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Sunday Express: Letters to the Editor

Public Opinion

End this fixation with Madeleine

WHY are newspapers still putting the Madeleine McCann case on the front page, more than two years after the incident ('The McCanns' stalker', August 16)? Meanwhile, stories of our young men being killed in Afghanistan and other areas are confined to inner pages.

By now the McCann story should be taking a back seat. It's understandable that people should wish to be kept informed about the search for Madeleine but far worse things are happening in the world, especially with our boys fighting abroad, and the media should be doing their utmost to act on behalf of our troops.

Tessie Percival,
Sandbach, Cheshire


THE McCanns were happy to use public interest, and money, to their advantage in the case of their missing daughter. It is inevitable that there will be members of the public who feel that the McCanns' own conduct was to blame. These people have every right to their opinion and I think the McCanns should focus on the search for their daughter rather than fight every pocket of criticism.

Debbie Butler's leaflet was in poor taste but the McCanns must accept that using us also gave us the right to judge.

Celine Ridley,
Belvedere, Kent

in Sunday Express, August 23rd 2009 [Paper Edition]

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  1. Im not sure why the leaflet is 'in bad taste'

    It simply raises awareness that the McCanns have questions to answer...very serious questions.

    There is no reason other than the McCanns and their friends claims for us to beleive that they were not responsible for her disappearance - and likely death. The authorities should act, a very serious crime, extended now into possible fraud, may have been comitted by the Doctors and their accomplices.

  2. its been said before, a Lie Detector test is needed. Jeremy KYLE show is quite popular in UK

  3. 'In bad taste':
    - Leaving your kids alone in an unlocked apartment.
    - Lying to the police about your checks on the children.
    - Not cooperating with the police by offering them all information about the missing child and her extended family.
    - Baselessly insulting and denigrating the police force that is searching for your daughter, in the British media.
    - Refusing to cooperate with the police, namely refusing to answer 48 questions.
    - Leaving the country, abandoning the investigation into your daughter's disappearance, because you're now the suspects.
    - Hiding behind expensive lawyers and spokespeople.
    - Allowing for the investigation into your daughter's disappearance to be shelved.
    - Producing and directing a documentary about your daughter's disappearance that is false and misleading.
    - Using your remaining children to promote your image.
    - Brainwashing your remaining children by artificially keeping your missing daughter alive in their minds.
    - Hiring a string of private detectives to sustain the campaign for abduction, by regularly producing false news.

  4. Those who live by the sword die by the sword. Methinks they doth protest too much when the self-sought publicity backfires on them.

  5. Let us not criticise or get too hung up what the letter writers have said or not said (and it is ‘poor taste’ not ‘bad taste’ – let’s try to be accurate when we are being accusatory of others). In my opinion that is secondary to the real importance of these letters.

    The real significance is that the editor of the Sunday Excess chose to publish these letters, letters that are not wholly supportive of the McCanns. Previously we would have expected letters of this type to have been spiked. Wouldn’t we normally count on a raft of letters damning Debbie et al? Is the real public opinion, the silent majority, now being heard?

    The Excess has a strange track record regarding the McCanns. Remember the McCanns accepted £550,000 from Express Newspapers last summer in the phony libel case over the ‘defamatory’ articles in the Daily Express, Daily Star and their Sunday titles. Then we get ‘The Stalker’ splash followed by the publication of these letters. I think the Excess is still a bit of a loose cannon as far as the McCanns are concerned and whlist ‘The Stalker’ must have been a story too difficult to resist publishing it does seem they are still capable having a little dig at the McCanns whenever they want.

    Mr B

  6. The next news I personally want to hear and read if that they are hand cuffed.
    What about doing their up most to have the case shelved and never ever have it re opened after 14 months of investigation? lets talk about bad taste......and hidding and liying and never answering any questions....yeah,very bad taste

  7. O caso Maddie continua nas primeiras paginas dos jornais porque qualquer jornalista que se preze sabe que foi mal arquivado e que, por isso, pode ser re-aberto a qualquer momento. Este comportamento dos jornais contradiz o conteudo das inumeras noticias PRO- MCCANN que muitos publicam: NO FUNDO, no fundo, os jornalistas enquanto pessoas, tem opinioes iguais a da maioria do publico, ou seja, ate hoje nao ha qualquer evidencia de que a crianca tenha sido raptada e ha factos que calam a voz das consciencias. Alguem morreu no apartamento arrendado pelos pais e um cadaver foi transportado no carro alugado, assim concluiram os caes e os seus treinadores e por isso foram feitos exames forenses. O resto pode todo ser manipulavel e adaptado ao que mais convem, mas a racionalidade dos caes e incorruptivel e ninguem convenceu o publico, ate hoje, da infiabilidade destes caes.
    Assim e logico e compreensivel que o caso permaneca nas primeiras paginas. Vivem a espera do dia em que o corpo sera descoberto ou em que uma peca do puzzle vacile e confesse a verdade.
    O que nao e aceitavel e o aproveitamento que os Mccann fazem do caso, usando o drama da fillha para se auto- promoverem, influenciarem a investigacao e apelarem a ajudas financeiras que se nao forem fraudulentas, sao no minimo desonestas.


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