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Press Conference: The Speciousness of Gerry McCann's Arguments

1. having the ring of truth or plausibility but actually fallacious: a specious argument.
2. having a false look of truth or genuineness
3. seeming to be good, sound, correct, logical, etc. without really being so; plausible but not genuine


  1. I wonder why they have not placed an injunction too on the 10 and the 30 reasons booklet ( Madeleine Foundation/ Tony Bennett)? Why was it different for Mr. Amaral and his book? Different courts, different countries, different justice systems, different outcome?...

  2. Yes, but unfortunatelly many still will believe him...

  3. "No evidence"

    one only has to read half a chapter of Amaral's book to realise there is plenty of evidence of the McCann's obstructing and misleading the investigation...

    now why would that be??????

  4. After all, it was not Amaral who came to this conclusion but the Portuguese police.
    It was a huge amoumt of investigations made by a bunch of detectives, Portuguese and British.
    Amaral only told what the police found out, a lot less and not more.
    Gerry is not looking well, his voice is different.
    What a hell of life.
    This is a positive propaganda for Amaral.

    People will be curious to find out more about this case, from the side of the Portuguese police.
    It is serious, to forbid a book.
    Specially when it is based on pure facts.
    British people are not stupid.
    And people in Portugal know the truth already.

  5. Why ban a book? Why not let the arguments speak for themselves? Why not take a lie detector test Gerald, Kate?

    What purpose to ban a book?

    Why not just burn it to guarantee we will all want to read it?

    Facist overtones? Adolf McCann?

    40+ questions remain unanswered.

    Why, if their child was abducted?

  6. What is surprising is that Mr Amaral's lawyer is surprised by the McCanns seeking an injunction now that the threat of publishing the book in the UK is breathing down their necks, and I hope that he is ready to go into court with his case well prepared to argue for the lifting of it.

    What McCann has not said is that this is only a TEMPORARY injunction.

    What the McCanns have also omitted to say is that the Portuguese enquiry concluded that Madeleine had died in the apartment, hence the reply from the Portuguese police when they were contacted by a journalist and asked why they were no longer investigating her disappearance.

    The reason, they said, was because 'she is dead'.

    So, Mr Amaral is not going out on a limb by stating that Madeleine died in the apartment.

    There is also the question of the interests of the public who should be informed of this, being as how they are asked to contribute money to find Madeleine. They should have the right to read the book and decide for themselves where the truth lies.

    May I also point out that even though the McCanns may have an injuction out against Mr Amaral they are living in cloud cuckoo land if they think there will not be numerous books written by many people along the same lines, and they are going to find themselves running around in small circles trying to stop them all.

  7. The reason the McCanns are not targetting Tony Bennett could be because neither he nor the Madeleine Foundation has enough money to make it worth their while and Dr Amaral does - they think.
    It's always about how much money they can grab. Who's bankrolling their legal fees I wonder?

  8. It is too late for Gerald and Kate.
    I wonder if children have commented this case with the twins already.
    Gerald is not looking well.

  9. I too wonder if the twins have been asking questions. Kids, even at that age, are awfully inquisitive and perceptive. Or maybe K&G only now realize they cannot hide the truth for them, maybe still a couple of years, but there will come a moment either one of them will ask what really happened to their sister and why neither mom not dad did come when they when they were crying, left all alone in the dark in a strange country.

    No wonder Gerry looks bad.

  10. Come on Goncalo!

    Fight back and win this case for Maddie's sake, your sake and the sake of your wife and children!

    Many people are right there with you, every step of the way.

  11. O fruto proibido é o mais apetecido.

  12. From the first time we saw the McCanns on our screens, Gerry McCann, torch in one hand, piece of paper with his notes on in the other, I don't recall either of them spontaneously expressing their thoughts, feelings and fears, especially when speaking about their own children. Why do they need prompts and practice?

    Why are they unable to speak from the heart, with love and sincerity?

    I think I may have just answered my own question.

  13. Not long ago we were told the Fund will be depleted by the end of the year. I suppose there are some people who will be moved to donate after viewing this video of a rather ill looking McCann referring to his "three" children.

  14. sadly, powerful lawyers are winning and McCann's are innocent until proven guilty.

    how can Gerry work has a life saver Doctor and in 'Media'...

  15. distress to Gerry and Kate?

    good parents are distressed after 2 minutes of losing their daughter

    over 2 years on, can any book (truth of the lie) make them feel worse and more distressed?

  16. I watch RTP international News ( JORNAL da TARDE) waiting for the HOT NEWS. Not a single word about the court decision. Not a single word or report about Gerry or the Pink Spin man press conference. That mean's... Mccann's did not achieve their goal. The most watched portuguese TV channel across the world gave ZERO importance to that news. Peraphs the editor is one of the journalists who dennounce pressure on rTP channel and did not agree with censure. Peraphs their is already breaks inside the portuguese justice, which they are trying to control because of the next elections.
    judges are under fire in Portuguese public opinion. They send home very serious murders after all the effort of the police to catch them. The Russian Girl Alexandra was sended to Russia by a judge wich was under fire after that. Esmeralda, was disputed between two familys for years with agreement of the court. Too much mistakes from courts and judges in a short time.
    Gerry don't blow your fire works. You, your wife, your friends and maybe your Spokesman must go to court, to answer all the questions, must do a properly recontruction of the night, before the cas was over.
    Amaral has now the right to ask the investigation to be re-openned to show the world that if the book was phorbited, then the Minister of Justice need to assume publicly, that what is in the PJ Files was not true and he agree with 2 years of spreading lies.

    Mccann's and the Portuguese justice trow a bal on their own feets.

  17. Anyone else notice that G.McCann is only ever wheeled out when it's good news for him?
    Gagging order, lifting of arguido status for example.

    When the situation needs to be described as hurtful, ludicrous or unhelpful, Clarence Mitchell steps to the fore and speaks for him.

    Meanwhile G.McCann stands behind Mitchell with the facial expression of a kicked puppy.

    I wonder perhaps if G.McCann cannot be trusted to control his rage. Another reason perhaps that free questions are not allowed from the press.

    None of us know how we would react if our child was missing. Some say that to assume an abduction is unlikely. But when mine went missing on holiday, she was with us at a Parent and Child Disco, my first thought was that paedophiles go on holiday too, I had horrible thoughts of her being taken to one of the apartments. (Moments later, she was was discovered playing Pool or Snooker with older kids.)

    What I do know however, is that I would go before any Press Conference, without notes , spokesman or Lawyer's advise and answer any question put to me.

    Because I'd be innocent, so why don't K.McCann and G.McCann do the same?

  18. "...finding Madeleine"."

    If Gerald tell us where she is, we will be glad to find her.


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