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Metodo 3: The Spanish CIA?

The detective agency who has spied Barca football club managers has  a long history

Francisco Marco, head of the McCanns' detective agency Metodo 3

The detective agency Método 3, based in Barcelona, has appeared again on the news because of a scandal regarding an investigation to various vice-presidents of Barca Football Club. However this is not the only high profiled case in which this agency has intervened.

Metodo 3 was founded in Barcelona in 1985 by Marita Fernández Lado and her husband Francisco Marco. Currently, the general director is the son, Francisco Marco Fernandez, a criminal lawyer. Marita Fernandez figure as president.

On the occasion of the espionage case to various authorities of the Community of Madrid and Madrid PP leaders, Metodo 3 has been accused of spying the vice president of the Regional Community of Madrid, Ignacio Gonzalez, in a trip he made to Colombia. They were sanctioned for not fulfilling the obligation to register in their internal documentation the author of this request.

The accusations of the president of Madrid's Regional Comunnity to Metodo 3 of acting with the complicity of the Interior Minister, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, refers to the close relations between Marita Fernandez and Alejandro Pérez Rubalcaba, brother of the minister.

Metodo 3 also appeared in the investigation that was conducted to find the girl Madeleine McCann, who disappeared in southern Portugal, a case that reached a very high profile in the media. The agency was hired by the girl's parents, Kate and Gerry McCann.

Metodo 3 was also in Paris who found the economist and spy Francisco Paes, who supposedly had died. Paesa was who delivered to the then Interior Minister, Juan Alberto Belloch, the fugitive Luis Roldan, in exchange for keeping some of the money that he had stolen. Subsequently, he faked his own death in Thailand.

In Catalonia, the agency appeared in the prosecution investigation regarding reports of questionable utility for the Catalan government. A Metodo 3 agent gave a statement to the prosecution about his involvement in the preparation of a report commissioned by the Ministry of Agriculture. Allegedly, the Government paid 30,000 euros for this report.

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  1. Whatevr they are, criminal and incompetant link them with the McCanns, whose child was either abducted (checking not as regular as claimed) not abducted (checking regular as claimed!).


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