1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

1st lesson: How to speak Portuguese - McCannish

Portuguese lessons for the McCann-impaired

Portuguese for foreigners. Cheesy new language course for all who want to learn Portuguese!

Sardine SHUSHHHi - Portugal Munches Back

«Portugal's reply to gagging from Dr. McCann, following his claim that people are not coming forward with information if they believe Madeleine is dead.

People do have information for Dr. McCann, but he seems choosy about the info they're looking for.

Only dodgy witnesses and swarthy suspects deserve your attention, it seems...

Had people any information about Madeleine's faith or whereabouts, which contradicted the public investigation files info that she is dead, why wouldn't they come forward?

People can make their own minds, using some common sense and informing themselves on reliable sources - and nothing you do or say can change that. Especially since you do not have any EVIDENCE that Madeleine was abducted, your missus never answered 40 + Police questions, and you and your Tapas friends never came back to do a reconstruction with the Police.

If you don't like what the People of Portugal has to say, sue the country.

RE-Open the Investigation Petition. Have you signed?

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  1. Hey, that's what we want to see more of. Roll on the McCanns judgement day - it WILL come eventually!

    Keep up the good work.


  2. The McCanns pleaded for people to help find Maddy so that's exactly what the Portuguese people did while they swanned off around Europe and America.

    They asked for money, so people gave them money.

    Two years later we are still here reading through the files and not now believing the McCanns version of what happened that night.

    So they sue us.

    Why should anyone continue to help them?

  3. Excellent!

    Time to think,mr & mrs mccann! if you have difficulties with portuguese,learn the canine language woof woof....

    There is no other way: the case must be re-opened.
    As long as the mccanns refuse, people will THINK SPEAK and WRITE BOOKS and use all possible means of communication to show their disagreement hasta que se sepa la verdad

  4. Why did they not agree to the twins being checked out for signs of sedation - until five months after the fact?

    Why did they always claim Arguido status prevented them giving a full account of their actions but then still failed to do so after that status was lifted?

    Why are they claiming that the Portugese inquiries contradict Amaral's belief that Madeleine is dead when they know that is not true?

    Why did they never conduct a proper search in the direction indicated by Jane Tanner's "sighting"?

    Why did they not take part in reconstruction and encourage publicly their friends to do the same?

    Why have they not asked for the investigation to be re-opened or demanded that the UK Police launch a full investigation?

    The list of questions goes on and on and on...

  5. Joanna - You said it all and never a truer word! It seems they want everyone in the world to look for Maddie, but have never looked themselves. Kate couldn't even be bothered to go to Praia de Luz when in Portugal last week - what sort of mother is she, or maybe it brings back some bad memories of what really happened to Madeleine!

  6. absolutely brilliant films...

    congrats - off to sign the petition right now

    any more news on Goncalo's new book? Isn't it coming out tomorrow???

  7. anonym at 02/10/09 09:03

    Tomorrow is Mr.Gonçalo Amaral birthday party, today is his 50st birthday.

  8. I absolutely agree that if anyone had information that pointed to Madeleine being alive, then they would come forward - ESPECIALLY if they read Mr Amarals book which indicates that she is dead. They'd think, 'No, hang on a minute, that can't be right because......' and they'd be falling over themselves to prove him wrong.

    So surely Mr Amarals book, far from stopping people from imparting information, would be MORE likely to bring information in. It makes sense, doesn't it?

    On the other hand, the same people who might have information but haven't read the book, may simply assume that what they know isn't important, or that the police already know about it.

    Simply put, for information to come IN, information must go OUT. Even if some of the information is uncomfortable for the McCanns, Surely if it helps to find out what happened to their daughter, it's worth it?


  9. I was reading an article in this week’s Private Eye magazine under their Legal News section. This concerns English law and the recent development of “Super injunctions”.

    Super injunctions are apparently the forte of Carter Ruck and can effectively gag the media in Britain.

    This weeks Private Eye is commenting on the law and the freedom of the press to publish against a backdrop of censuring and clamping down on the freedom of expression.

    There is a new breed of super-injunction which is far more oppressive than the traditional court order under which a newspaper of TV channel is prevented from publishing a particular allegation.

    This usually includes an order that “the publication of all information relating to these proceedings or of information describing them or the intended claim is expressly prohibited.”

    In other words, the media cannot report that an order has been granted in court, or who applied for it. Even the identities of the judge remain a secret, and anyone who even hints at any of this “may be held to be in contempt of court and may be imprisoned, fined or have their assets seized”.

    I think this could be the reason why the British media fail to report anything critical about the case we are interested in – super injunctions.

  10. A very happy and prosperous birthday to Mr. Amaral

    here's hoping this year you are fully vindicated and able to resolve the case...

    a true beacon of hope in a murky world

    thank you

  11. Hmmmmmmm! Time to make some new discoveries.


  12. What about the Daily Mail and the Reward money...never a mention from the Mccanns about this. In the newspaper there is a large photo of Madeleine age 3 Years , underneath it says Reward 2.5 million(not sure if this is Euro or Pounds) for information leading to the whereabouts of Madeleine. Anyone find it odd that the Mccanns never mention this large amount of money.

  13. http://thecouncilchamber.blogspot.com/2009/09/mccanns-silence-book.html

    We have a new Blog Space on board who are willing to print the truth. Please go over and leave a comment.

  14. Happy birthday Dr. Amaral. All the best to you and you and your family.

  15. Happy Birthday to Mr Amaral, I hope you have a wonderful day. A big birthday kiss from me X

    You are my hero :o)


  16. Wizard, thankyou for that news.

    It seems we are indeed living in a Police State. Does Private Eye have any suggestions on how to fight back?

  17. There is no translation required for:

    Woof,woof woof

    It's the same in any language.

    Dogs don't lie. I wonder whose cadaver odour was found in Apartment 5a?

  18. Does anyone knows in what area David Payne and Russel O brien are specialised? (of their proffesion)

  19. Of the reward money IRONSIDE said ...
    "Anyone find it odd that the Mccanns never mention this large amount of money."

    What must the newspaper be thinking? Wonder why they aren't pushing it?


  20. Its certainly interesting that Carter Ruck, a bunch of lawyers, now figure so strongly amongst the elements of government - the separation of powers doctrine seems to be crumbling.

    Its all about money - greed.

    As I beleive Gerald said from the early days, Madeleines eye is a good marketting ploy!

  21. Loved the video clips!!!
    Please pass on my birthday wishes to Sr Amaral. On another note any news on your being gagged situation, i am sure your site will be firmly in the crosshairs of the McTwats and co. How the hell they think they have the right to silence a Portuguese website is beyond me, but then they have temporarily silenced Sr Amaral, next i suspect Gerry will be trying to push God off his throne, what a total tosser. Best wishes to you all, fed up Brit - Jan

  22. Someone needs to employ a clever lawyer - I cant beleive Carter Ruck have all the clever lawyers working for them!

    It does seem as if the McCann's success at closing down anyone who says anything they dont like is based on very weak arguments.

    It will be fascinating to see how the legal bully boys deal with the Madeleine Foundation.

    The problem the McCanns have is that no one likes a bully - and they are clearly a pair of bullies (certainly seems to have leaked into their child care arrangements).

  23. by gum there grand dogs.and the best bit about them is that they dont lie, UNLIKE YOU GERRY MCCANN.
    also my
    best wishes to mr amaral on his birthday.

  24. Cara Joana,

    Wow... how can I to express my gratitude, to you, for posting my vids and advertising my blog-ranting (blush)...
    And thank you to everybody who watched my militant videos, for their support... thank you all, also, for the boost in signatures to the Petition, not to mention, to my ego! ;D
    Parabéns e Feliz Aniversário Sr. Gonçalo Amaral!
    Rico (htlusitano)

  25. Anonymous 02/10/09 14:23

    'Does anyone knows in what area David Payne and Russel O brien are specialised? (of their proffesion)'


    Hi there,

    I believe it's kid-ology!

    I read somewhere that the tapas group are all specialists in this field. Can't remember where I read it though....ooops it was the police files!



  26. Mr Amaral Sir, have a lovely birthday - many happy returns and best wishes to you and your family.

    Big hugs from UK.

  27. Wizard -

    Your post explains just why the media is extremely reticent to print anything negative about the McCanns and their pals. Super injunctions indeed!

    I just read the Article on McCann Files. I thought that only countries like Russia etc had secret police; just shows how wrong you can be!

    I just signed for the case to be reopened. Justice for Madeleine!

    Loved the videos Joana - wonderful music!

  28. Excelentissimo Dr. Gonçalo Amaral,

    A comarca do Leblon no Rio de Janeiro e todos os que a ela pertencem(desde os faxineiros aos procuradores) querem lhe parabenizar por mais um ano de vida desejando-lhe saúde, felicidade e forças para enfrentar as injustiças cometidas contra o senhor pela sua luta a favor da Justica por Madeleine Maccann.
    Que Deus guie seus passos.

  29. http://madeleinefoundation.org/main/2009/10/is-free-speech-dead/

    Madeleine Foundation has been killed off by Team McCann.

    UK is no longer the home of free speech.

    Joana, I fear for your site now. All the best.

  30. Happy Birthday Dr Amaral.

    I hope by the time of your next birthday you will have been thoroughly vindicated, and the information in your book about the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine spread worldwide.

    Plus, those responsible for what happened to Madeleine will have been brought to account by then.

    How those in the know as to the actual circumstances of what happened to that tiny girl can live with themselves is beyond belief.

    They should confess what happened, even if only to give the child a decent burial, if that is still possible.

    Not some hidden hole in the corner affair.

    Madeleine deserves better than that.

  31. Remember this, the McCanns actually claim they checked Madeleine at 9:10 PM and at 10 PM,two checks...

    The friends claim they also checked, but only listening at the door.

    Is this sufficient in law one wonders?

  32. super injuction??? could be why when I asked the NSPCC on their views early on in the case, I was told they were not allowed to comment. The staff taking calls said that the boss has said anything to do with the Mccanns was off bounds. I said, ignoring the Mccanns, is it acceptable to have little tots wearing t-shirts that the Mccanns sell on the website, that have a child apparantly snatched from her bed as I thought this could do serious psychological damage. The Nspcc said once again he could not formally comment, but off the record he thought it could lead to all sorts of problems.

  33. Happy Birthday to Mr Amaral
    carpe diem!
    This little girl will find peace soon

    I have just signed the on line pettition for the case to be re opend

  34. It is absolutely appauling what is happening to the Madeleine Foundation Website. Let's just hope that we can reach 5000 signatures as soon as ever possible on the petition to re-open the investigation, before the McCanns close that down too!!!!

  35. Does any of you know more about that drugs clinic in Scotland, what kind of people are being or have been treated there,and could some of those clients have given money to the fund?

  36. * Home
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    Is Free Speech Dead?
    By admin • Oct 2nd, 2009 • Category: Headline

    I just spoke to Tony Bennett and Debbie Butler on the phone after they had left a 4 hour session with lawyers.

    The outcome was that Tony wrote this note to Carter Ruck:

    We confirm Tony Bennett’s telephone call at 3:14pm to Julia that we both accede to the demands set out by your client, the McCanns in your letters to us of the 27th August 2009.

    Signed: Tony Bennett and Debbie Butler

  37. Anything is sufficient in Law if you are a Maccann. The Maccanns are above the law Did you not know that.

  38. Over the past two and a half years I have learnt to speak a little Mccannish and to me this says

    "Please please don`t tell the public the truth as it will hinder the generation of cash into our fraudulent fund".

  39. I read somewhere that the ownors of that expensive drugs clinic in Scotland are called McCann and they are Gerry's relatives.

    Could Gerry's power come from that clinic?

    Who were or are the clients?

  40. Will this be the next target via portugese lawyers?. To go to these extremes speaks volumes in itself.

  41. Tony and Debbie have officially been silenced by the McCanns!

    A very sad day for freedom of speech!

  42. Perhaps the dogs should have gone woosh woosh instead of woof woof. Kate loves things that go woosh.

  43. I read an interesting article that stated that Eddie and Keela(dogs dont lie) are so highly regarded in their line of work that they receive more salary than a Chief Constable. I am not usually a person who succumbs to sarcasm but cant help wondering if the McCann Team are planning to sue these dogs for allegedly finding cavader scent in the Portugese apartment they stayed at and also in a hire car used by them. Be careful you two, the MaCanns bite seems to be a lot worse than their bark.

    Once again as a member of the British Public who believes that

  44. When I first heard of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, it wasn't an unforgettable moment; I can't remember where I was, what day it was, or what I was doing. But I can remember as if it was yesterday what I felt and what I thought. I felt horror at what possible fate had befallen the child, and I thought ''where the hell were her parents ?''
    Well, the whole world now knows where they were. They were 100 metres away, filling their stomachs with free wine.

    I'll say one thing for the McCann's team - they sure know how to spin.
    They took a couple who were so narcissistic that they actually thought the world would give the tiniest fart how quickly they could run up a hill, and made the world feel sorry for them. People who thought that a jolly peek into life Chez McCann, complete with amusing anecdotes about their remaining childrens' dining preferences, was a suitable medium for communicating the fear and devastation they were feeling. It read like a Christmas round robin letter, and it made my blood run cold.
    That's how I think of this case - a series of landmark moments when my disgust in them, and hatred of their casual snugness grew.
    Kate's reaction when it was pointed out that having one's friends clamber all over the 'crime scene' might not have been the brightest idea. ''How dare they!!'', she railed, furious at the suggestion that their actions endangered the attempts to locate their child. Gerry's pompous, self-serving blog, where he makes it clear that they have put the PJ in their place for daring to suggest that they are in any way culpable for the loss of a child they treated with such cavalier, casual neglect, that they couldn't even see it was neglect when it was pointed out to them.
    Every single time they have sound-bitten their way through an interview. It got to the stage where I honestly thought that if I heard the words ''Of course we regret we were not with Madeleine at the moment she was taken'' or ''there is no evidence that Madeleine has come to any serious harm'', once more, that I might actually vomit. Of course, what they mean is ''we're not admitting liability,sunshine'' and ''don't think you can get us on the abandonment angle either''
    Gerry's flipchart, and his grandiose plans for pop concerts 6 months in the future. A wider agenda indeed, Gerry. Their bleating indignation at having to make do with the smaller private plane - I wanted to rip his head off when I read that one - and their preening, posturing and name dropping as they made the way around assorted Prime ministers, Presidents and Pontiffs. It was bad enough that they had lost a child because of their own actions. Did they really have to look as if they were enjoying it so much ?
    And now they want to silence everyone who declined an offer of a ride on the Team McCann tour bus

    Well - let me sum up how I feel,Gerry and Kate McCann, because I don't think it will differ from how many people feel.

    I don't know what happened to Madeleine that night. Neither do you. The difference is that you are supposed to. You were supposed to be with your children. Children aren't just a joy and a pleasure - they are a responsibility. Parents who are too selfish to put their children before a few cheap bottles of plonk are not fit to be parents. You may have pulled an enormous woollen blanket over the eyes of many people around the world, but you don't fool me. Some of us see you people for what you are. You might be able to control what people say, to silence those who would seek to expose you, paid for with someone else's money, but you know what ? You can't control how people think, and you never will.

    And think about this too, when you're counting out the riches from your latest libel action. An action won in such circumstances may well turn out to be a pyrrhic victory. People don't like being told to shut up when they have something to say.

    She'll be found one day, you know ? People rarely vanish for ever. Some trace of them remains. Somewhere. Then we'll see.

  45. "I don't know what happened to Madeleine that night. Neither do you."

    This is the only part I don't agree. (the second sentence)

    I think mccanns and the tapas 7 know very well what happened to Madeleine.

  46. Madeleine Silenced

    It would be hard to imagine that there could be a day more frightening for Madeleine Beth McCann than the 3rd May 2007.

    If this child is alive, as Kate and Gerry McCann believe, it is a certainty that each and every day of the 882, which she has been missing, has been more harrowing and horrifying than the previous.

    Whilst her parents hire the “best” in the legal world in libel lawyers, criminal lawyers, to defend and protect themselves, hire PR companies so that they can be seen in their “best light” their missing daughter Madeleine has been afforded what can only be described as the dregs of DODGY private detective agencies to search for her.

    Some say that the McCann’s have been ill-advised in their choice of detective agencies – what a naive thought!

    Some say that Kate and Gerry could not have made this mistake, the responsibility lies with others.

    Ironically they mucked up 5 times over, in their choice of detectives, just as they neglected their children, leaving them alone 5 times over.

    None of which we are to believe was their responsibility.

    As is the case with missing Madeleine, do they wish they were, ‘there at that moment’ when the detective agencies were chosen?

    Dave Edgar the latest excuse in private dicks has sentenced Madeleine to a possible ten years in a lair in a wilderness in Portugal. A lair he tells us, most likely not able to be reached! You have to ask, how did the abductor reach this lair? How does, he/she/they get provisions to the lair where Edgar tells us Madeleine is languishing? But never fear, Edgar tells us also, that he may, in 10 years, still be ‘sitting here.’ Drawing a paycheck?

    I believe, each day the McCann’s silence someone who does not ‘jolly along’ with their abduction theory, they:

    Take, from Madeleine, her small voice.

    Hinder her chances of being found.

    They silence Madeleine!


  47. The following are the words of Kate and Gerry McCann:

    ‘It is IMPORTANT to REMEMBER that the person who took Madeleine remains FREE.
    OTHER children could be AT RISK from this person TOO if we do not continue with our investigation, or if the PEOPLE who KNOW or SUSPECT something remain SILENT.
    There is NO law enforcement agency actively looking for Madeleine or the PERSON who took her. As such, MADELEINE and possibly OTHER CHILDREN are DEPENDENT on GOOD and MORAL ‘everyday’ people to help them.
    WE kindly ask you to SHARE this RESPONSIBILITY with us.

    Why do we continue?

    -There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to suggest that Madeleine has been HARMED.

    -Madeleine is STILL MISSING and SOMEONE needs to be looking for her.
    -She is VERY young and VULNERABLE and NEEDS OUR HELP.
    -We love her dearly and miss her beyond words.’



    Of course it is important to remember that THOSE who HARMED Madeleine remain free.

    If she is with paedophiles, as they, McCann’s believe, then she has been HARMED.

    Simply by taking her from the apartment, from her family, the child was HARMED.

    Or, if she has been harmed by those closer to home, it is IMPORTANT to remember that they remain FREE.

    It is important to remember that ALL responsible for harming this child, be it through neglect, and or other, remain FREE.


    If other children are in the hands of these paedophiles it is not a question of, ‘COULD BE AT RISK.’

    Are they sharing the Fund so as to help other missing children and their parents?

    How very TRUE!

    Those who KNOW something are staying schtumm.

    Those who SUSPECT something, WON’T remain silent, or be silenced!


    And why might that be? As if we don’t already know.


    So Madeleine and POSSIBLY other children depend on good and everyday people with morals to help her, AND them?

    When good and moral everyday people speak out for this child they are silenced.

    Good moral and everyday type people are fed the spin from the McCann’s, fed stories, which, do not add up, not a jot.

    Good moral and everyday type people gave money to the Fund to aid the search for this child.

    Good, moral everyday type people physically searched for this child.

    Good moral everyday type police officers searched for this child.

    Good moral everyday type people if they have information will not remain silent – it is those with something to hide who are the MOST quiet, whose silence harms Madeleine and POSSIBLY other children, these people will SILENCE others if they are threatened.

    Good mothers, good fathers, children, searched for this child.

    Her own parents did not. What does that tell us?

    6. ‘WE kindly ask you to SHARE this RESPONSIBILITY with us.’

    There is no answer to that which would be allowed in print!

    The McCann’s ask:

    ‘Why do we continue?

    -There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to suggest that Madeleine has been HARMED.

    -Madeleine is STILL MISSING and SOMEONE needs to be looking for her.
    -She is VERY young and VULNERABLE and NEEDS OUR HELP.
    -We love her dearly and miss her beyond words.’

    ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING, points to the child having been harmed.

    Of course someone needs to be looking for her. An official police authority might just be the answer to that one!

    And, yes Madeleine is very young and vulnerable and needs help, just as she was VERY YOUNG AND VULNERABLE on the 5 nights she was left alone in an unlocked apartment to look after her two year old twin brother and sister.

    Just as she needed and asked for help on the morning of 3rd May 2007, her pleas having fallen on the deaf ears of her good and moral parents, dismissed as having meant nothing, dismissed also by their good and moral spokesperson Clarence Mitchell in one of his many sickening attempts at portraying Kate and Gerry McCann as the epitome of good parents.

    The McCann’s hear only that which they want to hear.

    Madeleine wasn’t heard then, and she is not being heard now!

    Kate and Gerry McCann should have no fear, their words:

    ‘It is IMPORTANT to REMEMBER that the PERSON who TOOK Madeleine REMAINS FREE.’

    will NEVER be forgotten by good, moral everyday people.


  49. I formed my own opinion about K & G the first time I saw them on television and heard their version of events of the evening of 3 May. I did not believe them then and I don't believe them now. They are taking us all for complete idiots.



  50. Where do I go to sign the petition to get the case opened please

  51. Where do I go to sign the petition to get the case opened please


    Sign in at Care2 Petition site. It is in the centre column of this page.

    Kind regards

  52. I am fuming every time i see these lying b------S on the T.V.I have recently taken an interest in the case and am reading and watching all i can get my hands on.You know they are lying because their lips are moving!!.Gerry McF---ingCann you are evil beyond words.Your wife is as convincing as OJ Simpson when she lies.You F----rs tried to frame a decent, innocent man(Murat),Ruined a mans career(Ameral) and destroyed a whole industry in PDL.These actions in themselves are unforgivable.But the main crime here is the death of your daughter!! How could you be so callous?.When the truth is out i hope you get locked up for along time.I would not let you look after my dog never mind my childern. Justice for Madeleine!! Freedom of speech for Ameral!!!

  53. and another thing,why have they been allowed to keep the other children with them?.If it was a working class mother and father from a council estate in a poor part of the country they would have the children taken away quick time!! They need to be caught out soon and the more lies they tell the more they look guilty.Soon the whole world will know.

  54. There is nothing i have read anywhere that suggests the poor child is alive.So now is the time to reopen the case and question G&K as to where they hid the body.Plain and simple!!!!

  55. Any way whats the latest news from PDL?. And whats the general feeling in Portugal are the majority Pro or Anti Mccann?

  56. Raymondo, no news from PDL.Maybe when the mccanns do their so "private visit" to PDL...The portuguese don't believe Madeleine was abducted, the general feeling is that the girl was already dead when we all heard about her for the first time and that,for some reason,the parents (with the help of their friends) concealed her body, staged the abudction and escaped justice because of political interference.The portuguese think that it is outrageous what the mccanns are doing to Sr Amaral and we cannot forgive the couple for the lies they have being feeding the british media about our police and about the Algarve being a paradise for paedophiles who go inside people's houses and rape their children.Any portuguese citizen who had treated his/her children the way the mccanns treated theirs would be alredy in jail and we never understood why the portuguese authorities let the mccanns leave the country with no negligence charges brought against them...


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