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Clarence Mitchell standing for election as an MP?

Shadow culture secretary Jeremy Hunt's appeal for more Conservatives to be employed by BBC News could be about to be granted – except in reverse. Clarence Mitchell, the former BBC journalist turned spokesman for Kate and Gerry McCann, is planning to stand as a Tory MP in the next general election. Mitchell, who quit the corporation to head up the media monitoring unit at the government's Central Office of Information, will face a selection board early next month. He already knows the party's director of communications, Andy Coulson, rather well – from Coulson's time as editor of the News of the World.

in the Guardian


  1. I've just checked the date, no it's not 1st April!

    Surely, if CM is selected, it will be a disaster for the Conservative Party.

    Please Mr Cameron, don't do it!!!

  2. With Mitchell’s lack of brainpower and his stunted vocabulary, he will make a perfect M.P for any party.

    They’re all greedy lying scumbags who are full of crap so that kind of job should suit him fine.

    If he does get elected, I bet Gerry will be spitting teeth in anger that a ‘menial’ of his has got a position that Gerry would like.

    That vision makes me hope someone will vote for the ‘Angel of death’ after all!


  3. It's an interesting piece of information which to my knowledge hasn't been confirmed either by Mitchell or the Conservative party. The timing is also intriguing.

    Is it just a smoke and mirrors exercise to distance Brown and his party chums from the Mitchell/McCann camp?

    I remember reports surfacing some time ago that McCann was eyeing the Conservatives and IMO that piece of information was released for that purpose.
    If Mitchell does apply for selection it will be extremely interesting indeed to observe the Conservatives' reaction.


  4. Maybe this will finally nail the daft rumour about the McCanns being in with Gordon Brown

  5. The NZ Police have just found a child in a drain near where she went missing.

    The child has not been identified as yet



  6. Well, that will certainly provide us with the opportunity to visit the constituancy which gets stuck with him and question this PR man on some of his manipulations.

    Will the McCanns feature in his campaign I wonder?

    If he gets selected, this will reveal the UK constitution and 'democratic' system for what it is.

  7. Well, I hope if he is selected, we will all contact David Cameron and remind him of the anomalies of the Madeleine McCann case and Clarrie's role in it.

  8. IT is a good choice for Conservative Party.... if they want to be part of a MOCKERY and winner's of several JOKE championships on the next years. MITCHELL THE RED NOSE, WILL POP HIS NOSE EVERYWHERE.

  9. Oh Yes

    We shall have to a good word in for the MASTER MEDIA MANIPULATOR. He wants to be MP for the Bath area does he? Ok Clarrie, help is on its way.

  10. The Australian police found a body in a drain, after a week of missing Aisling Symes, 20 METERS FAR from the place the toddler disappeared from. The abduction story sounded absurd but so many policemen searching seemed to guaranty that the little girl wasn't around.
    It looks as if the McC's abduction theory has contaminated the planet and is highly contagious.

  11. So Mr. Fix-it, with two years high profile experience as the McCann's "front man" is being touted as a Conservative candidate. It will be interesting to hear what he has to say when questioned during his campaigne about what role the present Government played in Portugal in May 2007.

  12. Well Mr Cameron why would you get rid of the person in the article below who was criticised for challenging a Polish MEP? Why would it be sensible to have Pinky as a member of the Conservative Party? Remember Mr Cameron if this case is ever re-opened and the parents were involved well Pinky I think could be up Pink Sh ! t creek without a paddle! How would that look for the Conservative Party? I think the Conseratives need to be made aware of Pinky and what he has said during this case.

    Conservatives expel defiant MEP

    Mr McMillan-Scott said the Tories were being "exploited" for political ends
    The Conservative MEP Edward McMillan-Scott has been expelled from the party.

    The MEP was suspended in July after he stood for vice-president of the European Parliament in defiance of party instructions.

    He was criticised for challenging a Polish MEP, one of the Tories' new allies in Brussels, for the role.

    The Conservatives said they were "disappointed" by the MEP's behaviour but Mr McMillan-Scott, who once led the Tory group in Brussels, is to appeal.

    'No scapegoat'

    He said he would not be made a "scapegoat" for widespread criticism of the Conservatives' decision to forge a new alliance in Brussels after June's elections.

    David Cameron pulled the Tories out of the centre-right group of MEPs, where they sat alongside governing parties in Germany, Italy and France, saying he did not share its federalist views.

    He re-aligned them within the European Conservatives and Reformist Party group, made up of parties from central and eastern Europe, including Poland and the Czech Republic.

    David Cameron has been exploited by those in the party who want Britain to leave Europe

    Edward McMillan-Scott
    Mr McMillan-Scott, who was unhappy with this decision, chose to stand against Polish MEP Michal Kaminski, a member of the new coalition, for the role of vice-president.

    In doing so, he scuppered Mr Kaminski's chances of getting the job.

    Mr McMillan-Scott said Mr Kaminski was "inappropriate and unsuitable" for the role because of reported past links with extreme far right groups, something Mr Kaminski denies.

    "I will not be a scapegoat for this," Mr McMillan-Scott said of the decision to expel him, one he said he was not consulted on.

    "David Cameron has been exploited by those in the party who want Britain to leave Europe. I want Britain to lead in Europe."

    But other Tory MEPs said his position had become untenable.

    "I am disappointed in him and the party is not to blame," said Timothy Kirkhope, the party's leader in Brussels.

    "This was not so much about his views but about his behaviour. I can imagine that he will come under pressure to stand down as does any member of the Parliament that crosses the floor."

    Labour said the expulsion showed the Tories were "falling apart" over Europe and that moderate pro-Europeans no longer had a place in the party.


  13. Edward McMillan-Scott! Is this the idiot who got the McCann's to go to Brussels to push the child alert?

    Has the curse of any association with the McCann's done this to him or is it just his over inflated ego that finished him off?

    Yippee, another narcissistic M.E.P bites the dust!

    Next egotistical idiot who thinks he's better than others, please stand up. Don't all rush at once!


  14. It's obviously being put around by Brown's government to stop people voting for the Tories!! Who would want to vote for a government with that ghastly excuse for a man in the running!

  15. "It's obviously being put around by Brown's government to stop people voting for the Tories!! Who would want to vote for a government with that ghastly excuse for a man in the running!

    12/10/09 18:47"

    Anon who wrote the above. I hope you are right. The thought of this person using a missing child to get their foot in the door of Politics and become an MP is vomit inducing!

  16. Playing both sides - a good way to keep protected as people like Murdoch know.

    The man's cynicism clearly has not yet plumbed the depths.

    What would John Redwood say I wonder...

  17. No sensible Party will touch him with a barge pole.

    Included in his CV as his second last job will be "official spokesperson for mccanns" - the party should reject him outright on that bases b/c those two were once suspects and case is not over. Or risk being suck into the "Biggest Scandal of the 21st Century" when it goes full blown.

  18. If CM is selected as a conservative MP I will be absolutely appauled and WILL NOT vote conservative ever again.

    This country has had enough of spin, cover-ups lies and corruption, without having an MP who is witness to one of the biggest cover-ups of the century.

    The people of this country deserve better Mr Cameron.

  19. to think CM might use Maddie on his CV to prove how good he is, is just more than sickening


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