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Gonçalo Amaral asks Social Security for assistance

by Nuno Miguel Maia

Former PJ inspector alleges economical insufficiency to defend himself from the lawsuit by Madeleine McCann’s parents.

The former coordinator of the Maddie case investigation is asking the State for help in order to be able to defend himself in the lawsuit that has been filed by the parents of the child that went missing in the Algarve. He alleges economic insufficiency in order not to pay court costs.

Gonçalo Amaral has requested the Social Security’s help shortly before contesting the injunction that was presented by Kate and Gerry McCann, which aimed at removing the book “The truth about the lie”, and the documentary that is based on the same work, from the market, as well as to cease the sale of author’s rights into foreign countries, through editors Guerra e Paz. And further, to prohibit the investigator, who is now retired from the Polícia Judiciária, from continuing to publicly speak about his theory in the case of the little English girl.

Madeleine McCann’s parents demand damages in the amount of 1.2 million euros, which means that the value of the justice tax that has to be paid surpasses five thousand euros, for contestation only, and excluding other costs.

More recently, only days ago, the former Maddie case inspector saw the Civil Court of Lisbon preventively seizing the profits from the sale of the books and the documentary, through an unipersonal firm in Amaral’s name, as a way to guarantee that there will be money to pay an eventual compensation, whose pertinence will only be evaluated in the main action.

According to information that was collected by JN, in the request for financial assistance, due to economical insufficiency, Gonçalo Amaral has declared a liquid yearly income of 39 thousand euros, presenting a family aggregate of four persons: the former investigator himself, his wife and two girls, aged 11 and five.

The author of “The truth about the lie” has no further assets in his name – he has no property and no vehicles. The only family car, a Ford Focus of 2003, is in his wife’s name, who is a technician at Portimão’s City Hall.

In a press release dated days ago, the former Judiciária coordinator stated that he fears that “the truth about the disappearance of Madeleine is at risk of being decided in the office”. And he is also afraid of “being prevented from defending his reasons in court, due to the extremely high monetary costs” of the process, concerning lawyers’ fees and “millionaire judicial costs, from which, it would seem, only the impoverished are exempt”.

For now, Gonçalo Amaral has requested Social Security to exempt him from paying the justice fee and other costs of the process; the final decision, which may also pass through an appeal with the courts, is not known yet.

Revoking of the injunction has been requested

Gonçalo Amaral asks the Civil Court of Lisbon to revoke the injunction, alleging that its amplitude impedes not only the divulgation of the contents of the book “The truth about the lie”, but also the divulgation of the terms that are part of the Maddie case investigation process, which ended up being archived. Thus it is disproportionate and unconstitutional, offending the right to freedom of expression.

The former PJ investigator stresses that he does not accuse Kate and Gerry McCann of having murdered their daughter and concealing her cadaver. And that he only defends the theory of her death in the Ocean Club apartment, in Praia da Luz, Lagos – not referring anyone’s authorship – and “suspects” posterior involvement of the parents in concealing the cadaver. He further underlines that his entire report is based on facts that have been established within the process and that even the inquiry’s prosecutors say it is “most likely” that the little girl is dead.

More: Amaral recalls that the McCanns themselves and their spokesman have already publicly admitted, in interviews, that Madeleine may be dead.

source: Jornal de Notícias, 26.10.2009


  1. If the British Press had reported on the DVD Files and printed Mrs.Fenns police statement it would never have come to this. The statement of Dr.Gaspar and her fear of David Payne...all of this should have been in the British Press. It looks as though the Mccanns are going to achieve their aim ,the destruction of the Amaral family. Only those on the net know the EVIL of the mccanns...your average mum who shops in Tescos is still unaware of the truth..Blissful in the believe that the poor mccanns had their daughter abducted by a bad 'Swarthy' man.poor,poor Mccanns.

  2. Just a Ford?
    I read he bought a Jaguar?

  3. Anonymous, at least he hasn't paid his mortgage out of funds donated for the search by well meaning members of the public

  4. I believe he bought a Jag and if he had any sense he would have sold it pretty damn quick and put the money away somewhere for his family.

  5. I just made a post and I think it got lost. If you have it please disregard this one. As a fence sitter and having considered all the pros and cons of the case I still do not know what to think. I find it hard to believe that the McCanns could just get rid of their childs body so quickly, but due to their strange behaviour I also think anything is possible.

    I am also convinced the the PJ did not make the McCanns arguidos for a publicity stunt, so that Amaral could write books,make TV appearances and become famous. It would have been far easier to have just gone along with the abduction theory.

    It seems to me that the McCanns, whose behaviour throughout this beyond belief are more concerned with sueing people than getting the case reopened, finding their daughter and proving their innocence.

    It also seem that no one is allowed to write any adverse comments about the McCanns without fear of being sued but other pro blogs can write a book and slam into Amaral and get away with it. Maybe he should sue them because they are doing what they are accusing Amaral of doing, "saying someone is guilty before it has been proved"

    Fence sitter

  6. Shows what you can do if you have a load of money.

    Robert Maxwell did it for years (albeit he was using the pension fund money of the Mirror employees, not his own), and silenced the opposition who wanted to reveal what he was about, but he used injunctions against them with threats to sue.

    Eventually he came to a sticky end and is reviled by many people, though he did manage to get himself buried on the Mount of Olives or somewhere sacred like that!! Slimey creep.

    The truth will out. It always does.

  7. Good morning Fence Sitter, watch out for those splinters up there..lol..I believe Joana supplies Tweezers when needed.
    I have to say in the early days I believed the Mccanns . Why, because I only read the newspapers and thought as was highly suggested that it was Murat.Case closed. I think thats what the Mccanns also thought or hoped would be the end of it.. If you remember three of the Tapas went back to PDL to even finger Murat...Tanner sat in a van with police and watched Murat and said that she was sure that he was the man with madeleine that night...Funny how we have turned to scar face and swarthy. No matter...What innocent mother would refuse to answer police questions...what innocent mother would not go back to PDL when asked to do a reconstruction of the nights events...,not by Amaral, remember but by Rebelo...The new man on the case...Kate did not even want to help this man who had spent one year going over the case and said that the 'Investigation is still pointing in the right direction'..Maybe that is why she did not return.

    The dogs, it always comes back to the dogs...I can understand those amongst us who would say the dogs may have been wrong if they had only marked one place. They did not, they marked behind the sofa, a corner in the Mccanns bedroom, a small flowerbed, the car.....Items of clothing belonging to kate Mccann and a T shirt believed to be Maddies. Oddly enough, they did not mark the room that madeleine slept in, any ideas why?

    If you read Mccanns blog and check the date that the Police started digging up Murats mothers garden looking for the body of Madeleine...You will find that the Mccanns were not there shivering with dread, no the Mccanns had had a pleasant day and were having an early night. They did not mention such an important break through in the case. Why, I would imagine because they knew Madeleine was not there. So many slip ups ...this is not the attitude of parents whose child has been abducted...You may find Mccanns blog on 'PAMALAM? I also believe Nige ?The Mccannfiles' also has them...

  8. Everyone has the right to defend himself.
    It was what amaral wanted.
    to re-start the process.


  10. The book and the video have been read and seen by hundreds of thousands of people on the internet throughout the world, including in the UK. They are based upon the facts of the investigation published by the PJ and in the public domain already. The McCanns have said they don't know whether the child is alive. I imagine they will be hated in Portugal if they win this case and ruin a good man. No PR campaign will help them now.

  11. Again I ask, what are the likes of Moita Flores, Paulo Sargento and Paulo Cristovao saying about Amaral's plight? IMO they have been mute for long enough!

  12. Hello Ironside,

    I have not got splinters because my fence is made of concrete! Believe me when I say that I have considered everything and the only reason I declare myself a fence sitter is because there is not enough evidence to bring charges and I have to say that I always taken the view innocent until proven guilty as I do with Amaral too. If it were the other way around and the McCanns had to prove their innocence I think they would be behind bars by now. We all know if nothing else that they are guilty of neglect and they have done very little to help the police with their enquiries. I have every sympathy with any parents who have lost a child in this way, and if the McCanns are innocent then I sympathise with them. However as people I think they are the pits and I despise the way they have marketed their child and turned the whole thing into a 3 ring circus.

  13. Am I the only one who is completely baffled by the Portuguese justice system.

    It seems like there is no common sense to it at all.

    Please, if anyone can say, is there any logic to it, because so far it seems like the lunatics are in charge of the asylum, and the decisions have been crazy.

  14. Hello Fencesitter, I am glad to here about that, you are much safer up there and I can stop worrying. Yes ,of course we all agree on that, anyone who has lost a child must have been to hell and back. No arguments there. However, how could a group of people manage to make their children fall asleep at the exact same time every night. Remember the eldest was Madeleine.It is impossible.I also understand that when you are on holiday with your children you also wish to enjoy yourself. Fine , but do it as a family. Or leave your children in safe hands with family or grandparents and have a break just the two of you. I think I know the reason the Mccanns did not put the children in the night Creche , because it closed too early for them...remember Mrs Fenns statement,,,the Mccanns returned 11.45 pm...Creche closes at 10pm I believe.
    Sadly, children do die while on holiday, you take your eyes from them for a split second and they may fall from a balcony or drown in a pool. It does happen. However, these parents call the police and a post mortem is performed. The Mccanns are Doctors they know this. Having seen a video where Mccann now admits even he thinks the twins were given something by the alleged abductor..and Fionas comments that Kate kept putting her hand in front of the twins noses as if to check they were breathing...does lead me to believe that sedation is involved. Amaral has never accused the Mccanns of murder he believes an accident. I also believe this, something went terribly wrong and the Mccanns went into a panic. The Mccanns are selfish ,we have seen that by them leaving their children to go and enjoy themselves. I would imagine that after the shock of finding Madeleine, their thoughts went back to themselves.' What do we do? if madeleine had been sedated this would have shown in autopsy. The Mccanns again knew this. "Madeleine is gone,nothing we do will bring her back...if we call the police and confess what has happened, they will test the twins also, we will lose the twins...we will lose everything"..So they made a decision rightly or wrongly in their eyes,they must now live by that decision.
    If you look at the very first photos of the Mccanns the night they made their first 'speech' you can see they are terrified,heartbroken of course, because they have lost a child...But look closer and it is more fear than grief...Only my opinion of course.

  15. Paradoxically all these developments help the cause for truth.

    The McCanns know what they have done. Every development, even those which seemingly go in favour of this odious couple, is a reminder of the consequences of their actions. Manslaughter and concealment of a corpse are serious offences, crimes that leave the perpetrators unable to sleep at night. In fear of the day they hear that knock at the door.

    And that day is getting closer.

    Our day will come.

    Humpty Bumpty
    RealHumptyB on Twitter

  16. Ironside, I have just read my reply to you and I do not think I made myself very clear, so I will explain and try not to post many more comments as I do not want to blog hog.

    I do not deny the evidence of the dogs and the inconsistency of the McCanns statements,and I presume based on the information to hand Amaral decided that Madeleine died in the apartment which could be correct. However I should point out that it does not prove who actually killed her or how she died, but that is another story. Now if things were different, and after being made arguidos they then had to prove their innocence they would have had to explain why they said the window was open when it was shut, why blood was found in the apartment etc etc (you know all the different scenarios) and they would find that difficult even if they are innocent. Amaral must have known too how difficult it would be to prove Madeleine died in the apartment but he IMO has stuck to his belief (Right or wrong who knows)and now he has written about it and is being sued for doing so which I consider wrong. He did not just make it all up, there was some evidence albeit not enough. As I said in my first post it seems wrong that he can be sued for his opinion whilst others give opinions on Amaral and get away with it.

    Things may have been so different if the McCanns had be charged for neglect, because IMO if they were charged then the rest of the group should have been charged too as they all did the same. I just wonder if the pact of silence would have been broken then, with a bit of saving ones own neck.

    I still do not think I have explained very well but I know what I mean :-) Fencesitter

  17. If what happened to Madeleine happened on the night she was said to have disappeared, then why was that the only night the Tapas friends had used the routine of checking almost non stop with everybody checking each others children.

    The other nights it was about hourly and each Tapas friend checked their own children.

    If this is true, what is the explanation for it on that very night?

  18. O governo portugues envergonha todos os portugueses a nivel planetario. Como e que num caso em que uma crianca esta desaparecida, as autoridades portuguesas e a justica portuguesa tomam partido por uma das partes, sem terminarem a investigacao, sem analisarem todas as evidencias, sem levarem o caso ao escurtinio de um tribunal? E uma vergonha que nos faz pensar que afinal em portugal ainda HA ESPACO PARA EXILADOS POLITICOS, AINDA ESTAMOS NO TEMPO EM QUE O EXILIO PODE SER A UNICA OPCAO. Talvez no exilio. Amaral seja ouvido e lhe seja feita justica.

  19. I think the title of this article is a bit misleading to readers in Britain. When it says "Gonçalo Amaral asks Social Security for assistance" I believe it should say "Gonçalo Amaral seeks financial legal aid to defend himself in court (or to bring an action to stop the injunction)"
    In Britain, Social Security is financial help mainly for the poor to cover cost of living expenses that they cannot meet. I doubt Dr. Goncalo Amaral is in that situation. However, he may very well seek is what is understood in Britain as Legal Aid.
    Would anyone support me or correct me on this, please ?

  20. Anonymous 13:45
    You are absolutely right. Amaral asked for Legal Aid instead of Social Security Assistance. This is what the author of the comment meant.

  21. Anon 14.26,,,Hi Anon yes I think you are correct..However the way the Mccanns are going he may at a later date need Social Security.lol

  22. Ironside

    I think this is also a clever move from Amaral. It will force the Judiciary to think how unfair and dishonest the McCann's challenge is.

  23. To Ironside :
    "...Madeleine is gone, nothing we do will bring her back..... they must now live by that decision."
    They might be involved and in that case, it's my opinion that from the beginning they had one jump ahead of everyone... except that even if they don't show the right attitude, they both look ten years older...

  24. Hi Ironside, your post of 12.16 makes a lot of sense. Can you answer this question - I have not read Amaral's book so I am not really sure whether he accused anyone of anything. It is my understanding that he points out the findings, eg. blood, cadavar dog findings etc. and his conclusions based on that.

    If this is the case, do you think the McCanns can actually sue someone for pointing out what was discovered. Are they actually saying that no blood was found etc. and that Amaral is a liar and has made this all up. In fact can anyone tell me what is their point exactly! Fencesitter

  25. Hi Fencesitter,you might en get splinters but you could get hemorrhoids from sitting on the fence too long.
    I too was of the same opinion of Ironside from day one and had nothing but sympathy for the Mccanns right up until i heard of Amarals book been banned and i googled it for the first time and came across all the websites concerning Madeline and was shocked to read all the latest news because up till then i hadn't even heard about the dogs or anything to suggest that Madeline had not been abducted.
    Having had my eyes opened (widely)to the other FACTS I'm now firmly convinced that Madeline was not abducted and the Mccanns have to date tried to make a laughing stock of the Portuguese police and ruined MR Amarals career to cover their own backs.

  26. The dogs and Mr Smith's sighting of the man who looked like Gerry McCann carrying the child towards the beach area would be two important things the McCanns don't want the public to be reminded of.

    No wonder they don't want that book published.

  27. Hi anon 17.00 I have been with this case from the beginning so I have been aware of most things that have been stated and have read most of the theories and possible scenarios. Several things have always puzzled me. 1. Why the need for the pact of silence from the group (I think that was because all the kids were given some form of sleeping medicine) 2. Why did the McCanns need to whip up so much publicity so soon after M was missing. 3. Why did Kate not co-operate fully with the police 4. Why have they wasted so much of the fund money and 5. Why are they more interested in sueing people than actually spending their time, effort and money on finding their child (if she is missing that is) Fencesitter

  28. Madeleine McCann's case has become a great novel. Any fiction writers out there ? Would love a soap opera based on this ( mccanns) farce. Main actors , Gerry , Katy and Amaral. A Tv series perhaps. Would the macs sue ??? for telling the truth ? Perry Mason style would be just fine. I wish I could produce it myself.

  29. There is one fact we all know and which should be printed in the UK press, the McCanns admit to checking Madeleine properly only once, as they claim they only saw her once between leaving their unlocked apartment and the time she is alleged to have been found to be missing.

    The only other checks claimed are 'listening' checks by their friends. In short, we have to decide - the public need to decide - is one proper check in two hours enough to avoid a neglect charge?

    Obviously they dont think so, or why would they spend so much on their defence lawyers and why would they go on so much about the weak and 'difficult to believe' (and unreciprocated) checks by their friends?


  30. My theory: The priest knows.
    Neigbour hears them calling "Madeleine, Madeleine" at 9:15pm already (Neighbour's testimony).
    All the Tapas crowd, except for Diane Webster had already left the restaurant to help with the 'missing Maddie" at about 9:20-9:40pm (Chef's testimony). They discover her dead in the apartment behind the sofa. None of them can revive her. They have to act fast as their careers and reputation are at stake, not to mention child neglect. Gerry carries her down to the beach area and is seen by Smiths at 09h55. Phonecalls have been made to get access to another apartment where the body is deposited. Gerry returns after about 10 mins (he states he is only away from his wife for 10 minutes - himself). The Tapas crowd decide on a common story, on the cover of Madeleine's book. Jane Tanner is the "patsy". And the alarm is raised some time after 10pm for faked abduction. Later, they get access to the church. They confess to British catholic priest over the phone. They take the body to the church in early hours of one morning 4am. Smell in church. Later they take the body to unknown location and bury it, possibly Spain. Hence cadaver scent picked up in apartment, on car, etc etc. The boot of the car open for days to get the smell out. They try to make a good thing out of the bad by starting FindMadeleine campaign...once it is on a roll, they cannot stop it...in any event, it garners money in a unique way. They are guilty of all this. In my opinion.

  31. I hope the Amaral's financial help will come to him faster than the rogatory letters went to England.

  32. Hi Anon 17.21,

    I have no idea what the pact of silence is about, or who exactly it involves, but as to sueing people to stop them speaking out, that has never been tested in court yet because those the McCanns have threatened have caved in to their demands in the face of their top lawyers and money they have access to.

    If it was actually tested in court it may turn out they would not win when the facts of the case were presented, in contrast to the spin that 'he lies through every tooth in his head'(says PJ), Clarence Mitchell, who has been feeding the press with this.

    And they would have publicity they don't want as the details were fed back to the media.

    I don't understand the Portuguese legal system but I hope Dr Amaral gets the chance to present the evidence and that he is allowed to call witnesses to back up what he is saying.

    Hopefully this will filter back to the news media in the UK.

  33. If Gerry says he was only gone for ten minutes, then why was Jane Tanner saying that he took a long time getting back to the Tapas.

    Somebody not telling the truth??

  34. FENCESITTER...Sorry am not shouting just do not want you to miss this post...here is a link and read the book...An excellent site put together with a lot of thought...Translation by a great friend AnnaEsse...

    Love to hear your opinion after you have read this...

  35. The pact of silence may be about sedation. If the Mccanns had been honest and said Madeleine had an accident and died, there being present or not would have made no difference, A post mortem would have still taken place...Drugs, if they had been used would have shown up...The twins would have been tested and I imagine the rest of the groups children ,as we know they were all left alone each night...They would have all lost their children if they were drugging them .. Maybe enough of a reason to create a pact. Remember the Mathews case there was enough drugs in her hair to prove she had been sedated for the last two years.

  36. Nothing that the Tapas crowd said about checking etc was true. Mike Oldfield went to see where the Payne's were when they were late, that much is true. They were late, but he passed them on the way in. He thought that he would continue to the apartments and do a check for all before the first course. He looked into the 5A bedroom and could not see Madeleine. Mike could not see her because she had fallen behind the sofa. He returned to the Tapas bar and informed them of this. Gerry immediately went up and then they were already looking for her outside at 9:15, not realising that she had fallen behind the sofa. They do another look around the apartment: She was so full of "anaesthetic" that she had no control over her muscles when she climbed on the sofa to look out the window, shortly after her parents left. She fell and twisted/broke her neck. ...

  37. That cannot be right (post left at 19.09) as cadaverine is only released 2 hours after death. She must have died earlier in the day.

  38. England's libel laws are being applied in Portugal. These laws enable the person or persons who have the most money to win their case because the person being sued does not have the financial resources to defend himself in a protracted case. This is the primary reason why Mr. Amaral's profits from his work have been seized.

    I'm curious, what specifically do people find defamatory in Mr. Amaral's book? Contrary to what Mr. Mitchell will have you believe the McCann couple was not cleared of all charges, they weren't even charged, there was no trial. So, I ask you what is wrong with a man, who was intimately involved in the case, reaching a conclusion based on facts present in the case file? I know of numerous cases in which the authorities have expressed publicly their convictions that someone, that was found not guilty in a court of law, is guilty. In this regard the case that comes to mind to many is the high profile O.J. Simpson case.

    Who exactly has been defamed? Is it parents who never cooperated with the police despite proclaiming that they would answer all the questions posed to them so that they could be cleared and thus enable the police to focus on searching for their child; parents who spent and continue to spend an inordinate amount of money on elite lawyers, PR firms, shoddy detectives and a spokesperson with ties to the government and the media? Or is it a man who was prevented from finishing an investigation into the disappearance of a child; a man who is referred to as a disgrace and a lazy incompetent drunk, a man who has been told to keep Quiet? Who is the aggrieved party?

  39. October has turned out to be another GREAT month - not for Amaral of course. Any predictions for November?

  40. From the bloodstains/bodyfluid spatters labelled high on the walls by the sofa, there is more to this than 'falling and breaking the neck', IMO.
    Look at the photos in Dr Goncalo Amaral's book, with the small white labels stuck alongside each trace.

  41. Dr Amaral has since said that the cadaver smell can take much less than two hours, so no idea where the 2 hours came from, but those discussing this case were always led to believe that was correct.


  42. Anonymous #36

    Were you perhaps listening to Tubular Bells when you wrote your post? ;o)


  43. Dr Goncalo Amaral is absolutely right to claim legal aid under the circumstances. Why wasn't it a suit against Dr Amaral AND the Public Ministry for publishing 'the unspeakable'? A drain on state coffers, yes, but it's about time an end was put to this charade being masqueraded as Search and Rescue for a missing child.

    Tick tock, McCann, tick tock.

    On another note, there is nothing like taking the enemy by surprise. It's how all battles are won. So if there is something worth contributing to fight this injunction, there's no need to publicise it, Moita Flores et al: we're patient because we know you all know this is about a whole lot more than just Dr Amaral's right to freedom of expression. Point finale.

  44. Is there anything we in Britain can do to help Amaral? I wish there was some way of contacting him or his representative as it would be terrible if he couldn't take on the McCanns for financial reasons.

  45. I doubt the McCanns would have encouraged world wide media and kept up a pretence all these years if they had confided that Madeleine was dead to a priest, be it in PdeL, Rome, or the UK. That wouldn't make any sense, because if they had confessed I think they would have gone underground and kept very quiet about the whole affair. Yes, they definitely phoned a priest in the UK, spoke to the local PdeL priest, and also went to see the Pope, but I'm sure they didn't reveal that Madeleine had died to any one of them and then encouraged a world wide campaign for her safe return. That would be taking any priest's confidentiality too far and been much too dangerous in my opinion.

  46. In my opinion, Matt never went to 5A. And in my opinion the accident did not happen as Goncalo told on his book and documentary.
    I suspect that for some reason she might have gotten a cardiac arrest in the living room. Maybe on the sofa.
    Somebody pulled the sofa, for some reason(twins, carpet?), and put the child behind it on the hard floor and this person started resuscitation that did not work. The massage could have broken a bone that perfurated inside of the body. She vomited some blood.
    Possibly one of the parents saw the heart attack too late and he/she was afraid of being accused of irresponsibility.

    Or maybe the cardiac arrest was caused by Calpol or something similar to it, a wrong dosis by mistake.

    In this last case, they wanted to avoid an autopsy.

    The whole disappearence has to do with the causa mortis and the post mortem. This is my opinion.

  47. I don't believe they hid the body at 4.00 am, after the alarm, streets crouwded of GNRs and PJ. People searching around. Too risky.
    I think the body was hidden about 10.00pm.

  48. If, on the "Find Madeleine" site one clicks the Portuguese banner, here is what comes up :

    "Si sabes algo y no lo denuncias, eres tan culpable como los que se la llevaron"

    Disastrous effect !

  49. I don't understand how GA can ask for Legal Aid as his pension is more than the GMI.

  50. or perhaps in the previous days?

  51. Ironside, thanks for the link to the book I will certainly read it all when I have time. I had a quick glance at a couple of chapters and do find it "odd" that the Smiths have not been followed up in the way one would expect. I wonder how the Smiths feel about all this!

    I was trying to see why the McCanns think they can sue and I can only presume it is because Amaral said they PROBABLY concealed their daughters body. Maybe if he had just said the body has been concealed by persons as yet unknown he would have been safe. However if this does come to court I sincerely hope that the Mccanns are made to explain this statement of theirs "There is a wholly innocent explanation for any material the police may or MAY NOT HAVE FOUND." I can think of a few innocent reasons for finding blood, but I am struggling with the cadaverine. I am also confused how they have an innocent explanation for MAY NOT HAVE FOUND!!! I also hope they are made to explain why they have not volunteered these innocent explanations long ago which would have prevented Amaral writing the book in the first place if the explanations were feasible. My view is, due to their neglect their daughter either had an accident or was abducted and sueing and blaming others for not doing enough is not going to change anything. They were prepared to leave their kids at risk in order to go out with friends, their mistake and Madeleine paid for it. Fencesitter

  52. My theory: The priest knows.
    to: anon 18.09

    "Neigbour hears them calling "Madeleine, Madeleine" at 9:15pm already (Neighbour's testimony).
    All the Tapas crowd, except for Diane Webster had already left the restaurant to help with the 'missing Maddie" at about 9:20-9:40pm (Chef's testimony)"

    I've never heard this interesting information before. where did it come from?
    who is the neighbour? Mrs Fenn?

    I agree about the priest. one of them must have received a confession, and that is probably why the Pope soon removed any Maddie info from his website..

    Cadaverine can be released after 1 1/2 hours, if gerry removed the body at 9.45 that would mean death would have to occur before 8.15.
    possible but tight. but more possible than an abductor, taking a child and completely cleaning a crime scene in a 3 minute window of opportunity.


  53. I totally agree with Ironsides comments, Re Mrs Fenns statements and Dr. Gaspers. I believe that a great deal of the public are unaware of the conflicting stories etc. It would be interesting if a survey was taken out in the UK asking the average Mums and Dads of their opinions, I have asked family, friends and collegues ( I posted a comment on this earlier this month)

    On another note which in encouraging, I have visited various sites and there appears to be a great deal of people questioning the McCanns lack of pressure into asking for the case to be re-opened

    In my opinion every time the McCanns are asked a question they do not wish to reply to they evade the question by giving a statement that has nothing to do with what has been asked, Our politicians are also very good at answering in this manner.

    Once again Mr. and Mrs McCann ASK, BEG, PLEAD for the case to be re-opened instead of suing all and sundry.

  54. Goncalo Amaral is guilty of nothing; he lost his job, wrote a book and told the truth.
    He has not like the McCann’s have caused the death of a child, concealed a child’s body, lied to the police, manipulated the media, defrauded the public, become director of a fund which operates illegally.

    When are the people of Portugal going to defend their own.
    There is no justice for Maddie in Portugal and no justice for Goncalo Amaral.
    Be Ashamed
    The revolution was for nothing

    Letter from Iberia

  55. Na tomada de posse do governo ontem, um par de humoristas foi preso e impedido de parodiar com um governo que se fartou de parodiar com os portugueses e com alguns dos direitos fundamentais dos seus cidadaos, o direito a justica, o direito a liberdade de expressao e o direito a dizer NAO A CENSURA.
    Claro que em geito de parodia maxima, os humoristas clamaram ter votado Socrates enquanto empunhavam cartazes "a luta continua", demonstrando que era contra Socrates e a sua politica de "Black-out" a Liberdade de expressao, que ali estavam.
    Enquanto isso, dentro do Palacio da ajuda, o Presidente da republica discursava e do seu discurso realco a frase que marcou a tomada de posse:

    "os cargos públicos são efémeros, mas o carácter dos homens é duradouro. Não são os cargos que definem a nossa personalidade, mas aquilo que somos em tudo aquilo que fazemos".

    Um claro recado a Socrates, mais polido, menos barulhento, facil de entender assim o deseje o PM. Havia uma especie de eco, a reproduzir dentro do palacio aquilo que a policia reprimia ca fora. A reproduzir dentro do palacio, a revolta anonima que milhoes de portugueses ainda vao calando, mais por medo das Carter-Ruck que depois da decisao do tribunal civel de Lisboa, vao comecar a proliferar como cogumelos daninhos, autenticos alucinogeneos do poder politico, tentando calar e processar milionariamente quem resiste, quem diz NAO!!! do que por conviccao... Mas NAO CONSEGUIRAO CALAR POR MUITO TEMPO, NAO SOBREVIVERAO...
    tal como opinou no Correio da Manha António Ribeiro Ferreira, "Cavaco Silva fez um aviso forte e explícito ao primeiro-ministro: não lhe vai perdoar mais mentiras ou faltas de carácter, públicas ou privadas". Esperemos que nao perdoe mesmo e que comece finalmente a ouvir a voz dos que nao tem voz, das criancas que clamam por justica sejam da Casa Pia ou a pequena Maddie, que chame o PGR a razao e lhe demonstre como Portugal nao tem estado parado no tempo, nestas questoes da justica- ANDOU PARA TRAS CENTENAS DE ANOS, VOLTAMOS AO TEMPO EM QUE O REI NAO OBEDECE AS LEIS DA IGREJA, mas SE SUBJOGA E OBEDECE AS LEIS IMPOSTAS POR UMA FIRMA DE ADVOGADOS COM SEDE NOUTRO PAIS. Ja nao e so a REPUBLICA, a DEMOCRACIA e a LIBERDADE que estao em causa, e tambem a INDEPENDENCIA.
    Talvez devessemos pedir aos humoristas, aos artistas, que se juntem a nossa voz, nesta procura incessante da justica para Madeleine. A irreverencia e a ousadia dos artistas tem por certo mais forca e mais poder do que 1,2 Millhoes de Euros que escandalosamente os Mccann pretendem arrecadar sem nunca terem posto o corpinho no terreno para, fisicamente procurarem a filha E sem nunca terem aberto as suas boquinhas para em sede propria, num tribunal ou na esquadra da policia, responderem as perguntas que ajudariam a encontrar a filha.
    Joana e Astro,penso que e tempo de darmos o proximo passo e convidar os artistas a entrarem nesta luta. Voces por certo tem contactos com gente bem relacionada neste meio. Foram os poetas e os artistas que ajudaram a fazer o 25 de Abril de 74, que sejam eles agora tambem, a ajudar a repor a honra e a dignidade na bandeira portuguesa. A IRREVERENCIA E A OUSADIA, VAO FAZER A DIFERENCA E FALAR MAIS ALTO QUE TODAS AS CARTER-RUCKS e as centenas de ISABEIS DUARTES que entretanto vierem a tona.

  56. The are a lot of picture of Kate in Luz. She wear different clothes every day. Does somebody know what day she wear the clothes smelling corpse? Was she different that day, more emotional?

  57. http://www.backchich.info/quand-Maddie-rencontre-Gregory,09082.html

  58. Letter from Iberia, I agree with what you have said to a point, but I would have said "he told the truth as he sees it based on information he received.

    I do not understand Portuguese law but IMO they should not allow Amaral to be sued until after they have re-opened the case, insisted on all information received by the McCanns "detectives" is also passed to them, re-interviewed the Smiths themselves, and insisted on the McCanns giving their so called innocent explanations for the police findings. I doubt the truth will ever be known but it is time to put a stop to all of this once and for all. Too many innocent people are constantly getting dragged into the media circus.


  59. Did Mr Amaral not see this coming? Don't get me wrong I am not criticising him I am 100% on his side, but there was a gap of about 1 month between the book injunction and the siezure of money- If I were him I would have spent that month squirreling away all the cash somewhere the lawyers could not touch it. Mr Amaral is a smart guy, so why did this seem to take him by surprise??? I tend to belive that this is 'tactics' and Mr Amaral knows exactly what he is doing. Fingers crossed for him.

  60. In Sunday Express Sofia Gonçalo's wife said they bought a Jaguar. Well if that is truth sell the car and pay the action. Hard times good measures. If it is not true sue Sunday Express. McCanns have done millions sueing to their left to their right. When a case starts badly ends worse.

  61. So what was/is that 'stand alone evidence' that the official investigator mentioned they had?

    Also, Dr Amaral hinted that he had further information that he has not yet revealed, so can we expect the rabbit to be pulled out of the hat in the courtroom?

    The McCanns may end up wishing they hadn't gone down this route, book or no book.

  62. If the McCanns are trying to get a permanent injunction on the basis that it will be detrimental to their children for Dr Amaral's book to be published in the UK, then this can only be for a certain amount of years. It can't be permanent.

    The years go so quickly and one day their kids will be adults. Then what excuse will they use?

    With this in mind, is this why they are trying to silence Dr Amaral completely and take his money. He is a real threat to them because that book has so much information they don't want to come out.

    They are wasting their time, it will be written again in another form and more than likely published in the US with a special bound copy sent to Oprah.

    And the US Courts will not be so sympathetic to attempted book burning.

  63. @ Anon 56
    Kate used to wear very often the famous and smelly hound's-tooth cloth, black and white pants.

  64. I do agree with Silve (53). Most people are mixed up respecting the facts, they mainly know there is a conflict between GA (death bet) and the parents (life bet) and, frankly, no surprise if they support the second.
    GA jumped too quickly to conclusion, instead of letting readers get there on their own. It's like the Jaguar story, typical male childishness. He should have insisted on the similarity between facts and the McCs'"truth" : Madeleine disappeared from home, she was taken away and the 9 Smiths' sighting confirms it : if they didn't identified precisely the carrier, they described a little pale and blond girl who very likely was Madeleine. The crucial question then is whether she was sleeping or dead when they saw her. No professional abductor would have killed and then carried her away, the McCs know that and this is why they dispelled this sighting. The fact the carrier looked like Gerry doesn't mean of course he was G. (who doesn't have very specific looks). But the fact this carrier was WALKING with a child in his arms forbids thinking he was just a link in a paedophile chain and restricts singularly the picture.

  65. What I don't understand about Portuguese law is that action seems to have been taken against Sr Amaral before the opening, let alone, the conclusion of the trial. The 'burning' of the books is one thing but taking his money, so he can't even defend the claim seems particularly unjust? Is this how it always is in Portugal or is this out of the ordinary? If this is the norm then how does anybody defend a claim if they have the resources they need to do so taken from them?

    So what about the counter-claim we heard so much about? I got the impression that Sr Amaral was going to make a claim against the McCanns, was this just a rumour too? If it wasn't, would it mean that Sr Amaral could 'burn' the Maddie posters, wristbands and t-shirts and sequester the money in the fund even before the court action commences.

    I am really dumbfounded by all of this. Yes we have super-injunctions in the UK now which seem unjust to most of us but taking away the means to mount a defence to what might turn out to be an implausible claim seems ridiculous.

    Mr B

  66. I disagree, with aacg
    Most people are well aware of the facts and one has to decide if they believe all or none.
    1.If you believe in the dogs abilities then you believe that there was a corpse in the apartment and the rental car weeks later.
    2.The Smiths saw a young girl been carried off towards the beach area
    to my knowledge no other person has ever come forward to say it was he who was carrying a child at that time. the smiths didn't imagine they witnessed this sighting and Jane Tanners sighting is not creditable and was never corroborated where as a number of the Smiths who had absolutely no association with the tapas group witnessed the young girl been carried.
    3. The facts are there for all to see to know that no abduction took place and if you believe in the dogs abilities then the poor child was dead at some stage in the apartment.
    There are no facts to say that Madeline was abducted except the fact that she disappeared .

  67. To Anon 00:09
    I can't recall where I go this information. I think it may have been the 3A site when this was still running and the timeline anomolies were being discussed. However I will search for the information again and if I find it, pass it on. I am writing exams until 25 November so not sure when I wil be able to fit in the search.

  68. Joana, perhaps it would be good idea to ask people to help in Amaral's process.
    People who know about what the Mccanns, their families, Clarence etc have said(videos)could get contact with you informing about it.
    Maybe his lawyer could use the informations.

  69. I'm finding the redesign of this site very difficult. Hard to find McCann information, hard to navigate. Confusing.

  70. Pour Marmite amant...

    Entièrement d'accord avec vous , ça manque de couleur et il faut un peu "fouiller" ... peut-être que Joana fera en sorte de le rendre plus coloré et attractif , merci d'avance!

    Par ailleurs concernant le piege dans lequel "semble emrpisonné " Amaral, bien que je doute qu'il joue un ultime va-tout inattendu, et faute que quelqu'un ait le pouvoir d'annuler cette magistrale spoliation infligée sans justification et sans aucune preuve permettant d'affirmer qu'il s'agisse effectivement d'un kidnapping , il serait temps de remédier à un peu d'équité et de clarté sur l'affaire qui au préalable est bâti uniquement sur la disparition d'une petite fille.
    Il serait temps de nous indiquer rapidement une possibilité d'aider Amaral d'une façon claire de façon qu'il puisse en bénéficier pour qu'il puisse lui-même amener sa défense.

    Par ailleurs, ce n'est pas par le silence que l'on résoudra cette affaire , au contraire des explications sont à fournir pour crever cet abcès qui a depuis longtemps gangréné beaucoup de chose et à tous niveaux .L'affaire ne se résoudra par elle-même , loin s'en faut que si les deux parties concernées s'expliquent , voire même se complètent et dénouent bien de pesants silences et suspicions.
    Que l'on attribue au travail effectué par Amaral et toutes les équipes de police tant portugaises que Anglaises , le respect que beaucoup ont si facilement oublié ou dénigré.
    Il est regrettable qu'actuellement l'histoire réelle n' est basée que sur des menaces , des sommes astronomiques anormalement exigées sans qu'aucune preuve et justification ne soit amenée de ce qui évoquerait le moindre kidnapping.

  71. This new site is so confusing.... is this deliberate? to make us just give up trying to read anything.

  72. In the UK it is usually the judge or jury who decides what damages to award, if any.

    So what is going on in this case between the McCanns and Dr Amaral?

    Would this be the same in Portugal if Mr Amaral lost the case, or does the amount the McCanns are trying to grab mean that is the amount he has to hand over and the judge/jury have no say in this?

    If anybody can explain, then please do so.

  73. We feel like telling the McCs : How can rational human beings believe you as long as you refuse to answer the PJ questions, to convince your tapas friends to collaborate in a reconstitution, to confess you lied concerning the shutters, the window and the locked/unlocked doors and ignore the one and only tangible fact : the Smiths'sighting.

  74. Why do I get the feeling that there is still one of the Tapas friends who is going to come forward with more to say.

    Perhaps somebody who is not happy with what they are seeing.

  75. Does anybody know if the sofas we see in photos of the McCann holiday apartment are the original sofas when Madeleine was there, or were they changed for other blue sofas, because if Madeleine had fallen down behind the sofa surely there would have been some blood splatter on them as on the floor and walls.

  76. 75, anon.,

    I don't believe madeleine was falling down behind the sofa and if she did, blood spats on the sofa were not necessary.
    Sometimes a child falls down without losing blood or losing very little.
    I believe she was vomiting blood during a heart massage, on the floor.
    Besides, on the photos you can see that there was no space between the sofa and the wall under the window.
    You can see it on the position of the courtains and the sofa against the wall.
    For some reason the parents could have changed the position of the sofa, to hide something.Maybe the fact that the floor was washed recently, smelling detergent.

  77. Yet it would still be interesting to know whether the sofa was the one there at the time Madeleine disappeared, and if it had ever been tested for blood stains, because it was only when the dogs arrived that the blood on the wall and under the tile was found, and that was some time after the night Madeleine disappeared.

    Precious time was lost because of the distraction of the abduction theory.

  78. This is the web page address


    with the translated PJ File report where the executive chef at Mark Warner states the following, which shows that the child was already "missing" at 21h40:

    "Later, at around 21:40, he left the restaurant passing through the same esplanade where moments before, he had seen the same table occupied by the three couples, empty, who had left in the meanwhile various items, principally clothing. He was told by his colleagues that the child who had disappeared was a child of one of those couples"

  79. Here is another very interesting witness statement. The witness saw this happening on 7th May (4 days after Madeleine went "missing"). Refer to this website translation of PJ Files.


    It is weird becos it seems to give the impression that G McCann was talkimng to someone who had Madeleine.

    "On the afternoon of Monday 7.5.07 I was in Lagos as I needed to do some banking. My car is xxxx coloured and has an English Registration.

    Near to the main road in Lagos is a pedestrian area. There are parking spaces at the side and I parked in one of those spaces. There are ATMS near there and I went to the one on the left hand. I don't know what the bank is called but it is about 3 doors away from the Banco Espirito Santos.

    On walking towards the ATM I was aware of a man in the pedestrian area. He was holding something to his ear which I thought might be a Dictaphone but later assumed it was a mobile phone.

    I noticed him as he was talking very loudly. I remember him saying 'PLEASE DO NOT HURT MADELEINE' There was a lot of other speech, but I can only remember that phrase."

    (She later recognizes the mann as G Mccan. At the time she observed this she had not heard that Madeleine had gone "missing")

  80. Here is anotehr witnesss that places the events of "missing" Madelein at 21:45


    "He heard about the news being invstigated on the evening of 3rd May at about 21.30 – 21.40 from P**** B******, a Dutchman and owner of the Atlántico restaurant, who passed by the witness near the Baptista supermarket, in P da L and who asked for his help in searching for Madeleine.

    He then went to the place where the events occurred which was at about 21.45 – 21.50. At this time various local people and MW staff were present."

    I think one can see that the Mccann "timeline" is the issue here. It can be challenged by more than one witness statement.

  81. Here is the PJ file reference to the woman who hears the cries "Madeleine, Madeleine" between 21:15 and 21:30: Another corroboration that Madeleine is already "missing" at about 21:15.


    "Between approximately a quarter past nine and half past nine we left the Tapas bar to go home, we walked across the MW reception area, crossed the road and a semi circular path to return to the apartment, were we put the children to bed and a short while later did the same ourselves. I do not remember seeing or hearing anyone during our return to the apartment. When I crossed the road outside the MW reception I remember there were cars parked, I remember taking some time to see if I could cross the road because there were cars parked to my left and I was carrying I****. They were about six metres away from me and i calculate that some (inaudible) metres from the back of Gerry’s apartment, I do not remember anything about these cars, it was normal for cars to be parked there and in the morning they were no longer there. My wife mentioned on the following day that she vaguely remembered someone calling “Madeleine, Madeleine”, this was after we had crossed the road from the MW reception and before entering our apartment. She does not remember where the sound came from or whether it was in an urgent tone, not paying any more attention to it and only remembered the following day when we heard about Madeleine’s disappearance"

  82. Sorry, for my post at 21:30, I should have said between 21:15 and 21:40, not 21:45 on the top line. 21:45 was the time the Dutchman went to help, 21:30 was when he heard the news about Madeleine. This corroborates the fact that she was detected missing at 21:15 approx. - challenging the Tapas 7 timeline.

  83. Regarding the person hearing somebody she thought was Gerry McCann saying 'please do not hurt Madeleine' this might have been GM talking to Kate about what they should say as the message to give out to the supposed abductor via the media.

    I do remember Kate McCann saying 'please don't hurt her, please don't scare her'.

    The same with the woman who thought she heard somebody calling 'Madeleine', 'Madeleine'.

    Somebody trying to revive a child perhaps, but the child already dead?

  84. To the post at 19:14 - the cadaver/blood dogs were brought in much later than that day (3/5), several days later I would think, they had to be flown over from the UK. In fact the cadaver/blood dogs detected the Blood and Cadaver smell intheRenault and elsewhere some 23 days after Madelein went "missing"

  85. When a person is on holiday in a strange place, a small apartment, after usually being in a large luxury house, they are very uncomfortable. Normal routine may be replaced with chaos and no escape. Coupled with that the weather had been lousy and they could not walk to the Millenium restaurant with two infants and a toddler as it was too far. This meant they had a further loss of a nice relaxed luxury breakfast, being served etc. They had to prepare their own breakfast, so it was becoming not really a great holidy. Now you are holed up in a small apartment where there is no escape from a difficult child. You are very tired as you have, in a few years had to cope with a "screamer" and twins. Madeleine does one too many irritating things in the confines of a small place and someone loses it. ????? possible explanation of blood high up on wall?? I have been listening to tubular bells ;-)


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