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Public Ministry Considers Leonor Cipriano's Appeal Unacceptable

The Public Minstry considered that the extraordinary appeal for a revision of the prison sentence that was applied to Leonor Cipriano, the mother of Joana, the child that disappeared from the village of Figueira, Portimão, five years ago, is not “acceptable”.

According to the Public Ministry’s document that Lusa Agency was able to access today, prosecutor José Franco Pinheiro sustained that to admit the sentence revision that was requested by Marcos Aragão Correia, Leonor Cipriano’s lawyer, “would be superficial, hasty and unwise” and stressed that there are no “credible elements”.

In the magistrate’s understanding, the confession from João Cipriano, Leonor Cipriano’s brother, as being the material author of the child’s homicide, the piece on which Aragão Correia’s appeal is founded, is not “enough (…) to raise doubt for a revision of the decision” to condemn the mother and the uncle of Joana, who disappeared on the 12th of September.

“If one would admit the possibility of a revision with such facts, what is certain is that the appended statements are not valid”, the prosecutor justified, underlining the impossibility to open “a new way for an appeal” in the case in which “any arguido who made no statement, now says that he wants to make one” or that he wants to “add new facts”.

The Public Ministry clarified that the 16-year prison sentences over the crimes of homicide and concealment of a cadaver, that were applied to Joana's mother and also to her uncle, João Cipriano, "did not rely on statements, namely on the confessional declarations, given to the process".

"In fact, the arguidos chose to remain silent at the Court trial, according to their legal right", the document emphasises, concluding that in the extraordinary appeal for a revision of Leonor Cipriano’s sentence, which will be considered by the Supreme Court of Justice, there was no "submission of new facts."

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  1. Bom...uma luz ao fundo do tunel..será que os Tribunais finalmente perceberam que Marcos Aragão Correia anda a "brincar" com a justiça e que não passa dum alucinado?

  2. Second good news today.....it is weird though because this is the same judge who wanted to prosecute 5 police officers for torture and all....
    But I am still glad this case will have what most normal people think and want to happen: Justice to Joana and the certitude the people who tortured her will be in jail for the rest of their life.
    Força Portugal!

  3. there was no "submission of new facts."

    I hope it will not be the same for reopening Maddie's case.

    Please Joana, what about Mccann's canadian babysitter in Rothley? Was she investigate by PJ? Why does'nt she say anything about Maddie's disappearance, or about Mccann's way of live with their children in Rothley?

  4. what's the situation about Dr Amaral's appeal in this awful case?

  5. Pouco a pouco separa-se o trigo do joio, e, eu confesso que esta notícia me meu um gozo imenso e uma enorme satisfação. A justiça é um assunto sério demais para ser encarado com leviandade. A última ideia que a justiça pode deixar transparecer é que crimes graves passem com impunidade ou que possam ser sujeitos a novo escrutínio sem elementos de reconhecida substância. No way, José!

  6. TCHIM! TCHIM! Brindemos Marcos Aragao ao principio do seu fim. Atendendo aos seus poderes paranormais, concerteza ja sabia a decisao do MP antes de este a anunciar publicamente. Portanto nao teve surpresas. Vai recorrer? Agora quem mais vai confessar o crime? Este crime, devia estar no Guinness pelo numero de confissoes que ja teve.
    Ja agora, tambem pos a decisao do MP no seu site sobre as meninas das estrelas? E o M. Pinto vira a publico denunciar cabalas e campanhas negras contra a Leonor?


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