. The whining and special pleading is very much to the fore.

    What I find remarkable is really how little the McCanns complained about Amaral once they got back to England. They were really very, very quiet. There were reasons I believe and they had nothing to do with the alleged "silence of the proceedings".

    I have never underestimated GMC or CM. I have always argued they are PR geniuses on a par with Alistair Campbell. They have conducted a remarkable campaign, a kind of Long March where they now have the enemy surrounded and under real pressure. How it turns out we shall see, but their strategy and tactics have been pretty impressive.

  2. There was nothing new here for Gerry and me, as we have been told of many cases of missing children who have been found years after they were taken from their families.


    It should read ,Gerry and I. No matter I would like kate to list many children that have been found I can think of only 4. One of which is Elizabeth Smart and I think she may have been a runaway so that leaves 3...Three of all the missing children. Parents are still the main source of a childs death accidental or otherwise.


  3. So the McCanns have received "approximately 1000 emails and phone calls". I'd love to know what percentage of these were to tell Kate to just answer the 48 questions she has in the past refused to answer.
    Also interesting to hear the McCanns' investigators are probing MacIntyre's findings and agree with most of his THEORIES.
    Has the investigator (MacIntyre) probed the police (official investigators) files?

  4. Writing "Aftera" isn't a grammatical mistake, just a misprint.
    But the 28 instead of 18 years spent by Jaycee D. with her abductor could be a lapsus... the later they reappear, the better...

  5. thank you aacg, well spotted. I think I need some coffee :D

  6. Their tactics are good and the best one was to have Clarence and his press releases on board. It's getting ludicrous now.

  7. I still think what people fail to grasp is exactly what the Mccanns are doing. They have to keep madeleine alive , too many become suspicious then they start to think about the fund.

    The Mccanns would face fraud charges not in Portugal but in England. This carries a very heavy prison sentence. We do not know how much money they have received but celebrities have donated large sums in the beginning. This would all have to be returned plus the public outcry of school children and the elderly who have donated with good hearts. The Mccanns have paid a couple of months mortgage from the fund.

    The hatred for the Mccanns would hold no bounds , the backlash from the press. Every video they have made would be shown on TV. The lies would be revealed.The tapas 7 have made it very clear any money received from newspapers has gone into the fund. They at least do not have that on their conscience.

    This to the Mccanns is much more fearful than the loss of madeleine. If they had been honest in the beginning and told the GNR what happened it would have never come to this. The lie is too big now and so the only way is go on, go on and lie some more . What a nightmare for one evening of selfishness.


  8. Ah Madam Kate, have you never heard of a spelling & grammar corrector...? Or can't you be bothered anymore...?
    I think you know full well that whatever you write, these days, is useless and pointless.
    28 years instead of 18, yes, we'd kind of noticed that you don't care for how long your daughter is gone, because you KNOW she ain't coming back. 18 years, 28, 38, 1000... It's all the same.
    You can still put an end to this yourself.
    I'm sure you have toyed with the idea.

  9. Dear readers, please keep focused on the first statements and compare these with all the interviews that followd afterwards
    They are trying to win time and keep us busy reading stuped interviews

  10. The McCanns are feeling bad, for some extra reason.
    Because they have reasons enough to feel bad but there is something going on that is frightening them.
    Maybe the fact they banned Amaral's book and they are afraid of the contra-offensief.
    Luz, Praia da Luz must scare them.
    They are too far away from the crime scene.
    And Amaral and the PJ too close to it.

    They can not watch what is going on.
    They must be nervous.
    And now an article written by Kate.
    They are restless, not because of the twins going to school but because they fear Amaral's reply.

    The detective is giving statements, Kate is writing articles,


  11. Time is effectively the main challenge for the McCs. Their hope is that the corpse will stay in the closet as long as they live. Then, if discovered, they'll be sanctified just for having sacrified clear conscience to family.

  12. They received 1000 e-mails and phone calls after their appeal...Hummm...Does that mean that people are still passing information they find relevant to the mccanns "private investigators"?So Amaral's book is not hindering the "search" after all, is it?

  13. A credible witness. Who has decided this person is a credible witness. What is credible and what is incredible we ask ourselves. Is not the account of an experienced police officer credible.

  14. The McCanns detectives agree with the theory of Donal's, on the Sunday Express.
    They must be tired, agreeing with anything that anybody says on a British paper.
    They probably want to get rid of the McCanns, like I suspect Clarence is doing.
    They did not read that article well and that is bad for a detective.
    Clarence must be fed up of this case and the McCanns continue behaving on a obsessive compulsive way.

  15. Im wondering why Donal hasnt investigated as thoroughly as he apparently usually does...or is this revealing that in fact he isnt as good as we thought!

    So the McCanns investigators are agreeing with him?Seems thye will follow any theory which keeps those appalling apologies for 'parents' in the clear!

  16. IRONSIDE - Don't think you're right on the grammar - should be "for Gerry and me" as it appears. Think of she/her - you wouldn't "for Gerry and she". I is the equivalent of she here.

    And a mea culpa from me - I had failed to spot the "Gerry and me" or if I did, I noted it sub-consciously. So there was no great detective work after all on my part when I said it sounded like Kate's voice !

  17. I seriously believe the parents to be insane...

    if, as Dave says, their daughter is in an underground bunker not 10 km from PdL... then oughtn't they to fly back to Portugal and start looking for her?

    and as for

    "without any evidence to support such a theory."

    firstly, Amaral's book is full of evidence to support such a theory. The dogs' findings, the refusal of the parents to co-operate with the police, only KM's fingerprints on the window, the conflicting statements, no broken shutter, the boot of the scenic being left open night after night, the calling for the priest, the refusal to go out & search.

    The book flags up the parent's behaviour and their subverting of the investigation.

    "Madeleine deserves so much more than treatment like this. She is still missing and we will never give upon her."

    Secondly, Madeleine deserved to be looked after and cared for by her parents. Not left alone crying in the dark in a foreign country whilst her parents went out boozing.

    The shortest route to her starts and ends with the parents.

  18. "Gerry and me"??? Did Kate McCann go to the same school as Victoria (ME and Day-vid) Beckham?

  19. Interessing, Kate take more then 2 years to say "thank you" to all the people that suport her. Really she have a bad memory because she just say thank you to the people which send her notes about the Australian lady and to the ones which give her strenght after the Barcelona episode. Not a single word to the portuguese people which spend their time out, looking for her daughter when she was in resting, or out jogging.
    Not a single word to the British people, the Spannish, the Moroccann and all the others which help her with sights of Madeleine.

    What is going on in Rothley? Hard time at streets or at the twins school?
    Why this "thank you" only after the judge decision about Amaral Book and after the lawyer letters to Madeleine Foundation? Why "thank you" after Edgar and Donal articles in the Media? Nothing of this is innocent or a coincidence... Then, again, what we can see from that "thank you" is a enormous hipocrisy.

    And... WHEN WILL DECIDE KATE TO WRITE A SMALL SENTENCE IN THE MEDIA TO SAY "SOOOOORRRRRRYYYY" to the Australian Lady, to Hewlett, to Murat and to all the other potencial abductors, which her team bring to light, without any evidence, as "persons of interess", causing anguish and pain to them and their familys? They also had their PERSONNALITY RIGHTS violated with a label of paedophilie, abduction, convicted criminous, etc. Again, I can see how touchable is her hipocrisy...

    HIPOCRISY, don't make you, Kate, change the opinion of trillions of people in the world about the very improbable abduction of your daughter. Peraphs if you write a small sentence to the PGR in Portugal asking him to re-open the investigation... If you decide to answer the 40 questions standing on PJ files... Maybe you will do the biggest step that your daughter need's to be found and get justice. If you do that... she will not be out there for 18 years in the care of somebody which loves her very much. HELP YOUR CHILDS!!!

  20. Where is Mitchell? Even him got tired of the circus and run out... Looks that Kate did not got a good Media adviser to help her with that rubbish note. The TIME is a MISTAKE, the SUBJECT is a MISTAKE and the the statment has so many SPELLING MISTAKES. Was SHE DRUNK?

  21. 1000 e-mails? Bem, que numero tao redondinho... nem mais um nem menos um. E assim quando se mente, os numeros sao sempre redondinhos.
    Redondinho tambem parece ser o texto, destinado nao ao mundo, mas apenas a Rothley, aqueles que diariamente os incomodam com perguntas ou improperios nas ruas, na escola, no cafe, no supermercado. QUANDO NAO SE TEM CORAGEM PARA CONTORNAR A REALIDADE, mandam-se recados, redondinhos... De tao vazios, de nada valem.... vai continuar a haver perguntas, improperios... cada vez mais ACUTILANTES!!

  22. O mundo de Rothley move-se numa outra dimensão, uma bolha impermeável a qualquer senso comum a realidade é transfigurada, os maus tornam-se em bons, as imoralidades e os crimes em actos louváveis, a liberdade de pensamento é censurada, a liberdade de opinião aniquilada e diz-se mesmo que quem segue o culto da Palavra da Mentira da Verdade tem como desejo final atingir o Malebolge (Dante Alighieri).

  23. Donal is an excellent journalist.
    Everything he wrote on that article means the contrary.
    By refering to a second abductor, on the other side of the window,receiving the child, he is telling us that only one abductor (like the McCanns say)would not have made it.The window was too narrow and help from nr.2 was essential.
    The abductor 2 was so close to Jez,Gerry and Jane that Maddie could have reacted at daddy's voice.
    Abductor 1 hid himself behind the door of the children's room(where he could not fit) or behind a forniture.Not behind the sofa
    (against the wall), not behind the table, chairs of dining room, not behind the cots, beds.
    Perhaps behind the parents beds: in this case, how could Gerry feel his presence?
    Donal refers to the unnoticed Jane and
    her statement supported by the privete detectives.
    No word about eventual support of the Portuguese police.
    No DNA of the abductor who cleaned the crime scene on a perfect way, kidnapping, cleaning up, everything in 3 minutes.
    Last but not least
    Somehow he invites us all to read the site Madeleine Foundation, that he cites very clearly, and who knows hoping we are going to order for a booklet in English.

    Donal is telling us there was no abduction.

  24. I agree they fear Jail for the fraud more than anything else, imagine the backlash they would be lynched in jail, they have to keep on with this
    Mr Amaral God Bless him is a thorn in their side.

  25. I would not like to be in Kate and Gerry Maccann's shoes for all the tea in china, A clear conscience is the best pillow. what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to decieve. you have to tell 1000 lies to maintain the fist.

  26. "for Gerry and me" is correct, that's accusative.
    But "Gerry and I think your comments are rubbish... that's nominative.

  27. 'Madeleine deserves so much more than treatment like this.'

    This must be the most outstandingly hypocritical remark made publicly by Kate McCann for a long time. We all know exactly what Madeleine deserved - to be cared for by her parents, not to be alone with her younger siblings in an unlocked apartment night after night, not to cry for her absent mother, not to come to harm because there was no one there to protect her from whatever that harm might be. That's what she deserved, at the very least.

    Does Kate McCann think everyone has forgotten how they treated Madeleine? How they let her down? How she deserved so much, much more than the treatment she got from her absent parents? She should hide her head in shame, instead of showing herself to be both hypocritical and illogical.

    PS But I must say one thing in her defence: ''There was nothing new here for Gerry and me' is correct. You couldn't say 'There was nothing new here for Gerry and there was nothing new here for I' and that's what the sentence means. Have a look here for a better explanation - http://www.askoxford.com/asktheexperts/faq/aboutgrammar/meandi

  28. Daily express rehash:


  29. I also think Donal MacIntyre is saying the abduction of Maddie was impossible, I think he is having a go at the Maccanns.

  30. God this woman makes me angry. She states
    ''Nothing can be more soul-destroying for a parent than for somebody to ‘write off' your missing child (for whatever reason) without any evidence to support such a theory''

    But isn't that the whole point ? Mr Amaral had no evidence of an abduction, he had only the word of her parents that Madeleine was even in the apartment when they left that evening. The first piece of significant evidence in the case was the reaction of the cadaver dog. In the absence of other evidence to point towards the child being alive, what would you think ? What would anyone think ?

    The 'theory there was no evidence to support' was the McCann theory. No evidence of a break in, no forensic trace left by a kidnapper. A sighting by a witness who could not say it was the girl.

    The only evidence there has been supports Mr Amaral's theory.

  31. Translation to 21/09/09 23:58

    The world of Rothley moves in another dimension, in a bubble impermeable to any common sense; reality is transfigured, the wicked becomes blameless, the immoralities and crimes in commendable acts, freedom of thought is censored, freedom of opinion is annihilated and it is said that even those who follow the cult of the ‘Word of the Lie of Truth’ have the final desire to reach the Malebolge (Dante Alighieri).

    For those who don't know Malebolge is the 8th Circle of Dante's Inferno in the Divine Comedy; the 'hell' reserved for the unscrupulous and hypocrites.
    A good re-reading book along the years.

  32. I'm not acquainted with Mr. Donal MacIntyre's past work, so I cannot judge his integrity as a journalist. It may be that he intended his article on the McCanns to be satirical, but how are we to know when so much trash has been written in the British Press.

    I don't buy the idea that they are afraid the fund will be found to be fraudulent. If they wanted to they could legitimize the fund by donating to organizations of child welfare. They could even let go all these silly detectives and make a public statement saying to the effect that if anybody knows anything to contact the Portuguese police. There is no will in Portugal to re-open the case.

    What purpose does it serve to have their detectives make ridiculous statements? What do they fear? Obviously if they are indeed perpetrating a lie of this magnitude, of which I'm certain, then the fear of being exposed has led to paranoia. Most likely some influential people, whom they relied upon in the past, have opened their eyes and thus forsaken them. The steadfastness of Mr. Amaral in continuing his fight to reveal the truth despite their attempts to muzzle him has probably unnerved them. Possibly, there are some loose ends that they did not take care of and they fear that these clues may come to light. Maybe they fear that the impending elections in Portugal will change things in Mr. Amaral's favour, or is it the elections in England next year in May? Whatever it may be, their mental instability will eventually result in their end.

  33. Bem dito Guerra, de facto não se entende como é que os McCann, aliás o Clarence que habitualmente não deixa passar uma em claro, deixa que esta completa cretinice dita pelo Edgar seja publicada e cito “se a técnica de Low Copy Number tivesse sido usada.. etc e tal... o seu raptor teria sido apanhado(…).”. Ora, torna-se evidente por aquilo que se lê no processo que a LCN foi usada mais do que uma vez nos exames feitos pelo FSS, portanto o que será que esta declaração totalmente contrária aos factos pode traduzir? Mais uma mudança de ‘detectives’? E por isso deixam que o Dave Edgar se prejudique e embarace publicamente para depois terem razão para o afastar?

    Ou será de facto aquilo que dizes, que a paranóia se instalou no McKingdom?

    Há entre outras hipóteses algo que ressalta, e é o seguinte, sendo este tipo um ex polícia, alegadamente ‘falhado', que se reformou antecipadamente por motivos ainda não totalmente esclarecidos, e pesando (bastante) também o facto de ele ser 'comprado' pelos McCann para apresentar resultados, pode ser que ele ao encontrar-se nesta situação completamente rocambolesca tenha decidido afastar-se in causa effectum [por muito que tenha de fazer figura de parvo para tal] e, assim sendo, os McCann nada tem a haver com este artigo, que repete o mesmo disparate da história de ‘Barcelona&Beckham’.

    Aliás, é nítido que o Dave Edgar é um pacóvio e simplório completo que de repente se vê lançado (ou se lança às cegas) numa apetecível mediatização. É muito possível que o salto para os média tenha deixado o tipo algo insandecente e desnorteado, até que se apercebeu que nem tudo vai bem no reino dos McCann.

    Bom mas isto seria verdade apenas e se, de facto, o tipo devesse alguma coisa à inteligência, e não deve. Nada mesmo. Portanto, acho que podemos assumir que o tipo:

    1) é mais um palhaço no circo;
    2) nunca leu o processo, e a cena no ultimo documentário dos McCann foi mesmo para Inglês ver;
    3) foi lançado às ‘bestas’ e eventualmente foi comido pelas mesmas;
    4) chegou a hora do adeus;

  34. Just to point out that "Gerry and me " is correct as they are the object of the verb ,not the subject.


  36. The journalist would have written an article entitled :
    " The imaginary abduction " had he meant to expose the truth.
    I don't believe in trying to justify his ridiculous article by reading between the lines. He ignores all the evidence, dogs, car, blood stains etc and makes up some stupid article to sell papers.

    Kate's grammar is irrelevant to the subject in question.

  37. Re Donal MacIntyre's article.

    I do not believe for a moment that it was intended to mock the McCann version of events.

    Only those who follow the case would realise fully how absurd it is.

    Here in the UK at least, where the reporting has been one-sided in the extreme in favour of the McCann abduction theory, MacIntyre's report could and will be accepted as a credible version of events.

    For those unfamiliar with the events of that evening, not having read the police files, or with no knowledge of Sr Amaral (other than what they have read in UK press - the 'disgraced Portuguese cop') no knowledge of the findings during the case by Sr Amaral and his investigative team during the official process, nor of the involvement of the British police, the search dogs, and all else in this case from neglect to inconsistencies in statements, misleading documentaries and interviews, I believe that MacIntyre's report would be taken by many as a probable account of events.

    There are some also, who quite frankly are not that interested in the case who may perhaps have caught the headline, or skimmed the article, enough to get the gist of it, but with no real interest one way or another.

    If it was Donal's or the intention of the Express to mock the McCann abduction theory as we all know it, I think the exercise would have been wasted on most.

    It is quite likely I feel that he does not hold with the theory he presented, but then we have to ask WHY was he party to this?

    The article would not, in my opinion have gotten any 'hidden' message across to those who do not follow the case, they would have nothing with which to compare.

    If Clarence is taking a back seat at the moment, I would not imagine it is due to him forsaking the McCann's, you can be sure he is at the core of something which you will hear of in due course.

    Donal and Dave's (Edgar) storytelling ventures of the past week or so, may well be diversionary.

    The 'hallmark' for me of McCann involvement in any article or documentary, is when they avoid mentioning which door Gerry McCann entered the apartment by on his check of the children on 3rd May 2007.

    When all others are mentioned, Kate, Oldfield, even the abductor the door through which they entered is made absolutely clear.

    Gerry McCann? - he miraculously leaves the tapas restaurant and hey presto he is inside the apartment.

    We know from police statements that Gerry DID in fact enter by the FRONT door.

    The reason I believe for this 'avoidance' is, that it is not believable if the patio door was lying unlocked that he would have entered by the locked FRONT door!

    Sr Amaral is absolutely correct in this.

    Whilst Gerry McCann in their last documentary is shown to have entered the apartment by the front door, he does not say that this is a re-enactment of what he did on the night Madeleine disappeared. Nothing is spoken of how or which door he used to gain entry.

    Later in the documentary he speaks to Oldfield and states that he and Kate had begun using the patio door. The impression for viewers is, that he and Kate entered by the patio doors.

    He does not state specificially that HE entered by the patio door on that evening, nor does he say that he entered by the Front door.

    We are left hanging.

    Take a look at Donal MacIntyre's report, he too deliberately avoids divulging how Gerry McCann entered the apartment. Of Gerry he states:

    'At about 9pm Gerry leaves the table and walks over to the apartment to check on the twins and Madeleine.

    'He enters the apartment and then goes to the toilet.

    He checks on his children and ­savours a proud father’s moment as he stands by the doorway looking into the back bedroom where they are all soundly asleep.'


    Donal describes so fully all else, right down to Gerry using the toilet to voices wafting through the air, abductors breathing sighs of relief but fails to mention how Gerry gained access.

    The hallmark in my opinion of McCann involvement!


  38. I haven't read any of Donal MacIntyre's other articles, but other posters here have explained that he is normally a good investigative journalist. The article in the Express was not the work of a good investigative journalist, because it completely ignored all factors other than the alleged abduction. If he were working freelance, I think he would probably have done an article entitled 'What really happened to Madeleine McCann' and would have explored all aspects of the case, or, if he sincerely believed that Madeleine was abducted, he would have written an article with a much more convincing slant than the one which was published in the Express. For that reason, it seems likely that he was asked (told) to write the article, and I sense that he personally has doubts about the abduction and this comes through in his text.

  39. The McCanns Press Release. So, what have we here? First, our private detectives have been criticised in the press so we need to make it look as if the Barcelona Woman story was genuine and produced hundreds, if not thousands of leads. Second, we have been criticised for blocking publication and distribution of Gonçalo Amaral's book, so let's go for the sympathy vote and tell everyone how awful we feel that he is telling people what is in the police files and that our story isn't true. Third, in case more people are questioning the abduction theory as a result of Amaral and The Madeleine Foundation, let's quote the Jayceelee Dugard case to show that Madeleine, too, could be found, just like LOADS of other abducted children, and lastly, let's show how brave we are being in the face of such adversity, what tremendous kindness and support we are receiving (i.e. how many people believe our story of an abduction)and, with a bit of luck, we can bring tears to people's eyes and they will be so sorry for us they will donate more money to The Fund! Oh, and let's not mention The Madeleine Foundation and the threats made by Carter-Ruck, on the grounds that .... er.... oh yes, we will not dignify The Madeleine Foundation by mentioning it! Nothing to do with the fact that The Madeleine Foundation isn't quaking in its boots and looks as if it is going to fight back, of course, nothing to do with that at all.

  40. A.Miller,
    thank you so much.


  41. Where's the other detective gone to? Arthur Cowley, wasn't it? Why have we only heard of Dave Edgar lately? Is he camera-shy (as we've seen in the "documentary" he's not very photogenic) or has he regained his senses and jumped ship?

    This made my blood boil:

    ""Madeleine deserves so much more than treatment like this. She is still missing and we will never give upon her."

    How dares she?! As many have said before, Madeleine indeed deserved so much more FROM HER PARENTS, she deserved not to be left alone in a dark unsecured apartment subject to all sorts of dangers for a number of nights, she deserved that her mother answered the 48 questions put to her by the investigation, she deserved that her parents and their "friends" made themselves available for a reconstruction, she deserved that her "loving" parents demanded the investigation to remain open!She deserved that her parents had not given up on her and her siblings on all of those holiday nights, yes, because, even Kate, if we're to believe the account of at least one witness on that 3rd May night, even she has admitted that Madeleine was let down by her parents ("we've let her down").

    As for the "typos", well, we all make them, I know I do, especially when in a hurry, but I try to go back and correct them! Maybe as someone wrote before, Mrs. McCann was under the influence of some substance or she just does not care anymore...
    The mistakes are too many and too repetitive to let them slip by(oh, noticed how she carefully avoided calling her Maddie?):


  42. Donal MacIntyre a 'respected' journalist engages in a spot of gatekeeping for TPTB - shock horror.

    The world is getting worse. The McCanns are just a small part of the web of lies we are fed every day by 'journalists' and the media.

    Love to all 3Aers (what happened there?),


  43. I would like to read a letter like this:

    Me and Gerry we want to thank you for your solidarity and help in this terrible moment of our lives.
    It's hard and sad to wake up in the morning and realized that a piece of us is missing for good. It's a grief that never ends. There no cure for such pain.
    We also want to tell you how much we regret to left our children alone in a strange room in a foreign country, night after night. At that time we thought that was safe, but we are now aware of how dangerous it was. It is not a responsible way to look after our babies and we apologies to pass the idea during almost two years that this behavior was within parental bounds. It's not true, it's far way from the good parental practice bounds.
    We also want to deliver all the money we have received in name of a foundation that has no fundament to exist. However, we would like that you take in account all the employment we've created with the Fund. We are very sorry about how things grew so uncontrolled from the day one that we've decided to point abduction instead of calling an ambulance. Parents may become freaked out when things went out of control. At this stage we know already life won't be the same and the emptiness can't be filled anymore. We let our foolish instincts get us in trouble with the police, media friends and family. We thought we got better as time went on but we feel worse, our marriage is spent and there is a big judgement coming, we can feel it. To be honest, it already started in our home.
    For the last but not the least we want to tell how much we admire the persistence, the conviction, and the professional instincts that Gonçalo Amaral has shown since the very first moment. We felt, that we would ear from him and here we are, facing a battle that has to break to one of the sides. I rather want to break it now and cause no more embarecement to my family, to the government and to my country.
    We are very sorry to cause such a damage to us and to the world, specially to the children that are living in fear because of our daughter disappearance.
    A mother and a father.

  44. Thousands read and discuss the latest McCann media stunt, be it a press conference, press release, interview, video, or 'McCann-friendly' article by a benign reporter in a newspaper which has sold them its allegiance. We hang on and scrutinise every word, every gesture; analyse the grammatical style, berate the McCanns' neglect for the umpteenth time... Why do we do it? Several reasons spring to mind but perhaps the most obvious one is that Madeleine is still missing and the parents know more than they are telling, but what about the McCanns? Why do they do it? Why do they carry on with their celebrity bad parents act? I've yet to hear a convincing argument.


  45. http://www.anorak.co.uk/madeleine-mccann/madkldien-mccann-1000-new-leads-to-the-australian-beckham.html

    I think Anorak just about sum it up...


  46. "At the end of August, we learnt of the discovery of JayceeLee Dugard, 28 years after she was abducted at the age of 11.

    Do you mean Jaycee Lee Dugard? The Jaycee Lee Dugard who was abducted 18 years ago!

    "A missing child cannot be expected to find their way home, we need to find them."

    Yet your daughter, you claim was abducted when she was 3 years old, was expected to find her way to the bar to find you if she woke up again crying wondering where you were! You should not have left her and her 2 year old siblings in an unlocked flat, unsupervised open to all kinds of danger let alone abduction, whilst you and your husband ate and drank with your friends at the bar approx 120 mts away in a holiday complex. At the very least you and your husband should have provided supervision for your children!

  47. Quando penso no mundo de Rothley, vem-me a memoria o provincianismo do Portugal interior dos anos 80, onde os medicos dos Centros de Saude eram idolatrados pela populacao, nao por serem bons ou competentes, mas porque nunca se sabia quando se ia precisar dos seus servicos. A imprevisibilidade da saude populacional deixava-os sempre nas maos de quem tinha o poder de os salvar. Por isso, mesmo quando o medico era incompetente, a populacao calava as suas duvidas, os seus temores e ainda que apenas em surdina, aceitava o mal menor e la ia dizendo: " Bom dia Sr. Doutor, como vai?", " obrigado Sr. Dr. Deus lhe pague", pois o importante era nao estar de mal com quem GERE A VIDA, A NOSSA VIDA.
    E este provincianismo que vejo em Rothley- um casal de medicos, ele com posicao relevante, a quem convem nao sermos hostis porque podemos pagar na pele o excesso de inteligencia dos nossos neuronios. Os adultos, conseguem facilmente contornar as emocoes, calar as duvidas e rete-las entre paredes, dentro de casa. O problema sao as criancas, vivazes, espertas, curiosas inquisidoras... Nao calam e nao vivem o mundo de Rothley ha semelhanca dos seus pais. As criancas incomodam Kate, fulminam os gemeos com perguntas e acusacoes que eles, por serem ainda novinhos, nao percebem, mas percebem com certeza, que algo de terrivelmente horrendo aconteceu a irma, por isso ela esvaziou os seus dias e com o tempo vai se transformando numa vaga memoria que ja so tem imagem, nas fotografias. Os gemeos terao concerteza, noites de pesadelo, de papoes e choros que os pais dificilmente coseguem justificar e acalmar com um raptor sem rosto, surgido na noite como uma sombra vinda do nevoeiro. Para os gemeos, quem quer que tenha feito mal a irma, mora perto, pode voltar, e uma ameaca permanente. O pior, e que os pais em consciencia, sabem que os gemeos tem razao: O MAU MORA PERTO... e e por isso que e tao dificil viver dentro do provincianismo de Rothley. Bom seria mudar... ir em busca da cidade grande onde podessem ser iguais aos demais... uma familia desconhecida! Mas ate isso ja nao e possivel... os erros do passado fizeram-nos conhecidos a escala planetaria e para os Mccann, o mundo e tao provinciano como Rothley, qualquer crianca os reconhecera e fara a fatal pergunta: " O QUE FIZESTE A MADDIE?"

  48. Thanks for this. I would be surprised if Gerry or Kate wrote any of their supposed press releases any more, although it is written as though it is Kate's voice.

    There are no grammatical errors at all in the piece that I can see. But yes, there are 'typos', if you can call them that. There is what looks to be a keyboard problem - perhaps they need to investigate what lies under the space bar..

    The red needs to come off 'Gerry and me' too. As previously pointed out, it isn't wrong. If you remove 'Gerry and' from the sentence and it still makes sense, it is correct.

    I applaud your excellent work on both this blog and the forum, but don't think incorrectly highlighting an incidence of proper grammar usage helps much!


  49. http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2007/jun/02/ukcrime.comment

    The mccanns asked for all this and they expect no one to ask questions?

    Read this article again, at the bottom the plans they had, grand prix, tour de france.....

  50. I don't believe either that the patio door was ever left unlocked. They used the front door and their key. But they had to pretend the patio door was unlocked because not only MO but the abductor had to enter, once the front door lock wasn't picked nor the blinds forced open from outside.
    MO had to check on the children at 9:30, instead of Kate whose job was to alert the Tapas half an hour later because then Gerry was passing the Smiths with a body in his arms.

  51. hey kate why are you sitting at home writing such drivel GET BACK TO PORTUGAUL with your tapas 7 friends and do a proper police reconstruction,only the one your husband ans friends did didnt quite ring true did it or if your friends cant manage to get there why dont you and your husband go to where madeleine is hidden in this hellish lair and make a search of the area like any NORMAL parents would do who were desperate to find thier daughter.

    remember NO STONE UNTURNED you said

  52. Agree with aacg, of course all doors were locked.
    Who in their right mind would leave Passports, cameras, cash, phones and watches in an unlocked apartment.
    Unless they left Madeleine in charge of their safe keeping along with the twins. After all, Madeleine was expected to cope in the case of fire.

  53. Kate and Gerry McCann - you should hang your heads in shame for the way you are slandering an excellent detective and good family man like Goncalo Amaral, who has made finding justice for your daughter Madeleine top priority, and who lost his job for just that. The same goes for the police with tracker dogs and the good people of Praia de Luz who spent days looking for your daughter while you and your tapas pals made more effort in getting your stories to agree. The blame for Madeleine going missing lies solely with you for leaving your young children alone night after night. Don't try to put the blame on her continued disappearance on Goncalo Amaral. The fact that you failed to answer vital questions or do a reconstruction to help the police just shows what hypocrites you all are.


  54. So Kate and Gerry McCann have the AUDACITY to cite the case of Jaycee Lee Dugard and sit on their squat fat butts in Rothley while their 5-year-old lies spread-eagled languishing in her lair no more than 10km from Praia da Luz - if you note what their Defective in Chief has had to reveal lately.


    And instead of going out there to rescue her, after TWO WHOLE YEARS AND COUNTING, they resort to writing messages?? Wow. I get it. We're not having to comb the whole of Morocco for little blonde blue eyes anymore, but a more specific define area in Praia da Luz. And they're still in Rothley reaching out to her via the internet and not out their looking for her. Wow....

    Amazing that people actually swallow their crap. Absolutely amazing....

  55. So what stopping you from going out to Portugal to find your daughter then, McCann? Money?? No, it can't be! Not money. So what is it then - would you like me to tell you why after more than 2 years you won't go find her? Hmmm....

    btw, does anyone else ask you that question? Not even your nearest and dearest? Hmmm, some "pact" you've got going there. It's all as clear as day.

  56. Eu não acredito que a justiça esteja exclusivamente o serviço dos McCann no sentido de os resultados serem sempre os que o casal deseja. Os Magistrados são pessoas com uma formação académica exigente e têm, felizmente, um pensamento livre. Em suma, um juíz não pode estar condicionado no seu entendimento. O que aconteceu até aqui, é que tem havido diferentes percepções de quem interpreta e de quem julga. Não há a meu ver um esquema organizado contra o Gonçalo Amaral nem a M.Foundation. Há, é um interesse imenso dos pais travarem uma opinião que não lhes dá bom nome. E para isso, através de um Fundo cheio de dinheiro que não tiveram que ganhar, eles contrataram bons advogados, ou advogados conhecidos com causas públicas ganhas. Mas, isso é também o que eles somente são: ilustres advogados. Não chega para trocarem de lugar com um corpo de juízes, ok? Eu creio que se este caso chegar a Tribunal, o entendimento deste dossier terá quase de certeza uma leitura única. E a única maneira de Gonçalo Amaral repôr alguma verdade neste assunto só será garantida em Tribunal. Todos os outros caminhos revelar-se-ão verdadeiras encruzilhadas e cheios de armadilhas. Eu creio, também, que Gonçalo sabia que este dia ía chegar, e por esta altura também ele tem que ter o trabalho de casa feito para confrontar o tribunal e o advogado de acusação com FACTOS. Suposições não. FACTOS. E testemunhas claro! Uma providência cautelar é somente o que o nome indica. Eu, no lugar do Gonçalo não ía em acordos extra-judiciais, eu iria mesmo a tribunal. Ele e Fundação Madeleine e os que estão na retaguarda (nós todos) temos aqui uma boa oportunidade de ver os tribunais a funcionar inquirindo os pais (e os amigos, os familiares, os empregados, o sacerdote, Os Smith). falta saber, se cá ou se lá, em Inglaterra. Eu acredito na nossa justiça mas como é lenta, eu prefiro um julgamento rápido. Por isso escolho lá. A menos que alguém com poder disser que enough is enough e que isto foi longe demais. Abertura do caso, reavaliação de provas. Novas linhas de investigação. Bom aí, eu digo: cá. Mas para isso precisamos de ter a coluna direita e atalhar a direito (como deveria ter acontecido há dois anos atrás).

  57. If Maddie is alive and grows up to find out just how little her parents actually did themselves to find her, she would be discusted with them. They've never once put themselves out, always leaving it to others.
    I don't suppose for one minute, they would rush to her aid should she call for their help? Because they know it won't be her.
    Why didn't Kate return to work? Ashamed to face her colleagues after lying about attending six deaths or because she has broken her hippocratic oath to preserve life.
    Why did the PJ not charge these two with neglect, a spell in prison would have loosened one of their tongue's, of that I'm sure.
    I'm also convinced that news of their separation and pending divorce will soon fill the media.

  58. i can't see a divorce happening any time soon... too much for them both to lose - they are tied together forever

  59. After watching the Mcanns on Oprah a few months ago, it appeared to me that while this couple may still be living together, they are not together as a couple. I too doubt they will divorce they are bound together forever with their secret. The tension in that house must be damaging to the twins.

  60. Forget the McCanns...maybe they are right, the search for Madeleine herself is perhaps the right way - but not for a live Madeleine...

    Someone in Spain needs to investigate the acid beds at Huelva.

    Access to them, who might know?

  61. It would be interesting to know whether the McCanns or any of their family, or their Tapas friends, have ever spent a penny of their own money in the 'search' for Madeleine.

    Or whether they would have sold their houses or whatever other personal possessions they have if they could not have got others to give money.

  62. Every Day they recieve a SMALL amount of supportive letters. Seems like people are getting wise to them

  63. Madeleine Foundation site is down..."temporarily unavailable".

    Team McCann been at work again?

  64. This is the message that comes up for The Madeleine Foundation website now.



    This website is temporarily unavailable. If you are the owner of this site, please contact us at 1-480-624-2500 at your earliest convenience


    This is alarming.

    It is important we keep working to get the word out. I just wrote an e-mail to Michael Savage, who hosts a talk radio program in the US and a free speech advocate. He is the only journalist who made the UK list of terrorists (because he was likely to stir up violence with his words, they said) and he is not allowed to enter the UK. You can read more about him at michaelsavage dot com. I think he has a vested interest in learning about this case and reporting it to his listeners, which his site lists as 10 million per week.

    I gave him four website addresses: 1) the Madeleine Foundation's, 2) this one, 3) truthofthelie dot com, and 4) mccannfiles and encouraged him to full research all the facts and report them to the American public so the information can spread on the internet.

  65. This is the website address that you are redirected to, to read the unavailable message for The Madeleine Foundation:

    http ://sites . securepaynet . net / redirect_1.html

    I put spaces in the address, to allow it to publish.

  66. I am just waiting for the moment when the Mccanns will block or ban this blog.

    As I said everything is possible for this people - the good friend of Gordon Brown.
    If you have the political power on your side you'll allways win.

    And the Oscar goes to: Gerry & Kate Mccann!

    Rest in Peace Madeleine.
    Your guardian angel is by you forever and ever. Forget your disappointing parents.
    Sad, very sad!

  67. Off topic -

    Does anyone know why the Madeleine Foundation site is unavailable at the moment? Thanks.

  68. I should have read the blog before asking about the MFoundation forum - sorry. The McCanns have got their wicked way it seems!

    The screws are getting tighter!

  69. I thought Tony Bennett is away on holiday are they allowed to do this close down the site I mean how are people going to register for the conference in november. This is for no other reason than to stop Mr Amaral from coming to the uk. This site will be next

  70. Ive just heard the there is a maintenance issue with the MF site?

  71. I have been on that chaos raptor site just now, and I personally don't mind having what I said posted, but to see that under my name I am quoted as saying that 'LA is Team McCann' is no more than I would expect from low life liars.

    My actual sentence was if I remember rightly 'I have been told that LA is Team McCann and I find that hard to believe', or words to that effect.

    Now, who originally told me that? Can't remember, but somebody posted that message to me.

    No doubt one of these characters who were posing themselves as anti McCann.

    So if they have managed to negate what I really said by twisting my words and posting lies, how many others have they done that to?


  72. Missing Madeleine Forum also down

  73. Now the missing madeleiene forum site is down too

  74. We're guessing Donal has to put his message across by sarcasm.
    we know other newspapers won't print anythin against the McCanns.

    How about US targeting University newspapers with the truth, as told in the official police files, and maybe they will have the gall to print the known facts, discrepancies etc.

    After all, it will be freshers week soon. they need something to get their teeth into, for a healthy debate.

    Let's see if the doctors have the gall to sue, or silence, University journals.

  75. I avoided going to the chaosraptors dot com website because I had no idea if it was trustworthy. It could be a trap to catch IP addresses or to infect your computer with spyware or viruses. I notice that the post with the website address has been removed from the comments section.

    From whois dot net: This domain name was registered on Jan. 15, 2009, to

    Brooke Bryan
    A2 Segensworth Business Centre
    Segensworth Road
    Fareham, HAMPSHIRE PO15 5RQ

    Brooke Bryan is listed as the development director of Justdevelopit, which designs software and other cutting-edge applications for internet shopping sites in the USA in an April 8, 2008, article titled "Hughes Ellard - Offices Sale - Hampshire"
    on Propertymall dot co dot uk You will find Mr. Bryan in the center of the photo that appears at the bottom of the article.

  76. As I am computer illiterate would somebody please tell me how it is possible for a website to be removed by individuals that have nothing to do with it's operation.

  77. I sent a long e-mail to Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report, whose site gets about 24 million hits a day. We'll see if he reports on the McCann free speech issue. You'll die laughing to read the comments that follow one news report the site links to under today's news. It's entitled "Most Traffic Growth to UK News Sites Coming from US" dated September 21, 2009. Readers responding to the article are saying they don't trust the US media so they are going to UK news sites for the REAL stories. Hahahahahaha

    The article originates from a site called paidcontent dot org

    My e-mail to Michael Savage, radio talk show host was returned as undeliverable and so far I've been unable to find a current e-mail address. I did go ahead and submit a short comment (limited to 500 words) about the McCann free speech issues on Savage's show blog and included the website addresses I previously mentioned. I may also try to call in to the show later tonight.

  78. The Madeleine Foundation will be back soon. They are just sorting a few things.

    The Missing Forum was taken down on purpose: «Missing Forum is not down, the admin there decided to take it off for 10 minutes "as I was fed up of everyone getting paranoid about the Madeleine Foundation going down for updates...." and because "all the hate forums are saying Carter Ruck took it down so I took the MM down for 10 minutes and its just as I thought the other forums were saying CR took me down too!".

    Amber had already posted a warning at the forum explaining her reasons.»

  79. What a confusion!
    and what a paranoia.

  80. Thank you Joana.
    Good to know both the Madeleine foundation and missing Madeleine are still there.

  81. Justified paranoia, don't you think, considering the threats issued so very recently by Carter-Ruck? It was not unreasonable to worry that they had something to do with the site's unavailability. Consider that in Portugal, the court ruled that Sr. Amaral is not allowed to sell his book or distribute his documentary, even though they are both based on the official police files.

    Some dreadful things are afoot and we all recognize it.

    What a relief that the site is only temporarily down, not permanently. Too many people still need to be able to access the information on that site. It has already opened many eyes in the past week.

    I just e-mailed a long message to Nancy Grace of CNN through her show's website page asking her to review the case and discuss it on her show.

  82. There is no doubt there is a sustained assault on our free speech values in the UK and Portugal - and across Europe.

    Never before have suspects (they were official suspects) in a case involving an extremely serious criminal matter been able to marshal the media, bend it to their will in this way. It sets all sorts of potentially horrific precedents.

    Could people be sued for libel for honestly reporting suspicions to Crimewatch? Could honest witnesses be sued for libel in future? Where will the line be drawn?

    The facts are that the child is missing; the parents admit at the very least not being in a position to monitor her well being; there is a pact of silence among the Tapas 9; Kate McCann refused to answer 40 questions from the Police; trained dogs detected cadaver odour in the apartment; no coherent account of events that night has been given by the Tapas 9.

    But Team McCann decree no one may even hazard an opinion the child is dead? It is beyond grotesque - it is monstrous!

  83. No one can stop anyone speculating on whether Madeleine is dead or alive or what might have happened to her. The McCanns themselves have said in the past that they are aware she might be dead, so they can hardly stop anyone else saying the same. Also, there is no way of knowing as yet what happened to Madeleine; her parents may say she was abducted but they can't prove it, nor can anyone else, so no one has to believe it. After all, she could have gone out the door they so thoughtfully left unlocked for her, couldn't she? Then goodness knows what might have happened to her, but it still doesn't mean she was abducted.

    The McCanns are full of hot air, always trying to give the impression they can control what other people say, but they can't. People will still be discussing this case until the mystery is solved, so the McCanns might as well get used to it. More and more people seem to be getting interested in the case and the McCanns' pathetic attempts at controlling others are doing nothing but drawing attention to the other side of the story, making people suspicious as to why they seem so afraid of discussion and debate.

  84. The public and the media became an uncontrolable water. A tsunami.
    The McCanns can try to stop it but it is too late.
    They invited this tsunami into their lives, it was their choice.

  85. Better warn your little followers, Joana and astro that the tsunami might be hitting them - I don't think it will touch the McCanns.

    I also wrote to Nancy Grace and told her NOT to believe all the hysterical ramblings but the read the file and come to her own conclusion. In any case, she's pretty busy with the Haley and Cayley cases.


    July 2008 Mrs Justice Hogg:

    "There is, of course, one person who knows what has happened to Madeleine and where she may be found,"

    I ponder about that person - whether that person has a heart and might understand what it must be like for Madeleine to have been taken and secreted from her parents and siblings and those she loved and felt secure with.

    I ponder whether that person has a conscience or any feeling of guilt or remorse or even cares about the hurt that has been caused to an innocent little girl, and whether that person has a faith or belief and what explanation or justification they might give to God.

    "I entreat that person, whoever they may be, to show mercy and compassion and come forward now and tell us where Madeleine is to be found. I hope she will be found soon, alive and well."


    I ponder what Mrs. Justice Hogg was thinking then, I ponder what she is thinking now!


  87. From same article (July 2008) re the Leicestershire police and 81 pieces of information:

    A Leicestershire police spokesman said:

    "All 81 have been professionally assessed and the appropriate action taken, along with the 11,800 other pieces of information within the inquiry."

    But speaking outside the High Court in London earlier, the family's spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, described the information that the police had agreed to hand over as "POTENTIAL NEW LEADS" that could help in the search for the missing toddler.

    It would appear that the police did in fact professionally assess these "potential leads" not just 81 of them but also the 11,800 pieces of information gathered.

    Or, perhaps the McCann's are still pondering them!

    Tangled webs indeed!


  88. I ponder too about, not just one person who harmed Madeleine, but all of those responsible for Madeleine's disappearance, all of those who failed her, all who harmed her that night, all who destroyed her life, those who allowed her to be taken from her brother and sister, Sean and Amelie.

    Like Mrs. Justice Hogg:

    I wonder if they have a heart.

    I wonder if they understood then or even understand now, how Madeleine must have felt.

    I wonder if they gave thought to her, alone and feeling afraid.

    I wonder if they understood, or now understand what they have done.

    I wonder if they feel guilt or remorse.

    I wonder if they have a conscience.

    I wonder whether those persons have a faith or belief and what explanation or justification they might give to God.

    One year on from Mrs Justice Hogg's statement,

    I also wonder:

    If those responsible will show mercy and compassion and come forward NOW and tell us the truth of what they know.

    It could "potentially" lead to the whereabouts of Madeleine.

    I ponder too over whether it is safe to 'ponder' or will that soon not be allowed?

    If Mrs Justice Hogg 'ponders' I'm sure it is okay.


  89. Well said A. Miller.

    I ponder on why the Leicestershire Police, who have put so much effort into the McCann case, didn't show so much compassion for the desperate plight of the mother and her disabled daughter who recently died a horrific death in their car after being abused over and over again by local youths.Despite many calls for help, no action was taken put a stop to their misery. A young boy, her son, is now without a mother and sister because of the non-commitment of those police officers, who no doubt are spending more time with the McCann case than others in their shire.

  90. And I'm still pondering as to why Kate McCann has refused to answer those 48 questions regarding the disappearance of her daughter.

    The cops should be pondering that as well instead of pandering to the McCanns and publicity for their Fund.

  91. There is a great thing on Donal's viedeo.

    A person who knows about Madeleine, please contact your local police, THE MADELEINE FUND or the Sunday Express.

  92. " 24 Horas" Newspaper, reported that the author of the biography about Socrates " Biografia nao autorizada de Jose Socrates " was dennoncing that his book did not reach yet the bookstores because their is censure and the Editor was affraid of The PS and the Prime Minister. On that book he dennonce pressures on Justice and some more suspicious cases. Maybe there is some pages related with Maddie case. Not only Amaral was silenced. Everybody which wants to highlight and bring to public knowledge, all the dark edges where this politics are moving on, will be silenced. The Mccanns are lucky, because they got in Portugal some people which act on their way --- MAKING PRESSURES TO PREVENT JUSTICE TO WORK---- But the time is almost over, for all of them, this is why they want everything fixed and stored before next Sunday ( 27 Sept. When portugal face PM elections). The silence will be not for longer. THEY REACH THE POINT WHERE THEY CANNOT PRESSURE ANYMORE.... " SO MANY CATS WITH a TALE SHOWING OUT". LIke a SAND CASTLE, they will all fall over when the first starts.

    Be affraid Mccann's, you are not controling anything anymore, not even your pathetics detectives with their posts in the media. The next ones which will let you down, are your VIP lawyers- How they will face their possible new clients, if in Portugal and all over the world, their office will be connected with a cover up in a fraudulent Fund and a crime involving paedophilie and phisical harmfull to an unprotected child? Their names will be forever in a list of lawyers which don't defend childs rights. Only the bad guys will request their services because they cannot defend decent people. What a damage for their reputation... no any money from the Fund can cover this damage. In Portugal, looks like that Pinto de Abreu and Rogerio Alves, they already jump out of the circus.


    TRYING TO SILENCE PEOPLE IT IS A HUGE MISTAKE. In a world where Internet make the life and the world GLOBAL, you cannot silence point of views, opinions, you cannot reshape our brains and make it to have a single, a unique point of view.
    Madeleine is more close to get justice today, because we will not give up. YOU SPEND MORE THEN 2 YEARS TRYING TO FOOLISH PEOPLE, WE SPEND THE SAME TIME TRYING TO GET JUSTICE TO A LITTLE GIRL WHICH BECAME A SYMBOL OF ALL THE LITTLE CHILDS WHICH ARE ABANDONNED AND VICTIM OF THE BAD BEHAVIOUR OF THEIR PARENTS. DO YOU REMEMBER BABY P? YAH!!! WAS AFTER MADELEINE... HOW MANY OTHER CHILDS WE REMEMBER BEFORE MADELEINE? NO-ONE! We remember all the others after Madeleine because she "turned up" as the "starting point" where some stories told by adults start making nonsense... Now we know how fragile a child is on some hands and how coward some adults are when they do everything they can, to prevent a child to achieve justice.



  93. Hot from the uk news Kate Maccann has returned or is returning to Portugal, wonder why,

  94. It now seems Donal MacIntyre is a close friend of Jez Wilkins and has been his producer in a TV series 'Toughest Towns'.


    Or conflict of interest.


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