1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

Comunicado de Imprensa de Gonçalo Amaral - Press release by Gonçalo Amaral


Pode estar escrito em todas as leis que um cidadão é livre de pensar e de exprimir o seu pensamento, mas isso não terá sombra de valor se puder ser alvo de censura no caso de exprimir uma opinião contrária ao status quo, aos interesses das castas dominantes ou de quem simplesmente tem dinheiro.

O confronto de teses responsáveis sobre factos objectivos deve fazer-se no campo aberto do debate democrático e não com recurso aos tribunais e à coacção jurídica.
E, todavia, como é do conhecimento público, um tribunal português imortalizou o livro «A Verdade da Mentira» ao determinar o que não pode ser opinado e expresso em Portugal sobre o desaparecimento de Madeleine Beth McCann por via da censura de uma tese fundamentada num raciocínio lógico sobre factos concretos e provas materiais constantes de um processo criminal e que nunca teve por intuito difundir, junto do público, de forma gratuita e irresponsável, a ideia de que terceiros têm quaisquer tipo de responsabilidades no desaparecimento da menina Madeleine.

Mais grave. Tendo já sido notificado do arresto preventivo dos seus créditos, o signatário receia ficar impossibilitado de defender as suas razões em tribunal, face aos elevadíssimos custos monetários que a acção judicial intentada por Gerry e Kate McCann lhe impõem em sede de honorários de advogados e de custas judiciais milionárias das quais, ao que parece, só estão isentos os indigentes.

Donde se segue que, neste momento, o signatário não só está privado do seu direito elementar à liberdade de expressão como também enfrenta constrangimentos relativos à sua própria defesa, que não pode ser desenhada senão à sombra da expressão de ideias e convicções proibidas e a troco de montantes pecuniários absolutamente insuportáveis.

Pelo que a verdade sobre o desaparecimento de Madeleine está em risco de ser decidida na secretaria. Assim se vive em Portugal em matéria de liberdade e de democracia.


Portimão, 21 de Outubro.



It may be written in every law that a citizen is free to think and to express his thoughts, but that will become completely worthless if it can be targeted by censorship whenever it expresses an opinion that is contrary to the status quo, to the interests of the dominant caste or to who simply has money.

The confrontation of responsible theses about objective facts should take place in the open field of democratic debate and not through recourse to courts and to juridical coercion. And yet, as is publicly known, a Portuguese court has immortalised the book “The Truth about the Lie” by deciding what cannot be opined and expressed in Portugal about the disappearance of Madeleine Beth McCann, by censoring a thesis that is based on logical reasoning about concrete facts and material evidence that are part of a criminal process and that never intended to diffuse, to the public, in a gratuitous and irresponsible manner, the notion that third parties have any kind of responsibility in the disappearance of little Madeleine.

Even more serious. Having already been notified about the preventive attachment of his funds, the signatory fears that he may be prevented from defending his reasons in court, due to the very high monetary cost that the judicial action that has been filed against him by Gerry and Kate McCann impose to him, in terms of lawyers’ expenses and millionaire judicial costs, from which, it would seem, only the impoverished are exempt.

Whereupon it follows that, at the moment, the signatory is not only deprived of his elementary right to freedom of expression, as he also faces constraints relating to his own defence, which cannot be designed but under the shadow of the expression of forbidden ideas and convictions, and in exchange for absolutely insufferable pecuniary amounts.

Thus the truth about the disappearance of Madeleine is at risk of being decided in the office. This is how we live in Portugal, as far as freedom and democracy are concerned.


Portimão, the 21st of October 2009.


  1. Tenebrosa situação,absolutamente escandalosa. Uma afronta para Pessoas de Bem!Afronta para Todos os que não partilham das decisões de secretária, unilaterais,ditatoriais.

    Estou na disposição (caso não me persigam as castas) de dar o "reforço" da minha pensão, em Novembro, da C.G.Aposentações a Gonçalo Amaral, se de alguma forma lhe for necessário perante as dificuldades que lhe criaram desde 2007,Outubro(e antes,mesmo).

    Mª do Carmo Reis

  2. Where will it end? Is Amaral about to be silenced just like Tony Bennett because he cannot match the McCanns Euro for Euro? Are the Portuguese citizens going to speak up for Amaral?

  3. This is not the Middle Ages when despotic Barons could inflict Draconian judgements on ordinary people. This is preposterous. Dr Amaral should be able to express his views and earn fees from mainstream media for interviews and articles. He must be allowed to appeal. In this world there are decent lawyers who will work pro bono in Human Rights cases. Perhaps he could approach someone or be approached by one.

  4. I'm sorry that on this new page I cannot leave my name...
    How can I do that ?

    Couldn't we create a GA support association that would raise funds ?

  5. I agree wholeheartedly with you Senor Amaral. I hope and pray you can somehow get this appalling decision overturned, but it seems the untouchable McCann team have triumphed once again. Let's see what the tabloids have to say about this undemocratic decision on Sunday. Maybe GA and his family will get a few words of encouragement and not the usual insulting stuff about a disgraced cop!

  6. Amaral is silenced in his own country while tomorrow, traveling Everton football fans to Benfica will be taunting rival supporters by wearing t-shirts bearing Maddie's picture. Stadium riots have been started for far less!

  7. E andei eu nos tempos do Marcelo Caetano a levar porrada da polícia de choque e a fugir aos PIDES, para acabar tudo nesta maravilhosa ‘DEMOCRACIA’?
    O melhor é calar-me senão ainda vou parar ao Tarrafal.
    Augusto M.

  8. As much as I would like to make sure Sr. G. Amaral doesn't end up penniless, to start a collect or a fund in his name is not a good idea - only more money for the greedy lawyers to claim for the despicable pair of you-know-what (don't want to mire this pristine forum)...

    But I do agree we should combine strength and create some sort of front, take to the streets and have some weight on the press... just like the Twitter people did recently. Maybe give people in the street random photocopies of G. Amaral's book...

  9. So the Portuguese court has basically deprived one of the parts in a process from the monetary means to defend himself, by thoughtfully preventing his own funds from being used in his defense.
    Words fail me.

    Augusto M: sim, por este andar iremos todos parar ao Tarrafal --- e ainda temos de pagar multa aos McCann.

    Time for a support fund methinks. Not in Goncalo Amaral's name, but to cover Goncalo Amaral's legal expenses.
    Let me know...

  10. I am afraid that even though the thought of lining lawyers pockets grieves me it is far more important that the truth is out so I agree with aacg and Salsa a fighting fund must be set up to assist Sr Amaral.

    I am certain too that if funds are not eventually required we can rely on Sr Amaral to direct the excess to a suitable charity - unlike others might do and redirect it to their private company.

    Mr B

  11. So, by the same token, would it not be equitable for the McCanns funds to be sequestered in the event their action fails (or when any counter-claim succeeds) and they are required to pay the court's awards and/or costs.

    As has been said elsewhere, this just seems to indicate that the decision in the case is a foregone conclusion, what is the use of a trail? In fact, why don't we all just open our bank accounts so that the McCanns can help themselves. Is it only a matter of time until anyone, anywhere, who has suggested the McCann version of events ought to be questioned will be receiving a letter from C-R.

    Mr B

  12. I would like to help Mr. Amaral. Couldn't an account be opened?
    Sure that many more people would contribute.
    We have to strongly fight those two.

  13. Gonçalo Amaral, you are not alone in this quest for Truth and Justice.

  14. Surely this is what was planned all along? To try and hinder Mr Amaral from actually getting them into court. They want to take the money off him, but do not want to have to risk him seeing them in court. Hence they try and cut off his funds to force him to abandon the court case. Great strategy, let us all hope that Mr. Amaral does not play their game, although I would not blame him if he did throw in the towel, after all he has had to endure. Anyone know if there is anything we can do???

  15. GA there are many many people behind you and who would like to help financially, we know you are correct in your conclusion. If you can get a fund started for your legal costs pls let us know so that you can bring to justice the evil pair of child killers. I am sick of hearing clap trap like "no stone unturned" and they cant even make it together to do a reconstruction. This powerful pair need bringing to justice and through you this can be achieved if we all pull together. God bless you.

  16. Tenho vergonha de ser Portuguesa, estou radicada no Canada, mas infelizmente Portugal nao pode seguir em frente por estas e outras razoes parecidas, ainda continuamos no FASCISMO embora escrito com outras palavras, nao podemos dizer o que queremos....vergonhoso.....

  17. Denied of his freedom of expression and also his right to receive protection.
    This cannot happen.
    The mccanns are provocking an international diplomatic incident.
    This is truly unbelivable

  18. Isn't there anyone with the financial means and a spine in Portugal to stand up beside Sr. Amaral and support his case in court? Lawyers who would gladly work this case for free? Think of the publicity it would bring! I would hate to think it is only the poor and middle class who care about the truth and justice in their country.

    I am sickened that there is not an outcry from all of Portugal over this attack on their constitutional rights.

  19. I wish we knew what Gonçalo is going to do in terms of defense.I hope he brings that sad "lawsuit" to the European Parliament.
    I do not understand how the portuguese authorities can allow whats happening.It is totally against their constitution
    This is simply sickening and frightening and it is happening in EUROPE?????? Unbelievable.
    None of our petition seem to have worked.What can we do? are both govt pushing their people into a riot?
    Are you happy mccann couple?On top of money and more money do you also want blood?


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