1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

American book about Maddie's disappearance defends Gonçalo Amaral's theory

The theory that Madeleine McCann was not abducted will again be printed on the pages of a book, this time authored by Brian Johnson. Written in English, “Faked Abduction” defends that the abduction theory was built to conceal what the book alleges to be the truth about what happened to Madeleine. The publishing is programmed for the internet and for the North American market before Christmas and is a response to the prohibition of Gonçalo Amaral’s book, “Madeleine, The Truth About The Lie”

by Rita Jordão

In a statement to SIC, one of the persons responsible for the book’s publication and the author of the truthformadeleine.com website stated that he had been in negotiations with the former PJ inspector to publish the book on North American soil. “The negotiations were cancelled after the Portuguese judge’s decision, so we decided to write a book in English, which is factual and non speculative”, defended the person known as Stevo.

According to the same source, the title “Faked Abduction is the conclusion of deep investigative work. The document also includes countless excerpts from the files of the investigation that was carried out by the PJ, and is already being translated into German for possible international publication.

According to the author, the book “illustrates the various witnesses’ inconsistencies, the constant changes in the versions and the lack of cooperation from the McCanns and their friends, known as the Tapas 7, with the police”. “The McCanns have tried to prevent people from publishing the truth about the case (…) after reading the book, you decide for yourselves if this was a Faked Abduction or not”, says Brian Johnson in the text that introduces “Faked Abduction”.

Kate and Gerry McCann’s spokesperson stated that he had no knowledge about the book, yet asserted that any attempt to defame will face justice.

source: SIC, 29.10.2009


  1. This book seems full of interrogative and conditional forms, strictly based on the files, not speculating and careful not to jump to any conclusion. Good for the author and bad for the obsessive abduction idea defenders !

  2. Oh yes Oh yes at last
    The McCann’s cannot gag the whole world
    The truth will emerge and expose the McCann’s for what the are, but will Portugal provide justice for Madeleine I think not

    Letter from Iberia

  3. Well done Stevo!

    Tweet tweet!

  4. Excellent. I hope it will be available on Amazon in time for Xmas.
    Also, anybody knows when Goncalo Amaral's next book is due to be available?
    (I have quite a few Xmas presents to buy ;-)))

  5. The month October is delivering more miracles than Lourdes and Fatima together.LOL

  6. An other injunction in the horizon?
    Why are these people like wild dogs after whoever WANTS to know the truth of Madeleine"s disappearance?
    The only reason is that this truth must hide something very sordid....

  7. I dont see how the McCanns will have any right to prevent this book being published.

    If it uses the police files and is not written by anyone involved in the judicial process, what is the basis for the McCanns to have it banned?

    I think this is their final undoing - the facts speak for themselves. Their stories ARE inconsistant, ther eis no evidence of abduction - the fraud of their fund is exposed.

    Bye bye McCanns!

  8. Please tell me how I can buy a copy of this book as soon as possible. I will definately buy more than one copy and use my spare copy to lend out to my friends and I would encourage everyone to do the same. We have a local book club and I will certainly lend it to them.

  9. Thats great news about the new book,every little helps to get to the truth of what happened Madeline.
    If Madelines passing was a tragic accident then of course at the time the whole world would have had the greatest of sympathy with her parents, but then the lies were set in motion and all the tapas gang to cover each others backs created their own scenario thus in the eyes of the world humiliating the portugese police, Mr Amaral,
    the good name of all the inhabitants and village of PdL.
    Most countries have police representitive bodies to speak up for their members has the pj not?
    All of us who post comments on this site should contact any investigative journalists in there local or national newspapers they know of and ask them to do an update on the case and also introduce them to this site as I myself only came across it recently after i heard on the news of MR Amarals book been banned.

    The reason the tapas gang didnt return to Pdl for the reconstruction was because they knew their testemonies couldnt possibly stack up and its a terrible pity that they couldnt have been ordered back instead of leaving it up to themselves to decide.
    Jane Tanner said to stuart prior at the time "its so sad to have to consider many peripheral issues rather than just doing everything we can to help find Madeline".(but were still not doing any reconstruction)
    None of the so called peripheral issues would be there if Honesty had prevailed for the sake of MADELINE and MADELINE only.

  10. One of the main goals of the McCanns has always been to prevent any facts on the case from being published in English. It will be interesting to see what steps they will take to destroy this man.

    Why people in Britain don't question what Mr. Mitchell says is beyond me. Why would a couple who has lost their child seek an audience with the prime minister to present their case? Why didn't they present their case to the police?

    I understand there is a new scandal in Portugal "operação Face Oculta." The suspects are wealthy, well connected business men. So what will be the outcome of all this? Nothing.


  11. Some media are saying that the next president of the European Union will be the prime minister of the Netherlands, Mr. Balkenende, if I write this correctly.
    His rival seems to be Brown.
    50/50 chance for each.

    Let us pray it will not be Brown.

  12. I can't wait. When this become available, everything changes in McCannland.

    Bravo, Stevo!

  13. if the book is published in the US it will probably be outside the jurisdiction of the English courts, so Carter-Ruck might have a job on

  14. I think you mean Blair not Brown anon. Either way it will have no impact on this case

  15. And surely you mean BLiar!

    Mr B

  16. "Kate and Gerry McCann’s spokesperson stated that he had no knowledge about the book, yet asserted that any attempt to defame will face justice."
    Yep, that sounds about right doesn't it? Pity they don't work as hard at justice for their daughter.

    Well done Stevo!

  17. Potugal is outside the jurisdiction of the English courst too. All Carter-Ruck have to do is to use a local solicitor as a front.

    Having said that I am sure Stevo says that US law will not allow a similar injunction and libel in the US. Let us wait and see.

    Mr B

  18. The McCanns won't apply for an injunction to stop the book. They'll wait for it to become a bestseller and then move in. Their money-making tactics are as transparent as their lies!

  19. Dunno Shubob doubt if they will want English, American and Irish people to be able to read it!

  20. It will be interesting how the McCanns and their entourage react to this book when it is published or posted on the net? What can they say if it is all factual and was in the process etc, other then try to say that the book is speculation and seek an injunction? If it was Portugal they will probably have no bother getting an injunction as free speech clearly does not exist fully there, if the gagging of Amaral and freezing of his assets is anything to go by. I am very surpised no other facts have come to life since May 2007 from the Tapas 7/9. They surely are a very tight loyal group of people. It all still smacks to this day of something political and control is still being exerted IMO to head off any leaks or potential damage. One would think that they were major big league politicians where evything is controlled.

  21. No what? Are they going to sue this american? Oh yeah? You wish. If you want to look well, look a responsible parent act like one and make sure that you mean it instead of leaving the 3 children in creche everyday and all alone every night. You should be in prison if portuguese police would be more effective and less polite. Anyway wherever you go you must think that even those who look very supportive may have second thoughts about what really has happened that afternoon after the creche. And you know they're right to be so.
    American is a good soil to raise the truth that part of Europe doesn't want to hear.

  22. cannot wait to buy this book sounds really good the truth the whole truth for little Maddy bless her little soul xx

  23. I spoke to Rita Jordao on Tuesday and told her that as soon as more information is ready for public dissemination (chapter titles/excerpts etc.) it will be released on the website and interviews will be planned with the media. I stressed that this is all about factual information rather than opinion.

    While it has been relatively easy to put 90% of the book together, it has been quite difficult dealing with the last 10%. There are many issues to consider and they are requiring 3rd parties to respond and this is taking up time.

    Many thanks for all the support thus far. The first English book to question the events of May 3rd 2007 will hopefully reignite the necessary interest in the case.

    Slightly changing the subject but it is also interesting that the photo on the top of this page is the one that was used by the McCanns and Carter Ruck in trying to have the Madeleine Foundation website shut down about 6 weeks ago. It has come to light that the image is actually owned by Getty Images and is freely available to license for editorial use at a cost of about $100 for 3 months or $280 for a year. This proves that the McCanns had no right to try to shut down any website for the use of the image that they must have sold or licensed to Getty Images.

    The $64,000 question is "how much did the McCanns sell that image for?"

  24. The McCann's think they can shut everyone up that doesn't agree with them...

    it only makes us "nutters" more determined

    those of you interested in Blair being King of Europe should read this:

  25. The McCanns can't silence everybody who doesn't believe in the abduction theory. They're making a bad mistake if they think they can, they're also making a bad mistake if they keep trying to make themselves rich by suing anyone who doesn't agree with them. Have they never considered how their naked greed makes them look to ordinary members of the public? Here is a couple who say their daughter was abducted yet instead of putting every single bit of their time and money into looking for her they're busy chasing people to censor and claim money from. Of course they'll say the money will go into the Madeleine Fund, but since that fund seems to spend a lot of money on lawyers and other advisors and expenses, and since both Kate and Gerry McCann became directors of the Fund last year, there's no longer any guarantee of what the money will actually be spent on, is there?

    I'm glad this new book is focusing on the case files and official investigation. It will undoubtedly open many English-speaking people's eyes to a lot of things they weren't already aware of. This was bound to happen sooner or later, as the contents of the case files can't be hidden away for ever. This case needs transparency, not the secrecy that has done so much up to now to prevent ordinary people learning the true facts of the case, instead of the silly fiction they've been fed through the press and tv.

  26. Even if they tried the same thing in the US they would not win.

    No US court would cave in like the Portuguese have. They know the author is putting down the FACTS of the case with all the discrepancies of statements, reluctance of witnesses to help in the reconstruction, etc.

    The people who read this book will judge for themselves what the McCanns are about.

    The tide is turning for the McCanns, and Clarence Mitchell (he who lies through every tooth in his mouth, according to the PJ, and they should know), will be exposed, along with all the inconsistencies of the so called abduction of Madeleine.

    Well done.

  27. Thanks for the info, Stevo. Good luck with your project.

    I'm interested in the Getty images business. So the McCanns may have gone ahead as they suggested a year ago and started CHARGING for images of Maddie? Incredible if true but not surprising!

  28. There's a holier than thou attitude about Stevo's book being articulated in some quarters which says that anyone who makes money from the disappearance of Madeleine McCann should be treated like a pariah.

    This is of course a pure Mitchellism repeated ad nauseum by McCann at every staged press conference where the subject is "allowed to be brought up".

    But isn't it a bit steep coming from the parents of a child, who within two weeks of her disappearance under mysterious circumstances formed a limited company and turned her into a trademark and then went on to misappropriate donations from a compassionate public to help pay off their own mortgage?

    And what of the man who on his own admission owes his career to the fact that he was nearby when an aircraft crashed killing hundreds of people? Has he been working for nothing for over the last two or more years, "lying with as many teeth as he has in his mouth" to quote a reliable Portuguese source?

    So actually, after giving it some thought I came to the conclusion that what Mitchell and the McCanns are really saying is that it is not reprehensible for them or their willing helpers to make money from her disappearance, but that it is for everyone else and particularly anyone who has the audacity not to follow their official line.

    Personally I don't give a monkey's whether Stevo makes a million or more from this book. If it contributes to uncovering the truth the end will have justified the means and that is a heck of a lot more than one can say about the McCanns' money-spinning machine.

    The child is still missing and no amount of discussion on internet fora alone is going to find her, but banning discussion of this book is playing into McCanns' hands. Perhaps those unwittingly taking the McCann line on suppressing freedom of expression in this way could put their aversion to one side and rethink their position.


  29. Thank you for correcting me.

    I meant Blair but somehow I thought of Brown.

  30. I think the publication will depend on which state the book will be published.
    The editor has definitely thought about it, I'm sure.
    The USA have a lot of different laws.

  31. Anon. 19:39, you see, we thought that Portugal was also out of reach from british libel laws, but they used a portuguese lawyer, and despite our Constitution and its 37th article ( see top of this blog) a portuguese judge, in a portuguese court still granted the injunction against Dr. Amaral and the "freezing" of his profits!
    Anything is possible...let's just hope the american courts/judges will have what's lacking in the portuguese justice system, a backbone and integrity!

  32. I hope Oprah Winfrey invites Stevo to talk about the book - a great follow-up to the McCann appearance.

  33. After Russel O'Brian and Brian Kennedy, we finally hear of the existence of a nice Brian:

    Brian Johnson

  34. I hope the author will send an autographed copy to Oprah Winfrey...it's incredible how that woman can be so gullible at times, considering the powerful position she's got to!

  35. If the incident with the missing Madeleine had happened in the US no doubt the McCanns would have been prosecuted by now for neglect. They left their children alone night after night and serious harm has occurred to one of them.

    The case would have been done and dusted by now as the US forensics would have got to the bottom of it.

    There would be no reluctance to prosecute for neglect like the Portuguese Prosecutor did on the basis that he felt sorry the parents because they had lost had lost their child, and thought they had suffered enough.

    The McCanns lost their child because they were not taking care of her as they should have, and common sense says they should have been prosecuted if only as an example to others who may be thinking of doing the same.

    No, the thinking of the Portugese Prosecutor and the US judiciary is not the same.

    And neither will it be for the banning of a book.

  36. ...Books - Books - Books...feels like we are back in the 'Dark Ages'- with the Farters as the 'burners'....

  37. "how much did the McCanns sell that image for?"

    Counting with the fact that Madeleine is much younger than when she vanished...

    May be they didn't sell the picture for so much money, because their interest was to publish an image without support of reality any more.

  38. I am sorry but I have no clue who Stevo is and wondered if he has put even more in his book than Dr. Amaral did. I was interested to note what he said about Madeleine's photo being sold. Fund raising is one thing, selling tacky merchandise is going to far, but making people pay to display her photograph is truly sick

  39. Stevo is wrong. Look at Getty's image file, that picture is a photograph of a poster in PDL, not the original. They do not own the original. I found that out in five minutes.
    Is the book going to be any more accurate than this?

  40. If the McCanns dare to interfere with the publication of this book, then we will have another one written... and another... and another... and another. People will buy copies for their local libraries too. Have you noticed the 'turning point' McCanns...?

  41. I'm certain that many American journalists are already acquainted with the facts in the case; they are aware of the McCann's strange behaviour, the preposterous offensive stories by the British Media and the inappropriate conduct by British politicians. The reason they don't declare their views publicly is that the news agencies that they work for realize that the couple has a powerful backing and therefore they don't want to risk getting involved in a protracted court case. Unfortunately, money is always the deciding factor.

    If I'm not mistaken Mr. Amaral was in the process of going to the States to promote the release of his book, when he was convicted of falsifying a report detailing the actions of his subordinates in the Cipriano case. In my opinion there was no evidence that would lead someone to reach this conclusion. With a criminal record, his plan to go to the States was derailed. You have to remember what Mr. Gerry McCann said a short time after his daughter went missing; he said that he believed he would be able to maintain the public interest in the disappearance of their daughter for a long time.
    They want to protect a steady source of income, so it is more important to keep the English speaking countries in the dark than to
    make short term gains by waiting for a book to make money. They are managing a career, it is as simple as that. You can be certain that if this book is ever released swift action will be taken to have it removed from the shelves.


  42. The McCanns have stated from the begining that Madeline was "taken"

    Many people could surmise that it could be a possibility that she was abducted given the fact that that the children were left alone most nights and someone knew their routine of checking the children.

    In my opinion what does not add up in the abduction of Madeline are the statements from the McCanns and their spokesmen and women, for some reason they seem to try and make inconsistencies seem plausable.

    I have no doubt that the McCanns are very intelligent people who as Doctors are experienced in the field that they work in.

    Police are also experienced in the field that they work in.

    The McCanns (my opinion once more) surely must realise that police must look at all possibilities into finding a missing child.

    IT was not so long ago that Karen Mathews Mother of Sharon Mathews was jailed for child neglect and perverting the cause of justice in the abduction of Sharon Mathews. IN this case the child was found.

    Madeline McCann a little girl who is known world wide,WHO has tee shirts with her picture engraved, has unknown amounts of funds on her behalf in finding her. But parents who choose not to answer 48 questions.

  43. And Carter Ruck on the way to gagg and rule Human Rights, Author Rights and Free Expression Rights in USA. Same as Portugal and France with W9 cancelling their programe. They have a passionate mission of ruling the world and the world already had a bad taste of man's trying to rule the world- Hitler, Napoleon...
    This passionate mission of trying to gagg and forbbid everything have only one reason in my mind, GUILT! This is another prouve to add at all the others, showing that they are not innocent and there is non an innocent explanation for every behaviour. Some went so far that it is not acceptable to considere them normal. Innocent parents of a missing child will grieve more and did not promot a businness website and sue all negative advertisement which can stop or damage their businness.
    ARE THEY HIRING AN AMERICAN TEAM LAWYERS? Wonder, how during a world economical crise, a non charitable Fund, based on public donations, can be the way to become millionnaire and the solution for all legal and economical problems . A bad example, which I really doubt if it is legal in free and democratic countrys, or if it is anti-constitucional.
    After Madeleine's Fund, anybody can set a Fund using illogical reason's and get a good income without working or paying taxes. WELL DONE MR. SOCRATES and MR. BROWN for allowing a new type of job with all satellites jobs associated- spoke-persons, detectives, lawyers, etc.

  44. The McCanns - their hypocrisy knows no bounds.

  45. Good, no more of the abduction nonsense, the TRUTH will eventually be known to everyone.

  46. Today I was reading that reaserch found out that it is not possible to get finger prints of people older than 65 years old.
    This news will be an inspiration for the Mccanns detectives.
    They will start suspecting Father Christmas.

    That is why there were no finger prints in the apartment.

  47. Mccann's must keep that reality on their minds, Madeleine case will not fade, will not go away from thousands of Internet discussions, before reaching a court and the truth being showed with no doubts, to the public. The prouve for that is... after more then 2 years, people still discusing the case on the same passionate way as they discused in May 2007.
    Mccann's are just persponding the catch of the monster, but one day, soon then what they imagine, the monster will be caught. Just wait: In Portugal, the new government won the elections with minnority and PJ, which was framed by the last government, maybe recovered her power and dignity... a huge case of politicians and businness man's corruption, involving the government party, is on the way to be public exposed and it is already called the BIGGEST SCANDAL IN THE COUNTRY.
    Mccann's just wait, because crimes are like a domino game... when the first piece start falling all the others will fall.

  48. Stevo please be careful. I don't know where you are in America and whether they are fighting British libel laws and 'libel tourism' in the state where you live.

    Take a look at the case of Rachel Ehrenfeld on page 2 of this article

  49. Hopefully this new book and subsequent books will firstly prove that no abduction took place,then all the pressure has to be put on to find out what really caused Madelines passing.
    I have read elsewhere on other web sites that the parents behavior after Madelines disappearence raised doubts about what they were saying happened.
    If what happened was a tragic accident rather than an abduction the parents would naturally one way or the other be devastated ,full of grief and remorse for a very very very long time after the event so to speak, the parents were filmed laughing and at ease in various footage days after Madeline was gone when they didnt know they were being filmed.
    In My opinion and I know many many parents, would be grieving and devestated possibly for the rest of their lives and unable to hide their genuine grief whether their beloved child was abducted or died accidently? or not?
    Would any of us who has ever lost a loved one be in a hurry to wash away any toys or garments that our loved ones had been so close to including their familiar smells etc I know i wouldnt (washing of cuddle cats).
    Lets all do our utmost to get to the Truth.

  50. Stevo is recounting the FACTS AND CIRCUMSTANCES surrounding the case.

    That is not libel.

    Stop trying to scare people off.

  51. i am so glad stevo has wrote this book.its about time this whole sorry saga was sorted.Maddie needs justice.I lost my husband this year and no way can i understand the behaviour of the mccanns,They must be really evil to have acted the way they did especially losing a child

  52. Anon. 03:26, nobody is trying to scare people off, read the article that anon. 01:35 mentions. The people and organizations mentioned in that article did also expose facts and circumstances and yet they were found guilty in british courts! British libel laws are a serious threath and should not be taken lightly, unless of course you're a millionaire and have a massive amount of funds to defend yourself and are willing to use it. Such libel laws are a disgrace and shame Britain, how could the government(s) and Parliament let things get so out of hand? Let's pray for some radical change soon, or else...

  53. Stevo, with the Title 'FAKED ABDUCTION', you might want to consider putting a question mark after the title as then the McCanns would have to back off trying to get at you because of the title.

    The question mark would mean you are letting the reader decide after learning of the facts and circumstances of the case.

    Just a thought.

  54. Looking forward to reading the book. I just hope that it goes ahead without interfeerence from the dark side.


  55. Give the proceeds from the book to charity, then sit back and wait to see them expose their greed to the whole world as they demand the money for themselves.

  56. I agree about putting a question mark after the title :)

  57. although we all already know the facts/contents of the official PJ files, this book will serve to inform all those who do not search the internet to find the truth. The author deserves our support, I will definitely be buying it, although i'm already aware of the contents if only just to support someone who has the guts to challenge the Mccann theory.

  58. I hope this runs quickly. As soon as we get the book outside the better. I hope this money went to a new Fund: to protect neglected children from good looking parents. A Fund that deliver hope to other madeleines and people that really want to help and change children vulnerable law conditions.

  59. 30 october in todays Dernier Heure of belgium a report of the newly missing belgian boy aged 4 brings in comparisons with the maddie case.Of maddie they say ¨her body has never been found¨and they go on to report the main themes of the book by Amaral with all his suspicions of kate and gerry and end by saying that according to the police the mccanns have lied and are still lying

  60. about a week ago the daily mail reported that arnie schwarz has signed a new bill for california that brings the state¨into line with other u.s states¨....it will forbid state citizens to go to London with any libel claims....London it goes on to say has become the libel capital of the world and this will further enbarass the Gordon Brown government


  62. This book is being published in the USA where freedom of speech is in the constitution, therefore untouchable, Obama has little time for Gordon Brownose, i think the McMurderers will find they've bitten off more than they can chew!! Whoopee love to be a fly on their wall.

  63. Glad you still around Stevo. I must indeed congratulate you, must organise proceeds of books sale , in order that the mcscums dnt grab a cent., a Trust Fund perhaps ?
    Take care

  64. Anonymous at 13.58,

    with regard to the statement that the police have said that the McCanns have lied and are still lying, this is in line with what they said about their spokesman Clarence Mitchell.

    According to the PJ he lies through every tooth in his mouth.

    Let's hope Dr Amaral calls the PJ investigators as witnesses and the judge takes note.

  65. I hope you get to market the book just like little Madeleine has been marketed.

    The McCanns are not the only ones who can do things like that, and they need reminding.

    A good marketing firm should not be too hard to find in the US, or perhaps the publishers can do this for you.

    I can see the book being a best seller.

  66. Today's (Friday, Oct.30) Sun has an article entitled "Imagine if she was your child". The article states that the McCanns have posted an internet appeal for information. "If you stay quiet you are as guilty as those who took her". This coming from the McCanns when Madeleine's own mother refused to answer questions put to her by law enforcement. Is it any wonder, as I have said before, their hypocrisy knows no bounds.

  67. There is no need to put a question mark at the end of the title of the book. Putting a question mark at the end of the title suggests that the author is not sure. I assume the author believes that no abduction took place; he presents the facts and leaves it up to the reader if he or she agrees with him or not. The McCanns have no fear in disseminating a lie, so why should we shy away from saying the truth. The presence or lack of a question mark will not deter the McCanns from barring the book, it will also make little difference if there are libel proceedings.


  68. No one here is interested that Stevo is wrong about the Getty image? No one cares that if he cannot work out such a simple thing as this then his powers of reasoning must be called into question? He claims the book is a result of 'in depth research'. Really? Like the missing neck and other off the wall stuff?

  69. Is it true that the book has things such as the Queen's boat, Maddy have Turner's syndrome, no neck,etc etc? Those were all theories peddled by "Stevo" weren't they? He seemed to come up with a new theory each week, hoping to strike gold with one of them.

  70. Certain people are already getting so het up about the book they are having to leave nasty remarks.

    Sleepless nights for some of you, what's the betting.

  71. Disgusted Member of the British PublicSunday, November 01, 2009 4:38:00 pm

    I shall be buying at least two copies of this book, I would also like to add that some relatives who had been staunch supporters of the McCanns are now very, very suspicious at just WHY they are trying to silence anyone who questions their abduction theory. They are not happy about being told what they can and can't read, and do not understand why a book based on official Police files has been silenced (for now). They were gobsmacked that the David Payne allegations had not been reported in the UK Press.
    Disgusted Member of the British Public

  72. Come on people! The Mccans are just a smokescreen for the REAL truth,while we are concentrating on the vile couples latest antics it is covering up the REAL culprits of all this.I do not believe that governments and lawyers and gagging orders etc. are there to protect this pair,but to maybe cover up the fact that government plays an even bigger and closer part in the "dissapearance" of poor Madeleine than we will ever know.Think outside the box.


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