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McCanns want to “sweep” their critics off the Internet

Maddie’s parents are getting ready to act judicially against internet sites that question their behaviour through comments and texts that they consider to be defaming

by André Carapeto

After the injunction that hit former Polícia Judiciária coordinator Gonçalo Amaral, preventing the book from being sold in Portugal and in England, Gerry and Kate McCann are now committed to making all the uncomfortable internet pages that concern the disappearance of their daughter, Madeleine McCann, disappear.

Through their lawyers, Adam Tudor and Stephen Loughrey, from the offices of Carter Ruck, one of the most influential (and expensive) in England, Maddie’s parents want to discipline those who doubt their behaviour or suggest that they were somehow involved in their daughter’s destiny.

The famous law office that some months ago obtained hundreds of thousands of euro in compensation payments from some British media, for the McCanns and their friends who dined at the ‘Tapas Bar’ on the night that Maddie disappeared, has already taken a few measures in order to attack with the couple’s new legal offensive.

As far as everything indicates, those responsible for internet pages and blogs that are openly unfavourable towards the McCanns have already received intimations from Carter Ruck, ordering them to cease their activity, under threat of lawsuits for defamation and calumny.

Test card…

One of the main (if not even “the” main) targets for Maddie’s parents is the website that is owned by the Madeleine Foundation, headed by Anthony Bennett and Debbie Butler, who received, early this month, the letters from Tudor and Loughney, where they were asked to stop the foundation’s online page’s activity, as well as other demands made by Gerry and Kate.

But there is more: the heads of the foundation that was created with the purpose of combating child neglect, were demanded to hand over all existing copies of the book “What really happened to Madeleine McCann – 60 reasons that show that she was not abducted”, which was published in late 2008.

Apart from this ‘order’, the former English member of parliament who leads the foundation also received notices to shut down the activity of the website that was created in November last year, as well as the order to deliver to Justice the remaining leaflets that contain a summary of the book, which volunteers at Bennett’s service delivered into various English locations, including Rothley, the neighbourhood where the McCanns reside.

The former English member of parliament who heads the foundation also received intimations to delete all computer records, both of the book and of said leaflets, and to delete all allegedly offensive comments that exist on the webpage, and on interconnected forums or blogs, many of which are signed by Bennett himself.

But there is more…

Nevertheless, it is not only the Madeleine Foundation that is targeted by the McCanns’ offensive. The crosshairs also focus on blogs, including the “Three arguidos”, which is a forum that has been used for strong criticism of the behaviour of the English couple of doctors, since the night of the 3rd of May 2007.

Since they decided to stop giving interviews to the media, and discredited the action of the Portuguese police forces, the McCanns seem to have turned the search for their daughter into a struggle of their own, threatening to confront anyone who tries to contradict their position.

Over the last two years, since their daughter disappeared from apartment 5A at the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz, Lagos, Gerry and Kate have received unconditional support of some and severe criticism from others. After last year they secured a compensation payment of 700 thousand euro, which was obtained after they accused several newspapers in their country of defamation, and after six of the seven friends that accompanied them on their Portuguese holidays, under representation of the same law firm, also received compensation payments that neared 450 thousand euro, Gerry and Kate now threaten to go down the same route, with the internet as their target.

source: O Crime, paper edition, 24.09.2009
satirical image an H. original creation


  1. yes and the day they do this is the day for a march on DOWNING STREET.

  2. Start downloading everybody! the thought police are on their way!

  3. Isn't it illegal for them to be using money from the fund to fight these court cases? Should one go against them it will be extremely damaging to their so called search for Maddy.
    Amaral's book may have hindered the search over a year ago when first published, but they didn't take action then, choosing to wait until he had benefitted from the proceeds before getting the book withdrawn and suing for defamation.
    This is surely proof of their agenda, making money and gaining celebrity status, not searching for Maddy.

  4. Remember my concerns and worries,Joana?

    "Since they decided to stop giving interviews to the media, and discredited the action of the Portuguese police forces, the McCanns seem to have turned the search for their daughter into a struggle of their own, threatening to confront anyone who tries to contradict their position"

    Who the hell do they think they are?

  5. unbelievable...

    the pair who, whether they like it or not, ARE responsible for their child's disappearance.

    whether directly or indirectly is a moot point.

    They certainly can't make people believe that they are innocent just because they themselves say so...

    in my eyes they are guilty and the more protests they make, the guiltier they look

  6. This couple are very powerful they have lots of money and as we all know money talks, I don't know of anyone who can beat them in this world. They will not rest untill all who doubt their version of events are kept quiet. They have lots power in Portugal and even more Power in the UK. We have unleashed 2 very angry tigers no one will stop them now. Is Mr Amaral fighting a lost cause, please God I hope not he is in my prayers daily. this is gong to take a miracle. keep up the good work Johana

  7. Have just posted this information on one of the most respected blogs in the states...The Mccann should see what the american bloggers think of them...Are they going to stop them too. I would like to see them try.


  8. One more point,the Elizabeth Smart case is about to begin...Bloggers say that Smart gave a lot of help to the Mccanns. Remember Smart is a very good friend of Winfrey. This explains how they managed to get on the show..

    Smart has had a lot of information removed from the net...so it can be done...Smart also has friends in high places...Smart is also already running the show and the case has yet to begin...Elizabeth is due to take the stand...I do not think it will happen. She is due in France to work in France as a missionary as the case begins...Coincidence???I do not think so...All nice and neatly planned...


  9. They are pathetic, I despice them more than ever.


  10. Did you also recieve a Letter from Carter Ruck?



  13. 'The Cracked Mirror' describes one man's obsessive need to control the media and 'the story' being put out, from the very first day of this affair and asks 'Why?' Why would the parents of a missing, allegedly abducted child, need to control the media to ensure that only their version of 'the story' is put out? Many people throughout the world have asked themselves the same question and many have come to the same conclusion. It is impossible for them to accept the parents' 'official version' of events.

    Since then the man's control obsession has evolved to display symptoms more usually associated with a chronic mental disorder than the search for a missing child.
    After briefing against the Portuguese police to the extent that pressured the Portuguese judicial authorities to virtually wash their hands of the case, the father and his expensive entourage of libel lawyers and media manipulators then moved against the one person who has always had 'the audacity' to doubt their version of events and secured an injunction against him which not only bans the sale of his book but forbids him to speak about anything concerning the case.

    Now this madness is to be carried to its logical conclusion by trying to ban each and every opinion that questions the parents' official version from being voiced anywhere and particularly in the internet.

    May I respectfully suggest to the people assisting him in this endeavour and earning a lot of money in the process, that they look very closely at the ethical and moral implications of their actions in supporting a person whose mental condition would appear to be pushing him down a road hellbent on destroying anyone who does not agree with him and which ultimately can only lead to his own destruction.


  14. It is about time to take some action.. this is going too far...

  15. I look at the medal my grandfather won in the second world war and I tell the McCanns they will NEVER shut me up.

  16. anonymous at 24/09/09 11:44

    I wasn't Carter Rucked yet, and I don't see why I should be, this blog presents facts, translated news, the process files, and there is nothing that Carter Ruck can do about this without attacking my constitutional rights as a Portuguese Citizen.

  17. I have just read a peice on the jane tanner "sighting" claiming that it was "made up" to give Gerry an alibi as he had been seen carrying a child by an irish family earlier in the evening.
    I think the story was all supersision but if you were to beleive it ..........


  19. A message to Mr. and Mrs. McCann - continue with your actions BUT YOU WILL NEVER STOP ME FROM KNOWING THAT IT WAS YOUR ACTIONS AND NEGLICENCE THAT CAUSED THE DEMISE OF YOUR DAUGHTER. I strongly believe that you will ultimately be brought to justice for what you have done to that beautiful child who didnt deseve to be left on her own night after night to babysit her younger siblings.

  20. Britain is a USA's colony, its thugs, and as such are running fast towards a modern totalitarian dictatorship, where power controls press and justice. War criminals are running the country. the Mcs are just a minute part of this. What has happened to this leading democracy?

  21. 'Divided we fall'. It's what they want, and it's what they'll do - of that I have no doubt. No matter what we say or do they will have their way. I feel sick and emotionally drained. How many other news stories are we watching, and believing, that are not true? Stories invented to twist and manipulate us and the world into what our rulers want.
    We shouldn't feel animosity towards those who believe the abduction story, it's what they've read in the papers and what they've seen on television and they feel pity for the parents who have lost their daughter. Why shouldn't they? People care, and that's good - it can't ever be a bad thing and it should never be seen as bad. If we stop caring then everything is lost.
    We only know about the deceit and lies because our curiosity has taken us further on and into a very dark place. I must admit that sometimes I wish I'd never taken those first few steps.

  22. Great Joana,

    Don't let the McCanns bully you. Show them our Portuguese "garras".

  23. The UK press have been gagged from the beginning.
    Here is an article dated November 2007 from News Group (The Sun & NotW) saying they were having to remove 500+ negative comments about the McCanns on a daily basis. Yet supporters would have us believe 'non-believers' are as rare as rocking horse s*it.

  24. Defamation is one thing. To silence opposing but non-defamatory views is completely another.

    They are fools who think their sh*it doesn't stink. Invincible, are they? Huh, we'll see.

  25. joana
    When I first read "carter rucked" what a perfect slang street phase for "f****d"
    Can you imagine if every one who swears used this phase instead.

  26. This vile pair need taking down, its going to hit them so hard when it comes and it will. Its just a matter of time.

  27. They clearly stated the fund would not be used for legal fees, so just who is paying for all this legal advice and litigation. As for the McScums he's as arrogant as ever and she's the usual wimpy wendy, someone please give that woman a personality, she's such a drip! He's just a typical rough arse.

  28. Am I right in thinking that apart from the injunction regarding Gonçalo Amaral, the other settlements have been made out of court? In other words, the newspapers gave in to threats made by the McCanns lawyers without the matter ever reaching court? No doubt this is what the McCanns are hoping, that people will treat demands by their lawyers as legal orders and will comply. I think they do have friends in high places, otherwise somebody would have stood up to them before now, but they are not invincible no matter how much they would like us to believe they are. They also underestimate the extent of public opinion against them, which is foolish, and they think people are fools. That is very stupid. I may post anonymously here, but if the time ever comes, I for one will be proud to stand up and be counted as somebody who does not believe their version of events and who wants the investigation reopened. I think the McCanns have bitten off more than they can chew now, and their present attitude of trying to silence everyone and anyone who disagrees with them will have consequences they did not anticipate, no matter how much reassurance they are getting from lawyers and advisers who want to continue to make vast amounts of money from them. After all, more and more people are now aware of Gonçalo Amaral's book and his claims, and those of the Madeleine Foundation. The McCanns' actions are already spreading doubt about the very matter they are trying to silence!

  29. Do they really think that people will believe an abudction occured if they shut down all the sites and ban all the books who claim that kate annd gerry mccann are responsible for madeleine's death?How naive....

  30. Someone said 'Defamation is one thing. To silence opposing but non-defamatory views is completely another.'

    Indeed it is, and the McCanns would be the ones breaking the law if they tried to use any sort of intimidation to limit the legal rights of others. Too bad for them that people don't approve of them or their behaviour, because there's nothing they can do about it.

    No one can control the Internet, not even governments, so how could this precious pair think they could do it? Do they really want to take on the might of every civil liberties group in the whole wide world? Do they care so little for their daughter that they would actually spend time and money to try to silence their critics instead of concentrating on their so-called search for her? Do they believe THEY can criticise whoever they please, but no one can criticise them? If so, they're truly deluded and that's a scary thought in their present circumstances.

    Face it, Kate and Gerry. For every book you get banned, two more will appear. For every website you get closed, two more will appear. At the minute the case is mostly discussed in the UK and in Portugal, but if you try to control the freedom of other people to speak their minds then you take on the whole free world. And you won't win. You need to learn humility.

  31. Pity that the author of this article did not make perfectly clear of how those compensations were obtained: not in court of law, by a judge's rulling, but in a private agreement! Oh, but let's not forgett that little brilliant devious detail of having the Tapas group photographed outside the court as if they had just come out of a court hearing were the compensation was granted!!! I bet it fooled many british into thinking just that!

  32. gerry&kate, as long you keep feeding us with BS, we will crow like mushrooms.
    You close one website, two will be opened.


  33. In the years following the death of Princess Diana, the UK papers were full of theories about the suspected involvement of the Royal Family.This was debated across acres of print.
    So, why is it all so very, very different for two doctors from Leicestershire?
    Incidentally, Carter-Ruck was recently shown up as gagging the media re the dumping of poisonous oil residues in the Ivory Coast region. The Guardian was 'gagged', it later reported merrily - but it obeyed the gag at the time....

  34. Carter Ruck, one of the most influential (and expensive) in England,


    A succession of PIs seemingly very inexperienced in tracing missing children

    Its a stark contrast and speaks volumes imo.

  35. Sceptics "growing like mushrooms" as someone said ....I'm sure I can't be the only one who was alerted to this site by hearing of the extraordinary ban on Sr Amaral's book, this turning mild curiosity into fascinated outrage. The behaviour of this sordid McCann
    pair is so transparent and ridiculous that the only possible conclusion is that they are seriously off their heads from deceitfulness, greed and fear. The behaviour of their paid supporters is, as someone else says, "loathsome".

    It's cheering, in a back-handed way, to see that there are so many others refusing to be hood-winked or silenced. Perhaps there's some hope for the human race after all

  36. Who's paying the counsel staff if not the Fund ? Could be Kennedy, very keen to protect more his fame of smartness than his good name, since he must have understood a long time ago that the abduction story was a pure fake. That's why he stopped investing in detectives, the Fund paying the zeroest, then cheapest, one of the market.

  37. Just imagine all the days, hours and minutes the McCanns and their hangers-on must spend attempting to dream up ways of silencing those whose opinion differs from the sanitised McFantasy. That is an incredible amount of resources and effort to spend on suppressing what is nothing more than people's ideas.

    And yet not one second, it seems, is spent actually searching for Madeleine.

  38. I do not understand this case at all. If a similar event happened to someone from a challenging housing estate or even someone in a more affluent position, I would imagine that there would be a different outcome. If any family in these circumstances has acquired a very supportive PR machine, is asking the public for donations for a fund, then spending that money on lawyers and private detectives, requesting members of the public to look for one of their offspring, accept a particular theory, and take it into their consciousness, I would think most people would want a full picture of events, and a scientific explanation too.

    Say the above had not happened, then it would have remained an official police investigation, and the media would have informed us of the outcome eventually.
    I recently found out about the Madeleine Foundation through one of the newspapers, and it seems the people who ran the site had concerns about some of the events in PDL. Perhaps, the organisation concerned would not have been formed in the first place, if it had been an official investigation only.

  39. They will never shut us all up - never.

    There are far too many people who know the details of the case and have seen through their 'regular checking' story.

    Nothing can stop anyone saying - if the McCanns had not left their child alone - a child known to have sleep difficulties - then she would be with them today, FACT!

  40. Continuo na minha, os Mccann tem problemas nas ruas de Rothley com os comentarios de vizinhos e amigos dos gemeos. O que procuram com estas accoes judiciais, nao e a filha, mas sim calar os comentarios que os perseguem diariamente.
    Nesta euforia de causas ganhas, a advogada Isabel Duarte nao se coibiu de anunciar perante as camaras, aquilo que me pareceu algo patetico: "O cidadao Goncalo Amaral esta proibido de falar sobre o caso em todos os paises do mundo"porque um tribunal portugues assim o decidiu. Ha uma pergunta que me preenche desde entao: desde quando um tribunal portugues tem jurisdicao sobre o mundo? Acho que o narcizismo que afecta os Mccann ja contagiou os advogados que se julgam donos da verdade e do mundo. Bush tambem acreditava que mandava no mundo. Ve-se o resultado.

    Nao posso deixar de rir a gargalhadas soltas quando penso como e que uma advogada deslumbrada comete esta imbecilidade. O pais que esta quase na cauda da Europa, que economicamente, nao pesa nada na economia mundial, que vai a Europa mendigar subsidios, tem a ousadia de ter um tribunal de isencao duvidosa, que decide quem tem ou nao tem voz em Franca, na Alemanha, nos USA, no Irao, no Afeganistao, na China, na Russia. Acho que os terroristas mais fundamentalistas do mundo nao estao tao convictos dos seus poderes, nem levam as suas ousadias tao longe. Quao ridiculos, perante o mundo, ficam estes advogados portugueses mais o tribunal que lhes deu guarida.

    E eu que pensava que o pais da revolucao dos cravos nao voltava a ter lugar para perseguicoes pessoais nem para criar de novo, potenciais candidatos ao exilio. Enganei-me. Como tambem me enganei a proposito da liberdade no pais que protegeu Salman Rushdie e os seus versiculos Satanicos. Foi de la que veio a ultima perseguicao, provando que afinal so protegem os mal amados do Islao. A liberdade de expressao deixou de ser UM BEM e UM DIREITO universal para ser propriedade apenas de alguns.

    Se Goncalo Amaral tem de ficar calado, entao e justo e logico que o mesmo seja exigido aos Mccann. Se o tribunal infere que Amaral difamou os Mccann, tambem tem de inferir que Amaral foi por estes difamado. Foram eles e o seu Porta-voz que durante 2 anos alimentaram noticias difamatorias, nos jornais ingleses, sobre Amaral, a PJ e Portugal. Penso que o Dr. Cabrita deve explorar estas difamacoes ate a exaustao.
    Ha outra patetice que nao deixa de ser bizarra- Um tribunal proibe que se fale sobre um caso que ja nao esta em Segredo de justica e que e Publico. Interessante... quando o caso estava em segredo de justica, as fugas de informacao foram transgressoes recorrentes e os tribunais nada fizeram. Agora que parte do caso e publico, ha um que age e devolve-lhe o estatuto de segredo. Nao restam duvidas, algo extrordinariamente horrendo aconteceu a Maddie, por isso o corpo dela nao deve ser encontrado para que nao conte ao mundo a experiencia extrema por que passou.

    TODOS OS PAIS DE CRIANCAS DESAPARECIDAS SE REVOLTAM COM A JUSTICA QUANDO ESTA ARQUIVA O CASO DOS SEU FILHOS. O SONHO DESTES PAIS E MANTER A INVESTIGACAO ABERTA ATE QUE OS FILHOS SEJAM ENCONTRADOS. Estes Mccann, paradoxalmente, nao querem. Isso e irrelevante... o que querem e manter acesa a campanha de uma Maddie viva porque isso quer dizer... mais dinheiro no fundo e vida de celebridades por mais tempo.

  41. Vamos para a rua. Estejam atentos. Cinjam os rins, é tempo de guerra!!!
    Let's go to the streets. Pay attention to the signs. War has already started.

  42. Anonymous "Continuo na minha, os McCann tem problemas nas ruas de Rothley"
    I enjoyed reading your commentary. You point out the obvious absurdities that one would think would incite Portuguese citizens to protest, but sadly they apparently don't realise the dangerous precedents that are being set by these court rulings. Miss Isabel Duarte must have received a hefty transfer of funds to her offshore account.

  43. i wonder what the mccanns supportes feel like now,or are they too thick to see the revelence in this action the mccanns WOULD like to take.

  44. The mccanns are in for a BIG surprise

  45. http://www.justice.gov.uk/consultations/docs/defamation-consultation-paper.pdf

    Thought this seemed an appropriate link - an interesting read and they want comments on the Ministry of Justice website by December xx


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