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Portuguese 19 year old affirms he's Innocent

Bruno Carvalho, a 19-year old Portuguese that was sentenced to five years in prison in the UK for rape, affirms his innocence and accuses the British authorities of having committed an injustice, for lack of evidences.

by Rita Jordão, London

A Portuguese young man was sentenced last week to five years in prison in the United Kingdom, for rape, he accused the British authorities of carrying out an injustice. Bruno Carvalho, 19, was accused by Samantha Gardener of having forced sexual relations while she was in a weakened state because of alcohol consumption. It all happened in one night out among friends, the lack of witnesses at the time of the incident led to the arrest of the youngster.

The case dates back to April this year, when Bruno - resident in Norwich, West of England - went out at night accompanied by two friends, Ricardo and Diogo. The three met with Samantha Gardener, an acquaintance of the three young men. Hours later, the alleged violation took place in a tent near a beach in Great Yarmouth, where Richard had sex with the young English woman before Bruno entered the tent. At that time, the young Portuguese man has allegedly sexually abused the English woman. But the Portuguese ensures that the act that was initiated by the British woman was stopped by him, because, as he stated in court, "Samantha was in a poor condition".

According to the indictment, Samantha was in an "extremely vulnerable" state due to alcohol consumption and that fact was exploited by the Portuguese.

According Bruno's family, DNA tests conducted on the morning after the meeting resulted negative. The court ruling based itself on the word of the accusation against the defense, "without being based on any evidences", said the father, Jorge Conceição.

First convicted

"At the trial there was no conclusive evidence presented against him. No bona fide witness, nor the two friends were called to give their statements in court", said Jorge Conceicao, claiming that Samantha lied on several occasions during the trial. "The judge held that the victim was traumatized and unable to leave her house. We have evidence that shows that she was in a bar where Bruno worked at the very night after the alleged violation."

Bruno Carvalho was the first convicted in the region as a result of the operation Gemini, which focuses on victims of sexual abuse and in a higher rate of convictions for perpetrators of sexual abuse - a plan to counter the low percentage of convictions in these cases.

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  1. Joana, you go to bed very late, don't you?
    Me too.
    By the way, my neighbour's name is Alland, that is why I wrote it wrong.

  2. Nothing excuses rape, if indeed this young man is guilty of that, but at least the young lady in question is still alive.

    There have been countless cases in this country, including paedophilia, dangerous driving (where death has occurred), burglary etc, where they have got less than five years.

    And of course the crime of leaving very young children alone while out enjoying the evening in a foreign country seems to be considered as acceptable by the authorities in this country, even though that child is still missing!

  3. On the face of it this is an injustice. Of course we are only hearing one side, but in the UK we seem to have just the one offence which covers everything from the vilest attack to what one might simply refer to as "bad sex" with indeterminate consent during a drunken encounter.

  4. We will see if Socrates will send him a top government spoke-person ( Mitchell version ) to help him deal with authorities....

  5. If we look carefully to both Maddie's and Bruno's case, we can find similarities between them. In both cases, the attention from what originally causes the situation (in the first the absent parents and the irresponsible drunk girl in the latter) is diverted into other issues that have nothing to do and are conveniently used to ... I'd like to know what! Is it because they think they're superior to others? The Governments (namely the Portuguese) should play a far more active role in protecting their citizens interests, at least where sense of fairness and justice are concerned. The number of examples where the english self-righteousness is clearly present is growing at a steady pace and continues to make me sick.

  6. I don't know if this man committed this act, but if I was a juror I could not say that he is guilty because there is a lack of evidence which leaves me with reasonable doubt. Therefore if I was a juror, I would have to say he is not guilty.
    Most cases are based on circumstantial evidence, but cases of this type often result in a successful prosecution when there is an abundance of circumstantial evidence all pointing in the same direction. I believe the McCann case falls into this category and it wouldn't surprise me if there exists concrete evidence which is being kept from the public.


  7. I know both of these Boys and neither of them are capable of doing this. They have both walked me home on numberous occasions because I live on my own and near the club where they worked, they were always worried about me walking home by myself. I have never felt threatened by them in anyway while sober of under the influence. They are both good natured young men and would never force themselves on anyone. I really hope the ruling can be overeturned and as for the girl invlolved maybe she should not get so drunk she cannot relate what is happening to her. It puts young and maybe unwise boys like these in a difficult positions as well as risking her own life.

  8. Women - of any age - who go out and become drunk are putting themselves in danger. Anything can happen. It's a minefield. Men are always going to be tempted,and that's putting it mildly. It's a sad fact of life.
    Drink helps to create a grey area where accusations can be made later without proper details or witnesses.A taxi home or a sober female friend or being collected by arrangment are the only ways to have a safe evening and drink as well.

  9. Norwich is in the far EAST of England,in the county of NORFOLK in a region called EAST ANGLIA....

  10. And now ... know who is lying and who is not ... should we believe the girl that says she was rape as sex was not consensual or we should believe the boy that says he did not force her to have sex ... should we not believe her because she was drunk or not believe him because he was with 2 guys and 1 of them even had sex with her and he knows there is no proves against him ...
    Like my mum always told ... if you don't know how to control yourself and drink alcohol ...consider if you should drink in first place ... the people who is the most guilty in everything is the parents who let the kids of absurd ages go to the pubs, get home every night drunk, wake up late and don't have responsabilities ... Instead of spend the night in the pubs getting pissed, if you want to be adults ... GET A JOB ... ohhh and try to dress decently, don't go to the tents have sex with every boy who show up and like that you have less chances of "getting rape" ... as if ... Now it's done ... if the boy is really innocent this was a way of learning well the lesson ... you bet he will not commit same mistakes and if a girl is drunk he will not aproach trying to be superhero and have sex with the friend's girl ... The girl is better keep her fanny inside of the trousers and stay in home instead of going to the pubs drink until forget what she done ... Grow up people and keep your kids in home instead of letting them do whatever they like ...

  11. I am digusted with this case. I used to work with brunos aunt. She was in tears for weeks! There is no way he could have done this from what i have heard about him! There needs to be some way of getting around this! Someone must be able to help. I am limited to what information i have about the case. If i had more iformation i would confront the courts about these rediculous allogations! I hope bruno gets out soon! All the best to him and his family!! x

  12. Karl contact me via the contact form available on this blog or to my email if you wish, joanamorais at gmail.com

    Se puder gostava de ajudar, pelo menos nem que seja a divulgar o caso aqui no blogue. Coragem.

  13. I did time with Bruno. Hes innocent of rape but hes done the bird so whats it matter.


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